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  1. The opinion many have is crossgun are more effective weapons. The state needs that so they can reach harvest objectives. Being crossgun is easier that’s a great idea. The argument though is contradictory. Why not just make a buckshot season for instance coincide? The range isn’t any different. Has lots of the same features as a crossgun? It’d be less likely to miss than even a crossgun. Why not push for that? Or we could just say forget the bow season. Make it all a general season. Extend the season is another answer. So is allowing bait, God forbid Bowhunters have a mentality crossgu
  2. I’ll be the opposite here. I feel I have more control with a glove. Never liked tabs and have no release issues. I do use a bodnik speed glove now but as a kid I used regular elk leather, deer skin Damascus, etc. Never had a single issue. Idk if it’s really a giant advantage/disadvantage either way. Least for me it’s not. Now the split finger, three under thing. Bows are often tillered accordingly. One way to basically get the same results, a nock at your anchor would be to split finger shoot with a middle finger method. It’ll lessen your gap too which is where I’d start as opposed to cr
  3. Very flawed thinking. You’re assuming a choice. I’d personally welcome the proficiency test in theory but than maybe we could test all kinds of things to see it someone is good enough. For instance how many shoot beyond effective range no matter what that is? Say a guy is good 15 yards with a recurve, 25 yards with a compound, 40 yards with a crossgun, 200 yards with a rifle. What actually prevents him from shooting beyond those? Some ridiculous test you’re talking about? Very poorly thought out argument. Now if there was a test and guys couldn’t pass it, maybe they can’t hunt that year. The o
  4. I agree with your premise but seems you don’t know what you don’t know. Same for the poster. Unable to understand very simple things. I seriously wonder how he hunts as much as he does and has such limited success? Had the thread been why we need to keep things in good ethical range the outcome would be different. Lots of people especially less experienced folks see things and attempt to mimic or reproduce. Long range isn’t fair to an animal and certainly not sporting, increases all risks. Wounding any animal should never be an option and long range with any shotgun lends to at most
  5. Irresponsible to post something like this. Guys already get into desperation mode when things aren’t going their way. Things like this have them thinking even if not perfect they can try and maybe get lucky anyhow. Talking over and over about long shots or things we don’t agree with after posting a video of it is ridiculous. We need to simply encourage guys to stay in good effective range.
  6. Who cares what happens in Ca? Let me say I understand our need to fight this nonsense so part of me is saying that tongue in cheek but they already outlawed mountain lion hunts and they get dragged off mountain bikes for it. Let them deal with their stupidity.
  7. It’s over. The ten year plan ended and it’d not getting renewed
  8. There’s no coming after you. If you say something erroneously can someone not correct that? Maybe use correct information. That would help. I will say I understand your intent is to help and I do respect that. Too many times though it’s steering someone wrong information wise. If I’m incorrect or say something incorrect I welcome your comments. You mention what archers think yet aren’t one and don’t actually know. You couldn’t have spoken to any or many hard core guys either. All archers are welcome. All potential new archers have my offer of help and that’s not said in passing. I do it and
  9. For starters I don’t hunt with wheels. 2, crossgun companies now offer a second shot crossgun. Tell me exactly how I could be quicker even with a styk? If your friend can’t shoot a gun I’m amazed. Never knew anyone totally proficient with a bow that was completely unable to use a gun efficiently. I’m sorry but this just ain’t what you’re saying. Something is missing from your post. The last paragraph is sort of the everyone included mentality of today. Again sorry crossgun a can be included with gun season. Why not try that if you want to use it??? That was not addressed in your post???
  10. I use drag rags successfully most years. The key is usage. Make sure the wind is correct for what you’re trying to do and use a good doe in heat type scent. The walk phase is about when you want to do it. Actually the best time for grunting to. I never load a rag up. I don’t need to be able to smell it, the deer do. Imo best if they’re almost/about smell what they think they are looking for. They keep straining to work it out and seem mesmerized. One word of caution I don’t grunt to a deer working a scent. Don’t change his mindset. Let him come. I’d only grunt after I saw a buck not near it
  11. This is completely incorrect again. Shows how out of touch you are. Archers don’t care about competition. If a bunch of guys wanted to archery hunt so be it. If someone needed help lots would and will even offer it. They’d gladly help the new hunter drag even if it was a “big public buck”. You can’t put your personal thoughts on others. A crossbow isn’t nor will it ever be archery. Archery gear has no stock, is drawn under own power when we’re about to shoot and takes skill to perfect. A crossgun can be shot well in seconds. I’ve got years of actual, factual experience with that unlike the
  12. Prayers for all involved
  13. Bonefish to me is one of the coolest saltwater fish to fly fish for. Awesome experience
  14. I’ve got lots of tattoos, from my feet to my shoulders. That being said there might be one or two I may have done differently and they’re from some great guys so that’s not the issue. More of the planning. Why don’t you get just one. Let that sink in and decide where you wanna go? What you want to do? Regarding the pain. Idk guys I just don’t see it. To me it’s like a sunburn perhaps even in the worst of places and honestly after a bit it’s like someone running their fingers on me almost like tickling your back. To me it’s kinda relaxing. I know everyone feels it differently but I’d not swe
  15. Forgot to mention something. The balloons are cool, after a bit with archery gear I’ve done it but I bet it’d work with a BB gun too, I take powder, corn starch, even used chalk line chalk but put it in pill bottle. Stretched a balloon mouth over top. Tapped some powder in and blew up balloon. When they hit it now you see an explosion. With chalk line, I don’t like it as much but you got colors. One word of warning. Make sure you do it somewhere you don’t mind there being the powder dust or you’ll need to clean it up. It’s a fun thing to do and as time passes adds more for them to look forward
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