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  1. Sorry for your loss. Prayers that God will comfort your family, and your brother rest in peace.
  2. Have had chromebooks for several year- they do everything I want to do plus cheap enough.
  3. Moog, Just put your wife on a prayer chain, and am praying for complete healing by the Hand of God!!!
  4. Praying for God's peace through all this for you and your family!!!
  5. God keep his hands on your wife and protect, deliver and heal her now in the Mighty Name of Jesus!!! And keep you in peace Moog!
  6. Thankfully a guy from NY labor(a regular worker there) called me this morning...after talking for about a minute, he said my problem was that my app was never finished because the first person that took info over the phone had my name spelled incorrectly. He said he would straighten the whole mess out and have me fixed up in 3 minutes, and I think he got me in. He told me not to put in for the PAU. So, at least I'm finally done monkeying around.
  7. I have spent hours , many days trying to get the app in and supposedly completed...the frustrating part is finally after several weeks a woman called from KS, took the final info and added it to my online portion. When we finished the conversation she said my app is complete. She informed me to recertify each Monday. Can't do that - when I go online , won't work, and when I call the state number it says my app is not complete, and I get disconnected. Just another example of great mishandled crap in NY.
  8. It would be cool to get paid for all the time wasted trying to actually finish an application for unemployment on the state's website. How many of you have actually talked to a "LIVE" person so that you could finalize the app? I feel sorry for the hard workers that desperately need the check to feed a family, etc.
  9. owned and operated trap range and sporting goods store with my father for 25 yrs...then art teacher and free-lance artist for 20 yrs.
  10. Prayers sent for your family SquirrelW and your family! And for all the others on here.
  11. Don't tell me buck balls...lol
  12. -- This is the best as far as I'm concerned...I use the 9oz Aerosol can. I have a sprayed lightweight jumpsuit that I wear doing any yard work or mowing. Stuff works great!!!