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  1. By George I think I got it. Thanks to all.
  2. So I took one buck during crossbow and tagged it with my muzzleloader tag. The during regular gun I took another buck and tag that with regular tag. I did not purchase an archery tag but am able to. Do I now purchase an archery tag to hunt muzzleloader but I can only take a doe? Sorry if I'm being dense.
  3. So I can go to any authorized license distributor and ask for and pay another muzzleloader tag? I notice when I go online it won't allow me to purchase an additional one.
  4. So, I had success during crossbow. Is it possible to get another tag if I want to hunt the muzzleloader season? If so, how?
  5. The main reason I bought my own property was due to the sound of a slug whistling passed me. I was walking in the woods dead slow in Catskills. I hear bang, a whistle and a tick tick tick really close by me. I knew what it was and started shouting. I did find the guy and he give me the "I thought you were a deer". I'm wearing plenty of blaze orange. In fact, I look like the great pumpkin. He's in "head to toe" LL Bean with the creases still in and a brand new Benelli shotgun. Pretty sure anything this guy knows about hunting came from a magazine. Now what really makes me mad is he protests how it's my fault he shot at me on public land. Well, if I had any clue he was there, I would have been miles away. Discussion ends with me telling him he's too stupid to own a gun. I reported his back tag to DEC as this could happen again.
  6. ApexerER This is Son in Law in front of beasts. Deer on left is his and the right is mine. The "Future's" deer I wasn't able to get a shot of it until he started to skin it. Really not presentable for all. SIL actually lives in Greenfield. He just moved there with my daughter from Long Island to an old farm house with a few acres but it's mostly coral. I sent him back with my Rem 870 shot gun to look for a buck. Any recommendations you can give? How is hunting around there. Pretty area. I went to college in Albany. Love SPAC. Really love it now that I get curb service to concerts. Got three booked for 2022 already.
  7. Sad and gives us all a bad name I knew a guy that would brag about the big deer he would pull off the woods around the RIT campus. It's posted tighter than a drum and there are monsters in there. He was offended when I told him how un-cool that was with me. Are you going to hunt grave yards and road hunt too? He finally got caught by security. Not sure if DEC got involved but he wasn't so loud mouth after that. My wife grew up on an apple farm in Williamson, NY. The little rag newspaper out there was the Williamson Sun. The highlight of the paper was the blotter. If you lived anywhere around there and got caught doing anything of merit, you ended up on that blotter. It was the "go to" pages and very likely the main reason anyone bought the paper. I'll admit, I read it and there well some head scratching beauties in there. I made sure I never did anything in Williamson. Well, I made sure I never got caught
  8. I retired this last April at 62 from a job I had been doing for the last 40 years. I was responsible for building, maintenance of a few large facilities, their equipment and a very precise environment. So, I was the guy. It was hard to take off at work but I did have good people I hired and part of my parting gift was making sure they understood the operations and components of systems to a high level. I finally don't have to decide what season I will have enough time to participate in as before always I had limited time. I would have to choose what days I could allocate between: Bow, crossbow, gun or muzzle loader Now this year I have all the time in the world to hunt and we've moved to our retirement home we purchase on the mountain where our land is. I can walk out the door and hunt any season. In my younger days I would walk miles in terrain. This year I invited my SIL and likely future SIL of my second daughter to hunt our property. Neither have hunted deer before but can shoot and I deem responsible. I give a crash course to them on what I know of deer habits, this land, what to do and what not to do. I put them in my two better stands. This hunt is going to be about them and not me. I'm not worried about getting in stand before daybreak or any of that. Relaxed and casual for me so I radio them up and monitor if needed or questions and don't even go out. 10 AM during crossbow "future" bags a nice 8 point. I have him wait in tree for half hour as he didn't see it go down. I go out inspect, see major blood from lung and have him get out of tree and teach him how to track. The deer doesn't get real far but it does go in