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  1. Did you do a euro or shoulder mount on your bow buck from this year? great buck by the way
  2. Evening sit for hunting partner and I. We passed on a button buck at 2:30 60 yds away. That was all we saw. On way home farm fields were full of deer after dusk.
  3. Power belts can be a bitch. I had issues with them seating and also the bullet retention was awful. I switched to barnes like many on here and never looked back.
  4. I knew a guy that ended up calling local fire department to rescue him from tree stand. He had a climber and never attached top to bottom.... you know what happened. Fire department was faster than any of his friends could get there.
  5. Not to hijack, but along the same lines I was looking for a nursery that has hybrid oaks if anyone knows of any. I am wny but would be willing to travel.
  6. Experience with wife's 2018 outback. I went aftermarket and had to buy an additional module because it was a Subaru. In addition there had to be a separate key fob. One annoying thing with the Subaru is if you do start it with the aftermarket starter, a red icon appears on dash and remains on until you turn off vehicle or start it manually with a key.
  7. I got a pm too. didnt make much sense. wish I had the time to do that
  8. congrats fletch. a true inspiration to those of us who still have buck tags!
  9. Your stuffing is coming out hurry tape it !