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  1. Ugh. 8:30 about 10 doe of varying sizes come under stand. Nice little column of them. I cannot get a shot. Just too many eyes. A few minutes later I hear for the first time ever the sound of a fawn. Three deer come along, one of which is a fawn, and it makes its little fawn noises. 10 min or so later I see a doe and two fawn walking in the distance. Too far, walking away from me. For the first time ever I called a deer in. Using my flextone, I made the same quick fawn sounds. Just a few of them. The deer changed course, got to about 50 yards away and spent a good 45 minutes looking at my tree, blowing, running a few yards, jerking around in the brush, blowing, looking at me. Could not believe it never ran! Finally it walks off, I fawn again, then it repeats the same thing for a few min. Finally it starts to make its way to me! Very slowly, very cautiously, but it gets to 25 yards and presents broadside, but a stick is in the way so I don't draw. I think it's going to keep moving at me so I wait, while the two younger ones are directly under my tree eating and what not. Unfortunately one of the young ones finally gets wise to me, looks up, and after a few min of stamping around it blows and runs off and that's that. So, still no deer! Interesting morning, though.
  2. This thread is not disappointing.
  3. I had this very deer under my stand last weekend. He wasn't that big in person, I passed. I'm doing 30 points or bigger only now.
  4. These were $99 after rebate in September at Dicks. I seriously thought of getting one because the benefits of a cell cam are obvious. Reviews were very mixed. I saw too high a percentage of people saying it failed to trigger or setup issues or whatever, I just couldn't bring myself to get one.
  5. ^^^ I guess you can't really blame them. There can't be much margin in their business.
  6. I can say I would because I drew on a very white one a couple of weeks ago. She was clever and saw me, bobbed her head for a min or so, and was off. In retrospect I can truly say I'm glad I didn't because a) now somebody else can see it and, b) i subsequently figured out that the guy's land I'm hunting his wife liked this deer, so I think she wouldn't have been happy to hear I had hit it
  7. Another friendly reminder to gun guys that they should buy xbows and get in on this! Is that article accurate do you think? I mean has it been in the past...?
  8. Core


    Interesting idea. I wonder if the proof is in the pudding (e.g. point of impact consistency). Aiding stability from the front does make some sense.
  9. Couldn't make it out this morning, so of course the property owner sends me a picture of a buck walking around next door at 7:30 and lets me know there are "20 deer" in the field next door. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful day to be out for you lucky buggers
  10. Well done. What is your filming situation? go pros stuck on tree....? Is it a hassle chasing the deer around with it before the shot? Last year I mounted my iphone on my xbow and got a video of a deer except of course the release of the arrow caused so much vibration the video sucked. I feel like some head-mounted gopro pointing in the direction of the deer would work well. BTW get yourself a lighted nock. It is a must have and particularly with video you could look back and see exactly where you hit it before recovery.
  11. Can’t believe nothing has walked past yet. This stand never pulls empty for this long in AM! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Me too so far, though I saw a bunch on drive in, but Woods are dead so far... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Yessir, beautiful morning for this. Drinking my first of many coffees right now. Great weather for a sit today.
  14. Going out again tomorrow. One of my kids likes to come as long as I get her McDonald’s on the way [emoji28] day off school and I convinced her go wake at 5:20 am!
  15. I don't know if mine holds more than 3 but I only ever carry three when hunting with xbow or bow. I've only been at this since 2015 but only once have I ever had the opportunity or need to shoot two arrows in a single hunt, so I figure with three I'll probably be good. It's extremely unlikely to get the chance to shoot an injured deer again IMO. I think having it happen twice in the same session (hit deer, it's injured, but presents chance for second shot) to be almost inconceivable. I once got a buck and a doe shortly thereafter on the same morning. Another time I hit a deer and it ran off and back in front of me presenting a second chance, but that was highly unusual!