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  1. I've had chaga tea a couple times, eons ago. It's hard to find around here.
  2. Hmm.. I know a guy that knows a guy's brother, that knows a guy who was just taking about this same thing someplace else. No, my season isn't over. Taken a few grays and some crows, but have yet to take down a coyote which is my goal. I suppose this is all for the 2023 season though seeing it's been after the first of the year.
  3. You plan to shoot at running game, in the dark, with a crossbow? I prefer the flip up lens covers, and they are far less of a pain in the ass to flip open than pulling the bungee corded covers off.
  4. You need to use a high heat paint if you want it to last.
  5. I joined the crossbow ranks this year, I had no plan to ever do so, but my neighbor got a little pushy about hunting with him using one and actually gave me a crossbow. Not a complaint, I just never would have bought one myself, as I'm just starting to not enjoy archery as much as I used to over all. If you want simple and affordable, look at the Barnett Blackcat and/or Wildcat (same item, just different colors). I have the Wildcat, and it about as straight forward as you can get, being a recurve limb style.
  6. First time out in three weeks since surgery went really south. Wife doesn't want me out alone yet so crossbow it is this morning.
  7. I have a few mock scrapes set up, and actually using a trail cam this year. Only just started seeing daytime movement in that spot. The place they busted me is still seeing action. Last time in that blind it was so foggy I couldn't see more than 15-20 yards, so a deer could have been doing the lambada further out, and I wouldn't have seen a thing.
  8. I'll keep going, I didn't say I was giving up. I have a medical thing tomorrow, and depending on how that goes, it may well be the end of my deer season. As soon as the Doc gives me the OK I'll be back out there either sweating or freezing my nads off. I didn't even get the permit for over there this year. Down here, I've only been on public land twice for deer. I have some private land I'm hunting, mainly until the gun season opens. I appreciate that, and if I had gotten a permit I would be more than willing to meet up again grampy. I've been close, on a few occasions this season, it's just not all falling onto place. I keep wind in my face, my blinds are tucked in well, even the pop-up blind has had deer close, they don't seem bothered by that or me, they just come in from the back where there's no way to get a shot. Over the past few years I've gotten close, but as I said, just not punching the ticket. This is how things seem to play out: Getting this on video was pure shock, as I've never been able to get this type of footage in the years I've been filming. I'm taking the downtime I have, at least for a few days, to assess some things. As I said, I'm probably just overthinking everything and need to just maintain my focus and keep going out there.
  9. I enjoy and love every minute I get in the woods. That's what's getting frustrating. I have my spots set up right, so what to do about to get those deer a bit closer is what's driving me nuts. I think it's easier to evaluate what might be wrong when you aren't seeing anything. Am I playing the wind right? Am I blended into my surroundings? Does this hat make me look fat? Those are things it's a little easier to process. Thank you. I'm probably doing exactly what I try and tell others not to do, and that's overanalyzing the whole thing.
  10. The past few years, I've been out chasing deer as much as possible. 28 hunts in 2020, 32 (33?) in 2021, and so far 18 for 2022. I just rolled with things for 2020 and 2021. This season, as hard as I'm trying not to be, I'm getting frustrated. I've been so close a few times this season I could taste the back straps! Then the deer walk away. The worst was having two does come walking in, and one stop broadside at around 40 yards twice. Then they busted me and ran about 60 yards and stopped looking back at me. I figured I had nothing to lose at that point, so I made that silly noise we make to try and get a buck to stop for a shot. Both started coming back towards me. Then trying to reposition, I bumped my chair, and they were gone. I take deer hunting serious, but so much as to get ticked off by lack of seeing deer or not getting that right "feel" (bad angle, out of range etc.) to make a good shot. But, like I said, this year I'm getting pissed at the whole situation. Have some stuff going on starting tomorrow and hoping things go well enough to still be able to get back out for the crossbow and gun season down this way as well as get up north for a few hunts with the wife. Anyone else starting to get overly frustrated this season, deer hunting?
  11. That right there was some funny stuff! The jockey part, I mean.
  12. Zledin got the Republican nod, he's running under that party. I do not believe he will be listed as both. Now, I am done being fish hooked back into this thread, lol. The only reason I even replied was pygmy posted the question, anyone else I would not have bothered. Well, then there's I cannot hunt this week, or at least until Thursday if I get a go ahead from the Dr. .
