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  1. lone wolf assault climbing tree stand II

    Yeah Looking now. They have a sit and climb for 14.8 lbs I think but they also have one without a rail that comes in at 11 lbs!
  2. lone wolf assault climbing tree stand II

    I like the look of these things, but the more I use my viper the more I like it. I use the rail to rest my bow on. While doing bow I have the seat as high as it can go and I can basically shoot over it, but to be honest when I see deer come by I get vertical immediately (most times) and prefer to shoot standing. I love how light some of these are and the viper is a beast, but have the rail to sit on while climbing is really nice. For the first time ever my bottom actually slipped out while climbing a couple weeks ago. I caught myself to a good degree but having the rail there may recovery very easy. Had I been hanging by the safety strap without a rail it could have been a much bigger hassle. There is some ridiculously light 12-13 lb climber and it has a rail. I can't remember the brand, I almost bought it last year but reviews were only generally good instead of outstanding.
  3. I've yet to see/pull a tick off me in 8F. From day one I've used Sawyer. Get the bottle from amazon and all clothes get treated a couple days before hunting season, thoroughly. Should stay on for 6 weeks or through 6 washes, whichever is first. I only wash clothes lightly and after a few washes I would re-apply. I have heard they can withstand a frost but my guess is once you get the first proper sub-32 they're gone for the season (not positive). Lyme disease absolutely sucks ass, so you gotta get those ticks taken care of. The fact I never see them makes me wonder if I'm not looking properly.
  4. Nose Jammer

    I've never tried a product but I came very, very close to trying evercalm last year. It seemed to get the most consistent positive reviews. I couldn't quite pull the trigger on $15, though, because apparently it has only about a one year shelf life. I actually really love the smell of the bags of corn at field and stream that people buy to feed deer out of state (lol).
  5. Lessons learned.

    It happens. At this point, take your gun to the range again and confirm it is still zeroed. If it is, you either got a weak hit or miss entirely. I still struggle with my range abilities and how much harder it is in the field.
  6. Community advice request.

    NY state is a one-party consent state. You can absolutely legally record a telephone call or conversation (as long as you are a party to it) without alerting other parties. You can record meetings with your boss, telephone calls, etc. whatever you like.
  7. Made the switch

    I won't, either. Truthfully I can't seem to get good penetration with rage, either, but that's a topic for another thread and I won't hijack this one (and yes, I will use Rage again in the future because for one thing they have a very large entry hole). I don't like front-open and will not use them again. You can actually see in my avatar exactly how they open up on a target. Slowly! Look how deep the tip as the blades open. They make limited entry holes. I have no idea how much energy is used opening them (my guess in general is probably not a ton), but certainly if you hit a bone early on and all those three (unsharpened) prongs are now pushing back against the rib you will not be penetrating jack squat. They're acting as three blunt brakes trying to get through bone. Forget it. I got two deer last sunday with rage but will be trying out montecs as well next.
  8. Made the switch

    Forget where Rage actually has them made. Are there any prominent China designed & engineered broadheads on the market? Actual manufacturing cost is a small percentage of total cost of a legitimate rage broadead after including all costs that went into the product over its expected life. These things do not design themselves.
  9. Made the switch

    I bought my first pack of rage chisel this month and paid $25 because they were on sale with some rebate thing at field/stream. I know they are normally a lot more. Shock collars cost little to make, but if you've already engaged with a manufacturer and passed them over your design (CAD drawings don't make themselves) and paid for the molds and dumped all the time necessary to QA the process so that they are reliably producing a high quality product, you've eaten all that cost and need to recoup it. If the local guys in China receive an order from you for 1m items and they make them and then decide to just run a couple more shifts over the weekend for their own gear and ebay it, they've definitely stolen your IP and they didn't have to cover any of the mandatory up front costs. They are functioning more like a printing press company that after producing the 100,000 books you ordered decides to just print a few more and then sell them directly themselves. Meanwhile, you're still on your book tour promoting your book while the printing press guys just sell it direct themselves, not giving you a nickel.
  10. Easy tag question

    Oh right by getting gifted 2 DMP. I am ashamed to say I am just finishing the last of my meat--and I only got one deer last year (about 52 lbs meat from butcher). I'm figuring out how to eat it, though. I finally last night came upon a killer chilli recipe and not a hint of game to it.
  11. Made the switch

    I guess the point is, though, that the $1 wouldn't exist without the $15. The chinese company did not invent anything, they just stole it. The US company developed it because they could sell it for $15. If only $5, they wouldn't have had enough margin to bother. It looks like they didn't even steal it terribly well. I know these heads are working okay for people, but the screw is very proud of the head. You can buy these for $1 because chinese labor costs a couple of dollars an hour, the factory that is making them stole the design and is not paying royalties of any sort, nor did they spend any money on R&D, nor do they spend any on marketing. It's basically akin to a guy at a software company working on a team of people and they all develop software over a long period of time, then he starts sneaking the code onto a flash drive and selling it on the black market for pennies. I do think the margin on broadheads must be pretty high, especially with some of the cheaper (legitimate) ones costing half the price of similarly functioning legitimate ones (much of the difference is just profit), but there's no way a US company can possibly develop a head and put it to market at $3/pack. Even the cheap allen fixed from walmart are $7/pack. I would guess that is approximately as cheap as they can be made for while maintaining any profit margin.
  12. Easy tag question

    Thanks, so a person could in fact tag 5 deer. That is a lot of meat. Maybe one day
  13. Easy tag question

    Yep, I read the guide. I threw my tags from last year so can't remember how it goes. So far I've bought this year: Permit + 2 DMP + bow privilege I have/had Regular tag (good for bucks only during regular OR either sex during late muzzle as long as I buy that privilege) Bow/mz either-sex 2 Doe-only via DMP If I now go out and get the muzzleloader privilege, will I get an additional tag, or was the "bow/mz the only extra tag I get from a privilege? Thanks!
  14. Take this with a grain of salt because it's only my third year hunting. I love walmart hunting clothes. I bought, for $30, a pair of insulated flannel pants in 2015. Used them 40 times since then and they still look and feel good. They've been marched through thorn patches many times. Also very warm. Too warm in early season--so this past week I bought the same ones but without flannel. Walking around field & stream this past weekend I looked at the nice hunting gear including sitka. It's definitely finer stuff and if I had a bunch of money to spend on hunting I would, but I did touch a sitka flannel (or was it wool) zip up piece that was something like $160 and I truly had a hard time distinguishing it from the $20 zip up flannel I bought in 2015 which, like the pants, has been out more than 40 times. I do believe cheap boots are cheap, so I am okay spending more on them. Also mechanical gear and optics and the like I think the cheap stuff just won't serve nearly as well. This opinion all my change over time.
  15. Tonka's Law - NJ Dog Killed

    Another stupid law putting undue burden on thousands of people because of the bad act of one.