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  1. This only my 2nd year trying potatoes, 1st year with the tower. In reading online it seems the towers are more for space savings and easy collection purposes than higher yields. Right now there are roughly 1ft between each layer of potatoes. The towers are about 2ft wide so they can grow inwards as well. I expect smaller potatoes overall but don't really know. I have also seen towers where you plant just inn the center and fill the tower as the plant grows so you would have a really long/tall plant beneath the soil.
  2. Potato towers. 1 for potatoes and 1 for sweet potatoes. 1st time trying this method
  3. My neighbor mentioned something similar to me regarding asparagus, 1st year do not harvest anything, 2nd year take only 1 cutting, then 3rd year harvest normally. Something to do with letting the plant establish good rooting.
  4. Thanks. Your assistance and generosity have helped me along. Hope to get out within the next two weeks
  5. Initially with the lee classic loader I could not seat bullets to the desired depth. It seems I couldn't hammer hard enough or the crimp was not tight enough to hold the bullet with the powder level in the case. With the new press they all were easily set to desired depth and stayed there. Already happy with the purchase
  6. Small upgrade from the hammer and classic.
  7. Grow box is up and running. It's much brighter in person. Not too much heat from the fixture/bulbs.
  8. I googled a bit. The person who owned the wells signed a consent order in 1994 wherein he had to close all the wells. He closed 3 by 1995 and stopped responding sometime after and NYSDEC filed an order without hearing levying a 45k fine and requiring closure of all wells by 1999. Seems the well owner may have passed around 2017. Some well pics below
  9. 61 acres for $8400. That would have been a huge red flag immediately. $137 an acre??? I'm not tuned into acreage value but I would think even land that wasn't buildable was still worth more than that, even in the year 2000.
  10. I do enjoy it. I rarely get to go though. Currently stuck fishing the banks of the Hudson come striper season. Years ago I used to fish the Shinnecock Inlet every other day.
  11. 2nd year at gardening. Tried too much too late in the season last year. Built a grow box this year just waiting on my light fixture to arrive on Monday. The box will be horizontal and 50"x24"x21", should fit (4) 1020 trays with extra room for a few small pots. Trying (2) potato towers, 1 sweet potato, 1 blue potato The garden is (3) 3'x6' beds. Did soaker hose last year, which I didn't like much. Going drip line this year.
  12. I think they are the same as regular small primers but have harder cups according to various online sources
  13. I'm partial to Puma GV Special sneakers. They have a tons of color ways and relatively cheap. Currently own 2 pairs of the lightweight woven versions called GV 500 Been on the lookout for the black on black and the blue on grey versions
  14. Brooklyn Pickle if your looking for sandwiches
  15. Rotterdam, off Altamont Rd 1320 Altamont Ave, Schenectady, NY 12303
  16. I think once I run through the BLC2 I'll try Benchmark with the 130 gr ttsx. Based on the Barnes load data it shouldn't be a compressed load from min to max load. Also will try to find a cheaper bullet that closely matches the Barnes bullet for plinking/practice.
  17. 1st rounds of reloading. Barnes Ttsx 130gr and BLC(2) Had some issues with the higher grain weights and seating depth using the Lee classic loader. Initially planned on loading the full range of 50.7 to 56.4, in 0.5 increments. Started at a mid point of 53.9 to check seating depth, could not get to the 2.735 coal recommend, or at least didn't feel comfortable hammering that hard to get there. Got to 2.800 coal comfortably and set them all to that. At that setting on the Lee classic loader CBTO was at 2.175. overall CBTO and coal were pretty consistent. Used an electric toothbrush along the cases to settle the powder better after the 1st round Obviously plan on shooting the lowest grains 1st and working up checking cases and primers for any tell-tales of over pressure.
  18. Mostly hunt alone during bow and rifle season. During muzzleloader I usually hunt with a friend who brings out his percussion muzzleloader
  19. https://www.outdoorlife.com/hunting/spring-2022-turkey-hunting-forecast/#New York Snippet from the article below: "New York Subspecies: Eastern Estimated population: 170,000 Spring 2021 harvest: 16,891 Overall outlook: Michael Schiavone, game management section head with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, says improved reproductive success in 2020 is expected to result in a Spring 2022 harvest that’s higher than 2021. However, that will still be tempered by poor production two of the past three years. Potential spring 2022 hotspots: Schiavone says DEC regions 4 (Capital Region) and 9 (western New York) had above-average production in 2020, and Region 9 had good production the past two summers. He anticipated those areas will hold more birds than portions of central New York, where reproductive success was lower. Quick tip: “If you tend to head back home by 9 a.m. or so, consider staying afield until noon,” adds Schiavone. “Hens will often head off on their own to sit on a nest, particularly as the season progresses, so gobblers are left alone and are vulnerable to a hunter’s calls.”"
  20. I stopped in there roughly 2 weeks ago and asked about reloading. They said no but they had a sister store on central Ave that did. I can't recall which store he named.
  21. Very nice. I made something similar from a modified aluminum cabinet face frame vise. Not nearly as refined.
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