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  1. -- This is the best as far as I'm concerned...I use the 9oz Aerosol can. I have a sprayed lightweight jumpsuit that I wear doing any yard work or mowing. Stuff works great!!!
  2. Ticks me off that NY is basically ruled by what goes on in NYC.
  3. What a cool thread Dino! Man, you sure are talented! Thanks for the interesting posting
  4. Anybody ever use Paul Butski game calls like his grunt call? I don't even know if he's still in business or not. We used to sell a boat load of his game calls in our gun shop years ago (we closed shop around 20 years ago). I always liked his grunt call, and had a lot of success with it. I still have a couple of them left and use them now.
  5. Now, that's nice!!! Looks like Christmas card!!!! You are blessed!
  6. I bought one 2 seasons ago, still haven't strung it...arrows, quiver etc . Maybe next season. lol...I even forgot what it is- I think Martin.
  7. Dave, I admire your musical skills...I love music and would one day like to be able to play one decently. I've been an art teacher for the last 20 years, and a lot of the kids are super talented in music. So over the years I've acquired some musical instruments -drums, guitar, ukulele , with the idea of learning how to play when I retire. My hobbies include competitive trapshooting, golfing, cartooning (especially caricature artwork) Love the woodwork biggamefish! Beautiful work!
  8. Thanks! We do a service job on it every 3-5K
  9. That's what I was thinking...thanks everyone for replies...just wishful thinking. The rig runs great- no problems, I was just thinkin
  10. My wife's car, a 2009 Xterra with 175K miles on it is in good shape, body is perfect. We have had 2 Xterras and loved them. Since they are no longer made, would it be practical to have a new transmission installed, and whatever else? Or would it be a pipe dream? What would be approx cost to have it all done if we decided to do it? The cost of a 5 year old one with low mileage is above 20K, and if I'm putting out that much, I'd buy something else. Thanks for the input, Jeff
  11. Love all the 'Old School" stuff like Davey Crockett...how bout Big Bad John ? Do you remember the words?
  12. So since it's pouring here , it's a good time to reminisce over some old time hunting adventures from your past...here are a few of mine, and if you have pictures, post them. Tall Rack 8 pointer: Had a shot at him downhill from a high ridge, he was with a group of does and crossed a stream and was standing still for a few moments. I put the crosshairs on him and squeezed off a shot. It was a quartering shot, down hill and I must have just nicked the brisket...he took off, and I tracked him all afternoon and even jumped him out of a bed. Very little blood. I was really disgusted, and went out in the next morning sitting on the ridge overlooking swamp and hardwoods. I see a deer out about 100 yds going around the perimeter, I grunted and he came in for a good broadside shot at 65 yds. It was the same buck, and sure enough grazed him in the brisket. 11 pointer: Was hunting across a stream in thick woods and about 4:15 a buck comes down off the ridge above where other hunters are hunting. I see an open spot out where he should enter into out at about 60yds away...I put the scope there and when he gets to the spot I give a mouth grunt and he stops long enough to make a shot. He jumps , turns around and starts back up the ridge! I figured I better get over there right away, because it would be getting dark and he might run all the way back up by other hunters. I get over there, and see where I hit him, a patch of hair and dug up leaves from him jumping... I follow up the hill about 20 yds and there he is laying on his side! All I could do was think "Amazing" and Thank God after counting the points! Now to get him out of there and across the fairly large stream. I called my BIL, and he came and helped me...I gave him my hip boots and I just got wet with regular boots (who cares at that point)? We had a whale of a time getting him up to my SUV with the rack on the back. Taxidermist said a good thing you didnt ruin the cape, you'd be paying big time for a new one.