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    Congrats love it ,two daughters of my own and both of them say nothing better not ever happen to me so I can walk them down that isle . I said I promise
  2. https://hullingermortuary.com/obituaries/gary-white-md Lost an icon
  3. No matter if you see a deer or not , enjoy nature and the land you hunt on because they are not making anymore of it . My dad told me that when I was 5 or so talking about our land we own ,at 47 I find myself telling it to my girls
  4. Gary Doc White the founder of white muzzleloaders has passed away . I've spoken to him and have bought from him in the past . He has more knowledge then anyone I know about the sport. He was a muzzleloading pioneer along with Tony Knight . They are both probably jawing back and forth over whose design was better. Tony had the mk85 and Doc had the super 91 . Both icon guns in the industry. Sad day for sure may he RIP. https://hullingermortuary.com/obituaries/gary-white-md
  5. Recertification done , don't agree with it but its done now . Have to wait and see on the shooting exam for ccw permit.
  6. I take that back, I just showed my wife and I now realize I need glasses .
  7. Target sports 9mm is cheaper then 22lr.
  8. Never did I think 9mm would still be cheaper then 22lr
  9. sbuff

    MLB 2022

    All set for an epic post season failure
  10. Has he been on line at all ? Like biz said I'm fine pre paying . Watching NFL live gets my blood in football mode . We are in process of doing a first floor remodel . Wife wants to go 85in above fireplace, I'm more a corner stand guy myself . Either way going from a 56in to 85in will be nice for games
  11. I have been mistaken, after further reading I retract my first post
  12. Unless you have a permit to carry in Vermont, yes shipped to ffl .
  13. Wonder if they will say town
  14. I'm fine with what biz said . What did we do last year 20 or 25 . We could up to 50 if everyone wanted
  15. We doing it ? Think its year three or four . Count me in
  16. My opinion, go new unless you get a smoking deal on a used one .
  17. Our camp logbook goes back to the 40s,sadly some have passed . Its cool to look at locations of harvest over the years . There are definitely some hot spots ... We actually log how far the shot ,weight and weapon used . If you shoot a buck below 99lbs you may just see cotton balls on it by morning. Think we got a couple 199lb brutes but average is 130lbs
  18. Only when I'm to drunk to cover it
  19. In 30 year's when my weber goes I may upgrade my 22in black stone for one like that
  20. I bought mine the year they came out ,been hunting for free for awhile now .
  21. sbuff

    2022 DMP's

    I'll try 6k and either 4b or 4j .
  22. I too placed a call to Albany co clerk and no decisive answers were given. I called two days later to Albany County sherif and they said they are as confused as I am Rob keep me posted if you hear anything .
  23. So do we register by 8/31? Then hope this all changes , I can't find a solid piece on line that states its for all ccw holders or new going forward. Myself having a ccw in Albany co am very confused . It took me 25 years of trying to get my ccw, that when I got it I felt honored.
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