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  1. I hate traveling. I did the Alaska cruise probably 8 years ago. It was awesome. Like I said I really hate traveling especially flying , but that trip was definitely worth it. The only bad part is you only see a fraction of Alaska by cruise boat. You almost need to add a week and do the land cruise part. We didnt see a ton of land animals, but plenty of whales,eagles, puffin, seals, etc.
  2. Bagel fresh from Long Island to buffalo
  3. That means the crack is an ash-crack?
  4. My wife digs sours. I just picked one of these up in a pick six for her. I'm not a sour fan
  5. Not a hiker with a black belt though
  6. Turkeys cookie candy heart...=...EAT ME
  7. Only one way to settle this. Flagpole 330 by the woods road. Pygmy guest referee. It even counts as a GTG!
  8. got to head to spring ville. that's the closest redneck one around in my opinion.
  9. Just when I thought you couldn’t possibly be any dumber, you go and do something like this… and totally redeem yourself!
  10. Nightmare "blowing from a gun" crazy can art. @Biz-R-OWorld like minds
  11. Hellz Yea. Refried beans . queso. JAlaPanos.
  12. The year of the biz had to end sometime