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At Times, I Just Like To Screw With People On FB

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I get bored, and sometimes I come up with some odd crap to post on social media. Especially FB to mess with my friends and family. Here's three from today:




So, the other day I went to church to confess all my sins. When I was done, the Priests head spun around 10 times and he puked pea-soup all over me through that little window...

So, that made me wonder- how many people I know personally who have done far worse sins would even make it to the Confessional without the roof caving on their head?






This is why you don't use a cell phone to make pranks calls these days:

Me: "This is your power and energy
service, we have been experiencing outages in your area, this is not a joke, but is your refrigerator running?"
Answer: "Yes it is. I already caught it and have it back in place."

30 minutes later:
You get a text message from the number you tried to prank reading:
"I'm outside your house!".





Best place to fart in public? A Pew!


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