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  1. Around here? Especially over the past two years? My fingers would fall off typing all that. LOL.
  2. The best way to avoid a bad situation is to not be there when it goes bad. I avoid most areas where I know morons commit crimes, bad neighborhoods and bars. But I get what you're saying.
  3. Well, if you feel the need to call me ignorant over a wise crack about season dates, how about you have a sit and spin on a rotary blade?
  4. So I guess the political guys and the mass video spammer fall into this category? I see things so much more clearly now, thank you. To the original topic, I still feel the riders need to let this go,It's not enough days lost to make this much of a fuss over. Then there's what was mentioned in another thread about this very same topic, it should be the DEC making the seasons, not local towns or counties.
  5. Bill, I'm just curious about something. You know almost all the videos you post are monetized and the creators get money when the video is shared and viewed right? So each video you post lines someones pocket while you are working for them for free. Just something to think about.
  6. So bow hunters get 4 months and firearms hunters get a total of 17 days? Yeah, that sounds fair for everyone. How about the gun guys get from 10/15 until 12/24 with a muzzle loader only season from 12/25 until 1/31, and the bow hunters get from August 1st through the gun opener and with full crossbow inclusion for the whole bow season?
  7. So, you joined a hunting forum for the sole reason of arguing about snowmobiling?
  8. I would if people would keep the political BS points of view out of the other areas. But, they don't so why should I stay on topic? You're right though, I'm done with all this whining and crying about vaccines. I've run out of funds to keep sending people tissues.
  9. I guess this makes sense, sort of. It's just always confused me with some of the trails. I know in the ADK's there are designated trails that run through public land and the riders get a little irritated of they see you hunting those trails, even tough they are open to everyone. I suppose I can see the point more on paying to ride private trails. I'm looking forward to the later season, and hoping the counties I'll be hunting don't block it. After a week or so of all that Christmas crap, it will be nice to go hunting for something bigger then a squirrel.
  10. Didn't you move to PA back in 2020? https://huntingny.com/forums/topic/73634-farewell-huntingnycom/
  11. You do realize there are a lot more people out there hunting then the members on here right? Yes, there are some people who still hunt to put food on the table, and in some cases they have too. Those type of people probably don't have internet as they probably can't afford it, so they aren't on web forums worrying about rack size. To them the only rack that counts are of the brestesus kind.
  12. I didn't say there was anything wrong with trophy hunting @Grouse. I asked a very legitimate question, why bother getting a DMP if you're only after a big buck. If you have no plans to use the DMP then let it go for someone else who might actually need it and more DMP's may be available in areas that never have leftovers.
  13. Have you met button buck wolc? LOL If everyone is only hunting for the antlers then why do so many bother to get DMP's? There are many who still have to hunt to put food on the table, they could use those DMP's more then someone just out for a big buck.
  14. Yay, another thread to argue about the vaccine. Isn't the other one enough for cripes sake.
  15. That's why it's best to make sure you look at the first post of a thread to see the date. Why people revive threads like this is a little odd to me.
  16. Probably to watch all the fools keep posting about the dead horse. Dead horses are very popular.
  17. For most of us it isn't about the kill, that's over in a split second. Its the hunt. That edit you added is just ridiculous. Hunting for food was why people hunted, there's nothing new about that. If anything, hunting just for the size of the rack is the new(er) virtue. If our forefathers didn't hunt for food you wouldn't be here to be able to hunt for that big rack, because they would have all starved to death.
  18. So, let me see if I understand this. That extra early September deer season was OK, but the extra late season isn't wanted by some counties? I'm sorry, but this makes no sense to me. I get it, the snow machine riders want safety, but this is only a frikin week man.
  19. That is just awesome of you @rachunter. Super generous.
  20. Nope. I could make my replies one letter at a time instead of complete sentences or words.
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