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  1. I received my dmap permits in the mail today. I have my land in the Forestry Program. Had it logged last year and the under growth now looks like a jungle. Great cover for deer and other critters. Last year my Forester recommended that I apply for the permits as he noticed a lot of browsing of the forest regen. I'm overrun with deer in 4O, especially with the awesome fawn crop this year. Most of my land owner neighbors that abut me are still old school and don't believe in harvesting does. I'll fill the tags as long as they all go to needy families.
  2. I wonder if the DEC will consider lowering the number of 3M tags they are issuing. They usually give them out like candy.
  3. I had hunted a friend's ranch in the Idaho panhandle for a few years. We would literally see over two hundred deer each day. Truly a deer hunting paradise. My friend called me in August of the next year that I was to hunt with him and told me that EHD had wiped out the deer heard. He recommended that I save my money and not come out to hunt. It was hard for me to believe that all the deer were gone so I went to hunt his ranch anyway. When I hunted the first morning, the stench of death was everywhere. I saw a few bears feeding on the carcasses. I did shoot a decent 8 pt. but it was the only deer I saw in 6 days of hunting. Normally I would have seen hundreds over the duration on the hunt. That was about 10 years ago and the herd still has not fully recovered. I'm guessing its Mother Nature's way of controlling over population. EHD is real ! Unfortunately I don't think there is anything that can control it.
  4. I own a high-rise window-cleaning company. I just use my full body harness and tether myself to the tree with a shock absorbing lanyard. I feel much safer with the heavier duty equipment.
  5. I've done it on moose, stone sheep and mountain goats. It is usually done in wilderness area where you need to breakdown the quarters, backstraps and tenderloins. We also de-boned the quarters at the kill sites. This lessens the load for the pack out. Not sure why someone would need to do this in NY, unless you are hunting remote areas inn the Daks.
  6. Congratulations on your retirement You will be missed
  7. Nice job, looking good. You should have a great deer season
  8. 6 for me, however life is not over yet
  9. I saw 2 hens with 10 poults in my area of 4O yesterday. They were only the size of softballs. Must have been a late hatch.
  10. Very educational, great post. I have my land in the NY Forestry Program also. Hope you keep these posts coming
  11. Mucho rabbitos in my neck of the Catskills this spring. Its like a rabbit exploded or an epidemic of mitosis
  12. I suggest that you leave a few of them standing. Bucks love rubbing on stripped maples
  13. Too bad you are not closer to the Catskill. I'd jump on the stove