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  1. Cleaning out my childhood home I found this toy from a time before abundant lawsuits. Now what could go wrong? I also found my bow and arrow with the steel tip field tips. Great toys for a ten-year-old. For those of you in a time much after Jarts history. These could go through your skull. (And sometimes did.) But going through your foot was much more common. Steel tip heavy lawn darts. You play it like horseshoes, so you did throw these toward people into an 18" ring. But I have to admit. We actually went Outside to play and ran around. And when we play guns and robbers, it was toy guns.
  2. "This kid had psychiatric problems, he was admitted for mental observation, authorities knew he had issues, they released him and failed to monitor him. He accumulated guns, body armor, tactical gear, and cemented his white supremacist beliefs on the internet." The above evaluation was done when he threatens to shoot up his high school. Kathy Hochul stated the State Police had done their job pertaining to that incident. If so, how was he able to pass a NICS check that required to purchase any firearm? I would have thought there would be some reason to pause any firearm purchase. He was only 18 so high school wasn't that long ago. By the Safe Act, any doctor can arrange to have your guns taken away. When my FIL passed away the State Police were there to collect his guns before we even had him in the ground. It amazes me as someone who's biggest violation with the law was a speeding ticket for doing 33 in a 30 has to register every few years my pistols and AR-15. These guns have never shot anything but paper.
  3. Oh, it's very clear the fault lies with the 18 year whose name I will not give credence to. But he did have influences and enablers. Not sure where I draw the line with mental health. Is every murderer having a bad mental health day? Seems like giving him an out for what is a heinous crime
  4. Ask yourself why these pieces of crap do this and why do so many follow them and do the same. Publicity and exposure. Many of them don't even care if they die. They know their name, family, background and intention will be known worldwide. Replacement Theory was something I didn't know about yesterday and now, really don't care to give any promotion to. New Zealand had the right idea. Never refer to them by name. Don't give them a platform to spout off whatever their corrupt mind wanted to have a stage for. I'm quite OK to only referring to them as a waste of flesh. We really don't need to know how they did it, how they planned it, what they used, what they wore who helped them, who their friends were and what was their family history. Etc. Etc. This will only be copied and expanded on for the next social reject. How about the lives lost? Not very much detail there. Those people deserve empathy as well as their family and friends. But the media takes zero credit for breeding these rejects. Funny how the movie industry is loaded with liberals who preach gun control while their movies depict endless rounds being fired and violence being glorified. Oh, we call that Action Film.
  5. I'm 63 now and admit I do reflect more on my life. Things I did right and things I did wrong. Mostly hoping I learned from both. Where I could make amends to anyone I had wronged and forgive those that wronged me. About 12 years ago I lost my older brother to cancer. He worked like a dog most of his life in a high stress job as a banker in the big leagues making lots of money. He finally retires in his late 50's, buys an old winery in Bordeaux and thinks he's got life by the short hairs. He was dead in four years being there. French medical system misdiagnosed his ailment. (I'm not a fan of socialized medicine) Then about two months later after his death my best friend goes in for a minor outpatient operation to have a small growth removed from his neck. Three days later he's dead from a blood clot to the brain. Both these events really screwed with my head. I did decide I was going down the same path as my brother. I made up my mind to realize my dream of buying my own hunting land and a small cabin which ended up being on top of a mountain. Subsequently wife and I bought a log home that bordered our property and I retired early. Best decision I ever made. My place even came with a name, Golden Ponds. There are no guarantees in life, but I do recognize I've had a good one. Enjoy every day as it is a gift.
  6. Airdale I have several military rifles that are over 100 years old. Mostly 1903 Springfields and 1917 Enfields from WWI. They are all mechanically and cosmetically perfect for guns that are over a hundred years old. My hobby is making it so by replacing any worn parts and making sure it functions optimally. And they shoot as well as Sgt. York did to prove it. But for me, re-bluing the metal or stripping a stock is equal to painting a Chippindale. Or putting purple metal flake on a Porsche. You just don't do it. You destroy the value and history. Both actual and sentimental. And once you remove the patina it never comes back until the next generation. But I accept its your gun and yours to do as you see fit DaveBoone I'm 100% with you on your strategy. Plus, I research the crap out of it before disassembly. Many good resources on web now. When I started, it was all books which still work too.
