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  1. If Trump wins you better gas up the truck and drive away from the cities.
  2. Truly don't know. Have looked into it a lot and made threads on it. I think it may be shot placement. I like bow hunting, but when xbow season comes along every deer I've ever hit it blasted through like a hot knife through butter. of course it has 2X+ the KE. I partly increased to 70 lbs to try and mitigate this, but also to slightly flatten the curve of the arrow. 315 lb IBO bow. I had it chronographed around 245 IIRC. I'm at 29" I think with 415 grain arrows. I bet if I went to heavier arrows I could start getting a lot more penetration.
  3. Rage II lately. Never a pass through with that or front opening heads. Hit one with a fixed broad head last year and also no pass through. I really do believe it's tuned well. It shoots straight, looks good on paper tuning. I've even put a lighted nock on it and watched it go through slow mo on a phone camera. The re-curve guys are also shooting heavy arrows, though, which go through a house. I think I'm at 415 grains or so. It could just be dumb luck and I magically appear to hit double rips all the time.
  4. Tesla was overpriced at $300–before the split. It’s a pure fantasy play running entirely on momentum, FOMO, and cult status. More like bitcoin than a real stock. Obviously that has worked well for holders, for years now. So of course I wish I had some, but I couldn’t bring myself to buy it. I’m 99.5% index funds. Always buying, never selling, and when stocks tank like in March I stretch to buy more. So for me this year has had great returns. The .5% I tend to play with does well initially and then I detonate it inevitably doing something such as long on a FOMO stock via a call option the week before covid kills the stock market like it did six months ago. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Holy crap that is an aggressive disease to kill host 36 hours after exposure. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Less each year. Partly because I have it at 70 lbs now so it's just less enjoyable to pound out arrows (i know, I know, but I have massive penetration issues so want max power and it's not a high IBO bow). Largely because I can go months without shooting and then pick it up quickly again. I will be focusing more on the next couple weeks, though.
  7. I can get one of my daughters to come hunting but only if I promise mcdonalds on the way. Unfortunately not any more interest than that, though it is something
  8. Can't speak to it but the only public land I've found worth a damn close to me is downright despicable to pull a deer out of. Like block and tackle bad or two fit guys to do it. So...I get your point. A couple miles away from the spot I'm talking about I've seen what can be best described as a keg party on the first day of gun season minus the keg. A dozen trucks parked with hunters so tight together they're smelling each other's breath.
  9. This will ruin Christmas for some families with hunting addicts out again, but that aside I think this is a good idea. Always wondered why it ends around Dec 20 when so many have vacations coming up in a few days.
  10. That's your issue. I hunted public land hard for 2-3 years with both bow and gun and the drop off in deer during gun is precipitous and shocking. Once you get too many people walking through the woods the deer are more or less gone. Tracks drop off/they go nocturnal, etc. Get yourself a bow or at the very least an Xbow and a range finder and next year hit it hard as soon as Xbow opens up. Of course deer are still there on public and it may happen for you, but archery will really help My public land deer I'm far more proud of than the ones I get on private land.
  11. Well done. I've never tried it. I imagine I'd get about 60% of what my guy gets and make a God-awful mess of it, too.
  12. I've shot deer much smaller. If you're a good butcher you get 50+ lbs meat off him!
  13. The setup of the cam that caught him was pretty good.
  14. Hot hand toe warmers for feet, and this year started going with hand warmers, too. Also after an hour or so on cold mornings I'll start drinking tea or coffee. This combined with overalls (not pants) sorts me out. I don't hunt much during gun so it's not a huge issue. I have a neoprene face mask for sub-freezing windy days.
  15. Thanks. It was about an hour after I posted this below, as I pulled up to the land Wouldn't have even seen this buck had I not moved. More or less a few hundred yards get choked down into a thin strip of trees. I knew that the first year but only fully realized yesterday that I could actually get within bow range of where two main trails converge at the same time. After several seasons in this spot I have identified yesterday what I believe to be the best tree on the property and will be in that shortly. It’s at a natural funnel of trees around 60 yards wide through which the. K of all deer travel.