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  1. Congrats and best of luck with it all !!
  2. I like dried fruit like bananas, pineapple, apricots or mango, I get packages of them at the local dollar store and they are just fruit and nothing added...Also could try freeze dried fruit in small packages like blueberries or strawberries. I carry them in my pack while out hunting and they make a quick pick me up or a simple tea with them. Texture may be not the best but they taste good and are healthy.. I also make my own fruit leathers and dry that on a dehydrator at home, simply make in a blender and pour on a sheet and dehydrate and one can combine flavors.
  3. Exciting trip planned for sure, congrats and best travel wishes ! It's a long way from Tug Hill!
  4. Very sorry for your families' loss, condolences to all....
  5. Practice shouldering the weapon (unloaded) safely, and get very used to handling the gun and properly positioning it to your body. Then try at the range shooting and have a friend mix in "dummy" rounds and concentrate on each shot as to not flinch or close your eyes in anticipation. This conditions you to the act of discharging the weapon and not the physical response of the recoil. Make sure the weapon is properly "seated" on your shoulder and utilize light loads to start and really concentrate on weapon positioning, target acquisition and discharge. Try to keep your concentration on the shot impact and not the recoil... Practice will help greatly...good luck !!
  6. In any incident there are layers of responsibility and contributing factors to the incident; given when we know there are several people responsible at differing levels, but in my opinion the holder of the weapon holds the last and most critical amount of responsibility..
  7. I only wish I could give this a hundred likes on here.....the sole and final responsibility of gun safety should be always the holder of the weapon.
  8. Ponder this, I'll bet he wouldn't take a weapon from an "expert" and then be directed by another to place the muzzle firmly against his skull and pull the trigger. Given his explanations it sounds like he would.
  9. They both are RESPONSIBLE when handling any firearm, if one is inexperienced or shows negligence that weapons SHOULD NOT be in the their hands...period !!! There are are always "contributing factors" in any incident and rarely, if ever, "Gun accidents"... If one ALWAYS follows the very basic gun safety rule then "accidents" can't happen.....
  10. Absolutely stunning landscape....the only glitch was an aborted take off in a jet due to an eagle being pulled into the engine....
  11. Thanks for the share, I visited Alaska a few years back and it was absolutely amazing. Enjoy with your son and take in as much as you can while there.....
  12. There is a virus going around call VSR, and it looks kind of like COVID symptoms, sat in the urgent care lot in my truck 2 hours awaiting a "rapid" COVID test to get on the "Z-pack" and some good old fashion codeine cough syrup. Wife is a teacher and 1/2 her class has it and it came home to me. It's been about a week and finally it is breaking up and going away... Bets of luck, need to get into the woods !!
  13. Another thought for the greys might be the weather hasn't turned them on just yet into forage mode and your just not seeing them because it's been so warm and they're not moving much ?? Just a thought..
  14. It was like a science fiction movie, with a dozen traps baited with peanut butter in the first night I stopped counting at 2:00 am when I got to thirty and they still kept coming in and running all over, damaged lots of paper products and we had to strip all bedding and towels and wash them in Clorox....NASTY little bastards.... I spent a day replacing screen in my windows where they chewed through and entered...
  15. I don't have grey's near me but last year was a boom year for mice and chipmunks; might just be a very down cycle for the species as mother nature does. 2020 I couldn't keep the mice away last year and they even ate holes through my screen windows and entered at night....it was like an invasion of them in mass numbers...
  16. And if I get bored I can always come here and banter with the Biden supporters (diminishing numbers daily) and left wingers; if that gets boring I jump onto the COVOD, mask and vaccine debates and enjoy the "facts" brought to those discussions.... Gotta go tie some flies and get READY for fall !!
  17. I never really feel fully ready as there are so many chores for camp that need completion, I also trap so that gear needs prep, I used to run 4 dogs and waterfowl hunt, bow and muzzle hunt still right into regular season ends. If all that wasn't enough I tie salmon/steelhead flies and drag the drift boat to the Salmon River to play for a while. By the middle of December my truck looks and smells great from all the gear and dirt accumulated.... Maybe some year I'll scale back and only follow one season..................nah....fall is just too dam short for all the fun !! Not being ready is some of the fun now.....
  18. At least near me the apple trees have fruit only every few years; not sure why but is definitely cyclic in nature. This year the trees are loaded, but the apples are very tiny and starting to drop. Shortly the bears will invade the old orchard and strip the trees barren seemingly overnight. The trees are changing and the season is around the corner.....
  19. Very different people they both come in contact with......
  20. I gather that some segment hate Trump so much that if he were to bring blankets to the homeless they'd bitch the thread count wasn't high enough.....
  21. I'm pretty sure the Chef's clients are a ways different than your "clientele" Buckmaster !!!
  22. When Don Jr. has the track record of Hunter Biden, please get back to us... "come on man" lets all get some ice cream and hide in our basements.....we have a senile old head of a corrupt family in charge and a braying idiot in waiting.... Fact: Trump is a classless public speaker, yet he did more for American than others have done, take away his "shoot from the lip" tweets, comments and childish actions and move on in life..... Rant over !!
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