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  1. Don't mess around with tick bites, I would definitely be going to the Doc and getting a full course of antibiotics( my doctor gave me 6 weeks of Doxycyclyne)... I got bit last summer, and the Lymes put me and my wife through hell and back. Thank God that I was diagnosed early enough or it could have even been worse. I wouldn't wish that on anybody. Hopefully you're better soon and God bless!
  2. On the Taconic State Parkway( Taconic Herford), and Stissing Mountain- Stanfordville/ Pine Plains
  3. Grampy, if you ever need a shouder, or a prayer...give me a call more than happy to talk w/ya...sorry never met you. Good luck to you! Jeff Philipbar, Poughkeepsie area- local entire lifetime
  4. Had too sit this season out...had severe case of Lymes which put me in hospital for 3 weeks and visits to VA also. So, now after about 3 months from all meds for all the stuff , feeling much better---but it was hell and back 100 times, wouldn't wish it on anybody. So, wanted to thank all you guys for the posts of great pics, looks like some real beauties, but seems like nowhere near the hunters or harvests as past years- my guess is just youngsters not learning about hunting, ticks, sick deer. I only hunt deer ( over the last 50 yrs)---usually got what I wanted each year---had acess to over 150 acres-my Dad and I only hunted there -Hudson Valley area...We had a gun store and trap range for 40 years after we were both out of military---always all kind of hunting and shots heard. Never heard a single shot fired all season-What say y'all???
  5. Our last 2 labs were Luke and Lexie
  6. Happy and Blessed Easter!!!
  7. Glad I got both shots...got 2nd Pfizer last Sat., Thank God no problems whatsoever. After seeing one of my best friends, good health at 67, still working go through what he's going through now with the virus- I'm thankful for getting it. He was in the hospital for 10 days and very sick. Thank God he finally got home and is starting to improve.
  8. Congrats! And God bless you and family in your new home!
  9. RIP Marvelous...Hearns/Hagler Round one, probably the greatest round in boxing history.
  10. The availability of the vaccines does seem to be opening up a bit...my wife got a shot scheduled tomorrow... I was going to wait a bit and get it from the VA, but today when I went to my GP for yearly physical the receptionist said I could get the shot this Saturday if I wanted, so I signed up. Took my wife a ton of time and checking to finally get a scheduled shot. Stay well everyone.
  11. God bless his family and comfort them! He was an icon! RIP
  12. Glad you liked it...especially in today's world conditions, we need peace in our lives. This is the only assured way of peace, and it's a peace that will never leave you!
  13. If you look this up on ebay, you can find magnetic wrap that is available for tennis elbow... I used to use one years ago for competition trapshooting , and found it really helped me a lot. The one I used was made by Bioflex Company. Niiomed Medical Magnetic Tennis Elbow Wrap Quality class I medical device by Niiomed, formerly BIOflex. Breathable neoprene and CoolMax for a comfortable fit. One size - 13.75" x 2.5". Magnets make a better tennis elbow brace. Patented concentric design requires less gauss for superior results! Contains one magnetic field, 500 gauss.
  14. These be the kinda big bucs I kill all the time, an I use me big toe to pull the trigger!
  15. You are one talented guy! Very cool!!!
  16. One of my favorite westerns - Liberty Valance, and one of my favorite scenes... John Wayne or Clint Eastwood? I'd probably lean toward Clint. Probably my favorite would be Jimmy Stewart- what a life he lived. If you're not familiar, read his bio. Great actor, decorated WW2 war hero.
  17. Hoping the JNJ vaccine will pass all the prerequisites and be available shortly.
  18. Brian, God bless you and your family with strength, peace and His unending love. May He keep you close to Him and bless you with the peace of God which passes all our human understanding. So sorry for your loss and will keep you and your family in my prayers.
  19. Nice! I got a 9422Mag laminate stock...Super smooth actions and great guns!
  20. Sure looks like it...I have a 651with both cylinders-22LR and 22Mag. The mag. is the one I use- nice gun!
  21. Goes to show you that to harvest a 140 plus deer is some whale of an accomplishment. The deer you got is a super, beautiful deer for anywhere, and it has such cool character. Looking at the pics you would think it would score 150 or better- just a beauty! Congrats!
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