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  1. When you find a single shot shot gun for 90 bucks please share that information.... The price of slugs these days far out weighs the cost per shot of a ML. I wouldn't be for it ,leave the muzzleloader season as is.
  2. Why can't one post a link ,if one wants to switch they should be able to do so . We post links for everything. If mods or MIA owners are worried about people leaving I'd think they should have better things to do . My two cents
  3. Looks like the fisher early on had a hurt right leg . Do you use lithium or alkaline batteries and did you make the whole year without changing them out ? Awsome!!
  4. Mine too , one of the best winters for deer in 6k in long time
  5. Do not crush the pellets it will cause extreme pressure spikes
  6. You asked the same question on Sept 7th , my answer too will be the same . The one that gives you the best results
  7. Well my first pair of bean hunting boots lasted 22 years if I recall before moving onto my 2nd . Well as for coffee , man I was a coffee pot guy myself but since using kcups that's my choice now a days
  8. Built in 96 , 2700sq feet ,four people and it stays on 65 . National grid , maybe NYSEG electric cheaper
  9. Maybe you're doing something I'm not ,did you take light bulbs out of fridge!!!
  10. If your last bill is 200 for gas and electric your heat must be on pretty low I'd think . I'm over 300 all day in winter
  11. Is that a fox shotgun above fireplace ?
  12. Love the site check it often ,keep up the great work
  13. Quick update ,both cams have been working flawlessly. The only thing I like more about spy point in the 100 free photos ,hunting the southern adks 100 pics a month is plenty . Moultrie you have to pay 9 or 10 bucks per month. Battery life has been superb,I just doubled up for the winter with the additional 8 battery's . Easy to program ,the app is great, and I like how you can do a daily test photo,video all from your phone .
  14. I had a browning and Bushnell die this year , both are going in for repair or replacement, I hope
  15. They are great on the porky population
  16. Photo date is 2020 , I've never seen a two tone one . We have an abundance on our property,DEC actually did a field study there a few years ago
  17. sbuff

    Fresh Snow

    Nice the katahdin is a 20in barrel
  18. sbuff

    Fresh Snow

    Its not the katahdin barrel is it ?
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