PSE Stinger 60lb Draw - $100

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2011 PSE Stinger HP

50-60lb Limbs

Single Cam, 75% Letoff

25" - 30" Draw   

30.75" ATA / 4.2lbs

I purchased this bow used over the summer and have since upgraded.  The bow comes with stabilizer, 3 pin sight and quiver.  Needs a rest and string.  Cable is brand new and does not need replacement.  I had the bow professionally tuned when I purchased it and it was pulling 27 1/8" and 61lbs.  More pictures upon request. $100 and shipped free USPS to anywhere in NY or bordering states.




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I have the 2015 version of this bow. Really nice bow. $35 whisker biscuit and the string and you're off to the races. Solid price IMO.

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Matt - bow arrived today - just as advertised.  The quiver came on monday.  Very happy with the sale and the delivery - you way overdid the packaging!!  that great  - I appreciate it!

Excited to get this set up for my son!!

Thanks  Bruce

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