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  1. Holy crap Chef,you need more pins on that sight. How do you see the deer?
  2. My guess it is a lightsaber wound. Dont mess with yedi's. Or the dark side
  3. I saw three different bucks on Sunday but none were chasing does. One came out ahead of the does,one was by himself and one was just following two does. I think this weekend with the cold temps things are gonna get going fast.
  4. I added knee pads which i owned anyway and a back band to my phantom and it allows me to change positions to make long sits very comfortable. You have to shift some anyway on long sits,no matter what you sit in.
  5. Team 2 with five points? A forkie.
  6. That doesn't sound easy in the least bit. I dont think I would even attempt that if a knife was all i had. Maybe lash it to a stick,but then is it a spear? Tricky situation.
  7. Yup,i completely forgot about that law. I know why it's on the books,but i can not picture anyone poaching deer with a bow in the dark. Maybe if you can light up a field and drive up to one,but in the woods by yourself with a headlamp? Damn near impossible. I would pay the fine if it comes to that. I wouldn't just stand there and wait for the deer to die. Can you knife one legally?
  8. It sure was. I had to shoot to my 6 o'clock,which was easy with the saddle. With a hang on i would have had to lean around the tree. Not impossible,but that doesn't help the form,especially important on longer shots.
  9. I think big groups of deer are feeding in the same spots already. I had over ten come through yesterday going to the one oak flat. And i was on one side of it. I am sure there also were deer coming in from other directions. When they group up like that you are either covered or see nothing.
  10. Got my 2nd bow buck in my fairly short bow hunting adventure yesterday. The longer version of the story is in the live from the woods thread. This was the first case of ground shrinkage for me,but only when it comes to antlers. I thought he had more points. The antlers are well past his ears though and not too skinny. His body is big,i hope to get a scale to check. Not sure if he is just a big 1.5 year old or maybe a small racked 2.5 year old. His body was a lot bigger than the two does that came through before him.
  11. I was on the other side of that outcome too. I hate wounding deer and loosing them. I still hate wounding them even if i find them. I probably shouldn't have taken that shot with fading light at 35 yds. The woods were fairly open but i might have caught a twig just before that arrow got to the buck. There were branches i didn't see until i got to the hit site. This was my last hunt for two weeks as i have to go to Germany for a medical emergency regarding my father. That's not meant as an excuse but probably was a factor of me taking that shot in the first place. Also not having seen deer my last several hunts and then seeing a bunch at 50 yds passing me by got me over excited when this group came through at 35. Usually i limit myself to 30 and under. I do shoot a lot over the summer and fall and have my bow and broadheads well dialed in. So i feel like i am good(or ok?) and got lucky this time. I dont want to be relying on that though.
  12. I shot at a buck just before closing time. He looked good enough for me,although i saw a bigger one earlier. I had time to range and he walked past at 35. I stopped him with several bleats and shot. The lighted nock tracked true but the hit looked forward. He ran off. I waited and got down after dark and checked the hit site,expecting very little. That's what i got too,the arrow was buried and looked very clean. I found a tuft of hair and decided to track some. I got blood,but no bubbles. I thought maybe brisket or low neck/chest. I marked where i left,50 yds on the track. I went home to tell my wife that i had to go out again and make sure the bleeding stopped. At first i wasn't even gonna take my bow,but i did. Well,much to my surprise the bloodtrail got thicker,but it still looked pretty bright,like muscle hit. I found a bed and it was drenched. After that the trail looked really good for a while,then diminished some. Eventually it almost petered out. Thats where some deer were looking at me and my flashlight. The trail went to the left of them and to my surprise the buck was laying there,still alive. He couldn't get up and i finished him. Its not easy to shoot in the dark at 5 yds. It turns out i hit him in the neck. I dont think i got much if any of the artery. My single bevel broadhead did good work though. It pays to be lucky rather than good. That was the case tonight. There was some ground shrinkage,he was a forkhorn. The drag almost killed me,so i was happy he wasn't any bigger. I have to see if i can weigh him,he seemed big to me. Either way,i am happy to have some meat in the freezer.
  13. I feel the same way...i guess we have a lot of time left,but not seeing deer gets old.
  14. I agree,it is a beautiful morning. The squirrels are on their feet and in the trees! Now i would love to see a deer.
  15. Well,my "best spot" was a complete bust. It probably didn't help that i was less than quiet climbing a tree. I hope it is just a little on the early side there. Also it is not easy to find a good spot to climb a tree,lots of young beech and other stuff with little branches there. I might try there again when the bucks are cruising hard. I am not sure where to go tomorrow morning,but i am sure i will figure it out. I could really use a freezer queen to calm my urge to shoot one.
  16. I am in the saddle on a saddle i scouted last spring. It was the best spot i ever found,rubs and scrapes everywhere. It seems it is a little early for it now a few scrapes are opened and a few small rubs. I spooked a couple of does on my way in,halfway up the hill. It feels deery,lets get a couple on the ground! The oaks are almost leafless up here too.
  17. It's raining here in 4F. I will wait for that to pass and then check out a scrape line i scouted last spring in hopes of a buck freshening those up!
  18. Sounds to me like you are trying to talk yourself out of buying it. Trust your intuition,it has possibilities but doesn't sound like your cup of tea.
  19. Acorns everywhere here in 4F. I agree with grampy,the deer are still around but have shifted. You should too until you find them.
  20. I skipped this morning and it seems it was a slow one in the woods. I got a fence finished and am ready to go now! I am eager to get a deer on the ground.
  21. Sounds like she didnt spook too bad..She probably knew something was up but never really figured you out. I think you can go back anytime. That being said,i like to switch locations a lot,but you are limited on 20 acres. Still,switch it up some. If shooting at an alert deer I would aim for the heart,i.e low to mitigate the dropping risk.
  22. true for my sit. I got down and scouted a little,found some beds and fresh scat. They were there earlier...
  23. Alright. Sometimes it is hard to know what people mean exactly when it is written down. I do the same as you.