a really bad direction. I do have a new neighbor in a weekender cabin and deer has die in view of his back yard. I get to meet the new neighbor I've never met. It goes well. We dragged deer back deeper into property to gut deer. First deer I ever gutted by pointing but he deer very well and SIL watched too. Drag deer out to hang. Put SIL back in his stand and I decide to hunt other stand thinking little hope after all the racket we must have made. Wrong, nice buck. My bow season over and I didn't spend two hours actually hunting. SIL gets nothing but he only had the weekend to hunt and has to travel back home. He said he would come back for opening gun. Gun season, I put SIL in good stand and at 9 AM he scores a nice doe as he was lucky enough to score a DMP for our area. Teach him how to track but this was one smart deer. It walked down a creek for a while but it was still blowing major blood so I found a hint. I liked the challenge and thing actual left creek and them came back and died in creek. This now makes the second deer I gutted by pointing. Get it dragged back and hung and I decide to go up in a stand. Twenty minutes later, bang. I score a nice buck. Now I do feel really good about all of this. Mostly training two hunters in proper and safe ways to hunt with obtaining sucess on their first outing. That's not normal here. Camp North of me has four seasoned guys hunting and they have yet to score a deer. (They had several beers with us admiring our deer.) But the thing I find most ironic is having all the time I've ever wanted to hunt and only have spent 2 hours and 20 minutes this year. I can't tell you how many passed years days and days were spent for zip and it always seem just a bit more stressful. Not the hunt. The before and after. Even a bad hunt was better than a good work. I kind of really want to hunt the Christmas Muzzle Loader on my back country skies. But do I really need another deer. $6 hamburger might say yes and I was kind of counting on hunting occupying more of my time. Done other critters and I'm no longer interested in anything but deer.
  9. I hunted forever with my 870 12 gauge Xpress shotgun. I choose this gun because it wasn't fancy. I did put a nice Hastings cantilever scope rifle barrel on it and replace trigger. It was my rock solid and never fail to work gun. Just rack it and ice breaks away. I never care what weather I went out in. But I did do maintenance after hunt. It took a lot of deer. Well the time came to pass that gun to my SIL. I now hunt with my absolutely pristine Marlin 30/30 that shoots like extending my finger. But makes me mad when I get it wet. However I finally come to realize what good are they unless I enjoy them.
  10. Generally and large bottle of Gatoraid and P&B crackers. I stay in tree-stand dusk to dawn. By end of day Gator bottles gets refilled. And no, I've never screwed up.
  11. Ten years ago now bought my piece of heaven on top of a mountain so I no longer had to drive hours, stay in a motel and hunt public land. I've heard two slugs whiz passed me in my life while still hunting yet wearing blaze orange. I'm done with that I bought this land so my family and friends have a safe place to hunt and enjoy nature. I've even retired and have moved to the property so it's no longer just my land, it's my home. My land does border 1440 acres of public State land that's great for hunting. I have never had a problem with any trespassers from the State land My problem has always been with this Hobby Farmer land I border and the people he lets hunt. Every year I get someone off that land deep into my property mostly walking right into my deer lanes. My land is between farm and State land. Really not rocket science to determine difference between woods and not woods. Oh the stories I get. I know the owner very well! I don't think you do I planted a food plot. Well so your trying to get back your food on my property? Well, this happens pretty much every year with mostly different people but I really must admit that conversation is always very polite with everyone holding a loaded gun and I hunt from a stand so I'm always have the better view. Plus I have zero interest in any form of escalation. Conversations have been short with a quick exit However my favorite farm trespassers came four across while I was on a ladder stand. I start hearing this load crashing coming through the woods. Saplings are moving...... bear? No four cows at full gallop and they are just barreling through the woods in and around my stand. They take out this ladder and I'm screwed. I climb higher in the tree but this miss the ladder. Well I figure hunting is toast for the day and I know the farmer will be looking for the cows. And I knew where they were.
