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  1. Never even mentioned the guys name . And definitely wouldn't start a whole damn thread about him why don't he just make a website about how much he hates me already. The was ridiculous. And it's not the first time he pulled that crap either btw .
  2. No I'm not think its funny because certain member made a whole negative thread about me. And the others just scared to call him out for his vicious bs . But what ever .
  3. Act normal like what , gee let me start a whole negative thread about another member on the forum is that your idea of acting normal ? I mean sounds like you want me to be just as vicious as they are not going to do it. Not going to comment about all the post I don't like and don't interest me either not going to do it . If that is your idea of normal I guess I'm not ..
  4. I know , and that is why You scared to piss him off by posting on my threads . Scared to tell him hmmm maybe not a good idea to start negtive thread about another member of the forum . Scared . Not hard to figure out no big deal .
  5. So you are saying you didn't notice that thread that guy made just to announce he was going to ignore Bill and me .Come on give me break. Then the others just fall in line like scared cult followers lol What ever I am done talking about it I said my peace pretty obvious what the story is here .
  6. And you are another one scared of him I noticed . What ever I said my peace No big deal .
  7. O please and you another one scared of that guy let that guy tell you what to do I never said one bad thing about you on here not one . But yet you keep taking that guys side .
  8. The guy who likes to post threads about other people he don't like on here that's who I'm not going to mention his name .
  9. Being that you have not been around lately I will give you the benefit of the doubt that you are not scared. But seeing you are in the business and probably one of the few on here that has gotten a chance to shoot one I would imagine. I would think you would want to answer that post . That is unless you are scared of them to . No problem don't answer and we will know the rest of the story.
  10. Don't know with you , you are vendor you have different motives to be here then just the recreational Hunter . And you haven't been around lately. Was not direct at you .
  11. Good luck with your business model . I'm sure it will work out for you . How much does YouTube charge? I'm sure you know better then a Fortune 500 company .
  12. The ones that go after bill and me. Maybe I'm mistaken. If I don't see you respond to my post I'll know what's up don't worry about it no problem. If you scared you scared.
  13. Google search will give you all the answers you can possibly want for free really . I think it's the interaction that people like with other people that have the same interests that makes them come to a forum. Not necessarily information but some maybe but enough to pay when it is available for free on other places not likely. You would just get vendors that pay it , And not the hunting public .
  14. Come you didn't see that post lol You little friend there or friends intimidated you into not answering that post so obvious you're scared of them . The title was which do you like better typical or non-typical Whitetails
  15. I noticed you seem to be scared of a certain member on here . That you didn't even answer my post about which you like better typical or non typical whitetail deer. Obviously you are intimidated by him because I know that racks is what you are into .
  16. Only on this forum for hunting. Don't know why you would be interested in me that much to bother im flattered. Are you selling time shares . Maybe ?
  17. How would you even know If they are using there real name ? I belong to another site that has levels free and paid Only the Vendors pay that are really serious about selling stuff and 99% of the traffic goes to the free part most here are just recreational hunters what you want sounds like forum for professionals in the hunting business.
  18. Interesting maybe fighting with other bucks could cause a injury that later on goes crazy on a rack maybe from a infection ?
  19. I will add to what rattler said how about not being able to post a thread whose sole purpose is to demean members they don't like .
  20. Anyone know what makes a non typical rack go all crazy like some of the ones you see in magazines ?
  21. I have only seen non typical on display some place never in the Wild . Would love to take one . Btw take a look at this painting reminds me of someone we know don't it lol
  22. I wonder if the amish like rocky mountain oysters or Carolina swing steak as I have heard them called .
  23. typical or non-typical whitetail which one like better ? I think non typical is more interesting to look at certain ones anyway .
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