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  1. See my post above. Policy had some to do with it. But it doesn't make or break oil companies.
  2. Fracking is for natural gas... But you have a point. I don't think policy has as much to do with the current situation as you think. I think it is more of a cause of having had a world wide implosion of gas demand of never seen proportions and the oil companies actually loosing money. A first. So it is not a big surprise that they were not super eager to increase output or develop new wells. All that stuff takes longer than a few months to really make an impact on world prices. I would hazard a guess that prices will come down quite a bit in the next six months. Of course I could be completely wrong but I don't care too much about gas prices,it used to be too cheap imo. Incentive for exploring other options.
  3. The only first come first serve rule on public is the day you are there. Nobody can lay claim to an area by putting up a cam or a stand. If I want to hunt there I will,but only if the other hunter is not there that day. That being said,pressure during bow season here is low on public land and I would more than likely sit somewhere else.
  4. I would guess that is a yes,and that also is why it was overturned,because of the Supreme Court judges religious beliefs. We're all the other judges wrong for the last 50 years? Nice separation of church and state,I do believe that is in the constitution but only applied when convenient.
  5. Having to replace natural gas from Russia might have something to do with that.
  6. So you think the oil companies would sell the gas cheaper here even if they could get more on the European market?
  7. This is a result of the pandemic. Germany has the exact same trends in inflation and gas prices. Is that also Bidens fault?
  8. You know a lot of pedophiles and people of incest? And they are worried about a law now? Thanks for posting,you don't disappoint.
  9. x2 on wolf spider. My wife saw one a few years back from the seat of the riding mower and stopped and took a picture. You can see the spiders head tilting to look back at my wife. They are big!!
  10. Ah,that should be much easier and is a great approach. You can only practice shooting deer by shooting deer. You plan sounds pretty good,stay closer to the access and work your way in later. You have to consider your approach as the deer will often smell your way in after you have left. If there is an access road or path stay on that as long as you can because deer will be used to foot traffic on that. Look for signs of deer activity,browsed saplings and brambles and look for droppings. That should give you an idea of active areas. Check the trees for mast crops,a great food source in the woods. White oaks are earlier and more searched out by deer than red oaks,partially because the white oaks rot much faster. Like others said,pay attention every time you are in the woods and enjoy your time,you will see deer soon enough. If you can find some milkweed seeds they are an excellent tool to learn about wind and thermals. Much better than a puffer as you will be able to see the milkweed for a long time.
  11. Oil companies are the producer and seller,a farmer just sells to a middle man. One didn't have to be a genius to predict oil consumption would go up after the pandemic,oil companies were well aware of that. Farmers don't control anything,they are very small cogs in the agriculture industry. How many oil companies are there? how many farmers are there? Who do you think has a much easier time to coordinate? And it is true that oil companies hate this administration and they are doing what they can to change it back to republican so nobody will interfere with their profits and gas can stay no.1. A high price helps with that,doesn't it?
  12. Do you know how many unused leases are out there? Enough to keep them busy for a good stretch...
  13. Gotta make up for the lean covid years. You think oil companies care about you or the u.s. or energy independence? Profit rules all,it is a free market. How come they are making so much money when Biden makes it so hard for them, huh?
  14. You are being milked alright,I think you confused who is doing the milking though. The oil companies record profits may be a good clue...or maybe that has nothing to do with anything,right?
  15. I hope you guys are donating to Trumps fund to fight election fraud.
  16. It is a good idea to have respect for any chainsaw and any tree for that matter. It is one of the few tools that can outright kill you. I started with a small saw and took a few years with that before graduating to a bigger one. I second getting someone to help you with the tree or fell it for you. It looks a lot easier than it is. Like most things really.
  17. Ah,ok,thanks for clearing that up. That is horrible about the ticks having that much of an impact on the population. It is crazy how ticks are thriving in areas where they never used to be a problem.
  18. The answer is right in your post,it is a world market. Oil companies sell to the highest bidder,they don't care if the oil was produced here or in Africa. Free market baby!!! A lot of the fracking gas went overseas because the companies could make more money there. Private companies drilling on public land don't give one hoot about America's energy independence,they care about shareholder profits and not much else.
  19. Ah,Grouse is right again. You keep telling yourself that. You want small government yet they should answer every crackpot question by amateur conspiration theorists?
  20. Praise @grouse for making us see the light!!! The man with a clear idea of the workings of the world. He wants to be debated with facts,yet has no problem theorizing about stuff that he wonders about. Why don't you change your name to Mr. Double standard?
  21. Why does this always happen when one has a new truck? Or a new to you truck. Glad you are ok,that body damage can be fixed....
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