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  1. I haven’t personally seen it. Not seeing dead bucks all over the road yet, a sure indication of walk phase starting. My buddy had a spike grunting trailing a doe yesterday. I should state he’s a cop and said at nights through the little bucks have been pestering does
  2. Interesting question, I’m in the woods almost every day running dogs, picking mushrooms, berries, scouting, etc but the tick numbers are very low to non existent this year it seems. Been that way all year. I mostly hunt 3M but spent time in Delaware and Sullivan co this spring as well
  3. Puffball pizza. Not my fav mushroom but a great idea my buddy’s wife came up with. These things are popping up all over
  4. Found some hen of woods. My fav mushroom. Butter, garlic, onion. Last of what I found
  5. Kinda crazy not to care about accuracy. You can custom tailer any load to do what you want. Different bullet types, different speed, etc. Let me ask you besides a complete solid do any really not work the way we want on our game? It’s all degrees. The solid actually would too with the correct game, surely not whitetail. If the rifle wasn’t dead on accurate, not printing tiny groups I’d sell it. Why would you think a super accurate rifle can’t perform as well? Kinda short sighted and imo not even close to finishing the job. I’d think most rifle guys would feel same Least ones I know.
  6. I def disagree with the accuracy. In many guns the Sierra is doing superior. The shot mentioned was 2 years ago. New heads.The fellow that uses them though in that gun finds em best accuracy wise. That’s what I alluded to earlier. I like Gameking but my shelf if full of all kind of heads and the gun gets what it likes best.
  7. Chacha, what kinda bow you shooting? After deer season I’d like to do a rabbit bow hunt. It’s all guys with Stykbows though. I’ve got dogs medium speed who shouldn’t lose anything. Nothing is set yet but pm me your info if you’re interested. We don’t shoot on a jump. The dogs gotta circle first and the shots must be safe. Just a FYI What kinda name is Chacha?
  8. Maybe I should pray for ya. You’re talking silly. It’s easy on a computer let it go. You made a comment showed your ignorance. It’s ok. We all make mistakes. I forgive ya
  9. You absolutely have the right to your opinion. I even respect you for that and respect your reasons and assumptions. . What I don’t respect is you calling someone names from behind a computer. It’s Low class
  10. Classy, calling someone you don’t know nor do you know the why or how about this, names. Another guy doesn’t know what he doesn’t know but has a big opinion based on assumptions. Reminds me of a chick making fun of another girl to make themselves feel better bout themselves. Sort of an insecurity. I’ll pray for ya.
  11. Here’s the thing. It is true everyone will have favorites. Be careful though about what you hear. Take it apart and consider marketing. Nosler is a giant advertiser. Many guys repeat what they hear. The heads are good. Guys state they shoot lots of deer with them and I’m sure they do. Someone can’t compare the best if they don’t experiment. I’m not saying anyone doesn’t here mind you. To explain further, Look up the reviews on a primos bamboozle Turkey call. I’m gonna be blunt. It’s garbage. See what you read about how great guys think it is. Guys really aren’t sure where their knowledge ends. In reloading some guys just put things together. That’s a big part of what I’m sure guys want right now. Thats cool. Some guys massage a gun/bullet combo until it’s peaked. Different powders are tried, different charges of that powder. Different primers, how bout changing the seating depth of a bullet? It all matters. Some guys weigh brass. There’s more but you can go as far or as easy as you like. You’re doing it though. Experimenting is cool. Initially on a gun I’d load 3-5 shells all dif types. Yes and even different heads. Nosler included. I test them all than change it. I’m looking to develop peak performance. Continually testing. I don’t have one single gun well maybe a 22-250 ballistic tips they’re the most accurate in. A .375 HH I have likes A Frames. The rest and there’s a bunch like Sierra. Experimenting with heads leads to load testing on game. Did I tell ya Sierra is best. See for yourself. Don’t believe everything you hear. Now don’t disbelieve it either. Keep your mind open and use what’s best by you. Test all for yourself. That’s the fun of reloading imo
  12. Grampy I was thinking another thing and it’s just a curiosity. I’ve never seen or even heard of one blowing up on impact. Guess I wasn’t even thinking that. You though assumed that. It’s something I never said so perhaps each time you’ve heard it someone was talking like me or was it what you’ve actually heard someone claim?
  13. I think we’re just talking different. It doesn’t blow up before it enters. That’s def ridiculous. You can’t say being the bullet expands so quickly it doesn’t do massive damage if say it hits a bone? I’ll give you one for instance, there’s a lot though. My buddy shot a buck running with his 270 ballistic tips. Was angling bad and might as well have blown up in the opposite ham. Bones and metal fragments mixed in with chopped meat. A Gameking wouldn’t do that.