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  1. Horsedung. It’s happened in a state right next door. I don’t even hunt the state I live in because of it. Least not most places and very limited there. Once we had a real nice herd. Yes The liberal bag limits hurt that, baiting also doesn’t help but I’m sure some girls in NY can’t kill deer by not baiting as well. You only need to look at sporting goods stores mid state selling all the bait. The crossbow thing that’s most problematic is they bring firearm mentality into a season that doesn’t need it. One spot on the federal land I hunted for years is lined up with guys driving from minute one of opening day. They drive by you all day long just as in firearm season. How can you bowhunt there? You can’t, gotta move, than guys show up there, gotta move again. They also wish things easier and easier. Look at the crossgun shoots 2 bolts. The ten point garmin set that ranges for you. Raven claiming 100 yards. I’ll be honest any bow can do that. Surely any crossbow but the hang time of the arrow is just too long resulting in wounded deer. Firearm guys can learn for sure but they don’t want to learn, they want things easy. God almighty NY firearm is super easy and early enough already. A crossgun has more in common with a gun than with a bow. That can’t be argued. It should be completely removed from archery season except in the case of legitimate medical reasons.
  2. Another problem. Not one dog should ever see a game field until broke. It’s considerate of others that way. Guess you might not know that?
  3. My goodness, another crazy comment. Whatcha got against bowhunters. Like one bullied ya or something. Bow ought to be open, maybe firearm could take a year off?
  4. That’s you but you can’t fault her or anyone else for putting family before personal interests or including them in it. I’m personally incredulous anyone would wait ten years, not judging you btw so understand, just a different way of viewing things
  5. You are missing something, it’s called being a parent and being willing to sacrifice your own time just for them to be there. I bet there were awesome moments when the kid saw things for the first time. It’s all worth it When my kids were little, 2 years old I’d drag them in a jet sled checking traps, carry them on my back running dogs. Same as taking them fishing. It’s not about us and I’m sure she wasn’t planning on it being her best chance scenario but our kids won’t remember anything but the time we spent with them. God bless her for even trying.
  6. Easy to say that brother, think about something, I know a lot of actual black belts. My brother was 8th degree last time I heard but he’s not the one told me. I have no idea if he’s still there or not. I bet lots of guys know I’m right. Maybe you can read about that Not one black belt actually talks about it. I think it’s like your hunting, all who you desire to be. Living vicariously through others. It’s ok someone will help you if you listen. Gotta be honest you’re about knowing bout me as you know about a anything else. Why can’t ya let it go? Thought you didn’t care. Hmmm you’re a different kind of bird
  7. Is the online course an international course? IHEA or IBEF? If so NY can’t say no. I’d assume the course is as their courses are.
  8. Sure seem to care you send me pms, respond to everything I say. Repeat stuff I post somewhere later. Actually about everything you say is something you read or post someone else’s video. Turkey hunting success! You hunt all the time and wind up with “a fat Jake”. Your Percentage is super low, my daughters actually do better. So who’s bored? Maybe you should read and learn instead of trying to pass someone else’s stuff off. Now your psychologically trying to beat me with this coward nonsense. Come on brother, if you do pink belt stuff like you hunt you’re in trouble.
  9. Anyone close can go to NJ and easily find courses. NY will and must honor them as they’re the same international based course they use. Just FYI. NJ course is also mostly online now as well but it’s an option for the future that may help someone
  10. Doesn’t it go both ways? You act like crossbows are everyone’s choice
  11. Is the excuse nothing is perfect the reason we should accept mediocrity? Of course not but this is reverting to that in a sense. As stated all that’s really needed is the student to understand but that’s not known if someone is behind a screen
  12. The problem with online courses is there’s no way to know who actually did it. Many think or view the courses as a way to see if someone is good enough in a sense to hunt. That’s not true, all are welcome but we need to be sure the information gets across. Online guarantees nothing. In NJ all the students do now is show up an an assigned time to shoot and show proficiency there. How do you know who really took online test??
  13. She’s a great girl, she grew up in Jersey. Now lives only a couple states away and she shoots a styk!
  14. I’ve seen hundreds of deer and bear killed by mechanicals. I’ve seen problems with every one except jak hammers. Only mechanicals I’d advise. Can’t help you with the fixed blade I don’t think. I shot thunderheads for many many years. They were at one point the go to head for about everyone, I just don’t know the quality any longer as I’m straight styk bow guy and we shoot different type heads. One fixed blade I say I’ve used somewhat recently and it’s tough, is Magnus Stinger. Magnus will resharpen them for you as well. I will say I don’t see problems with Muzzy’s though either.
  15. Why do you think you need camo or the newest materials to do so? Marketers gotcha looks like
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