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  1. May he have a speedy recovery and rest up for this year Kenos.
  2. That made my day. Best laugh in weeks.
  3. Again Tom, thank you for all that you and the pups do. For me I live in the woods with you on every track. Enjoy your trip south and may you and your have a very safe, healthy and joyous holiday season.
  4. Sorry meant to say vaccinated, damn computer changed it to faxed.
  5. My question is, I am already taxed. Where do I put my name in for the drawing. Shouldn't I have an equal chance to win?
  6. I only got out a few times during rifle season due to my back issues but it was terrible. Prior to yesterday I have not seen a deer. Yesterday I think I found the answer. As I still hunted along the creek that runs through the land I hunt, I found seven deer, 5 bucks and 2 does dead either in the creek or very near it. I think EHD has destroyed the hunting in this area. Of the five bucks, one was a large 9 pointer and the rest were spikes or small 4 pointers. I am going to focus on yotes the rest of the season. Maybe I can give a fawn or two a chance to live next spring. Congratulations to everyone who scored or gave it their best. Happy holidays.
  7. I have always regretted selling my S&W stainless 22 Kit handgun. That would be the one I would want.
  8. Either one as long s it is TURKEY!!!!!
  9. Not opening day, but hopefully some time during the week, I will have my CZ 527 in 7.62x39 with Hornady 123 grain SST's. If MD okays it I really am looking forward to Turkey Day mid-day.
  10. Sodfather, Get well real soon. I also will not be in the woods this weekend due to back issues so I will join you checking out the great stories and pictures of this site.
  11. Fantastic buck. I have been carrying that tiny little Case leather stacked knife for many years. It has gutted quite a few bucks. That would be the last knife I would get rid of. Great story from another of the "Seniors"
  12. I showed the pictures to my wife, she said they are cute, now find out where engraver lives and go visit his. I guess that means I won't have one under the Christmas tree. Good luck with two beautiful pups.
  13. Please everyone.....some of us hunt with bow, some with crossbow, others with pistols, shotgun or rifles. I have used everyone of these many times. I don't consider myself or anyone else any less of a hunter regardless of what type of weapon is used. Let's get back to being the best hunting website there is. Good stories, great pictures and the best comradely of any site. You are all great people with different priorities and all of you are correct. Good luck in the woods and may we see a few more pictures with stories of the great hunts we share.
  14. I plan on doing that, but I still need to get into the woods and see what's going on. I have done it for so many years that it would seem out of place if I didn't spend some time in the woods with my rifle. Thank you and good luck to you.
  15. I am in southern Columbia County and the EHD deaths on the farm that I hunt is horrible. They have died in the small pond on my lawn, the small stream running through a large swamp and even in the adjacent apple orchards. I have not seen a deer feeding in the fields in over two weeks. Tomorrow I will be doing a scouting of the entire farm in anticipation of setting up my ground blinds for rifle season. I hope there is a deer or two still alive in the REA.
  16. Had my NYS Hunting license since February of 1961 and my first deer license in in 1963. Started tagging along behind mine Dad at age 5. I still remember the first time I shot his 20 gauge shotgun. So for me it is 59 years of licensed hunting.
  17. Tom, Finally found your daily report. I am thrilled that you and the pups are back again. I hope that Luna recovers quickly. If a 75 year old person can have a crush on a young female, that would be me and Luna. My best to you and the pups with your move and I hope it is quick and uneventful. Looking forward to more stories about the tracking. Poppy
  18. Tom, Again thank you for the great stories and for the animals that the three of you recovered. I always look forward to next year's adventures. I hope you and your family including the pups have a restful and enjoyable snow season in Florida and have a safe healthy and blessed holiday season. Poppy.
  19. Tom, These tracking stories are the highlight of my day. The picture of the pups on their back, feet up is beautiful. Keep the stories coming and you and the pups have a great holiday. Poppy
  20. I will have my CZ 527 carbine in 7.62 x 39 and Hornady 123 grain SST's. Best woods gun I ever owned.
  21. Tom, Mrs. Tom & the pups, Enjoy the warmth, heal quickly and have a joyous winter in sunny Florida. I will be anxiously awaiting the 2020 tracking stories. Merry Christmas & Happy 2020 to all'
  22. Tom, So sorry to hear about your injury. I hope that you are on your way to a full recovery. As I said before, you are a great sportsman and the owner of the two best dogs that I have ever known, Get well soon my friend. Poppy
  23. Hi Tom, I hope you and the pups had a great Thanksgiving. It has been a while since we have heard from you. Has Luna healed? Again, thank you for all you do for those hunters that you assist. You are a true sportsman and a very generous guy. I will be anxiously awaiting the 2020 treks and stories. May you and yours have a very joyous and healthy holiday season and give the pups a pat on their heads for me. Poppy P.S. I still think a calendar with the recovered deer and pups would be GREAT gift idea.
  24. Hornadt SST 123 grain in my CZ 7.62x39 carbine & 62 grain Federal Fusion in my CZ 223.
  25. Poppy

    Be careful

    Thank you for your kind words. It was built in the Pine Tree with supports coming back to the trunk. I have found that if you attach it to a tree and put legs on to hold the outer base that when the tree moves in the wind, things get loose very quickly. I will check for pictures of before and get some of the after when I can get back in the woods.
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