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A Gun Control Tale

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I had a revelation the other day. We just traded in our car and the thought hit me; and it applies to all of us. Imagine your home hanging out with your family or whatever and a knock on the door. You answer the door and there are several law enforcement officers there and they ask you if that's your car in the driveway. When you answer yes the entire tone changes to more aggressive and accusatory. Don't you know someone was killed in a hit and run a few miles away by the same car. So you think it's mistaken identity and you can clear this up easily because you know it wasn't you. But they tell you no we got the guy who committed the hit and run but how dare you own the same kind of car. Clearly this car is a dangerous car and we just outlawed it to prevent more innocent people from being killed. This is how much sense "Common Sense Gun Laws" are to me.

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I've posted this before. It goes like this(numbers might not be quit right, don't remember what they were exactly) 300 million guns in the US 700 trillion rounds of ammo. If we were the problem they would know

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If we’re ignorant, we won’t even know when government infringes on our liberties. Moreover, we’ll happily cast our votes for those who’d destroy our liberties.

If we care about our remaining liberties we must at some point …let politicians and bureaucrats know we will not tolerate further encroachment on our God-given rights to liberty.

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