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Big Otter Lake??


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Looking for any tips/tricks.  My Buddy and I are heading to big otter lake toward the end of october, this will be the first time bear hunting for the both of us.  Was wondering if anyone had any info for us as to locations that might be better than others.  Any and all help would be appreciated



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2 hours ago, timroeg said:

Yes I believe we will be dropped off on east side of lake via float plane


There is a 4x4 road which goes all the way to the southwest corner of that lake (approaches from the west out of the Independence River Wild Forest).   You could just drive in instead of going by float plane.


As for hunting intel, your best bet is to get in there and do some scouting.  It's rugged terrain and you'll have to get a feel for the local food sources and the travel corridors used by the animals.  


Consider bringing some predator calls with you.

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Does anyone know how rough the 4x4 trail to big otter lake is?   How much ground clearance is needed??  Is the trail marked good as this would be first time up there.  

It’s a moderately technical 4x4 road. Last time I drove it (2-3 years ago) I was in a 4Runner with skid plates and a rear locker, also with a friend in another vehicle. Unless the road has seen significant maintenance since then, I would only go down it if you have a good 4wd vehicle.

I did use the locker at least once, though I suppose good throttle application would have worked too.

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Thanks for the heads up I think we will stick to the float plane.  Gonna make the experience that much more memorable.  If anyone has any more knowlegde to pass alone as far as what they might be eating in the next few weeks it would be helpful.  Thanks 

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