Perfect hanging weather

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This little guy (36.5" chest girth) might not have made the cut today, but it seemed a shame not to take advantage of such ideal temperatures over the next few days.

Also, it was the first time I ever had a buck come in to a grunt call during gun season.  The only downside, is that I will miss deer hunting up in the dacks over Thanksgiving weekend, having no tag.  I will have to concentrate on the grouse and bear up there, and maybe some late season bass fishing.


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17 minutes ago, crappyice said:

Looks like he’s stepping on that ladder top.

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I will know right mortis is past when those front legs hang down.  I am hoping that will be by Wed, because I am going away for a few days after that and got to get him in the freezer by then.  He will get ground anyhow, except for the tenderloins (tomorrow's lunch), and the back straps.

Tuesday will be skinning night.   It looks like we got plenty of zip lock bags, and my nearly 100 year old grinder is ready to go:


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9 minutes ago, BowmanMike said:

I am excited about the weather,my buck will be hanging for a week if this keeps up.

That definitely tenderizes it.  Temps look real good until at least wednesday.

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