  12. Hey You only rent beer so that's less time hunting because taking care of that in a stand is a major effort and not without movement. I don't drink coffee hunt mornings either for same reason. The guys and girls at our camp drinks lots of beer. It's part of their hunting. It happens at night when it's dark and you get to hear the stories about the big one that got away as the fire illuminates the ones hanging on the hoist. In this current society that gets the majority of it's firearms information from a media that portrays them as nothing but evil the last thing we need is the perception that projects when there's a hunter with a beer and a gun that's "hunting". But I will agree the traffic leaving any NFL game is likely far more dangerous
  13. The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis Where you could see Gilligan as a Beatnik. (And you ask what's a beatnik) I rest my case
  14. Retired in June What's a vacation day?
  15. Andy isn't just guilty of sexual harassment, he's guilty of sexual assault. Any unwanted touching is assault but he'll never get the felony he deserves. Impeachment takes forever. He likely make it to election but good luck on that. Not sure why the federal dropped the nursing home investigation. He clearly lied and fudge the facts. Then wrote the book as to how great he was. And of course that was done with all "Voluntary" help and no State owned resources. That investigation is still ongoing. By the way, Comey said that Hillary was extremely careless and didn't follow procedure. "But she didn't mean to do it" I don't know about you but that excuse never worked with my parents when I was a kid. And it looked pretty intentional to me.
  16. Going to Chicago at SPAC Sunday. Daughter lives like ten minutes away so I get valet service. I wasn't planning to pack Old Betsy or be ready to hit a baseball at any given moment. However I'm bringing the wife, the Redhead. Protesters don't want to see her go atomic. I'm betting this is nothing but a small group organized to stir up crap. Micro Terrorism in a community known to be frequented during the summer by the affluent of NYC. I don't look for trouble but I refuse to give into exactly what they want. To raise fear where we live and to let them think they are in charge and under their thumb.
  17. Not long after I wrote this, I went camping and had this in the canoe when we capsized! Been there and know the feeling. I never capsize until I did. Now important stuff that can't get wet goes into water tight box otter-boxes, compartments or bags. Everything gets tie back into canoe or kayak so it can't escape. Losing cell and car keys at the same time while in a remote location kayaking really sucks. Never plan to let that happen again.
  18. I had something getting into my garage and was leaving these large paw prints on the car. I couldn't identify what it was but I knew what it wasn't and the prints returned nightly. I set up one of those large Hav-a-Hart traps with a can of sardines. Very next day I had my capture. It was a feral cat with paws the size of hardballs, no tail and plenty of battle scars. Every square inch of this trap was filled with this cat and he wasn't at all happy. I'm pretty sure he said something like "You'll be swimming with the fishes" I live across the street from a very large park with two waterways. I took cage and brought it to a section where this cat would need to swim across one of these waterways to get back to garage. To release cat I tied a string to cage catch as this cats was making no secret what it would do to me if it ever got a chance. When cat was released it's first action was to charge me. I'm a little embarrassed to admit I jumped in my truck to avoid a cat but this was no normal kitty. This thing would have taken down a pitbull.
  19. I'm trying again on the mountain to grow a garden. Last year I did an effort and everything was going fine. Then something got into the garden and all I had was a few stalks poking from the ground. I got all the critters of the forest around the log home. I'm the alien in this environment They have no problem getting over or under any fence. Last year the garden was remote from home so this year I moved it next to home by cutting in half food grade 55 gallon barrels. My soil is total crap here. Clay and rock which is a real joy with the tiller. I have to work a lot into soil to make it useable. Half barrels made this easier as I just bought garden soil and mixed a little of the domestic soil with it. So far everything is going great even after hit with a mountain frost. I did cover plants for this event and a few leaves on Tomatoes got compromised but they recovered I'm trying "Repels All" and a light that comes on with motion to discourage critters. My dogs are pretty good with detecting intruders to property. Any else you can suggest to deter critters? I'm pretty sure deer were my main culprit. Likely getting even with me taking their uncle each November.
