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  1. halfnelson

    Who Remembers This Show That Ran From 1972--75?

    Wow! I just got lost watchin about 5 episodes of this...haven't watched for ions .
  2. halfnelson

    Valentine's Day Tomorrow (Thursday)

    Taking the wife out for a nice dinner tomorrow nite...today on way home from work picked up what I thought was a beautiful rose, wrapped in cellophane , gave it to her - she liked it until she went to cut back the stem and found it to be a fake rose! lol! Coulda fooled me!
  3. halfnelson

    Ruger Bearcat or Single Six

    The Bearcat is sweet, light and probably hold value better than the Single-Six...both are nice, do it right , get one of each!
  4. halfnelson

    Social Security???

    I put in for it at 62- at the time I was concerned Obama was going to put the screw to it if I waited longer. I'm still glad I did it this way.
  5. halfnelson

    Social Security???

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  6. halfnelson

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Damn bro! You eat good!!! lol
  7. Marlin has a whole lot of different models- time proven...I like the looks of the laminated stock ones with SS metal. Plus , you can always go on Guns international, lots of guns for sale there.
  8. halfnelson

    Kudos to WNY Bowhunter

    Wow! That's a nice one hanging outside! Rugged, tough rack! Nice!
  9. halfnelson


    I think these are the girls that go with the bow...maybe???
  10. halfnelson


    for that price it better come with deer removal from woods, field dressing, butchering and dancing girls applauding the good hunt!
  11. halfnelson

    New world record non typical

    Where can you find the hunter's story of the hunt? Would be good reading. All I can find is the info about it being a WR. The guy must have posted the story somewhere. Thanks if you have the go-to page.
  12. halfnelson

    That's my boy!

    Really , Really impressive!
  13. halfnelson

    Working on a new prosthetic arm

    Godspeed bro! Wishing you the best!
  14. halfnelson

    Tick identification chart

    good one!!!!
  15. Cause we are in the land of "Cuomodom"