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  1. Ha! not falling for that one. Last time I clicked a link on this site....
  2. Whoa you said your an ice coffee guy. That's clearly a mug for a hot beverage. Niceshirt!
  3. Did one plot yesterday and need to get more seed for one more this week. Ladano and red I think is what i put down.
  4. Saw it once in a movie in 6th grade
  5. Can looks like a womans reproduction system
  6. Please for the love of God dont f-ing Ask! Seriously do yourself a favor!
  7. I cant violate Hippa and reveal whom Pygmy is being treated under.
  8. Mid meal pic. no where near bionic presentation. Venison Reuben and venison Sheppard pie
  9. jesus Larry its March and the xmas tree??? at least wine glass is empty
  10. I have a corned venison pulled out for later. Pics to come later
  11. Totally fine as long as it's not with a Matthew's or a x-bow.
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