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  1. The same issues happen when trying to waterfowl hunt on public land. I have gotten up early to arrive at good spot 2 hours before sunrise only to have 2 off duty police officers tell me that I need to hunt somewhere else. That this is their hunting spot. I asked for their badge #s and I would have a talk with their superiors. Also reminded them I had just as much right to hunt the public land as they do..... They turned around and left.
  2. I'm not talking about paying back taxes. When you sell the timber, the county or town receives a percentage of the harvest payment that the timber buyer gives you. This might not be required now since you are not in the program this year. Ask your Forester.
  3. Maybe look at the bright side. If you are technically not in the program this year, you might not have to make the percentage payment of this year's harvest to the county or town. You should look into this.
  4. My company provides building maintenance services for corporate office buildings. I'm being asked by our clients to hold off our services and not send our teams in until this pandemic dies down. This is going to be devastating for many small businesses.
  5. I've had my land in the program for 15 years. Have you talked with a certified Forester ?
  6. Lots of very talented hunters on this thread. All awesome bucks for sure. Congratulations to all
  7. It was 300 lbs live weight. They grow them big up north of the border. The crazy other part of the story was a larger racked buck showed up 2 minutes after I shot this one. I wanted to cry but my eyes would have froze shut. ☺
  8. I agree, we must have brain damage. The following year it was 30 below all week. Shot another nice buck though.
  9. Enjoyed 20 below temps for 4 days in a lock on stand to finally take this 300 lb Saskatchewan buck
  10. Western Catskills, between Walton & Sidney
  11. I spent the weekend at our Catkills hideaway. Birds were gobbling their heads off this morning. Should be a great upcoming season.
  12. I had a chainsaw running in my hands when my daughter's fiance was trying to ask me for permission to marry her. He now has fear if chainsaws. Turned out to be a good guy though.
  13. The odd thing was I didn't feel them stinging me after around the 10th sting. I guess that was my body's defense mechanism working.