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  1. "You wont convince me otherwise." I won't attempt to further. I've expended the maximum effort I intend to explaining how "a lot" != "most". That's it; I'm tapped out. Most dog owners in my neighborhood are not insufferable pricks, but a lot of them are.
  2. Did the person who report this also have trail cam pics of a mountain lion?
  3. If this dog were a pit bull I would have shown no mercy whatsoever and it would already have been taken away from them the first time, or the second time, or even the third time it chased my daughter onto my property. To be honest I've been far too lax over it but only because I have a very high regard for golden labs and despite it being the most aggressive one I've ever seen I have a very hard time imagining it being anything more than surprised if it actually catches up to anybody. In any case, I am of the understanding these neighbors are about to get divorced and there has been talk of them selling the house, so literally every neighbor in the area has their fingers crossed.
  4. It's absolutely true. I didn't say all; I said a lot. This thread is filled with evidence exactly supporting what I just said. Never said most, or all, or virtually all or anything else, merely "a lot". Just in my neighborhood in addition to my neighbor there is another neighbor that lets their four dogs run around in their backyard barking and hollering like it's a kennel (against town ordinance I'll add), another who until recently kept letting their dog out and it would walk all around the neighborhood (again against town ordinance). So that's just in several houses in my immediate area. I think three in my immediate area is "a lot".
  5. Greg, good bloody job reporting it. That dog needs to get needled and a job well done it will be. I think a lot of dog owners are insufferable pricks who are utterly inconsiderate. My next door neighbor has had the town called multiple times and I got the town supervisor to actually write them a letter finally saying the next time I catch their dog on my property or out barking at all hours they will go to court. I have outdoor security cams and everything nicely documented. A couple of weeks ago I was minding my own business on my yard as their large dog (a retriever that they have somehow turned from being a beautiful breed into a nasty dog) unleashed yet again came onto my property. This dog looked damn near rabid. How they made it this way I haven no idea, but I was picking up a fist sized stone to weigh something down just before it came up to me. It got within several feet and I was about to brain it. But, it's a lab so I thought no way it will attack, so I turned to walk off and then it kept moving on me, so then I moved toward it to kick it in the head and then it finally ran off. I caught all this on camera. Instead of going to the town (my neighbor is in the depths of a life crisis so I didn't want to pile things on with a court trip for them) I sent them the video saying don't let this happen again. Do you know what they said? NOTHING. Not a thing. Not a single apology. My daughter is unable to leave the house when that thing is out (even though it's on a leash these days mostly).
  6. Nice, total consensus it seems on the dogs are no issue!
  7. I'm not even saying this to troll but I thought coyote season was from Jan 1 - Dec 31. I've never hunted them, though.
  8. But as we all know if you take a friend you only need to be faster than him. Now the most worrying of all the incidents you had is that you were still hunting when it was 30 below. I bet that stand was nice to be in with the wolves around, though.
  9. Thinking of leasing a piece of land. It's terribly close to my home, price is fair. One of my worries is it's near a property that has a bunch of dogs. They are all caged and don't run around, but the property sounds like a breeding kennels to be honest. It's loud as heck, dogs going absolutely ballistic at seemingly all hours. My hope is that deer have grown used to the fact these dogs are caged and not roaming around, rather like how deer get used to a lot of things. Is that fair? The obvious question now is: have I scouted it. I have a bit, but not a ton and this is the absolute worst time of year to do it as much of the area is heavily overgrown.
  10. If 4 year old threads weren't meant to be bumped the system would auto lock after a time...
  11. True, it is right on there. I suspect it's also reflected somewhere in NY's penal code, but can can anybody cite the section? What I'm getting at is, I wonder if DEC just made this up (almost certainly not but wouldn't be entirely surprising given that the official .gov site for new york still gives advice in direct and clear contradiction to NY penal law about the NY SAFE act). Here is NY's complete penal code (I think) as it pertains to firearms. I see nothing about the illegality of carrying while hunting. Does DEC have additional laws (not passages on their website) that superceded or compliment the penal code?
  12. Hmm, my vote goes for another stupid NY law and I'd be surprised if even one person in the thread posits a counter argument, though I'm sure some legislator at some point was worried that somebody bow hunting would use the bow as a facade and actually the guy meant to hunt deer with his .380 micro.
  13. As mentioned it is for some reason illegal to carry while bowhunting, even though another person in the same woods on the same day could carry if he were not bowhunting. I never see anything and never hear coyotes where I am. I have seen several mountain lions in person while hunting in NY but they never come close enough to worry about
  14. I bought two nikons last year. I don't want to spend lots of money on a scope, but cheap scopes are not any good except as a paper weight. Frustrating, waste of money on ammo, likely to lose zero, fog up, etc. it's just not worth it. Walmart is full of sub $100 scopes and I think they are a waste of time. Sometimes you can see deals on the nikon scopes on amazon for as little as $99. They have a lifetime warranty I think, too.