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  1. No about the same distance
  2. Here’s the pic I blown up
  3. Lol no , way too small hers a pic of the same area with deer
  4. What time is it actually light enough to shoot
  5. Post rut,, I’m usually in my blind at 5:30
  6. So are climbers better than hang ons ? Pros and cons of each ? And are the main benefits being mobil
  7. There is a woods I may hunt where I don’t want to use a ladder stand or ground blind which hang on or climbers are best i weigh 170
  8. Yea agree, that’s why I walked in everyplace and looked in ever brush pile etc .. maybe I will see her before the season ends...
  9. Yup , swallow hard .. if you saw the ravines I’ve been up and down it would blow your mind,,, good thing I’m somewhat in shape ... many it’s tough ,. again I wish I could relive that day but ... live and learn ...
  10. Where would you even look ? Realtor ? Craigslist ?
  11. Well I went back this morning for 2 more hours of looking ... nothing. followed the ravine to the bottom , walked the creek.,, nothing ...
  12. Yea I still wish I could dial back today,, I would have passed on the shot. im going to go back tomorrow but I’m not even sure where to begin. the snow was melting fast today and that didnt help matters . thing is I have let lots of deer pass because I didn’t have a clean kill shot
  13. I just don’t think I’ll find her , I covered slot of ground today and never saw her or anymore blood. it’s very steep where she went and not thick , lots of trees but not close together , id love to find her but again the blood just stopped
  14. Yea I know ... the gun is dead nuts on ... I blame myself for taking a shit I shouldn’t have . I don’t think I’ll find her because I covered a lot of ground with some big patches of snow and nothing
  15. Yea the height of the blood was about 2” off the ground
  16. Yea thx ... wish I could re- live today
  17. It probably was more like 75 yards .. I had a clear view, if she turned right I would have been blacked except for possible headshot left I would have been tree line blocked totally
  18. Yea she was in an area where I couldn’t get any closer to her ..if she turned either way I wouldn’t have a clear shot .. in hind site I wish I didn’t take the shot . T was a then or never shot .. trust me in beating myself up ..
  19. Nope already thought of that.. any sense of going back tomorrow and looking more ? im thinking it’s not a fatal shot’s very steep ravines too, I really looked hard ... I’m sick
  20. Dam I just got done saying in 4 yrs I have killed every deer with one shot with this .243
  21. The blood and hair was low on the trees the second pic looks like she fell going down the hill in the leaves