  20. MoHo is spot on. I would say more than half the non-working AC units I find are due to condenser coil from being plugged solid with dirt and dust. Take off cover. Blow out with air compressor blow gun if you have one. Then wash out with garden garden hose being careful to not flatten any fins. No compressor, just wash but doing both is better. This is true of all AC units but residential units should be cleaned by shutting down power, take off top grill and blow dirt for inside to out of coil. And oh, you'll be amazed what comes out if you having been doing it. So that's where the cat went. Even if unit was still working it's a good idea to clean out condenser annually. The condenser reject heat from hot gas and makes refrigerant turn to liquid. If it can't do this efficiently then you use more power and get less cooling. Evaporator generally has a foam filter over it and that behind the grill that snaps off. That too needs to be clean. Cleaning pan where condensate drops is also a good idea. Last thing you want is pan overflowing un-noticed. If this doesn't work then you are likely just better off buying a new one. The refrigerant just doesn't leak out without a hole or seal letting go. These are built so cheap now they aren't that repairable.
  21. I noticed my Wal-Mart selling 55 gallon wine barrels for $98. Not sure if a whiskey barrel would bring a premium. If it did, I would think the whiskey maker name would present on barrel to earn that premium.
  22. I know people that have done it. They made some cash but it seems most of it goes to logger no matter what they tell you. It can be quite healthy for woods if done right removing weak and diseased while opening up for growth. Problem is most loggers want cash logs of straight sections of prime wood like oak and hemlock. Unless some deal is worked out they are in this for purely making money. Not improving your woods. They often leave you the parts like limbs, curve sections and branches they don't want. This does make good habitat for ground critters but I found it to be messy in woods as we are talking a lot of piles. Equipment used to haul out and haul away also makes a mess. Some do use draft horses which are cool to watch work and can go places equipment can't. They are also kinder on earth. I would have an agreement which trees are being taken by mark and a clear understanding on what and how things will happen. In writing Your forest consultant should have some idea of whom the better loggers are and maybe a passed local client list that would have idea of loggers and how they were treated.
  23. I know your loss so well. I'm always swearing when it happens I'll never get another dog as it tears my heart out when they leave. Yet I always do It's the true friend that always happy to come and greet you at the door. The being by my side. That's the hook that gets me. Very sorry for your loss.
  24. I'm really amazed by the level of arrogance in this post and the choices of inflammatory words and generalizations in some passages. For the elitist, I got news for you your dump smells just as bad as mine. For the record I'm 63. Screw your old as I'm not infirmed and need no special considerations or help. I'll do just fine even when I'm 65. I did hunt recurve back in the day. I can tell you I've heard half these arguments around when compounds came to be but the internet wasn't as mature back then for such community postings as we have now. The transition from black powder sidelocks to in-lines pretty much went the same way. And oh, just because you got a bow tag it doesn't mean you can actually hit a deer with any skill. I've hunted bow, crossbow, shotgun/rifle, muzzle loader and have a great deal of technical confidence in all these genre and can prove it. I'm not lazy and can beat most people half my age up and down a mountain. I own my own property on a mountain and now have retired to live there deep in a woods. I'm a firm believer of one shot, one kill and I rarely shoot twice and I'm pissed when I have to. Never ever three times. I do agree anyone doing crossbow should be required to take a course. But we all know the course is only a starting point and doesn't mean you have any level of skill. Only practice does that. I'm happy more people are getting into hunting and have mentored a few along the way. I really don't care about the legal instrument they used. The DEC did a poor job with the implementation crossbow. Seems it's almost an after thought. It really should be fixed in some form from where it is now. It's an awful big woods and there's plenty of room for ethical hunters.
  25. Oh and the Wheel and Jeopardy because I’m old , and therefore a requirement. No truer words have ever been spoken. In my household due where I seem to have no say about the TV we own every streaming service there is. I'm amazed that I have thousands of things to watch. That are all crap. The kids love it how I point out the inaccuracies of their "Reality" TV. And do you need to be a certified moron to watch any aspect of the Kardashians. Even the news now lacks reality as they push a liberal agenda More and more I find myself watching over the air TV. In my opinion, June Cleaver was pretty hot and even wore high heels while cooking dinner. While Batman was very cheesy, who could forget Julie Newmar in those skin tight outfits that left nothing to the imagination as Cat Woman? McHale's Navy, Outer Limits, My Mother the Car, Mr. Ed Now there's TV I can get behind but kids get all confused when they see B&W on a color TV.
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