  7. When you get to the stage of needing to take apart the gun, I highly recommend you research the procedure. As a kid that took apart a lot of alarm clocks which none of which went back together, I can say I learned. Gun Parts & Firearm Accessories | Numrich Gun Parts (gunpartscorp.com) This is a great website for old parts, but its real value is the is the free online detailed diagrams of all the parts of a particular gun. For an old semi-automatic is lightly the gas system will need some work. Seals, pistons and springs. Old ammo was more corrosive so some pitting could be present. Many here have recommended a use of a rust remover which is a mild acid. Keep in mind the bluing is a form of rust. It is an oxide. Of the hundreds of guns I've worked on, it has never been used. But its your gun and it is up to you what you want to achieve. As far as stocks, research what was used there as a finish. It was never polyurethane. Usually shellac, boiled linseed oil or tung oil. But here again, unless the finish is destroyed just leave it alone. I came from a background of restoring antiques. When I started with guns I maintained the same attitude. Do no harm. Every gun I ever worked on was a project which at the end gave me satisfaction. And I shot every one of them. And oh, and this is important. Only take apart one at a time and you aren't supposed to have any parts leftover. Start over if you have to. I find guns logical but a puzzle at times. A good start for any gun cleaning project is a good wipe down with a rag lightly soaked in mineral spirits. It won't hurt anything and will remove the rocks and boulders of dirt. If needed an old toothbrush is good here too. Follow it with a dry rag and then follow the finer areas of cleaning and rust removal. Go slowly, that old finish has value. You don't want a new gun. You want Grandpa's old gun. Good luck and this is a good get well project.
  8. As someone who's collected historical military firearms, I recommend you do very little to maintain value of old firearm as long as it functions. A light steel wool and a good oil. You will be surprised as what comes back to life. The rest consider patina like the salt and pepper grey presently on my head. It comes with age. I cry every time I see a historically reverent gun that has been "Bubba" And they "fixed" it. Cold blue doesn't work well and tends to look like crap. If the bores are heavily pitted start with wire brushing. You won't eliminate it and bores will always be a pain to clean but you can lessen it. As a last resort use a mild abrasive bore paste on a patch. If they aren't pitted, I would still start with good wire brush a follow up with a bore solvent that can get copper like Sweet's or Butches Bore Shine. I warn you though, they both stink to high heaven.
  9. It's a fused 3 phase disconnect. Not cheap to buy but to be honest, anyone doing a job would be new as they wouldn't want any liability to inherit from the unknown and un-warrantied. Its value is a nice metal box unless you have application, but it is very industrial for most. I would never allow it in any of my buildings nor would my insurance carrier since it would have been out of our control.
  10. 60 rounds shouldn't foul it up too bad unless jacket were really soft. A new gun will be tight bore too. I do agree with what Dinsdale has said. Amazes me that people will spend $800 on a gun and clean it with a $10 segmented rod without any protection to muzzle. There goes accuracy. I use my $40 borescope to determine when to go after the copper but I always start with a copper brush as part of my cleaning regiment. If only shooting a few rounds at a time then do it every now and then.
  11. Copper comes off the jackets of bullets and coats the barrel walls. Hoppes, CLP, Ed's Red, nylon brushes and a variety of other old stand-by do little to remove this copper fouling. A copper wire brush will help loosen this, but a copper dissolving solvent will really be needed. It is very tough stuff to remove. Especially if you done a lot of shooting and have never made an attempt to remove it. You can get a USB fiber optic camera that you can send down a gun bore. They go for around $40 Ebay, Amazon With these you can really tell the condition of your bore. You can send rifling, any pitting, bore wear and how clean the barrel is. Copper fouling looks like gold leaf on the inside of a barrel. And when the solvent dissolves it, the color it will come out will be blue.
  12. Every contractor I know uses Dewalt. Stay away from their Atomic line. There's plastic parts where there should be metal. Dewalt also sells a contractors line through distributors. You won't find those at HD or Lowes. I too have been wiring pole barn and the LEDs are great. I'm down to wiring for a few ceiling fans and a LED projector. One thing I added that's working great is cord reels you can pull down from center of pole barn. That way I can get power anywhere in barn without extension cords to trip on. I may do something like that for compressed air too.
  13. Try getting some bore foam. (Outers and Hoppes both have it) Fill with foam from action side leaving it tilted toward end of barrel and when filled plug end of barrel with patch or something. Leave it tilted and let sit overnight. Clean it again as normal in morning. Repeat if necessary but this generally gets it. If it comes out a dark blue you had a copper fouling problem. Might want to get some Butches Bore Shine. Stinks to high heaven but does a number on copper. I've cleaned many very old and abused military surplus guns. They don't get dirtier than that.
