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Luna & Kunox’s 2021 Tracking Journal


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23 hours ago, jperch said:

Thanks for what you do for hunters and thank you for taking the time to report on your adventures with Luna and Kunox.  As many have already said, this is my favorite thread.

I like to keep an electronic journal that I’ll be able to look back on when I’m too old and feeble too do it anymore :-).  It’s easy to cut and paste and people seem to enjoy it.


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15 hours ago, crappyice said:

Great stuff as usual! Tons of knowledge shared and the grit of an outdoorsman evident in every little step taken by the pups and handler!
Enjoy the break!
What do you to keep them entertained in the off season? Do they get overly ornery when not able to “work?”

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We spend 5-6 months in Florida, so the pups get walked a couple miles a day. It takes a couple weeks after the season before they don’t listen to phone conversations with interest. 


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12 hours ago, Moho81 said:

As always thanks for sharing your adventures. You are teaching a lot of people what and what not to do while tracking a shot deer. 

Just this year alone we recovered a doe that if not for following your teachings I don't think we would have ever recovered as we would have chased her for miles upon miles. Long story short she was shot in the morning. Tracking began 2 hours later with good blood. 400 yards later we bumped her out of her bed. I immediately suggested backing out and marking last blood at her bed. We went back in 12 hours after the shot and found her only 50 yards away from her first bed still alive but no energy to get up and move. Ends up she was shot in the rear leg and was bleeding pretty decently. Sucks that she had to suffer from a bad shot but she was recovered and didn't go to waste.  

Thanks for sharing that…awesome job!

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