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  1. Well for me it is over, tag soup for only the second time in my 56 years of deer hunting. It actually ended yesterday with an experience I have never encountered in the wild before. In my favorite tree on the edge of an alfalfa field, white oak stand to my right. Caught movement on the west side of the field about 100 yards out. Could only see the backs and could nor identify. Suddenly they came up over a small ridge in the field, two of the most beautiful bobcats, one medium size and one very large. The two of them were hunting for moles or mice for about 20 minutes before they went up into the oaks. It made my 2018 season. To all of you guys and girls that have put in the hours and enjoyed the outdoors, please accept my sincere thanks for letting me live your hunt on this forum and may all of you have a joyous holiday season and a very prosperous New Year.
  2. Poppy

    Luna and Kunox's Tracking Journal 2018

    Tom, Again this year your fantastic posts were the first thing I looked at when I got home. Without a doubt the most informative, entertaining and just plain wonderful stories, some sad, some happy but all a pleasure to read. For me this year, I had limited hunting time due to my wife's health issues, but each search I read put me in the woods enjoying them whether I got out or not. As always many thanks to you, Luna & Kunox for your generous assistance to many hunters and posting your adventures. Happy Holidays to all and I can't wait to 2019 edition. Poppy
  3. Poppy

    Heading up to the cabin...finally

    Hi Thug, glad you made it up. Good luck to you and your hinting buddies. Poppy
  4. Poppy

    Luna and Kunox's Tracking Journal 2018

    Hi Tom, Just setting here wondering how the pups are doing. How about an update. Thank you, Poppy
  5. Poppy

    Luna and Kunox's Tracking Journal 2018

    Tom, Congrats, an extremely beautiful animal. Oh yeah, nice buck too. No one I know deserves it more then you. Poppy
  6. Poppy

    Luna and Kunox's Tracking Journal 2018

    Outdoorstom, you & your pups are both getting a well deserved break. Your accounts of the various tracking events is a highlight of my day. My wife thinks I love those pups more then her. Thank you again for what the three of you do for the many hunters who have benefitted from your efforts. Poppy
  7. Poppy

    Hunters arrested in Columbia county

    I know ECO Cox, in fact I graduated from high school with his Mom. Just want to say thank you to Jeff and ECO Davey for doing an outstanding job. Fines and forfeiture are a start, but I think a lifetime ban on hunting privileges and firearm ownership should be added. The three are not hunters, they are shooters and thieves. Happy Holidays to the men & women of the NYS EnCon Police Department.
  8. Poppy

    Live From The Woods 2017 edition!

    Well it is over for me. Nothing harvested except coyotes. Did see several young bucks that got a pardon this year, maybe they will come back next year and visit. For me tag soup again, take one quart of beef stock, add two celery sticks, three carrots………. oh hell everyone knows that recipe. To all of you who made this season so much fun for me, thank you. A special thank you to Tom and his fantastic trackers. They made some very long days not in the woods as special as being in my favorite blind. To all of the guys and gals on HuntingNY, have a wonderful and joyous holiday season. Poppy
  9. Let me have my S&W Model 60 Pro. 5 shot .357, use JHPs for protection & big game, shot shell for bunnies and squirrels and an occasional grouse.
  10. Poppy

    I'm Back!

    Hi Grampy, From one grampy to another, wishing you a speedy recovery and at least one more hunt before the season ends. I agree, St. Peters is the place to be when you are really sick. Poppy
  11. Poppy

    Luna's Tracking Journal 2017

    Tom, What a beautiful pair. I can't think of a more powerful "Dynamic Dual". Good luck with the pair.
  12. Poppy

    Why do people take these shots?

    We see and hear more and more about poor shots, wounded deer (thank God for people like Tom & Luna), hunters shooting hunters, Encon Officers and now their neighbors. I can't help but feel that too much attention is given to getting the deer than is given to enjoying the sport and the outdoors. If people would remember that, many of these poor shots and injured and killed innocent bystanders would become less frequent.
  13. Poppy

    Murphy's law strikes again

    Nice buck, next time you need the garbage taken out, give me a call.
  14. Poppy

    Anyone hear from Deerthug?

    Last two years I enjoyed chatting with Deerthug. This year I have not heard or seen anything from him. Does anyone have any info?
  15. Poppy

    Luna's Tracking Journal 2017

    Tom, Exactly what breed is Luna? I showed her picture to my granddaughter and she asked. Thank you.