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  1. I had both Barnett and Centerpoint and they work fine for hunting. I eventually bounced for a Wicked Ridge with the built in accudraw system that is a pleasure compared to the detached system I bought for the Centerpoint. When I had mine you had to buy it separately from a different company, but the crossbow worked fine. Good luck.
  2. 25 acres sounds like a nice piece, you should be able to put a food plot or two in there and have some great hunting. Good luck.
  3. Hi, is this a year round house or mainly for hunting? How much land comes with the house? I pass through Deposit on the way to my place and there is a large state land parcel up route 8. Steam Mill Forest which has about 4,500 acres with multiple parking areas. Good luck. Not familiar with the quality of bucks there.
  4. Just an FYI there is a trade DMP thread under Deer Hunting More eyes to see your needs. Good luck on trade and hunt guys.
  5. Prayers for you n family. Feel better
  6. I think the coyote showed up for the rabbits lol.
  7. So sorry for your loss. She sounds like an amazing woman.
  8. Hire cops with every penny and back them up when some POS needs to get shot. That would help.
  9. Hi Jimmy, I don't know what fee a landowner would charge but it might be better to look for a lodge. I too am disabled so if you explain your situation you might do better. I went to a lodge years back and they had hay bale blinds that required no climbing plus they dropped me off and picked me up and of course helped with my buck. Unfortunately I'm not near you nor the outfitter who is in the Catskills but 3 days in this place meals included is now going for about $800 just to give you an idea. Good luck
  10. Yeah, you can trade. There's usually a thread on here for that. Good luck.
  11. What an interesting title for a political post by I assume a Democrat supporter. Justify the vice presidents son flying on Air Force 2 to countries his daddy has influence over and walking away with millions and even a billion dollar check for his hedge fund that he just started and has no experience in the field. A son who was thrown out of the Navy for drug use. Now, I'm not against giving a person a second chance but I don't think any person or country would have given him a $20 bill let alone a billion dollar check. Now lat's not ask how a broke asshole became a millionaire while only holding elected office, I mean even the presidential salary is not going to make anyone rich. But, hey let's not dwell on finances let's look at the honorable Joe as commander in chief. Have you heard of Afghanistan? Now stumbling Joe has the balls to go on TV and blame Trump for a historic failure but Trump's deal called for us to be out by May 1 so nobody was killed by May 1. Biden and his handlers wanted to get photo ops around 9-11 which is the date they asked for but were turned down so they settled on 8-31. Three months after Trumps deadline and required trusting the Taliban. BTW I watched a history special about WWl and when the Germans invaded Belgium they crashed locomotives into each other so the enemy couldn't use them. I assume this logic would have extended to helicopters and the rest of the 90 billion treasure trove of weapons and equipment Joe gifted the Taliban. They couldn't have acquired in twenty years. Wait I thought Joe was anti gun? Oh only for law abiding Americans who pass a background check not for terrorists. Not for sons who lied on their background check then allowed the handgun to be thrown in a public garbage can near a school. Now. one thing we can agree on Trump had a big mouth and should not have insulted McCain for being a POW. I guess they were enemies and he was trying to insult him but look at McCain coming off his death bed to vote against repealing Obama Care that he promised to eliminate while campaigning numerous times. So no disrespect for his military service but in the end a POW turned out to be a POS. That was done to spite Trump but hurt all of the country.
  12. I was living in Staten Island and had just dropped my kids off at school and was taking my wife to a doctor appointment in NYC. My wife was driving our minivan and I noticed the crazy amount of police and even more fire dept vehicles heading towards the Verrazzano Bridge, so I turned the radio on to news. When I heard a jet had crashed into the WTC and they were talking like it was an accident and I told my wife no way with the radar we have now no experienced pilot could be flying that low at that location where there are so many sky scrapers. While on the bridge we saw the second jet hit the second tower and I told her when we got over the bridge to turn around and go back home. She was worried about missing her Dr appointment and I told her there was no way we were ever gonna get there with the WTC on fire. At this point the media realized it was terrorism so we picked our kids up from school and went home to pray together. My wife had just passed her RN license volunteered at ground zero for two weeks until they told her they didn't need her anymore. She was there when the third building fell. In the beginning she worked the line of rescuers passing debris away from the scene digging for survivors, they would say bucket when one was being passed because they held pieces of the victims and you didn't want to look in. After a few days when they realized there wouldn't be any more survivors she worked in a clinic for rescue workers who got hurt, some had heart attacks. Originally the clinic was in the school near the WTC later they opened one on the Staten Island side at the ferry terminal and she finished her volunteer time there.
  13. Thanks Caveman, I didn't know that. Are there rules on caliber?
  14. I think you can only hunt with single shot ml pistols that are on your permit. and limits on caliber.
  15. Sounds great. Go for RN. It can be done online.
  16. No, fortunately I have a good supply for each gun. If it continues long term I might have to switch to a different gun but not the end of my hunting for quite some time.
  17. That's a beauty, only problem; now I want one.
  18. I had a revelation the other day. We just traded in our car and the thought hit me; and it applies to all of us. Imagine your home hanging out with your family or whatever and a knock on the door. You answer the door and there are several law enforcement officers there and they ask you if that's your car in the driveway. When you answer yes the entire tone changes to more aggressive and accusatory. Don't you know someone was killed in a hit and run a few miles away by the same car. So you think it's mistaken identity and you can clear this up easily because you know it wasn't you. But they tell you no we got the guy who committed the hit and run but how dare you own the same kind of car. Clearly this car is a dangerous car and we just outlawed it to prevent more innocent people from being killed. This is how much sense "Common Sense Gun Laws" are to me.
  19. Picking only one zone limits your chances. I read in the description to be careful of the southern zones as there was not a lot of public land to hunt. So that would suck to get drawn and not have any land available to hunt. The north area has a lot of public land available. The Great North Woods does charge a fee but it's reasonable considering we're moose hunting. Good luck to all of you.
  20. It's open again. Anyone trying their luck?
  21. RIP Prayers for him and family.
  22. I enjoyed Growalot's posts and learned from her. I too wish she'd return. I had the privilege of meeting Sweet Old Bill both he and his wife are wonderful people and I would love to see him return. I moved away from his area and never saw him in person again but enjoyed our visit. Best wishes wherever you and the Mrs are Bill. I think the man who posted those great pictures was Chenango Dave
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