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  1. Thanksgiving should be after the deer season

    My first screw up this season had my literally questioning if I should keep hunting. But three deer later I was no longer questioning. I find hunting a roller coaster, frankly.
  2. Live From The Woods 2017 edition!

    Went out Friday afternoon and yesterday morning (including with another guy) to the same land that was teeming with deer all bow/crossbow season. According to the land owner, after a few days of gun the deer sightings dropped down from constant to virtually non-existent. With the snow fall I could confirm his land is still seeing a ton of deer traffic, but it's obviously all at night. Saw nothing either day. We then walked through cover trying to push and they were not there, either. No idea where they went. I've yet to harvest a deer with gun! Still got a bunch of meat in the freezer from bow and that's another season over
  3. As long as NY has NYC, it will keep going dem for governor, IMO. Don't get your hopes up. The ants packing the hill of NYC love their dems.
  4. Breach plug stuck

    I use 15 year old gray anti-seize on the threads. Just a little, never makes a mess. They spin right out. While at range I unthread after every shot, put some water down bore and a couple of patches, thread it back on without more anti-seize and after each shooting session a thorough cleaning and that is when it gets fresh anti-seize.
  5. So how’s it looking???

    Haha mine is about that. Summit climber, boots, some arrows, pack, tarp, various other bits of clothing
  6. Man Cave Pictures

    Mine is just the unfinished part of our basement with shelves and a bunch of stuff. It's got little spare space so it spends about 6 weeks of every year very clean and the rest fairly untidy. We need more space but the house just doesn't afford it.
  7. How to keep your feet warm

    Wool socks and chemical foot warmers make up a massive difference, they really have saved some hunts . Keep extras in the pack.
  8. Thanksgiving AM Hunt

    Doubtful. Gonna let the private land I'm on sit (plus the owner may be out tomorrow morning). Friday is off because I developed a habit with my wife of going xmas shopping mid-morning (after the main crowds all dissipate).
  9. Decent article until he said this, which is wrong: and then this part, in which he lied: Still not sure why some people argue so vehemently for crossbow because they want it badly and then in the next breathe pretend it isn't in some ways superior to a vertical bow. If that were true, why do they care? We've already gone all around on this. I bow hunt and I bought a crossbow this year. I will continue to bowhunt and I will crossbow hunt. I still don't want full inclusion. IMO anybody who has actually hunted with a vertical bow and a crossbow and pretends the vertical is equally lethal for the average hunter is lying. I've sent thousands of arrows down range with my vertical and when I pulled the trigger on a deer this year at 30 yards with the crossbow, having shot less than 200 arrows total, I had much higher confidence in that shot than I would have with a vertical. Optical zoom, better accuracy, cocked until ready, twice the downrange energy. People who pretend the crossbow isn't a better tool are speaking nonsense.
  10. This wasn't here the other day

    Looks like a nice spot next to the cover, too. Move those tires, though
  11. I believe it. If I ever own land I will have trip wires and punji traps around the perimeter.
  12. $20/acre is pretty fair. Your land may be worth more than that to you, but not on the market. State shouldn't subsidize. Merely act as a relationship maker in some capacity. Maybe a private entity could as well, there may be a market for it bigger than the current lease sites, which seem to never have land available at least not in my neck of the woods.
  13. I wouldn't mind if some local town-owned land allowed hunting. Fairport NY does, but I never see people parked at the spots and as they only allow town residents to get the permit, the rest of us just drive through unable to touch.
  14. It was good. After busting my ass hard and often in 2015 and 2016 seasons for one deer each, in this case I had two deer on the same morning back in October, then took a couple weeks off, took my crossbow out when crossbow season started, first day a bust due to wrong tree, second day got another deer. This has let me very comfortably (although still a little guilt to be honest) sit this past weekend indoors waiting for a break in the weather. i want another deer. I don't know how long I can use this property for so I'm making the best of it while I can. For all I know next year it will be back to the heavily pressured public land.