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Getting Winded by Permethrin


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On 10/2/2018 at 11:45 AM, nodeerhere said:

Do some research on this before u try it. I did some years back. no dont quote me here. But I want to say the stuff from tractor supply was oil based. The sawyer stuff is water based. Something like that. Anyhow. I tried mixing my own. I do not like the smell! Very strong! Get winded for sure! So I stick with the sawyer now. Like people have Said. It's worth every penny. And they say it lasts 7 washes. I personally apply a few times threw out year. Good luck! Stay safe!


Martins 10% Industrial Permethrin is free of petroleum distillates. That is what would give the stuff the oil smell.


With Martins 10%, you can just do some basic math. In order to achieve a 0.5% concentration, you mix 19 parts water with 1 part

permethrin. Boom sawyers for 1/100 of the price. Between treating my clothes, packs, gear, harness, bins, interior of my truck, blinds, etc.

I think I used roughly four 24 ounce spray bottles I filled up myself, maybe a little more with the socks. I don't know how I could even afford to buy sawyers? Now I have to re treat every 30 days, it just seems impractical. But to each their own on that. Just use this shit. It works!

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On 9/26/2018 at 8:19 AM, outdoorstom said:

Not trying to downplay the danger of ticks and recommend you take protective measures, but I've been in the woods a lot this year and haven't had 1 tick on me or my dogs.  I don't know why, but numbers are definitely down.

Me neither. And where i hunt the ticks were out of control last year. Ditto for my pets. Kinda odd no?

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