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  1. Tom, Finally found your daily report. I am thrilled that you and the pups are back again. I hope that Luna recovers quickly. If a 75 year old person can have a crush on a young female, that would be me and Luna. My best to you and the pups with your move and I hope it is quick and uneventful. Looking forward to more stories about the tracking. Poppy
  2. Tom, Again thank you for the great stories and for the animals that the three of you recovered. I always look forward to next year's adventures. I hope you and your family including the pups have a restful and enjoyable snow season in Florida and have a safe healthy and blessed holiday season. Poppy.
  3. Tom, These tracking stories are the highlight of my day. The picture of the pups on their back, feet up is beautiful. Keep the stories coming and you and the pups have a great holiday. Poppy
  4. I will have my CZ 527 carbine in 7.62 x 39 and Hornady 123 grain SST's. Best woods gun I ever owned.
  5. Tom, Mrs. Tom & the pups, Enjoy the warmth, heal quickly and have a joyous winter in sunny Florida. I will be anxiously awaiting the 2020 tracking stories. Merry Christmas & Happy 2020 to all'
  6. Tom, So sorry to hear about your injury. I hope that you are on your way to a full recovery. As I said before, you are a great sportsman and the owner of the two best dogs that I have ever known, Get well soon my friend. Poppy
  7. Hi Tom, I hope you and the pups had a great Thanksgiving. It has been a while since we have heard from you. Has Luna healed? Again, thank you for all you do for those hunters that you assist. You are a true sportsman and a very generous guy. I will be anxiously awaiting the 2020 treks and stories. May you and yours have a very joyous and healthy holiday season and give the pups a pat on their heads for me. Poppy P.S. I still think a calendar with the recovered deer and pups would be GREAT gift idea.
  8. Hornadt SST 123 grain in my CZ 7.62x39 carbine & 62 grain Federal Fusion in my CZ 223.
  9. Poppy

    Be careful

    Thank you for your kind words. It was built in the Pine Tree with supports coming back to the trunk. I have found that if you attach it to a tree and put legs on to hold the outer base that when the tree moves in the wind, things get loose very quickly. I will check for pictures of before and get some of the after when I can get back in the woods.
  10. Poppy

    Be careful

    Going to make this quick, check your stands from the ground everytime you use them. This pass Thursday, I climbed onto my favorite box blind in the largest pinetree in the area I hunt. It had been completely rebuilt earlier this year using pressure treated 2"x 6" lumber for the frame, supports and braces and was inspected about two weeks ago. I avoided the area until the wind was correct and Thursday pm washy first chance. I climbed the ladder and opened the door. I put my unloaded rifle in the corner, opened a window and sat on the stool. The next thing I knew I woke up about 20 minutes later, in the blind, but lying on; the ground. I was able to walk out and after getting undressed and into my street clothes my wife took me to the local ER. Had bitten my tongue during the fall and had to have 3 stitches put in the underside of my tongue and 2 on top. I also have a "Boxer" fracture to my right hand that will probably need surgery, numerous scrapes and 2 very black eyes. I consider myself very lucky and hope by telling you my story that you all will check your blinds before climbing into them. I did not take time to inspect the bracing to see what caused it to break free .but I have had problems in the past with anti-hunter students from the adjacent community college campus destroying and damaging my blinds. So please, take a few minutes before each climb and check your blinds whether they are stick built or steel ladder blinds. My hunting is over for this year and at my age this may be my last. Be careful and be safe and don't let this happen to you. Please forgive any typing errors, it is tough to do with a cast on your dominant hand. Poppy
  11. Saw lots of road kill on Route 9G in southern Columbia and northern Duchess Counties. In the woods in 4Y, minimal rubs & scrapes, no chasing. Hope it kicks in next Saturday.
  12. CZ 527 carbine in 7.62x39, shooting Hornady 123 grain SST's.
  13. Tom, You and those pups are fantastic. My time in the woods is very limited due to recent medical problems thanks to a tick but reading your stories makes me feel like I am out in the woods. I never get enough of your adventures to read. Good health to your and the pups and keep them stories coming.
  14. Started following my Dad around the woods and fields since I was 5. Got my first hunting license at 14 so this will be my 58th consecutive licensed hunting season. Can't go as far as I once could, but I still can go after them critters.
  15. Well for me it is over, tag soup for only the second time in my 56 years of deer hunting. It actually ended yesterday with an experience I have never encountered in the wild before. In my favorite tree on the edge of an alfalfa field, white oak stand to my right. Caught movement on the west side of the field about 100 yards out. Could only see the backs and could nor identify. Suddenly they came up over a small ridge in the field, two of the most beautiful bobcats, one medium size and one very large. The two of them were hunting for moles or mice for about 20 minutes before they went up into the oaks. It made my 2018 season. To all of you guys and girls that have put in the hours and enjoyed the outdoors, please accept my sincere thanks for letting me live your hunt on this forum and may all of you have a joyous holiday season and a very prosperous New Year.
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