  13. I stopped looking years ago. They never offer leftovers for any areas I hunt.
  14. See below: This. There isn't technically and independent this year. I think Sharp will show up on the ballot, though, as the Libertarian. If so, a vote that way will essentially be a vote for Huchul instead of Zeldin. Maybe not in exact action, but a vote for anyone but Zeldin is a vote against him, leaving crusty crotch to take the game. As much as some may want to see a change from straight forward left/right, it's clear the center isn't the place to stand right now, and may never be again. I'm hoping if Zeldin wins, he stands behind what he says he'll do. ALL of it! Alas, even with the hope of hopes, I doubt we are going to see crusty crotch loose. Too many fluffy white snowflakes in this state. It's also not that Upstate doesn't vote, it's the population is lower than that of the major cities combined. NYC area alone is probably three times the population of the Adirondacks. Add in the Albany areas, Rochester and Buffalo areas, and the other major metro areas and the Republicans are just flat out outnumbered. Blue State through and through. Been looking at homes in Maine lately, we don't want to move out of state, but the bullshit in NY is getting to be too much, even for my wife who said she'd never leave NY.
  15. Um, perhaps reread what I typed. Cat house, not littler box. HUGE difference there, LOL.
  16. I've been avoiding the politics around here like a $5 cat house lately. But seeing it's you who posts far more about hunting and fishing here, I'll chime in. Zeldin has a good chance. But we can't afford for people to vote Independent. Those people need to understand that vote will help the witch keep her throne. We have no middle ground anymore. Lines have been drawn and people need to pick a side, there's no standing in the middle anymore! Any vote for the left is going to keep NY in a bad way. High taxes, gun laws made my temper tantrum throwing morons, and criminals to continue to go un-punished. I used to try and understand the lefts way of thinking, not anymore. I've lost pretty much all respect for anyone who votes left. They support the people who want to take my guns away, make my grocery bill 5 times what it ever was, and make taxpayers foot the bill for "undocumented" immigrants to stay in high-end hotels. My last straw was buying a box of ammo and having to give my life story to do so. Fug the left! Said my peace, now I'll see my way out and back into the hunting area.
  17. I'd agree with @Bolt action to a good degree. One can find a sort of community on the web with like-minded people no matter what you're into. I've met a few folks from this forum and all are good guys. Whether I've made friends or not, I don't know anymore. I went through a rough few years, and wasn't the nicest person around. As for it being detrimental to my hunting? I've had more than one occasion where I looked up from reading the "Live From The Deer Woods" thread only to have a deer walking off, or end up spooking one that was in range trying to put the phone down and get my bow or gun into position. I've had the same thing happen trying to make videos. I was finally able to get on film what I, and I'm sure others, go through hunting from the ground with a bow. A 20+ minute dance with no shot. But if my nose is stuck in my phone, or I have a camera in my hand to shoot video and miss an opportunity, that's all on me. Not what I was looking at on the web. I don't go shopping, watch videos, or look up any silly chit, I check the Live thread here and that's about all I do on the web while hunting. I also feel that SM can get in your head as a hunter. We have a guy right here on this forum who will word beat you if you don't kill a monster buck. But, again, that's on the person and their own perception. If you let that shit get in your head, it's on you, not the antagonist. We should all be hunting for us, not to impress anyone else.
  18. While up north hunting, I farted. 10 minutes later, when I went to take a leak and unzipped my bibs, the smell had actually been locked in there. I blame that on social media.
  19. Raining under my trees now that the sun is trying to burn the fog away.
  20. This is nuts. Have to be able to see the deer to kill a deer. I'm going to try @turkeyfeathers trick. Fug deer.
  21. 5 hours walking around up north. Jumped two and never got a shot. Bumped the rifle on a tree almost falling, so I took a couple shots at an Altoids tin I set up at the base of a dead tree stump to make sure everything was still good. All good didn't jar the rifle enough to knock the scope out of wack.
  22. Another 20 and packing it up. Tomorrow up north still hunting then back down here Sunday. I wanted 20 hunts before Monday but going to be shy a couple, at 16 with this morning. Next week starts a series of procedures to drain a cyst from my pancreas.
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