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  1. Whoops logged in on the wrong account. This is my correct one!
  2. Im looking for a 4H or 4L, please lmk and we can work something out!
  3. New spot today, rookie mistake, I realized the spot I decided to set up at this morning was an afternoon spot for deer and I’d be better farther down the travel corridor. Moved spots around 8 I’ll probably sit here till noon. At least the feeling of trying something new will keep my hopes up! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Im from RPI and scouted some of the public land in the bottom of region 5, 5R, 5S, 5J, & 5T.
  5. Hello all, I have never hunted public land before this season. Back in Texas deer hunting consisted of setting up in a prebuilt blind and watching a feeder. I see a lot of people talking about using a climbing tree stand, but this season (with no luck I might add) I have spent hunting on the ground mostly sitting up against trees. Is it worth investing in a lightweight climbing tree stand to hunt public land? Or would I be better off getting a portable ground blind? If anyone wants to give recommendations on fairly inexpensive ones I am all ears.
  6. Im lazy I dont like tracking deer after I shoot them plus .308 is good all around for big game. If I dont get any deer soon might have to start using it to shoot the squirrels I see!
  7. Could be a type of artificial selection less patient hunters leaving the field earlier leads to less encounters with humans later in the morning. This could lead to more mature bucks waking up later and facing less hunting pressure leading to more of them being alive.
  8. No, deer for me yet so I had vegetarian chicken fingers and boxed mac and cheese with green beans and tuna. The next read meat I eat is going to be venison, no matter how long it takes!
  9. Back home in Texas on cold dry days ive seen people go as far as gutted and de-hided being left out over night. You could see the rind on it in the morning and the cutting they said was "easier".
  10. x3, I am playing guess and check this season, first time hunting in NY as well as first time hunting public land.
  11. From the standpoint of a science major, bacteria and other things of that nature love moisture and some can even grow in cold temperatures as seen by moldy food in the fridge. The way I understand aging your harvest is cold and dry is the best case, you create a rind that seals in moisture and protects from bacteria or other nasty "bugs". That being said if you leave the hide on, which was the deers protection from all the elements, you should be pretty safe as long as you're not doing much contamination from the hide to the meat. Id say you should be fine (in the opinion of a 21 year old science major still in undergrad. so not an expert). The temperatures are low 40s at maximum which is normal fridge temperatures and probably even colder than that depending where you are. Cooking should kill anything too nasty that may have found its way in there. I would stay away from any tar-tar or raw dishes you could make with this deer to be on the safe side.
  12. 4H, saw a single doe each day so far. Didnt have a tag for them and didnt even have time to get a shot off if I did. Hunting on a public land is turning out to be a game of patience, hard work, and luck for me especially since a broke college student like myself cant afford to get a tree stand so I spend my time sitting against a tree or in holes in the ground. OD I did get to hunt with a fellow classmate got to get to know him better and he gained my respect for his hunting skills. Hey, a bad day hunting is better than a bad day at work like my late grandfather would say! Ill be back at it this week in between classes and rain storms, maybe even during!
  13. 7mm-08 really not doing well today SpacemanSpiff had a misfire and what happened to your wife.
  14. I walked to my spot in the rain and bumped a doe, that was the only wildlife activity I saw all day, not even a squirrel! Everyone else was seeing things though, partridge run WMA still sounding like a war zone. I heard a dozen shots in the first 15 minutes and a steady amount of shots during the rain showers in the afternoon. At least I got to put my game camera back up to see if the buck I had been seeing in pre season is still alive. Hey, a bad day hunting is better than a bad day at work! Good luck to everyone hunting this upcoming week!
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