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  1. This is my 19th morning out here, and today is a wrap for my season. Don't think I'll sit for more than a couple of hours. Had a few birds come in but not closer than 70 yards. Seen a bunch of deer, a turtle hunted one morning with me. Stare down with a coyote one morning.........
  2. To pause and give a moment of silence for all those who served and gave their life for this country.
  3. Noone else turkey hunting around here? Got a couple of decoys on sale last week. Third time out seeing what the fuss is about. Nothing magical happening here.
  4. Heard some gobbling way off but it's quiet now. Good luck to the other hunters hunting today.
  5. I've never gotten sick the way you describe, but I've gotten nasty headaches and extremely sick to my stomach from the smell of liquid manure. They use some nasty chemicals to make that stuff.
  6. I've hunted in the rain probably 8-9 times over the past three years. All I got was wet and had to clean and dry everything out/off. Never even saw a squirrel on most of those hunts. Hunting in the rain with a bow or a ML when you don't have a blind or tree house to sit in sort of sucks. I only do it when we've been up north and rent the cabin because I go there to hunt so I hunt. At home down here? I don't go out if I can help it. I know it can be prime time for deer, it's just not my cup of tea to be out in the rain.
  7. Had some gobbling earlier. Another hunter came through and it's been quiet since. Giving it another 30 minutes or so then tapping out if it's still quiet.
  8. It's very hard to say if the turkey population is on a decline. Even the DEC's polling numbers are skewed because they generally only poll certain areas, and rarely anything in the NZ gets a mention. In some areas there are fewer birds while other areas are steady, and yet different areas the population is booming. Just because one place has numbers declining the area 10 miles away might have numbers rising because birds are relocating due to predation or the ever growing population of development. I really think it's just the birds moving from one area to another for whatever reason.
  9. Good luck to you and your boy @WNYBuckHunter.
  10. Man, that sucks! Glad no one was hurt and that propane tank didn't get cause to go boom.
  11. At this point in time the title of this thread is nothing more than hyperbole (BS). It's just people spouting off on some web sites on what they think needs to happen. One wolf here and people go crazy and want hunting reform while others just spread the propaganda. Links to a couple sites babbling about this: https://www.adirondackalmanack.com/2023/03/nysdec-now-admits-cooperstown-wolf-was-a-wild-wolf.html#:~:text=Some of the coyote management,daily or seasonal bag limits. https://projectcoyote.org/programs/carnivore-conservation-coexistence/protect-americas-wolves/ https://www.protectadks.org/nysdec-now-admits-cooperstown-wolf-was-a-wild-wolf/
  12. They think by not allowing rifles in the fall it's going to reduce the number of turkeys killed? I guess they forget people will still hunt and kill turkeys, with a shotgun. SMH. This whole country's gone bat crap crazy.
  13. I brought this subject up many years ago here about using a .22 for turkey if it was legal. The general consensus was no. for reasons ranging from safety of how far the bullet travels too the hunter orange thing, to some just stating NO! in bold caps and underlined. I wear orange hunting turkey on public land until I get where I'm setting up and then the orange hat is hung in a near by tree.
  14. They won't be allowed here. They have a built in silencer.
  15. You don't pay attention do you? Reread what I posted and your reply. No one who hunts with a ML is going to want a non muzzle loading firearm in the ML seasons any more than the vert bow guys want crossbows in the entire archery season.
  16. Well would you look at that! A new take on the crossbow in the whole archery season, shotguns in the ML season. This will get fun. Another good one from the storm that's far from home.
  17. There were two of them roaming this area. Watched one run across 9W into a backyard, pretty big bear. I saw a glimpse of the other smaller one in the west part of the state land with no access at all now for hunting in our area. That was last Summer, haven't seen even a sign since, they must like you.
  18. Most, of the guys I know who have success here in NY either get one while deer hunting as a target of opportunity or they spend a lot of time tracking them up north.
  19. Has it been a year already? Time to get the fence and posts out for the garden.
  20. I'm honestly curious why your so infatuated. You can use that BS story you just posted or we can look at like this: You talk about pot stirrers and trust me when I say you are in the top 10, and you are now the mouthpiece bitching about something you aren't even a part of. Jeesus. Why do you feel a need to run back here to talk about what's up there? That's called stirring the pot. Many would see that as sort of idiotic when you think about it. "Mom, Freddy and the guys made a new fort and those guys are big meanies who get mad when you call them names.". Sorry man, that's how you and a few other are coming off. It just goes to show you have nothing better to talk about than being old hens gossiping about Helen and the milk man. This is the very type of thing that makes this forum hard to want to be around very often. For the record, trust me when I say I have no favorite, and I don't have a dog in this stupid battle of the forums I already made it clear if they both went away I wouldn't loose a wink of sleep. Because I end up getting dragged into stupid idiotic threads like this which does make me an idiot for replying to idiots, who think everyone's an idiot but them making them the real idiot. So, as to not be an idiot, I'll stop replying to this thread.
  21. You know, for someone who does nothing but slam the other forum, you sure know what's going on there every second of every day. If you really didn't care you wouldn't care so much. Just sayin'.
  22. Nothing was going to change. I'm not sure why anyone would have thought it would be any different. I don't know what the future of this or any forum is, but if they all shut down I'd be just fine. I find forums that are for the entire outdoor world far more enjoyable then those that are just about being outdoors 4 months a year. People come and people go, just like in life. If someone choses to move to a new house who cares? I hope they eventually find the happiness they are seeking. If someone is happy staying where they are I feel the same way.
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