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  1. sbuff

    Fresh Snow

    Nice the katahdin is a 20in barrel
  2. sbuff

    Fresh Snow

    Its not the katahdin barrel is it ?
  3. sbuff

    Fresh Snow

    My want gun if you decied to sell it ,good luck
  4. Been trying to get one on cam for a few years now
  5. Been trying to get one on cam for a few years now
  6. So far very impressed with Moultrie edge , I do own a trouble free spy point micro link solar too.
  7. Great to hear they have been my go to for ammo as of late
  8. My jets beat the bills, nothing else matters !!!
  9. I will 100% disagree. Good luck dirt time,you will get one for sure !
  10. Frustrated that I haven't gone yet ,daughters softball just ended Sunday and we roll into cyo basketball this weekend with an opening game . Thankfully its been warm and not much has been seen yet at camp That said I'll put my kids sports over my hunting any day
  11. Not crud ring related if you ask me , natural bullet drop with two pellets
  12. Maybe I figured it wrong but I ran a 250 gr shock wave with a BC of .250 at around 1700fps dead on at 100 yards with a .452 diameter you should be -16+bullet drop out to 200 yards T7 will give you a crud ring usually after shot number two
  13. What bullet were you using ?
  14. Onyx chowed my battery, I much prefer a GPS for my needs . Find your corner stake and plot your lines .
  15. A 12 pack can change one and done in a blink of an eye . We had the same crib I think for both my girls ,pottery barn makes nice and expensive stuff Good luck with sale
  16. And if you ask a 4th you'll get 4 different answers ..
  17. sbuff

    MLB 2022

    I'm rooting for the phllies . You heard it here first , judge will be with the SF Giants next year.
  18. If by chance you want to shoot big lead try https://www.muzzleloading-bullets.com/shop/ They shoot great in several of my muzzleloaders My only complaint about cva these days is you need to purchase the bh209 plug separately. As I said in another post tc use to be the big dog, now cva is.
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