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  1. The odd thing was I didn't feel them stinging me after around the 10th sting. I guess that was my body's defense mechanism working.
  2. A chainsaw is like a dinner bell for deer. Bring a saw with you and let it run for a few minutes when sitting on stand. Sit it down and wait for deer to show up. I can't count how many times deer come by when doing TSI
  3. I was clearing brush for a new food plot with my backhoe a few years ago. There was a ground nest under a bush I was pushing away. The swarm came into the cab and started attacking! I ran to my nearby quad and raced to the house 1/4 mile away. That swarm chased me right into the house. I stopped counting after 60 stings on every part of my body imaginable. Especially my scalp. I sat down waiting for some kind of reaction, but had none. That might have killed someone who was allergic to bee stings. Got lucky I guess. Be careful out there
  4. Ditto on winter rye. Spread the seed then maybe pull something behind your atv to cover the seed. That stuff will grow on a concrete sidewalk
  5. I had a work appointment at Newark Airport on that 9/11 morning. I heard about the first tower getting hit on the truck radio. The airport was shut down when I arrived. I helplessly watched the towers burn from across the river. My next door neighbor's older son, Vince Boland and a young man that I coached in little league football Christian D'Simone perished on that day. A day no one will forget.
  6. I'm using hang on stands at 61 yrs old. I can still compete with a squirrel in a tree climbing contest. Using a full body harness is a must though. Hang ons are more versatile and deer don't seem to look up a tree for me at 25'. Ladder stands do have their uses, especially when sitting with a young hunter.
  7. Thanks for replies everyone. I does seem that the Catskills has a serious problem with coyotes. I hear a couple of packs, sometimes 3 packs yipping from different directions every evening. I've seen a sow bear with a couple of cubs and a lone boar walking my land this spring also. Hopefully we can get this under control this year. There is also lots of bobcat sign around, will they take down a fawn ? I see a couple every year along with fishers.
  8. I've have not seen a fawn in my area of Delaware County since late June. There were 20 does in a field at dusk near me on Saturday evening and not one of them had a fawn with them. I guess the yotees and bears are well fed this summer. Any other thoughts about their where abouts ?
  9. I might say yes to a respectful young hunter if they would be willing to sit with me while I'm hunting, definitely not if I'm not hunting that day. Heck, I only allow my closest friends and relatives hunt my property only when I'm there. Lots of time and money go into the property every year only to have a stranger take advantage of all of my hard work. Funny how no one offers to help with the food plots, TSI, mortgage, taxes, equipment purchases (tractor, implements, seed, fertilizer) and most of all their time. Most don't even offer to help set the stands each year but expect to bow, rifle and muzz hunt the property each year. Come to think about it, I must be running an outfitting business without getting paid. I'm too soft
  10. You say that it is BS that you can not get permission to hunt on someone else land. Will you allow a stranger to hunt your future land ?
  11. This did not happen at the boat ramp, but out on Greenwood Lake. I was fishing from my boat when I noticed 4 people frantically waving at me using wierd hand motions from another boat. I motored over to them to see if they needed help. They tried talking to me but I couldn't understand them. I thought they were from another country and speaking a different language. After a few minutes I realized they were all deaf and we're using hand sign language trying to tell me they ran out of gas. I towed them back to a marina to fuel up. Was a day to remember.
  12. Look at the SKB cases. I've used my double rifle case for at least 12 years now and have flown at least twice per year with them. They still look and function like new. I would highly recommend them.