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  1. catskillkid

    Dumb Things You've Seen At A Boat Launch

    This did not happen at the boat ramp, but out on Greenwood Lake. I was fishing from my boat when I noticed 4 people frantically waving at me using wierd hand motions from another boat. I motored over to them to see if they needed help. They tried talking to me but I couldn't understand them. I thought they were from another country and speaking a different language. After a few minutes I realized they were all deaf and we're using hand sign language trying to tell me they ran out of gas. I towed them back to a marina to fuel up. Was a day to remember.
  2. catskillkid

    Air Travel With a Pair Of Rifles

    Look at the SKB cases. I've used my double rifle case for at least 12 years now and have flown at least twice per year with them. They still look and function like new. I would highly recommend them.
  3. catskillkid

    21 Days In And Finally A Gobbler!

    Great story, congratulations !!
  4. Thought you were going to Ringwood
  5. catskillkid

    Hummingbirds ...

    Thought they like eagle wings
  6. Happened to me Sunday morning. Shot at bird at 20 yards aiming just below the head. Clean miss, bird ran away unscathed. I'm shooting Federal #4, 3.5", 12 gauge with ultra full turkey choke. Next time I aim just above the body at close range ! I never missed a bird before, guess there's always a first time.
  7. Glad to hear you are ok, not so much the Jetta. Bigger questions is did you kill a bird today ? Sounds like you're literally hunting in my back yard if you need to wait for the gate to be opened.
  8. catskillkid

    Todays chuckle

    Keep them coming Water Rat. I look forward to your Daily Chuckles
  9. I've been reading about your NJ & Sterling adventures. We must have met in the woods sometime over the years. I live in the middle of all of those state parks in NJ which are next to Sterling Forest. It is a hunters paradise if you don't mind the mountain bikers & hikers. Don't let our secret out to too many people.
  10. Darn, now the secret is out about New Jersey
  11. catskillkid

    Farmer pissed Off-- Gone Crazy!

    I wonder if he checked to make sure nobody was inside first
  12. catskillkid

    Liquid calcium for food plots?

    I'm not sure where your land is located. I've use McDowell & Walker in Afton. They will come to your land and spread lime as per the amounts needed. Very friendly people and reasonable cost. Making one phone call sure beats shoveling and spreading lime all weekend.
  13. catskillkid

    DEC Looking For Input

    When I first read your reply quickly, I thought you were suggesting that a manufacturer produce an over / under crossbow. Now that would be awesome to use. Maybe I should patent a design. I'm sure that would make the traditionalists go crazy too.
  14. catskillkid

    Ten Point Poached Close To Our Property

    Poachers are the lowest form of life. I would suggest adding a new topic on this forum with convicted poacher's names published for all to see, just as newspapers do. This would be public information from the courts and the forum would not be held legally responsible for libel or slander.
  15. catskillkid

    Confrontation with another Hunter

    Everyone has the right to Public Land. You paid for it through your tax dollars. I had the same issue when duck hunting a few years ago. I got to my spot on Public Land an hour before sunrise. Another hunter came along 30 minutes later and told me that I had to leave and that he was hunting there. He also let me know that he was an off duty police officer in that town. I told him that his occupation did not give him any additional rights than me and that he was trying to intimidate me into moving to another area. "voices getting extremely loud" I also asked for his badge # and that I was going to have a talk with his chief. He turned around and left. The morning went well after shooting many ducks