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  1. Lube, I think you're over committed to this property. First I think prices have come down since two years ago. More important you aren't considering all your sweat equity your giving away for free. I would think for 3K a year you could finance a smaller parcel that would suit your needs and you would own it. You might have to travel a bit to it but there's nothing like owning your own land. Good luck.
  2. I too have had all good experiences. Sometimes a real home run.
  3. I use a Primos monopod trigger stick. It can be adjusted from standing to sitting height. Has anyone noticed the new type they're using that's a tripod with a locking mechanism that holds the rifle in place without touching it. A little too much for me. I also use mine as a walking stick.
  4. Congrats He's a monster.
  5. Thank you for the info. Like I said not worth getting into trouble over.
  6. Does anyone know the law regarding mailing ammo in NY. Can I mail ammo out of state? What about face to face sale? I found some ammo I can't use but not worth getting in trouble over.
  7. I believe those rounds are fine. I use the same type in my 30-30. They should be flat nose lead tip so they don't set off the rounds in the tubular magazine. The letters SP stand for soft point.
  8. Not to say you're wrong but 3x9 is the classic scope from the old days for that and most deer rifles. That's what was recommended to me when I started in 1972 for my Marlin 35. I still have a 3x9 on my Marlin 30-30 but I'm sure your idea would have worked fine.
  9. To answer your question Yes. I paid $70 a box for 7-08 a while back at the height of the ammo shortage and I feel that was insane btw I bought two and have gotten it a lot cheaper since and didn't use any of it yet. Paranoia will destroy ya.
  10. Congrats. What a beauty.
  11. Congrats and please tell us which zone.
  12. Guys, thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences. I am leaning towards a G48 unless of course they have a shiny bobble that distracts me when I go to buy it lol.
  13. Thanks for the input Al. The requirements are in NJ and the typical spiteful response to the Bruen decision I believe. I did hear that a judge put a hold on these conditions for the time being but started on this path to be prepared. Of course now that I received a pistol purchase document I will use it for something.
  14. I am planning on buying a Glock G48 for CCW but wanted input and alternatives, I can go a little higher in price but not as far as a Wilson, Ed Brown or similar custom pistols. I have a Springfield XDe with external hammer but the holster I bought only allows the retention strap use if cocked and locked at this point I might as well have a 1911. Yes I could buy another holster but this has brought up the whole safety decocker issue plus the short barrel of 3.3 inches seemed fine but now I might have to take a test which includes 25 yard range targets. I thought the longer barrel 4.17 inches would help plus the lack of safety decocker should simplify things. I have a Gold Cup and G22 which I could qualify with but then that would be my CCW and they're on the large side for this purpose. I also feel that I should get one carry gun and train with that gun on more intense and frequent basis so a 1911 or other models are not out of the question but the simplicity of the Glock does appeal to me. I've had the G22 for years and like it but too large for concealed carry especially if I can only carry 10 round mags. Any advice and suggestions appreciated.
  15. Just a heads up there's two weeks left to apply for the drawing in June. Good luck to all members.
  16. That must be some buck. Good luck this season.
  17. No. That there is the big lie. Trying to equate the crimes of the current administration with the foibles of the last. Trump might have been crude but he wasn't on the dole from China and Ukraine. When you can show any of the items mentioned above being done by Republicans I'll listen. So because both sides sold us down the river makes every unAmerican policy the Dems are forcing down our throats OK? Yeah Biden let at least five million illegal aliens in but it's not his fault. He forced us to get vaccinated but let them in without vaccine and no test for covid. He left billions of dollars of weapons to the Taliban but that was the smart choice not taking them or destroying them. I especially like when people on this site stand up for the party that is trying to take our guns away. Well done.
  18. Please get on the meds today, you already had a delay in finding the tick. This can be even worse than the cautionary tales posted here. Good luck.
  19. Congrats Good luck
  20. Yeah, it looks beautiful, but the big question is whose magazines will it accept? Like the Ruger PC will take theirs or adapt to Glock. POF just came out with an assault lever gun with a 30 round clip in 9mm.
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