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  1. Congratulations, I received mine a few years ago
  2. I took everyone's advise. I harassed the crap out of it. Have not seen it in a few days. Hopefully it left a few fish behind.
  3. I woke up this morning to see some disturbance on the surface of my trout stocked pond. I anticipated that I would see a wood duck while looking through my binoculars. Damn, it was an otter swimming on the surface. I know they can clean out a pond of fish. Has anyone had any experience with getting rid of these pests without using the obvious solution. I have a lot of money invested in my trout pond, fish are not cheap to purchase, I understand otters are protected animals. Thanks
  4. It's also called redistribution of wealth
  5. Grouse and rabbits love dense cover. I'm a big proponent of Timber Stand Improvement. I am always cutting cull trees to promote forest regeneration. I leave the tops on the ground and let brush grow up between them. Lots of grouse on my land, flushed 10 last weekend. I do think our rabbit population is in its down cycle though. Only jumped one the same day.
  6. That's funny, did you just pick the cat up recently ? I saw a bobcat that he was working on in his shop about a month ago. Kurt mounted a desert mule deer for my friend and we were picking it up. Kurt has done a lot of work for me also
  7. Great job on the cat. I think cats are the most difficult to get right, especially the faces. Yours looks awesome. Who did the work ?
  8. By volume, My T/C shoots 2" high at 100 yards
  9. I'm using 120 grains of Blackhorn with a 240 grain hornady XTP saboted.
  10. I switched to Black Horn 209 powder from Triple 7 granular last year. Made a huge difference, it also does not leave a crud ring. Shot a buck at 180 yards last year with only a slight bullet drop. You might want to try it
  11. What a great buck! I drive through that area lots. Did not know the area had that potential to grow a rack that large. I hope his genes made it to the Sidney area.
  12. I have a neighbor that puts a ladder stand on our common property line and faces it directly towards a heavy game trail that is 50 yards into my land. I remind him that he does not have permission to shoot onto my land but refuses to move the stand. So every year I hang t-shirts just inside my property that are drenched in essential oils and sweat. I guess its possible to reroute deer, since I've never heard a shot come from that area.
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