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  1. Yeah, I definitely have been trying to cook ahead if you will so that the meals are ready to roll. Im not a fast food guy thankfully. Maybe once or twice a year.
  2. Nice job Chef!! im into week 6 of workouts. Definitely feeling better. The eating is the hardest part for me. I have my kids half the time and always cook good meals for them and us but its harder to do when its just you. Lots of ham and eggs to get my protein!
  3. Lots of reasons. Always good to have your own.
  4. I would agree about Albany. I was grilled extensively when I appled 5 years ago and am in Law Enforcement with no history.
  5. I'm in the process of moving so my S**T is strewn all over the place. And i hate bringing out my icefishing gear until my hunting stuff is packed away...But there is ice so I may be breaking that rule ha
  6. Thanks DD for helfpul information. I do workout at night (6pmish) and take it after that. If i am understanding, you say i should wait longer like before bed? I hate skim milk but have been drinking it as well as eating eggs almost daily.
  7. I’m in the same boat with being healthy. I’m trying to build muscle/gain weight. A couple friends who workout a lot advised me to get the whey protein below. I’m 3 weeks in to working out 5 days a week and take that immediately following my workout. I can’t help you with the good stuff bc I’m eating for a different purpose. Good luck Swamp!
  8. I would be in if i dont have the kids on whatever date is chosen.
  9. I would fall into that category. 165 on my best day but not necesarily healthy.
  10. Trying to do the same, eat well and have been working out for a couple weeks. Trying to stay disciplined!
  11. I was younger and dumb once. A harness is like having my hunting implement these days. Glad he was harnessed.
  12. At our camp, we do well with wheat and rye obviously and also brassica mixes. Radish, turnip we’re only starting to get touched other than the tops by the time the season ended this year. We are in Lewis County. We have tried clover and while it grows great, the deer barely touch it. We do not know why that is.
  13. Going through the same TF, reach out if you need. It’s tough.
  14. Thanks guys. I connected with NY Tracker and we were able to work something by out.
  15. Congrats @grampy! I witnessed a lot of rutting activity in the last few days near you. A trickle they say…
  16. Thank you all for the replies. PM responded to NYT.
  17. Hi all, So I have twin 11yo girls and am looking for compund bow recommendations. She is a lefty or she would have been passed her cousin's Darton. Tought to find a used LH. Her sister who is RH will be acquiring the Darton on Christmas. I obviously want a bow that will grow with her and one she will be able to hunt with when the time comes. I have done a fair amount of research, but with so many memebers who have their kids hunting, i figured I'd ask. TIA.
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