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  1. 12. guess maybe need to wait another 1-2 years. This is pretty silly because realistically a 12 year old kid (particularly female) could far more ethically hunt deer with a crossbow than a bow.
  2. Here's another racist who figured it was okay to demonize whites (also it's hitting her employment). Again, the progressive mindset in the last 150 years--or rather last 140 (exempting about the last 10) told us racism is bad, let's stop judging people based on it. Most of the country finally got on board with that, but now the progressives have doubled-down and gone beyond and said the exception in what we just said is for white males. For them you can treat them badly and virtue signal this accordingly.
  3. I only learned of overseeding embarrassingly recently, and I know that's how people get truly badass yards. I want to do it only on my front yard. I know the normal time is spring and fall, but if I am willing to water religiously for the next two weeks (who are we kidding--it rains constantly anyway...), will the overseeding work okay? I was just going to grab a bag of seed, my lawn is freshly cut, then I'd rake it in and water. Will that even work?
  4. This is the natural and entirely predictable evolution of placating racial animosity. It has long been unacceptable for whites to act as he is and it must be also for people who are non-white. As long as the left "gives a pass" to this sort of behavior, it is merely self-feeding like gas on a fire and continues to get worse. I've seen some absolutely horrendous things written by people about whites recently. Things that, if you replace the word white with black and black with white, the person would be summarily fired from any employment and any relationships with people. Yet, a segment of society accepts this. It's hugely destructive and it is why blacks and whites are at much greater odds now than they were ten years ago (not just my opinion: polls of both have affirmed this statement). This piece of trash is every bit as worthless as a grand wizard from the kkk. Both see themselves as self-righteous and inflict massive harm on those they influence.
  5. Congratulations!
  6. Is this thing still THE crossbow to get in this price range as it was last fall? I am seriously thinking about it for this fall. I do like bowhunting a lot, but a crossbow seems fun, too. Also, one of my daughters will be of age in the next year or so and there's no way she can possibly ramp up to legit bowhunting by then, but she wants to hunt deer.
  7. This nails it. It's the same reason why people just assume that something like the holocaust could never happen again. it was soooooooooo long ago and we're just so much better now. But it was only like 2-3 generations ago. As for people who are ignorant of NK and don't believe it's as bad as it really is: I read a couple days ago about a woman who went on a tour to NK, I think with the company that now says it won't let Americans no its tours. She said a couple of people in her party from the west thought all the anti-nk stuff was western propaganda, and another who thought the same and hated the US. This is why kids need to hear stories about monsters from time to time. Because sometimes they're real. NK is an evil in a modern age on par with some of the very best from history. And as for enslaving or killing innocents, who cares? It's even helpful. If people feel that from time to time innocents are killed, well imagine how much the true criminals will get for punishment? That's why the only just, reasonable thing to happen to kim jong un is to be the recipient of a lot of ordnance. Not because NK is a threat to the US (it's not), but because the country is evil. It's too bad so many people who are helped can't help themselves (case in point most of the middle east). I like to think NK could be an exception, since it is flanked by three nations all of which have functioning societies and hopefully could show it a better route if its regime was exploded.
  8. Then there's Seppuku. The West sees it as nuts, but some in asia just have a more developed sense of honor than we do. Nothing says I own this mistake more than that action. I also agree with the above that NK didn't intend for this to happen to the guy and have probably spent the last year+ hoping he'd recover. They gave him two MRIs shortly after his coma, and when things either went south or they realized it was a lost cause, they sent him home. We shouldn't reengage in a war over one guy making a dumb mistake, but it does tell a bit more about the regime. I personally believe the NK regime to be at the top of the pile of evil in our world right now. No other country so systematically and to such a degree tortures and kills and enslaves its people. I would still like to see multiple cruise missiles dropped on their equivalent of congress next time all of them are in session praising dear leader.
  9. Killing is deceptively easy, deceptive because many think themselves unable to do it. History teaches otherwise. It's not very difficult to rile people up such that they do not even see their adversaries as legitimate human beings. We've a long and voluminous history of genocide, torture, murder for all kinds of reasons, so we have to conclude that large percentages of any population are quite easily brought to do what they may have previously considered unthinkable. Our morality hangs by a shoestring for most of us, and it is cut with little effort when our comfortable worlds are replaced by fear and stress. We wrap ourselves in modern conveniences, clothes, technology, buildings, but in our hearts we are the same savages who sat around a campfire as part of a small tribe plotting the ways in which the tribe over the hill has wronged us and fantasizing about how we will seek our rightful justice.
  10. I feel bad for him but my sympathy must necessarily be limited for the same reason I have limited sympathy for people who rock climb without safety gear or ride motorcycles without helmets. Any reasonable person knows NK kidnaps people. It has a long history of doing so, over trivial and often non-existent acts. In his case he went to an unpredictable country and committed a crime. Of course his crime was trivial, and even stealing a painting off the wall of the oval office wouldn't result in a punishment anywhere close to execution, which is what he got. NK murdered him over a poster. That is on them. But, people, stop @*#&ing visiting NK.
  11. But $500 now will get you a better bow than $500 would have a while ago. I have no idea why people spend so much on bows, particularly given as you pointed out how they lose value quickly. I bet a lot of people dropping tons of money on these bows should spend less on the bow and more time at the range!
  12. I also got a coaster! Not a lawn tractor, though.
  13. We are definitely going down another path this time, but there is enough sarcasm (I think?) from bizroworld that it's still interesting. I don't even know when people are being serious in this thread now
  14. But why do people want a buck? Because there is some sense of pride to it, some club to join. If you're being led by hand to just the right spot to an area with an insane density of deer and shooting some buck with a rack so heavy it can hardly hold its head up, and it's in the middle of eating off a feeder, you didn't hunt jack squat. You merely shot it; you killed an animal that has been damn near domesticated. It's as impressive as a farmer who raises cows saying he's a cow hunter. I sense a little guilt in this thread over others hesitant to criticize because perhaps they know they are not sporting (not directing that at you). Truthfully there are not many guys here hardcore into hunting. If you sit the same stand a few times/year and you've culled 50 deer from the same spot over the same feed plot it's way less impressive than the few here who go out for very long stalks in big woods with a very low chance of success. And make no mistake: I'd love to be able to harvest deer off my back deck as well, but it can't be compared to still hunting from the ground in a low deer population area, for example. Nonetheless, both of the last two require some degree of skill, some chance, some perseverance. A guaranteed hunt is not a hunt: it's grocery shopping.
  15. I do, too. I hunt for the meat and the best part of antlers to me currently is it just makes it easier to attach a rope to the deer. That may change at some point, but I was attracted to hunting in large part as a primal sort of thing; get closer to the food source.