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  1. It's been that way for close to a year now. When the ammo background checks went into full swing they were already making moves to be out of the hunting gear industry and had been starting to liquidate all of it. The same way Gander did. The anti-gun movement is in full swing all over the country. The frustrating part is my wife got another gift card for the place last year for Christmas again so we have to use it. Camping and fishing gear and then I hope to never have to step foot in the place again.
  2. The hunter stereotype is changing. It's not just social media glory hounds, it's the new age hunters and the sort of lack of respect for anything attitudes that's making it harder. I remember loosing private land due to other DB's long ago. Some was original owners passing away and kids not wanting hunting on the land, some was other hunters doing stupid things, and yet still others were just the owners no longer wanting others wandering around their land. This really isn't a new phenomenon, it just seems to be happening more these days. I am sorry you lost the property, that always sucks.
  3. Well, as for wearing them on the back, it's only in the SZ, and if you read the changes it states we have the option of showing license verification electronically. So maybe wearing them on the back in the SZ is now going to be optional? I'd call and ask but the past few years calling or emailing the DEC is like waiting for a turtle to get to the top of a mountain while it's going through super glue. If the turtle even shows up.
  4. Those have a snap strap on the back, I also have a few with double straps. My hunting packs all have MOLLE webbing so I just weave them on, I also use a bottle bag set up with MOLLE webbing instead of a pack sometimes. If you don't have any MOLLE or straps on your hunting pack you can always sew a piece of nylon on. Just make sure you measure your tubes or w/e to be sure they fit in the pouch. Anything with MOLLE webbing is great for hunting as it allows a lot of versatility in adding and removing stuff. Last year for Spring turkey hunting this was my set up for the entire season: That rig carried extra ammo, my thermos and a cup, calls, TP, spare knife, and some snacks. Lighter and easier then a backpack.
  5. I shoot an inline 50cal, so I use these types of speed loaders, but with two compartments: https://www.amazon.com/Muzzle-Loaders-Magnum-Speed-Loaders-MZ1617/dp/B08KWN79CT/ref=sr_1_13?sr=8-13 They fit great in these MOLLE pouches that can be attached to anything from my packs to my belt. https://www.amazon.com/TRIWONDER-Tactical-Cigarette-Military-Battery/dp/B08F7SDZPT/ref=sr_1_2?sr=8-2
  6. Lancer makes a 5 round limiter flor plate for their 10 round L5AWM mags. It helps assure the follower and spring stay correct. Magpul makes one as well and those come in a three pack. I'm considering a 350 Legend upper for next year.
  7. I guess you are all to young to remember they used to be paper. That's why water proof tag holders were invented.
  8. Enjoy the trip and good luck getting on some fish.
  9. Thought no new members could join of the owner didn't approve them? Someone let a new guy in today, but the owner hasn't been around in three years. So looks like another staff member can approve membership even though they say they can't. Or maybe it's one of those infamous unlimited pop emails that come with hosting magically came to life....Hmmmm
  10. There's tons of small lakes and streams in the ADK's, and plenty of remote ponds. The Siamese Ponds Wilderness has a lot of small lakes and ponds that you need to hike to get too. The other side of the road is West Canada Lake Wilderness which hold even more. I would suggest figuring out where it is you'd like to go and take things from there. A few tips: Don't count on a lean-to. Pick up a couple of small packing tents to sleep in or a three person tent. Sharing a lean-to with strangers sort of sucks. Make sure the tent will allow you to stow your gear. You're going to need a bear canister, it's actually a regulation if you are in the Eastern High Peaks area from April-November. At minimum, if not in this area a bear bag for food. Read up on how to sue and set one up. They don't just keep your food from bears, but raccoons and other scavengers. Ice out and snow melt brings a lot of flooding up there, and at times trails can be impassible and or dangerous (even the flat ones). Keep that in mind. Flash flooding up there's no joke. Remember, May starts the black fly season and it runs until August. Sharing camp with those little bastads sucks more then sharing a lean-to.
