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  1. Dead deer and fairly quick too imo. The arrow most likely broke on the offside leg when he took off. If you really hit where the arrow is then I doubt the o side shoulder could have broken the arrow...not impossible but unlikely. Either way,you got lots of vitals with that shot. I think dead deer and crappy blood trail. Good luck!!
  2. managed to pick the wrong spot again. I thought it would be perfect this a.m. bit the deer are somewhere else. Beautiful morning though.
  3. The big shuffle has started. There is no more pattern until the last doe is bred.
  4. That is a nice one I would have a hard time passing up. Congrats to you!!!
  5. That is all I saw all day yesterday,you are off to a great start,haha.
  6. Sadly I was right,saw nothing but one gray squirrel. I will try a location closer to some thick stuff this p.m. Crazy how bare the woods are,all the oaks dropped the leaves here.
  7. Up and in but not having high hopes,but I would love to be wrong. This is the highest I climbed in a good while,just had enough rope to get up here. Lone squirrel so far....
  8. I just saw deer out and about in the shade mostly on my drive home from work. They are still doing deery things...
  9. night temps look way up there too for the weekend. I don't think morning or afternoon will make much of a difference. I may sit all day depending on the wind direction for my few know funnels.
  10. Please post a pic of that,it would brighten my darkest days for sure...
  11. That's where the visionary Grouse comes in,beating his dead horse until there's nothing left. Congrats on all the converted souls on here.
  12. you and al can sing kumbaya all night around the campfire,fine by me.
  13. oh I know I am somewhat special,haha. But if Grouse has three politically like minded people telling him how they feel I wonder who is really like minded,i.e. overzealous. Mike
  14. How many like minded people have you found here? I am pretty sure you left no stone unturned at this point...seriously curious.
  15. Maybe you should learn from them. You and your cohorts have been crying.a lot longer and louder than the dems did back then.
  16. I didn't get any free stuff,bummer...maybe should not have went the legal route...
  17. I have something to say. you act morally superior,like a victim and worthy of friendship.
  18. I saw a few,not much meat on those things. Plus it was hot,the drag would have been rough...
  19. I am in Mallorca,1st time. What a beautiful island,so many hiking trails and stone walls. And olive trees.
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