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  1. I’m in my ground blind anyway but it’s a walk to get to it
  2. Lite rain is fine , pouring rain and blood trails don’t mix we shall see
  3. Always liked thanksgiving morning hunt, not going if it’s pouring rain ,,??
  4. Is this baiting ? Really not my intention because the deer feed on my clover field in front of my blind .. I was going to plow them under after I drove over them but never did
  5. I stay out and let the guys get impatient and start moving them .. I don’t see anything yesterday until about 10 when 6 does came thru, I took the biggest one and dragged it an hour uphill to my truck. I didn’t go out today..7:30 got a pic of a decent buck behind my ground blind
  6. Can u guys look at the lower strings on the left side ,, mine are rubbing against each other
  7. Man I was seeing bucks and does three weeks ago, then bam,,? Nothing hope gun starts moving them
  8. I’ve got the CP bolts that came with it but I’d like done with lighted nocks Are the CP good bolts
  9. .243 Savage 1 shot and it’s over
  10. I walk thru a pile of cow crap before walking to my stand, the deer always are in the pasture
  11. I talk to some guys that get dressed at hone and walk into their stands and shoot deer . They don’t play the wind or spray down.. others never go in without spraying down with sent killer
  12. Seems like most the pics I see being killed are on the edge of fields .. the last few weeks anyway. I also have a box blind on a 6 acre pc that faced a field and 120 acres of woods I do t own the woods but tend to see does in the field and bedding behind my blind in the thick buckthorn . Don’t see bucks there as a rule ...
  13. I have one stand just inside the woods on a fence line , another at the opposite end on the same woods facing a wooded ridge with huge hay field to my back. and my ground blind is set up in the woods about 150 yards from the edge in the small clearing amongst thick dense woods with a creek behind my blind about 100 yards
  14. I went over today, right on the point of the triangle of trees is a trail going across to the hay field on the right of my pic there is a clump tree 10 ft from the trail I could tuck into but it’s awful close to the trail .. there isn’t really a good spot to even put a stand and be able to see much
  15. Wonder if once gun season opens if that will move them around more and maybe push them back into the thick stuff
  16. I have a pc of woods I’d like to hunt but don’t have a stand . it’s a 5 acre triangle of woods with open hay field on one side , a trout stream and scrub on the other side,, not too confident sitting on the ground or a stool ... ever had success that way ? I’ll post a shit if the land
  17. In the woods about 100 yards in from an open field there are like three intersecting trails
  18. Couple weeks ago I had lots of bucks and does on my camera... nothing since... it’s in the woods about 100 Yards from the edge of an open field im sitting in my blind which has been up for over a month not seeing anything should I be on the open field ? it’s a huge field , hay , about 50 acres
  19. I layer with long Johns , pants and then Onyx bibs .. On cold windy days my upper body still gets cold ..I have long John T under a sweat shirt with Onxy parka.. wonder how those heated vests are
  20. How’s the liver ? My wife likes calf’s liver but I usually give the deer liver to my dog
  21. I’d like to buy some hunting land / woods near cayuga county , any idea best way to do this ? I’ve tried realtor .com and craigslist not much help