  14. "Can you just get bear spray or is it illegal in ny" You can get "self protection" sprays which are limited in size and potency. Some of these are actually labelled bear sprays but really what you would be doing is really upsetting a bear at close range. The types of bear sprays that actually work aren't allowed in NY. But they aren't necessary for our black bears From USA Today In New York, there was a fatal attack in 2002, when a young male bear killed an infant in the Catskills, DEC Region 3 Wildlife Manager Ted Kerpez said. Six other people have been injured during the last 26 years; in almost every case, it was due to people chasing or trying to take food or a cub from a bear, he said.
  15. Our NY bears are generally way more afraid of you than you are of them. There's about one death a year by black bear in all the US. That means your chances of being killed by another human are far greater. (Especially in NY) However, being between Mama and her cubs is a very dangerous place. I don't envy you one bit. My worst was being eye to eye with one in mountain blueberry patch. No eye contact and back away slowly but deliberately to put distance. They will respect that. (Well, that's what my training said but I crapped my pants too) Shooting at bear close range is generally a bad idea. They might die but most likely after you do as you pissed them right off. If you have to, shooting into ground is fairly effective. When I was doing a lot of climbing, we would always carry lady fingers to clear trails as a last resort. It worked very well from a distance. You don't throw it at bear, but they certainly didn't head toward the noise. Most of the time we just waited until they moved on without issue. They may give you the bear equivalent of "Up Yours" but that about it.
  16. It is very hard to say what's compliant under the Safe Act. Its construction was a midnight session of multiple State's gun limitations. Many passages are vague, ambiguous and/or are conflicting with other passages. This is an attorney's dream on either side. The SAFE Act wasn't created by anyone that knew anything about firearms. Can anyone tell me what is an "ammo feeding device" Is that a magazine, a stripper clip, an M1 clip??? All are removable. The SAFE Act is an amazing read. The State has no agency to say what is and is not compliant. The State Police did early on in Safe act listed "as-made" compliant, but they even screwed that up as they listed an SKS. It depended what version of SKS as some had detachable magazines. They took down website. When a gun shop tells you that it is compliant it is either the gun shop or manufacturer of device that is saying it is NY compliant. I would like something in writing when this is the case. They take on liability when they make the claim, but verbal doesn't cut it if you get in the crap.
  17. And Defund Police monies will go to programs to stop violence. How's that working?
  18. Sorry man. It's gotten to the point where I watch the sides of the roads than I do the road. Cars are rare on roads around me, the deer aren't. Feels like an AED when they run out. CLEAR
  19. Basically, you're driving a computer hooked to a battery and a bunch of servo motors. Nobody knows how to work on these yet. And if you crash one. Well, good luck as it is different construction. There's even fewer body shops and parts for these. You can be months without your vehicle. Tesla is the worst as they tightly control parts and service. So, I'll be letting a bunch of other people get the bugs out of these. Hard pass for now. I'm not repeating the mistake I made with my 1984 Fiero.
  20. The Modern Gunsmith by James Howe is a must have if you dabble. Part of my collection is the joy of being able to take down to parts and reassemble.
  21. Cdbing I do have a ton of aerosol cans but I'm leaning toward camo netting and brush it in with a ton of small trees I've cut down. The metal is actual pebbled and low reflective. Deer don't see color, just shades.
  22. I worked for the better part of 40 years with environmental in my title running industrial facilities. When buying a property, you do inherit environmental liability. But key to liability is who created the problem. The premise is call "Cradle to Grave". Who owned and operated this facility and created issue has the majority of liability. But this could of been a wildcat operation with no successors and in that case they go after anyone with liability. It's insane to buy any property with issues unless you have an iron clad release from something like the Brownfield program where you pay to clean up property by what DEC tells you to do. In return they certify property clean and release you from liability. A lot of parts of this story make very little sense. The DEC does everything in writing "Agency Told Them" ? Crews came on property? And closed wells? This wouldn't have been a minor operation and would have gone on for many months. You can get a huge amount of information on any property directly from DEC website link. Check the right boxes and you can find out anything with instant access. Good for topo maps too! DECinfo Locator (ny.gov)
  23. After years of various ladder stands on uncomfortable seats and exposed to the weather, I decided to make a nice stand. This has been my winter project in pole barn. It's been insane just the cost of materials to build this. No wonder houses aren't going up. Six by five with seven-foot ceiling. Big enough for training of a young one and also to sleep in to get the silent morning hunt. Key is this all comes apart in premade manageable units that I can hoist up on platform. I'm working on roof design now and the windows. I want this all up in spring. I plan to have platform up ten feet using elevator brackets. Platform will have three-foot deck to which a staircase is attached. This will be tucked into a grove of mature pines at trail bottleneck that has been very fruitful on my property.
  24. Well Both sides of our family ask I do the cooking and not me beautiful bride. I'm an excellent chef. She Not
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