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  1. Core

    What's your ML load?

    Thread bump time CVA Wolf, 4 X 30 grain 777 pellets (I got them for almost free), 250 gr Shockwave. Thing is wicked accurate. Out to 100 yards if I miss it's entirely my fault, not the gun's. I clean the bore after every single shot when training. Fouling the barrel for accuracy as somebody mentioned above is merely an academic exercise. You can't leave the gun that way and the first shot is the only one that matters.
  2. Core

    What type of ML?

    CVA Wolf is the gold standard of entry level--but capable--MLs. Splurge a few extra bucks for the stainless steel one (yes it can still rust, so you still need to clean it), and a Nikon Scope for just over $100 and you can be all in for $350 or so with a very capable ML. Mine is so accurate and so pleasant to carry I have not bothered to buy a bolt gun for regular season.
  3. Core

    Some interesting data on Mechanicals VS Fixed

    I'm going to guess these numbers, if taken today, may not match up, as xbows continue to get better but people may not be better shots with their vertical. I practice a ton with the vertical but really want my shots within 20. I've taken three deer with my centerpoint sniper 370, two at around 30 yards, and I think nothing of it. The power, accuracy, and magnification definitely makes me feel it's got a good 10 yards on the vertical. I do use mechanical because the fixed on the xbow are highly inconsistent in POI.
  4. Core

    How to access hard to reach location?

    A few weeks back I was driving along a road and saw a ton of deer in a weird spot on the side of the road. They paid me no attention. I turned around and stopped my car on the road to get a second look. The second I slowed they all stopped what they were doing and looked at me. I think the idea above about the middle of the field walking like you're on a stroll is definitely the ticket. If you can do it a couple hours before sunset, when the deer are still down, even better.
  5. Core

    Practice shooting

    Basement to around 14 yards and at the range I go out to 50 regularly. I enjoy shooting that distance even though I'd never launch an arrow at a deer that far. We should be moving soon and then I'll be able to get around 40 or so in the back yard.
  6. Core

    Broad head of choice?

    Rage. I'll never use a front-opening blade again (dubious blood trail on the entry). I've experimented a bit with Montec and may use them on the vertical bow this year if they are hitting properly. They don't fly well on my crossbow and veer severely enough that I would not take a shot past 20-25 yards with xbow with them. Really want to use them on vertical, though.
  7. Core

    How many strikes ?

    Is he mentally ill? I have a neighbor I took to a few spots I've found, including the one I hunted last couple of years. He has an overly "familiar" way about him. Like right off the bat telling my friend who owns the land he could leave keys to his tractor to drag back deer cause my neighbor knows how to use it, but worse ignoring instructions on how he can get into the property, whether he can hunt during gun season, etc. It turned off the land owner and I very quickly could not vouch for him anymore, so now neighbor lost out.
  8. Core

    Glory Lighted Nock

    This is not possible. The nocks are not lit until they are shot. Within those tiny fractions of a second the nock is released and lit. There's literally zero chance that you're capable of seeing the light while it's still touching the string, during release, and then having the time to move such that it impacts the flight. If your form is good without lighted, it will be with lighted. They do weigh slightly different than non-lighted, so that could change impact to some degree.
  9. Core

    Glory Lighted Nock

    I don't know my brand of lighted nock but I love them. As for weight difference I have taken all my regular plastic nocks I use for practice and filled them with .177 BBs, held in place with epoxy. They are now the same weight as the lighted, so I know weight is consistent between practice and lighted.
  10. I had the opportunity to buy a really nice cabin this year at a great price from a neighbor and I came to the same conclusion. I spend so much time working on my house, remodeling/updating, etc. the last thing I need is to have to do it on two places, unless the cabin was brand new and basically a rental property as well. I am still looking for land in the webster/walworth type area, but with kids and a job I just don't have time for two buildings unfortunately. Financially leasing land is the smartest approach and invest the difference (land is a terrible investment, generally), but there's essentially no land to lease close to Rochester that I've ever found.
  11. Core

    How many Hunt alone ?

    Yes, most of my hunting is alone, including with a climber.
  12. I assume not. I can't even find somebody willing to let me use their land if I pay them.
  13. Crossbow take down. Weird. Last year was my first year I did not take one with bow since I started in 2015. I got two with Xbow, one out of country and one in NY. Was also my first successful take by gun (black powder).
  14. Core

    I am ready early this year

    I'm not. I'm back after my annual hiatus now. You guys will end up seeing more of me in coming weeks, then I'll go into hibernation again in december hehe I have not shot my bow in months. Will get to it soon I am sure Good news is that it looks like we may be moving so that I can actually, finally shoot my bow in the backyard.
  15. Core

    Xbow full inclusion??

    I suspect the same of me. If I had property behind my house packed with deer and just taking my pick of the litter, this wouldn't be the case, but with the time I put in with driving and everything else, I'd be hard-pressed to willingly take a more difficult tool into the woods if I don't have to. First, competition shooting by a professional who trains 12 months/year isn't the same as the average joe hunting. Second, your KE numbers are left wanting--you are are comparing a very average crossbow to an absurdly fast vertical bow, which basically nobody has. I have a 305 IBO bow with a 29" draw length I pull at 60 lbs. It shoots around 410 grain arrows and clocks at 255 FPS. It would need to be a 330 ibo bow pulling 70 lbs to get up to 300 FPS. My vertical KE is around half that of my entry level centerpoint Xbow, which shoots around 440 grain and I clocked at 355 FPS. I also practice tons more with my vertical and I'm still nowhere near as accurate as I am with the xbow. Not sure which vertical bow hunters you've been seeing. At my range most of them are absolutely hideous shots. e.g. they'll go out hunting as long as their group is as tight as a paper plate at 20 yards.