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  1. Man I’m sick , i hate that she may be suffering and I didn’t find her
  2. No I was walking , standing at the top of a hill she was at the bottom
  3. Well first time , saw a nice big down in some woods at the egg foot of the hill. she was facing me and I had her in the scope , if she turned either way I wouldn’t have a shot, took a chest/neck shot.. I hit her , she kinda hunched and then ran up over the hill into the woods... I walked to where she was and saw some blood and white hair and small pc of bone. so I waited like an hour or so and started following, had some patches of blood and white hair... ruffled leaves and some more blood on the sparse patches of snow.... then nothing... I did circles , grid walk , nothing ... I walked to the foot of the hill and walked the creek bed,,, nothing i sick to my stomach.... can’t believe unless I hit her shoulder or leg?? I wish I could relive that shot again,,,not happy
  4. Yea I’ve been checking there , Everything listed is pretty much sold
  5. I live in the finger lakes area , Auburn NY looking for hunting land /woods near me. I have cash for the right property ... but I’m not seeing anything . Other than realtor. Com where should I look
  6. So I’ve heard 11 to 3 is prime post rut time , watch food source , hay fields etc akl the corn and beans are cut near me so only grass / hay .. and some pumpkins on my land .,, not sure weather to hunt the thick woods or edges ,, I’ll be happy with a buck or doe
  7. Not this time of year usually but when i do i make sure to walk a ways out in front of my stand so the deer dont walk straight to the ladder. Not sure why it posted again
  8. You guys use drag sent when walking to your stand ??
  9. This is why I like the cellular camera , I don’t have to go in and check it.. Now I’ve been away from my blind spot for 4 days, and it’s been raining everyday . the lack of deer on my camera and rubs I’ve seen other years makes me wonder ... again two weeks before the season I’m getting bucks and does everyday , then nothing
  10. Or even a doe at this point , shot a decent doe opener of gun, haven’t seen a fricken thing since ! ive got a blind in the woods near trails where I had several bucks on camera before the gun season, nothing since no bucks or does
  11. Yes agree. There is an animal in the left side of the pic .. at first I thought an owl , Agree the pic is crap
  12. Looks spotted??? Animal in left side, I’ll include a pic of a deer from the same camera for size comparison
  13. Sell me your land and then go in on a lease. why do u think u stop seeing deer ?
  14. I’d like to buy a camp with land, isn’t the ADX tough to hunt
  15. I hate getting up in the morning ,, that said I do,, 5 am in the woods by 5:30 but seems more deer I see and shoot are late morning like 11 or afternoon ?
  16. Yea my wife lets our dog loose ,, don’t know just thinking better to keep hunting land separated
  17. No way a dog is going down here and it’s small ... here’s a fox pic
  18. Not a dog , way away from homes... here’s a deer and coyote pic from same spot
  19. Ok live in a village now, looking for a house in the country ,,,’ want deer hunting woods/land .. now if we buy a house with land (30 or 40 acres) I’m sure my weed idea will want to walk our dog in the woods everyday , spooking my deer... So I’m thinking look for a nice ranch house on an acre or two in a nice area the buy separate hunting land with a cabin or put a camper on it ,,,
  20. Do u guys leave the orange on in the tree stand
  21. Thinking about blowing off tomorrow and as sleeping in
  22. Got a decent doe opening day, been back every day since and seen nothing ! is it due to the warm weather ? I don’t even hear shooting ,,,