  11. I started doing that a while back. It has cost me friends because I'm sick and tired of people voting to take my Constitutional Rights away while they are OK with murderers going free because of bail reform. When they expect me to be OK with the bad guys having more rights than I do, they can kick rocks.
  12. Even when I started hunting deer in the mid 80's tree stands weren't common. For most of us a tree stand was sitting in the crotch of a tree limb 6-7' off the ground. The bow hunters were about the only guys using them. Woodland military was the camo of choice, if you used camo, and 90% of NY was shotgun only. Opening day sounded like a war, and red plaid was far more dominant then camo. Hunter orange vests speckled the woods of public land as well as that red plaid. Diners packed from 3AM forward, and no one cared about scent control and smoked cigarettes while pumping gas in their hunting clothes. Those Monday openers were the most skilled days from work and school. Times have changed a lot. Cell cams tell people where the deer are at any given time, instead of wearing out boots hunters wear out ATV tires, a compass is now a cell phone, and guys have more camo choices then women have hair color options. Yessir, things sure aren't the way they used to be.
  13. Right, but the sum as a whole on voters is still going to have more left leaners then right. This is what I try to explain to a lot of people because they get far to caught up in the number then looking at the reality of those who aren't casting a vote. Every voter could vote, but the results won't change. Now, if all the gun owners voted, and voted for the only side that's largely trying to preserve the Second Amendment, Republican, we would win hands down. But in NY, you will most likely never see that. I sincerely do understand and appreciate what you're saying. I'm just on a different road, numbers on paper don't do much, the reality of what people are saying and doing says far more then the printed word. When hunters and gun owners in general vote for the people they know are trying to take the guns away, you have the true problem of why the numbers are not now and never will be with the Pro 2A people. That's more factual then many people want to accept. I no longer look at hypotheticals with gun laws, only absolutes, because without a united front from all gun owners not a damn thing is ever going to change here or in any other Liberal sided state. The fact that the governor is still in office and a pile of makes no sense gun laws are still on the books after she gave the finger to a SCOTUS ruling shows exactly my point, is doesn't matter how many voters are there and if they all vote, this a New Liberal York and it won't change any time soon because as I keep stating we Pro A2 people are outnumbered plain and simple.
  14. I sorry you are still dealing with this. I hope they get their heads out of their rears and get things sorted out for you ASAP.
  15. I don't really agree with the part I bolded. I mean I do that that voters will be the problem, but it's not that people aren't voting, it's the Libs outnumber the Republicans more or less. The big cities have more voters who vote left then the rest of the state has voters period. Add to that you have hunters who know damn well voting Democrat is a vote against guns yet do it anyway. A gun owner voting for politicians they know good and well are coming for our guns is a gun owner who is NOT PRO 2A!
  16. Good to see the same ole same ole. LOL. Back to doing other stuff for me.
  17. Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow hunters. Clouds moved out and it's a beautiful morning to be hunting.
  18. Last year was my first with the crossbow as well. Would like it more if we had an early muzzleloader season in the SZ. Typed that as I sit in the woods with a crossbow.
  19. Slow crossbow opener so far. Was watching an eagle fly around over the thruway, but no deer seen yet.
  20. Breezy here, light gusts of about 15mph. Just enough to blow the rest of the leaves down keeping my head on a swivel wondering if its deer, a bear, coyotes, or leaves.
  21. Last morning to hunt for me up here. Still be at the cabin through Monday, but 90% rain tomorrow and 80% Sunday. Almost positive I just saw my third bear in the dacks.
  22. I'm about 500 yards from where I was yesterday and it's dead caml again. No wind, barely any song birds. I walked the perimeter of the marsh down in a gully on the way out yesterday and it was high. I always cut fresh tracks in there and usually kick something up. Nothing doing yesterday.
  23. Super quiet and a very warm 40* in my little spot up north this morning.
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