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  1. So I’m putting in my papers

  2. If you double lung it, not much muzzle energy is needed to put that round through both lungs. The problem with 223 and I speak from some experience, is that if you do not double lung it you will not wound it as heavily, which results in a poorer blood trail, and greater odds of not recovering it. A lot of people are bad shots. I am a good shot at the range (better than average. Not bragging, but holy crap some people are just incapable of good groups even off a bench at 100 yards. I don't understand it) , but in the woods substantially less so. There are some medium game 223 cartridges. Just be sure you have a good shot and that you ARE a good shot. It's still not as good as a big ass round, and last year I took my muzzleloader out during regular gun and left the scoped 223 at home.
  3. Bumping this thread. What I wrote here is undeniably accurate and has been proven now. The matter of bitcoin as a currency is settled. Even the bitcoin faithful no longer think it is a currency and have resorted to calling it a "store of value". Since this thread was created bitcoin has gone up by about 12X, then crashed, then up again, now it's crashing again, down to $9k now. My belief that bitcoin is a waste of time was strong before. Now it is cemented. I no longer have any doubt at all about it. I find it interesting enough that I read about it quite regularly, mainly for the psychology behind how people can commit themselves to something that is so clearly (to me and most people) insane. The similarities between bitcoin and other bubbles is truly remarkable, including all the rationalizing. There are daily exit scams (this is when an exchange or a new coin offering bilks all the people who have put money into it), daily hacks. There is also very little bitcoin volume; apparently the real volume of trades of bitcoin is down to a two year low. This also is partly why the market is so volatile, because when a whale (an owner of a lot of coins--and most coins are owned by a small number of people) move, the market moves a great deal. If you look at a link such as you also see all these coins move in lockstep, which makes no sense. Well, it makes sense if you appreciate they have no fundamental value. I have never guessed nor will I when this bubble will burst, but burst it will. Many people have already lost life savings due to scams, exchanges being "hacked", etc. IRS is now starting to come down hard on traders as well, since virtually none of them have reported their gains and are evading taxes.
  4. Bitcoin tops 1100 dollars per coin

    It's actually not like currency trading. In fact, it's exactly like property trading. But, don't take my word for it: "The IRS treats cryptocurrencies as property rather than a currency. As a result, a transaction such as trading bitcoin for another digital coin is taxable since it is considered a sale of property for cash, which is then used to buy the other cryptocurrency. Income from creating bitcoin through the "mining" process is also taxable, the IRS said." It's not like currency trading, because it is not a currency. But, don't take my word for it. European central bank sums it up nicely: I see the bitcoin phenomena as a few clever scammers who will make a lot of money, and then the rest of the people involved getting a remedial lesson in economics they never thought they needed (and probably didn't, had they ignored all this stuff). Unfortunately, the lesson will be painful because they have invested money in it and losing that will be part of the syllabus.
  5. Bitcoin tops 1100 dollars per coin

    Oh ye of little faith. Countries are already regulating bitcoin. And tax evasion is also rampant, with virtually no people making taxable gains on this reporting it. That is all over the news and some countries are already cracking down, including the IRS, which has subpoenaed at least a couple of exchanges. The government could easily prohibit interaction with exchanges by any credible institutions. Now you have no way of moving real money back and forth. This is all a house of cards. I know you don't believe that, and you are preaching the faith, but it will collapse. When it does, I hope you learn something.
  6. Bitcoin tops 1100 dollars per coin

    I've been watching bitcoin for years and my opinion of it is slightly different than in the past. In the past I was 90% sure it was a joke and would lead to nothing. In recent days I've researched it a bit further and that confidence level is now 99%. Crypto as a whole suffers daily hacks, daily exit scams, alternate coins pumped and dumped constantly. Bitcoin itself suffers a systemic risk from its link to Tether, which is obviously an unbacked scam itself and alone responsible for a good third of the actual real money that has flown into bitcoin. The opinion from accomplished investors is unanimous that this is gambling. The only people who think it isn't are part of the echo chamber pumping it up either because they know it's a scam but think they can get out before it collapses, or they truly think it will change the world, and they are known as the "bag holders", who will be holding the bag as the price finally crumples into nothing. I have no timeline on when it will collapse into smithereens, but it will, and for that reason I'm out (actually, I never invested a penny in it).
  7. Thanksgiving should be after the deer season

    My first screw up this season had my literally questioning if I should keep hunting. But three deer later I was no longer questioning. I find hunting a roller coaster, frankly.
  8. Live From The Woods 2017 edition!

    Went out Friday afternoon and yesterday morning (including with another guy) to the same land that was teeming with deer all bow/crossbow season. According to the land owner, after a few days of gun the deer sightings dropped down from constant to virtually non-existent. With the snow fall I could confirm his land is still seeing a ton of deer traffic, but it's obviously all at night. Saw nothing either day. We then walked through cover trying to push and they were not there, either. No idea where they went. I've yet to harvest a deer with gun! Still got a bunch of meat in the freezer from bow and that's another season over
  9. As long as NY has NYC, it will keep going dem for governor, IMO. Don't get your hopes up. The ants packing the hill of NYC love their dems.
  10. Breach plug stuck

    I use 15 year old gray anti-seize on the threads. Just a little, never makes a mess. They spin right out. While at range I unthread after every shot, put some water down bore and a couple of patches, thread it back on without more anti-seize and after each shooting session a thorough cleaning and that is when it gets fresh anti-seize.
  11. So how’s it looking???

    Haha mine is about that. Summit climber, boots, some arrows, pack, tarp, various other bits of clothing
  12. Man Cave Pictures

    Mine is just the unfinished part of our basement with shelves and a bunch of stuff. It's got little spare space so it spends about 6 weeks of every year very clean and the rest fairly untidy. We need more space but the house just doesn't afford it.
  13. How to keep your feet warm

    Wool socks and chemical foot warmers make up a massive difference, they really have saved some hunts . Keep extras in the pack.
  14. Thanksgiving AM Hunt

    Doubtful. Gonna let the private land I'm on sit (plus the owner may be out tomorrow morning). Friday is off because I developed a habit with my wife of going xmas shopping mid-morning (after the main crowds all dissipate).