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  1. I found it in Ramsey Outdoors in Ramsey, NJ. I don't think they have anymore though
  2. I ordered from Big Country a week ago. They later emailed me to say that it was out of stock. I learned that this company will take your credit card info and send you the product if and when they get it in. I checked reviews on them, don't ever order from them, its a scam. They don't have a customer service phone number or email address to cancel the order. I had to contract my credit card company to remove it from my cc statement. Btw, I found 3 bottles of Blackhorn 209 in a local sporting goods store. Bought all 3. I guess I just got lucky. Thanks, for your help
  3. I guess I'll need to keep searching on the computer. Thanks everyone
  4. Does anyone know where a person can buy Blackhorn 209 ? It seems to be sold out every where I look.
  5. Congratulations, he is an awesome goat. I know all of the emotions that you are experiencing right now. I think only a person that has gone through all of the physical and mental challenges can understand what you went through to take such an amazing animal. I believe a trophy goat that you just shot is the most challenging animal any hunter can hope for.
  6. In the Catskills, I believe there is more hunting pressure on private land than public land now.
  7. No intention to steal this thread, but this does not only apply to snow machine permission. I used to have a few friends and their kids over for a man's weekend every year. One of the fathers would let his 3 sons borrow a quad and rip around my land like crazy outlaws. I asked him to calm his kids down and make sure they wear helmets. I was afraid of someone getting hurt and a law suit. Of course he never talked with his kids and one of them wrapped a friend's borrowed quad around a tree and totaled it. Thank God he did not get seriously hurt and he did not have a helmet on. My so-called friend told me that he would never sue me if his kid was injured, I tried telling him that not suing me was not his call, but his insurnce company, his son and his wife would have a voice regarding suing me for any accident on my property. He and his kids have not been invited back again for over 5 years now, he says that I'm the one that is wrong. So, its not just snowmobile clubs that can get you into trouble. An unresponsible friend can also
  8. I would think there is some kind of CO on the cabin. The electric company would not have installed a meter or energize the house without a final electrical inspection. Ask the town building department and helth department for all records on the cabin, this will save you many future headaches. You might want to talk with the town tax assessor too. See if the property is being taxed with a structure on it. The tax code will tell you if it is taxed as a seasonal cabin or a permanent residence or possibly taxed with no structure at all. I had to argue this with the assessor in my town. The cabin originaly had a septic but no well or electric. The assessor had the cabin taxed as a full time residence with all utilities. I made her change the classification to a seasonal cabin. This saved me much $ in the early days.
  9. Where are you buying? You are probably close to me
  10. Northeast Timber Services Rod Jones Walton, NY
  11. Sightings of poults in my neck of the Catskills have been very sparce. The two that I saw 2 weeks ago looked like day old chicks. I've seen a few hens with no poults also. Must not have been a good hatch in the western Catskills. Maybe too much rain.
  12. I have cam pics of tiny poults from a few days ago that must have been recently hatched.
  13. The Mint Saloon in Sheridan is a classic old time bar. It's a must visit. The White Buffalo is another
  14. I've had my place next to Walton for over 40 years. Deer hunting in 4O is good but not great, it will take you a few PPs to receive an antlerless permit unless you are a landowner with at least 50 acres. Buck size has been increasing since NY started the 3 point rule. Grouse hunting is very good if you manage your property correctly for thick cover. Turkey hunting used to be awesome but the numbers have gone down over the years just like everywhere else. Although there is still pretty good hunting in areas. Bear Spring Mountain is a very large Wildlife Mngt. area where you can spend days walking around and never see the same place twice. Coyotes have made a huge increase in numbers if you like predator hunting. I would recommend the area as good for hunting and the fishing for trout in the blue ribbon rivers and reservoirs are hard to beat. You should seriously consider the land offer. If you don't mind letting us know around what area you are talking about without divulging the exact location. I can give you more information.
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