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  1. It was still good and sawmill is a little closer.
  2. I was out there today, man Fred Asbell didn’t look good , Hate to see that. I couldn’t stay overnight. Animals to feed and my girl is away. Slept good last night though. Quiet
  3. I’ve been finding chants as well. Going tomo again.
  4. Use the wind. Make sure it never blows towards the suspected direction of deer coming at you. before that even you must find the deer. You wanna know how to find em now? If you know the land more or less don’t waste time scouting where there are. That will change. Scout forward. Where they are going. The oak trees are heavy with mast. Learn your preferred food sources. White oaks are preferred over blacks but even whites have a preference order. Learn them. Look up into trees and see which trees (in preference order) have nuts. You’ll know where to go come season. As one good source is
  5. It’s not surprising to me you don’t understand. Seems like lots of really basic stuff gets past you unless someone says so. it’s a gun that shoots an arrow. Now you know.
  6. My thoughts on this and we install them is if money is no option it’s a good idea. If someone is real elderly or say sick parents and you want to install at their house another great idea. Power doesn’t typically go out any length of time. Chances of it happening long term while on vacation are slim actually. It won’t really add to home resale value either imo. Portable generators can be taken with you. Are pretty minimal investment. Take not more than an hour or two to install the inlet box and interlock and will run the whole house if you manage energy properly and probably even if you
  7. You’ve actually brought up a good point and I’m not a crossgun guy
  8. You’re ignorant enough in lots of things. Don’t you remember just this past year the EHD outbreak in 3M? Seriously think for once BEFORE you speak. Like a little kid who talks before he thinks and puts his foot in mouth. You ridiculously posted they should close down Stewart last year. Now you’re on board with taking extra before they even had a chance to recover? Talking out of both sides of your face I think mate? Wonder if you actually hunt at all. Say most figure vicariously at best especially seeing all the unoriginal videos posted. Straight up boredom. Conservation-wise use of nat
  9. Sounds like a smoke bird possibly
  10. I saw a change about a firearm season before archery in certain zones including 3M which was hit by EHD last year. Call and express opposition
  11. This is a pretty common sense answer. Ask the local police dept they’ll know better than anyone else I’m sure
  12. Interesting. What part of NY was that? Have a friend of mine up near Rochester also has it quiet. There are still good areas too but there may def be a prob in some areas.
  13. Food for thought, this year has been tough in many areas. Last year was tougher than typically as well. I personally looked/listened for 2 straight months in Feb, March. The birds should be in giant winter flocks. I never saw that once in northern nj or southern ny. Many guys I know have failed to work a bird yet or get a shot, same last year. These are experienced guys. I’ve got one NY farm I commonly hunt that’s been really good to me. Last year I took a bird w 1-3/8 Spurs and almost 24 lbs. think we killed 4/5 birds last couple years off it over 22. This year it, as well as many ot
  14. Who looks dumb now? A crossgun is def a gun. Has much more in common w that than a bow. Just because the projectile is a broad head doesn’t matter. I’ll actually take the redneck thing as a compliment. Better being called that than lots of stuff. I don’t find it inflammatory in the least. Keep fighting boys
  15. Difference is because you want someone else’s season. Fight to take over firearm season. Why exactly do you want so badly to make things easier for you crossgun folks? They all wanna call themselves bowhunters. Earn the title and make things harder than need be. Crossgun guys will never get that.
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