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  1. When I was in Nebraska last year, there were large ranches covered up with those eye sores. When the sun went down, all you could see in the black night were long lines of reds lights destroying the night skies. The outfitter told me that there was a full time employee whos only job was to pick up dead birds and get rid of them before the do gooders or reporters found out about them. The locals hate those windmills, they are being forced upon them by the companies and ranch owners looking for the money. Unfortunately, the wind mill companies know to install them where the rural population is
  2. Here is a pile of sheds from the outfitter in Saskatchewan I hunted with a couple of years ago. He picks them up from the thousands of acres of grain fields when farming. They are big problems for him, they puncture high cost tractor tires. He was really pissed off at his dad the following year when I returned. A stranger had stopped by the farm when he was away in town. The guy offered his dad $200.00 for the whole pile and his dad sold them to him. He thought he was doing his son a favor by making room in the barn.
  3. I had used cameras up to a couple of years ago. I guess getting older is making me revert back to my older hunting ways. It's fun being surprised when a big buck that you have never seen before appears in front of you. My hunting buddies are not happy about this though, they were spoiled having me to do their pre-scouting for them. I will still use a camera or two on foot paths just to keep the trespassers under control.
  4. Looks like a sweet machine, Hope it works well for you. Keep us updated
  5. I bought my land 21 years ago when mineral rights were not even a discussion. So they conveyed to me upon purchase. The big natural gas craze started happening around 15 years ago and gas companies were leasing rights from landowners all over our area in Delaware County. I think it was Cuomo that banned all hydraulic fracturing and the gas prices tanked also. So gas companies did not renew leases. Last year I was in contract to purchase an adjoining parcel of land. The seller wanted to retain 50% of the mineral rights. My attorney advised me not to agree to this condition and would requi
  6. Four of us had a rifle elk / deer hunt planned in British Columbia for last September. The border closing required us postpone the hunt to this year. Hopefully Trudeau opens up the Canadian border before then. The outfitters up there are really hurting financially now. We had to find a western hunt to fill in the gap last year. We found a last minute Nebraska late muzzleloader hunt for December. Had a great time and we shot beautiful bucks. I have lots of opportunities with PPs in other states, but am trying to use them wisely for future trophy bucket list hunts. I.e. have 27
  7. Funny, I gave Kurt a few porcuppines a few years ago. He asked for them to mount for a couple of guys that wnated them. I shoot around a dozen every year, munching on my cabin.
  8. The guides that I hunted with in Newfoundland all packed Helly Hansen rain gear. You can also pay a fortune for Sitka.
  9. I can't speak for 4F, but you can shoot all the dogs you want in 4O in my part of the Catskills. Lot's of them, unfortunately I shot one while turkey hunting this past weekend
  10. Coyotes picking clean a deer overnight is very common in my area of the Catskills. I've had a few deer that I had bow shot in evenings and found in the morning devoured by coyotes. I'm now reluctant to shoot a deer close to sun down.
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