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  1. Last year, I removed it about a week prior to the bow season I'll do the same this year also
  2. Yeah, I tried everything. Scarecrows, lots of kids pin wheels stuck in the ground and even leaving a radio tuned onto a rap station. Nothing worked until I tried the fence. It's a steep investment the first year, but the wallet feels better the next. Corn & soybeans would be wiped out also. This works !! The pigtail posts are only 3' off the ground, nose high
  3. My turnip plots were a big draw when I first started planting about 20 years ago. Over the years, the deer got educated and started devouring the seedlings when they got 4" tall, they would just wipe them out almost overnight. A couple of years ago I watched a video about putting up an electric fence around the plot. Two 1" ribbons run along side each other, 6' apart. I tried this last year. and I'm back in business. Deer stay out until I take it down prior to the season. I planted this plot 3 weeks ago. I know its a little early but its growing great.
  4. I saw this happen to a buddy of mine. He had his safety gear on also, thank God. I always pull my stands down at the end of the season. All the cables and bolts get a good coating of lithium grease when stored away and then another coating when I put them back up. Glad you are okay. Thanks for sharing, you probably saved someone's life by sharing
  5. Here ya go. Mule Deer from eastern plains Colorado, going back again this December Coues Deer from Sonora, Mexico, Mountain Goat from British Columbia and Stone Sheep from the Yukon. In my opinion, the hardest book animal to find and shoot is the Whitetail Deer. Still looking !!
  6. I never had the desire to enter an animal in a score book. Although I do have four animals that qualify for B&C. Just admiring them everyday on my wall gives me the satisfaction and memories and most of all the respect the animal deserves.
  7. Are you sure they were not penguin chicks ?
  8. TSI is a passion of mine also. The larger the tree canopy, the faster they will grow. I spend a lot of time opening up my forest so new growth can occur. Be safe !
  9. Beautiful bird, Kurt does nice work
  10. I missed Water Rat's humor. Keep them coming
  11. I just returned from the area this afternoon. Was grouse and rabbit hunting with a few friends. We hunted my place, kicked up a few rabbits and grouse. We only shot one bird but it was a lot of fun. Cold and windy weather is not the best for small game hunting though. You might want to look at Bear Spring Mountain Park. There are a few overgrown apple orchards off East Trout Brook Road. I've seen a few guys there over the years with bird dogs while passing through. The state has also clear cut areas to promote vegetation growth for small game cover. There is also New York City land around the Pepacton and Cannonsville Reservoirs, but I think you need a permit to hunt ? The weather forecast looks better next week
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