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  1. halfnelson

    Be careful out there

    Thank God you're ok!
  2. halfnelson

    View from the new home

    Best wishes on your new home ! God bless!
  3. halfnelson

    Guns Leaning Against Rubs picture thread.

    Sorry for lack of gun...
  4. halfnelson

    New Cartoon by Halfnelson

    Back to the drawing board...been a very boring season so far...Brontasaurus Rub for the Biz man
  5. halfnelson

    A Catskill Mountains Buck Video

    Nice Vid! Nice buck! Congrats!
  6. halfnelson

    Said goodbye to my best friend today

    Sorry for your loss. Your pup was blessed with a nice life with you for 16 years. Remember the good times. Our last 2 black labs lived to be close to 16. Did the same as you for both...had traveling vet come to house. Fed both boys steak/and chicken. Even though it looked like their eyes were closed, when I held the piece of steak by the nose they opened their eyes and chomped it down. Sure miss those family members! God bless you and be with you. Jeff
  7. halfnelson

    Lost my oldest pup this morning.

    Sorry for your loss...check out Rainbow Bridge on the net
  8. halfnelson

    RIP president George H.W.Bush

    God bless him and his family! A good president and great family man!
  9. Harder and harder gittin' up to do this! haha. Been super slow so far. Good luck everybody
  10. Isn't it the truth in life and in hunting? We all hope to bag a T-Rex of a buck, we plan, prepare, put the time in...and sometimes it just doesn't work out like we dream it would. That's the fun part of hunting- we wait for the surprise of that buck to present itself in a perfect scenario. First and foremost we are sportsmen and women who respect the wily whitetails that we hunt. The anticipation of a successful harvest is what we put the time in and endure all kinds of weather and sometimes real boredom for. Waiting for the moment that the Lord may smile down on us and send a deer by us to enjoy, whether to shoot it or just be amazed by what a smart animal they usually are. Congratulations to all the successful hunters that have connected so far- it ain't over yet, till the fat lady sings!
  11. halfnelson

    New Cartoon by Halfnelson

  12. I remember that nice gun, and congrats on your nice buck!!!
  13. Very enticing! I'm getting ready to go back out, and I see this ... I could almost get settled in the easy chair. Saw notta this AM, not a chickadee, chipmunk, or squirrel even.
  14. halfnelson

    New Cartoon by Halfnelson

    Hey Moog! I'll betcha this lady ( Big Bertha) coulda got your rig unstuck from the mud with one hand! ha ha