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  1. Very educational, great post. I have my land in the NY Forestry Program also. Hope you keep these posts coming
  2. Mucho rabbitos in my neck of the Catskills this spring. Its like a rabbit exploded or an epidemic of mitosis
  3. I suggest that you leave a few of them standing. Bucks love rubbing on stripped maples
  4. Too bad you are not closer to the Catskill. I'd jump on the stove
  5. Just buy a cooler when you are out there. Bring it back as your second checked in bag on the plane. Rifle or bow hunt ? You might need to shoot far if rifle. Good luck, let us know how you did. You are going to have a great time!
  6. That should be an awesome hunt. A Shiras moose is on my bucket list. Make sure you post pics and tell the story
  7. No points needed here , 3 of my friends and I are going to British Columbia for a combo elk / deer hunt. Hope the border opens before late September. Might need a backup plan
  8. the taxidermist did an awesome job
  9. catskillkid


    Not really, Just get out there and have fun.
  10. Great bulls ! I was there around 25 years ago when you could take 2 bulls per hunter. Saw hundreds of animals a day. We caught the migration just right. Too bad the hunting is closed there now. It was a money maker for the locals.
  11. Nice job, great way to recycle lumber also
  12. Atta Boy, great bird, Congratulations !!
  13. Text book hunt this morning. Soft tree yelps in the early morning darkness. 3 gobbles from the treetops 100 yards away. 3 hens glide down and hit the ground. Hens slowly saunter and feed nearing my low pitched purrs with Tom following behind. Bang!