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  1. I gorilla glued my sole back on my rubber boots , I'm on my 2nd pair of llbean Maine hunting boots my last pair lasted 24 years .
  2. I forget what that plug looks like is it the same as disc extreme ? I think lehigh defense makes a bare primer plug for knight which would help . If not some other manufacturers do I believe
  3. Both if you ask me ,but the tape also makes removing the plug much more easier .
  4. Are you using a bare primer or the red plastic jacket
  5. Try wrapping your breach plug in Teflon tape. That will help seal out blow back.
  6. The mis fire isn't from bh209 . The only downside is cost .
  7. Bh209 is a progressive burning powder ,much cleaner then black powder subs . But that comes at price , a pretty pricey price . I clean all my muzzleloaders after shooting regardless of powder
  8. Along with an optics forum how about a smokeless one .
  9. Glad people have stepped up in the US of A .. https://onlygunsandmoney.com/2022/01/23/new-us-primer-manufacturer-coming.html
  10. I've said all year to my bills fan base ,they won't go to the superbowl with Josh being their leading rusher week in and week out. Looks like that prediction was true. All these games were great ,from a jets fan sitting on the couch you couldn't ask for a better weekend. Let's hope next week does the same . Is Brady done,or does he come back for one more hurrah.... Enjoy a cold one Biz.
  11. I couldn't find the jets game on TV so let's go Rams
  12. sbuff

    Ice Fishing

    Anyone been on the north shore of Onieda, may take a ride to camp on weekend and give it a try
  13. Were prices high on everything maybe I'll save myself the hassle and stay home .
  14. Anyone one going ,I wasn't going to go but may try on Sunday
  15. Congrats on the vette love it https://youtu.be/buzsasTfC4s
  16. I thought I was the only one who still called it the knickerbocker
  17. And cypress hill .. I heard tickets were on the pricey side
  18. Its a start, we kind of have to go with that.
  19. Here's one starting bid was 2500 and its at 2600 now https://www.gunbroker.com/item/921412375
  20. I've seen so many sell for over 2k on GB over the last year , many being on Remington built . That alone tells me the demand is there .
  21. The link i posted earlier https://www.americanrifleman.org/content/ruger-reintroduces-marlin-1895-sbl-lever-action-rifle/
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