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Smokeless conversions..

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So, I've been teased with the somkeless ML idea from other members posting about them.  I see the CVA apex in 45-70 is a popular choice, but is there other rifles that can be converted?  Like the TC pro hunter or other singles? 

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33 minutes ago, Chromeslayer said:

Can just rebarrel a encore Hankins sells a brux for them i beleive.. cva hunter and scouts in a 45-70 can be converted to a muzzy

Thanks for the info.  Just looked into Hankins.  I'll give them a call, and see what they offer.  Just have to find a 45-70 barrel. 

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19 minutes ago, Chromeslayer said:

Just buy a brux barrel already converted from Jeff at Hankins or Luke from Arrowhead

That would be easier, lol

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