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  1. Well where my blind is I had gotten lots of doe and buck pics two weeks ago ,, it’s 30 yards off where there trails intersect . In the last week or so only one for pic .. now it’s possible if they are traveling the one trail they are going behind my camera. this area has had tons of rubs every year in the past .. I’ve only seen one fresh this year ..maybe too soon because I usually saw them during gun season.. this pic is near my blind.. I think the blind may hold my sent better ?
  2. From the cut hay field to the creek is all down hill except where my blind is there is a small somewhat level area, then the other side of the creek is straight up hill STEEP
  3. I do have a stand there but trouble is when deer come up the ridge trail they are almost at eye level.. they seem to ignore the blind . I was thinking that stand 1 where I was last night may be worth going back to tonight if that doe is hot and still in the area
  4. Ok the area is hilly , and ridges and trees with a trout stream running thru, the area to the west of the creek is straight up hill after the first 50 yards. my stand number 1 is half way up a hill next to a ridge .. last night I saw a buck chasing a doe across the creek while in stand 1 my ground blind is in a small clearing next 50 yards from a dirt ridge stand number three is on the edge of a huge cut hay field facing a wooded hill leading to a ridge .. im going back tonight thinking I should sit in stand 1 again if that was a hot doe thoughts ?
  5. They were too far away but I wonder if they or he will still be j that area tomorrow .. it’s In woods not open field
  6. 76 degs ,,, I’ve tried the woods and open field edge of woods ... I can’t believe rut is on
  7. My box blind is only 8 ft off the ground. The hay field next to me they sprayed weed killer on and the deer always feed there in the afternoon .,, now it’s all dead .. so I mowed my field that is making tall weeds and golden thinking it may draw them
  8. So use range finder ,, 20 yards from tree aim as on the ground
  9. WTH with this 73 deg weather ... I had a buck close by grunting but never saw him ... saw 6 nice turkeys .. Went back out this afternoon till dark .. nothing
  10. Neighbor owns some woods near Bear Swamp seems like a lot of woods ,,,anyone ever hunt near there
  11. Now it’s been 3 days UGgggg!!!!
  12. I’ve been getting die and bucks pics in the woods up until two days ago , last 2 days nothing ...’ so do I still hunt this spot , trails just inside woods near open fields ... or do I use my stand that faces the open fields
  13. Was getting daily pics , bucks and does .. now nothing for over two days ... I still want to hunt that spot but kinda discouraged
  14. I’m planning on crossbow hunting Saturday but want to check in my ground blind to be sure it’s still up but don’t want to “ sent up “ the area 5 days before I’d this an issue ??
  15. I have a little buddy heater and use it in my box blind and ground blind