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  1. i dont know you but sorry for your loss. something i can relate to.
  2. I would love to tag along with with someone like you and learn tips on how to... [i have never hunted, and a total n00b, and probably would be annoying asking a million questions and ruin your hunt lol] Good luck on finding a videographers, they are not cheap.
  3. omg


    not sure if you are familiar with hudson valley brewery, most of their beers are sours.
  4. omg


    thanks. hope to find time and mentor to get into this.
  5. omg


    from westchester. new to guns and never hunted. been lurking around. seems like a daunting task to get started and learn to hunt.
  6. Mac MacBook Air - if used strictly for light weight stuff MacBook Pro - if she is an engineering grad. [13inch ones are cheaper but good]