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  1. Thanks for the info, I like to get it from the source if it is as easy as asking a question. I would be pissed if I was in your shoes as well.
  2. Heya,hold your horses. I asked you,not Biden,as you know a thing or two about the matter at hand.
  3. Doesn't the blow back travel through the primer firing channel and not around the threads of the breech plug? I can't see much going through there...
  4. I do believe some people are in politics because of their beliefs and not greed. Bernie has a pretty consistent track record and does not flip flop or mince his words to appease both sides. In general your assessment is correct.
  5. some breech plugs work with it ,some dont. I drilled mine out a little to make the smoke channel bigger and it works well.
  6. Grampy I do respect you and your opinions. The far left of the democratic party isn't running anything though,that is just fox news talk. If the left did have power they would tax the hell out of the top .05 %. But that is not going to happen because that demographic holds too much power. Why do you think everyone of the democratic candidates dropped out and got behind Biden after Bernie crushed it in the first several states of the demo primaries? Because big money was starting to get nervous and applied pressure to get Biden in the driver seat. He isn't gonna rock the boat and fight them. Bernie would have been a nightmare for them. Just look at outer military budget,it increased again under Biden. The industrial complex has its way.
  7. I switched to blackhorn after starting with triple seven and then going to white hots. Blackhorn is by far the cleanest.
  8. You give him more credit than he deserves,haha. Wait,don't you run a gas station or two? more profit for you,no?
  9. No,I was on another site and my dream bow came up for sale with exactly the poundage and Draw length I needed and a HHA single pin sight and hamskea drop away rest. First I wrote the guy cursing him for posting it,then a few days later I bought it. I was happy with my bow,but then last year at a 3d shoot someone had one of these hoyt ventums and I tried it. I knew I shouldn't have done that. This all felt kind of serendipitous and I consider it an early birthday present for me,it will be my big 50 this year.
  10. What you described is not trying to overturn a government,savvy?
  11. Sounds like trial by fire. A friend of mine just buys used downhill skis at yard sales and put x-country bindings on them. These work very well for breaking trails and turning when going down slopes. The turning is where my problem is,I either step turn or wipe out. I don't enjoy the fact downhill parts like I used to. Maybe with another foot of snow it will be less scary,haha. Right now things are pretty fast.
  12. The dude sure was not that bright,which I think is a requirement to join the neonazis in germany.
  13. I love x-country skiing,we have skis that are a little wider than the narrow ones but not as wide as downhill ones. I think the guy at the shop called them back country skis,whatever. We have about 10" of snow here and skiing has been magnificent. I saw tracks in the same spot as last year,but I never hunted there this last bow season. That will change this year. I don't really enjoy groomed trails,we go to some stateland that is 7 mins from our house and have it all to ourselves 95% of the time.
  14. I dated a black girl when I was a teenager and she told me about one of her also black friends dating a neo nazi. I guess that guy thought it is fine if she is fine. That is anecdotal,the exact opposite of in general...
  15. One question. Do you think in general there are more racist on the right or on the left?
  16. Hi virgil. 2016 and poundage is only adjustable by backing out limb screws,with these down to about 55#. Draw length for these bows is not adjustable,you have to buy different modules. I have some 26.5" ones. I think they run around $50. You can check with straight arrow archery,they deal with matthews. If you want lower draw weight you would need different limbs.
  17. Selling my halon x,30 "DL 60#Limbs in black. Comes with apex covert pro sight and matthews 4 arrow quiver and quad pro rest. $650 for the whole package.
  18. you roast It low and slow and you don't have to trim. All that fat and white stuff melts into the sauce and is awesome. I discovered this cooking technique just a few years back and it makes butchering so much easier. Used to hate on the neck meat,now shanks and neck are some of my favorites.
  19. If you don't like the crockpot taste you can cook it in a Dutch oven at 325 for 3 hrs. Just like osso bucco
  20. Agree, you didn't cook them long enough. I just made some today and they were awesome. Had them in the slow cooker for 5 hrs. They were delicious and no wasted meat or bone. I am making bone broth tomorrow. You almost can't overcook them,as long as you don't cook it too hot. Low and slow for the cuts with the most connective tissue. Even the tendons turn soft. Neck needs a little less time,as does shoulder. I would not grind the shanks without doing serious trimming,I used to but love not having to do that anymore. Saves soo much time.
  21. Dumbest statement of the day goes to... There are no guarantees with this thing. The trend is that healthier people do better,but I have seen some remotely healthy people die. Hope it passes fast for you and yours Don.
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