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  1. Here's another reason Bitcoin will never, ever, ever, ever, ever. I mean ever, ever be a widely circulated currency. EVER. The two most important things about a currency are that it is 1) widely accepted; people have all agreed it's worth something, 2) that something is stable. The variance in bitcoin in recent years would put gold to shame. Nobody would ever use something that may be worth 3X in 6 months what it is now, or 1/2 in 2 months what it is now. You can't use this; it can't be saved,you can't run businesses pricing to it. Bitcoin resembles a currency in no way whatsoever. I still wish I had mined a bunch back in the day, but I still can't be bothered to mine anything else right now Bumping this thread in 30 days when bitcoin is $3500 won't change that view, neither will bumping it in 12 months when it's $6. I just can't put money into something like that anymore than I do casinos.
  2. "All money is fiat money" Who cares if cryptos are capped out? That merely ensures they will never, ever be a good form of currency due to the inexorably, mathematically irrefutable fact that a deflationary spiral would ensure that if they gained any real acceptance the price of goods would keep falling and in turn the economy would lock up tight as a drum, with people refusing to spend money that they know will be worth more tomorrow than it is today. Before you rail further on the dollar you may realize that gold, due to the fact it has to be mined, also has a limited and fairly predictable supply. So tell me if Bob invested $1M in gold 30 years ago and Jim invested $1m in stocks, who has more money now? Personally, I think the way to wealth is to model after those who have accumulated large amounts of it. Invest in yourself and your ability to generate income, invest in others' ability to do the same.
  3. Yes, until you sell you have nothing but a number on a screen. Although if you want to make a bet I bet you that if you spend $10k on an S&P 500 index today it's going to be worth more than that in 10 years. Can you say the same about bitcoin? You are contradicting yourself. Is the dollar backed by "nothing" or is it something that can be exchanged for goods and services? I have a simple method to divine what your real view on money is: Can you send me all your money and I promise in exchange to send you a few boxes of ammunition. Those are real, undeniable and have some value. If your money is worth nothing you should have no problem parting with it (all of it). I know you believe money is worth a lot, since even in this very thread you do not define bitcoin's value as it pertains to dogecoins or swords in world of warcraft--on the contrary you always go back to the true measure of value: dollars backed by the US federal government. The very same--and only thing--you would ever accept from your employer for your labor. The only thing you would accept if somebody bought something from you on craigslist, or you sold your car or your house. Not only is the fiat money that that the US uses valuable but it is backed by the strongest government in history, the strongest military in history. This nothing burger money can be used, simply with nothing else but itself, to get people to give you land, build you a house, make you a meal, sleep with you, give you a car, give you a seat on a plane.
  4. Did you, though? did you sell it? Because until you've sold it and taken profits you made nothing. This is nothing but tulip mania. And people definitely got rich off tulips, but it's zero sum when it all falls back to earth. CNBC says today if you bought $100 of bitcoins 7 years ago now you'd have $72M. I knew of bitcoins many years ago. It would have been nice to have made some back when they could be mined for nothing. I'm still not dropping a penny on any of this stuff. I believe the bubble will burst. I have no idea when. And when it does people will kill themselves (I am not joking). You'll see more and more reddit posts about how somebody dumped their retirement into some new silly virtual currency and then it went to pot. No thanks!
  5. I think many of us just don't talk to our wives about the gun purchases. They just kind of magically grow in the safe and we don't remember how it got there.
  6. Very nice. Truly salable items.
  7. YES! I HATE HATE HATE begging people to take my money. It's just a thing I have. I hate it. I've often gone into Gander and a nice little line is snaking around counters as a single person there cashes people out. To be frank Target suffers this problem and I will sometimes just leave my cart there if they are actively keeping cashiers low. They do it because they are too poor to hire more staff. I think it's a sign of a weak business. Walmart doesn't have this. I've seen long lines, but they seem to always try and aggressively shut them down or throw staff at them. Target, Gander don't seem to care how long people stand in line. When you have a business running into the millions in revenue each year you have to be stupid as hell to not pay an extra couple of $12/hour employees to help ensure your checkouts move through quickly and painlessly.
  8. I think you should be careful betting against Comey. He is a measured guy who has spent an entire career carefully choosing his words and doing a good job at it. There's no reality in which something posted in that blog post did not occur to him, so I would bet money that it's not going to turn out as the writer seems to hope. Piers Morgan is actually good friends with Trump and one of the few in the media who predicted him having a very good shot at the presidency. It's interesting to see him and I come up with similar conclusions about Trump's recent self-pitying tweets. It's beyond amazing that Trump still tweets himself without passing it by somebody. This is why the president of the country continues to put out tweets rife with misspellings, which is in no way MAGA.
  9. Just what I was gonna say. it's really a nice looking fox!
  10. I know comey mishandled Clinton, but I want to stay on topic to my question. I can answer on trump's behalf: Because he was mad. He was acting like a brat. It really is that simple. There is no strategy to it. Two more tweets today. Is this a guy projecting strength? Is America really showing how awesome it is when the POTUS keeps crying like a scolded child on Twitter? That's embarrassing. And THAT he brings on himself. The media hates trump and it does indeed mistreat him. That's a fact. But he's acting like a baby about it. We're very close to him throwing a tantrum about how unfair it all is and he just hates us and he never wants to see us again and he's running away and we'll be sorry.
  11. It doesn't bug me that much. Trump already served his purpose keeping CLinton out of the office and he's put a justice in place. If/when he's impeached or throws a tantrum and leaves we'll end up with Pence who will also be good at appointing justices.
  12. And yet you still don't realize how silly trump is being. Really, no politician in history treated more unfairly than him? That is objectively false, and glaringly so.
  13. Still my challenge goes unanswered: nobody has come up with a positive outcome for Trump in regard to this tweet, and yet you still refuse to admit that Trump brings some of this heat upon himself. That is a psychological phenomenon known as cognitive dissonance.