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Awesome Chris! I gotta get out on a walleye bite one of these days. Just gotta drag myself away from chasing those smallies lol. 
I hear you, smallies are more fun for fighting purposes, but not for eating! Oneida will be getting better and better right into November.

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Yesterday was my best fishing day of the year.  About a dozen smallmouth total, from 12-20” including this fat 19 incher that put up the “fight of the year”.  I was surprised that the water is still warm enough, for them to pull like that. 

The smallmouth bass population is down a bit, in this small Adirondack lake, since I started fishing it about 10 years ago.  There were too many bass in here back then.  They are looking much healthier these days. 




I let all the smallies go yesterday, because the lake population seems just about perfect now, and we have plenty of fish at home in the freezer.  

Another good thing about yesterday is that I caught them all, plus three “bonus”, 10”-12-1/2”  perch on the same  1/8 oz hand tied bucktail jig.  A day or two prior, I lost (9) jigs to catch (10) bass.  I kept the perch to fillet for my mother in law.  She’s been feeding me good all week and she really likes those.  

Im now down to about 1/2 dozen 1/8 oz jigs.  Good thing today is looking like my last day of fishing and I already have two deer tails at home to make some more over the winter.  I’ll also have (5) more deer tags, that I may or may not punch yet this year.  

I caught a few bass on coyote tail jigs this week, but they didn’t seem to work quite as good as the buck tails.  

The second best fishing day up here this year was an overcast day, over the Fourth of July weekend, when they were hitting all day long on a topwater bait (Zara puppy).  None of the long, strong fatties like yesterday though.  They were all thin and under 15”:





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