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The Failed Democratic Party

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So while so many Americans needless die every day by the flu, gun violence, suicide (especially our veterans), drug overdoses and many other causes that can be reduced or eliminated with the intervention and support of elected leaders, the majority of Democrats in Washington are in mental paralysis with their Impeachment fantasy.

The continual attacks orchestrated by these Democrats against President Trump remind me of a disturbed child who will ruin, say or destroy anything to get their way.

Hopefully many voters will remember the failure of the Democratic Party on Election Day when they cast their precious vote.


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Impeachment is a joke the dems doing everything In secret because they know they have no credible proof that trump did anything wrong .

So they are going to slow roll this  hoping it will damage him .

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Please refrain from ever using the term "gun violence", because it is a phrase made up by leftists to produce hatred of an inanimate object they despise and want to take from your hands.

Use the term "physical violence" in it's place, especially since other forms of violence far exceed the number of people harmed by others in this country.

Leftists are not at all concerned about physical violence, they actually embrace it to achieve their goals.  They only concern themselves with guns and taking them away from all US citizens, so you won't be able to resist their escalating violence in the future.

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