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  1. Good luck with it but what does a longer barrel have to do with keeping your head down?
  2. What I would recommend is finding good rabbit or hare cover than looking in the snow to see tracks to tell if any are around.
  3. Cool nostalgia but pretty impractical. Too much movement in using and what do you do with it when time to shoot? Throw it down it gets stepped on. Turn around to carefully place it you just scared everything away.
  4. The fact it’s on a gunstock takes it out of bow category. Ya all see the great new crossgun for $4000 with the range estimating scope? They should make one that is left at stand and shoots when the WiFi camera takes a pic of the buck you want. That would be great. I know so many are a little busy. Maybe one to drive it home, field dress and butcher it too? The possibilities are endless here.
  5. I certainly wasn’t inferring you weren’t knowledgeable
  6. That’s why I was recommending a long box. It reaches the furthest
  7. Yes that’s somewhat true but let’s be honest a good call sounds worlds better than pretty much all the cheaper stuff. Op what are you considering cheap? Ernie Fetters is pretty reasonable but more than the commercially available stuff at Walmart. If you were somewhere near Orange County I could let you try some to see what suits you. And op what will surprise you is the ease at which decent calls play. That’s something I forgot to mention.
  8. I’m not doubting you. I use the silver stuff too. I never used any that wasn’t but like I said I don’t freak too much. Guess I’m a scrub but I seriously can’t remember real issues. It should be known in a blue collar guy so my hands are in all kinds of stuff. Someone said they use gloves. That’d fix the issue pretty easily. You could use it to advantage too. Rub some on your buddy. When he goes to clean up grab his spot
  9. Idk I’m not a real squeamish guy with dirt on my hands. I guess but I don’t recall any real issues and I use it on chokes and obviously car parts fairly regular.
  10. Idk if anyone serious about these will tell you spots. Where ya located anyhow? NY is a big state
  11. I’m pushing for no argument. Not saying guys aren’t good. Points to consider is all I’m bringing up. Now anyone confident ought to welcome a discussion.
  12. Yea well we’ll never learn everything. I’ve been at it not much less than you. Here’s the thing though. You really think that matters? A friend of mine one time retired. We became friendly after he started a job w us part time. Do we decided to go on a bowhunt. I never heard him mention anything about being successful. I flat out asked him. He said last deer he took he was 17, over 40 years ago. Guess that 40 years must matter right? I placed him in a spot I figured would be good. Historically opening weekend it was. The man shot a spike with his bow and was tickled. My point to this is only time spent means nothing. There’s guys with much less time with way more real experience. Some guys dabble, some guys live it. Not saying you personally stand anywhere. Just a point, time means not too much unless you actually spend good time on it. Part of that is a real open mind. I believe that’s the part makes us stop growing, learning. Thinking we know it all or something is impossible. So many variations.
  13. As far as killing gobblers in both states that’s easy and a whole bunch of guys do it. A whole bunch of guys take kids along with them and they succeed as well. Now nothing taken away from anyone but that by no means any real big accomplishment. No intent at anything negative but we can’t learn without an open mind.