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  1. Was finally able to get out this past weekend and managed to get a gobbler on some Orange County public land. He gobbled on the roost at 5:34 and I took my shot at 5:41. Not sure if I’ll be able to get out again this season. Side note to everyone to triple check yourself for ticks. I found one buried in me this morning in a very private place. Sending it out to get tested.
  2. Didn’t think that reposting one of your hypocritical threads is crapping up a thread but sure. You seem pretty insecure/defensive about it. Let’s see pictures of that big flock billy. Pics or it didn’t happen right? You do realize that a time existed before social media and forums where hunters did just that they hunted they didn’t need self gratification from boasting on a forum yea. You know my intelligence by some posts on some bullshit forum. You don’t know the first thing about me but keep posting nonsense about what you think about me. Yet the moderators don’t do anything about that. But if I drop an f bomb aimed at ol billy boy then they get their panties in a wad. You’ve never seen me at Stewart and I’ve never hunted the fields you keep talking about. You’re a clown. Get over yourself. I would honestly get such a kick if we both got banned Well he shouldn’t harass someone for thinking that if you use a legal tag that youre doing something wrong. He’s the troll. Didn’t think I was taking away from his success by reposting his own thread. Man this page is softer than I though.
  3. Hahaha. First off. Go back to the spring Turkey thread and you’ll see them there. Secondly. Does you shooting a hen after preaching not to do so and then posting a picture of it make your dick bigger? Get over yourself man. You’re a grade a clown. Didn’t think you were that shitty of a human but I guess I was wrong. Don’t come at me saying I’m a shitty person. That’s something I already know and am content with.
  4. I didn’t really say anything. Just posted a link to a thread. Not seeing how that is negative. I got 2 birds this spring so saw no real need to go this fall. I’ll deer hunt when time allows. I’ll try to find some videos created by others to regurgitate if that is considered thought provoking.
  5. Are you referring to blackbeltbill as the cenile fascist in chief? Can go either way.
  6. Not sure if it was the language or making fun of everyone on this sites favorite president but the moderators gave me a slap on the wrist. Wonder who could’ve reported me?….
  7. Haha. Again. Spewing your nonsense that is far from correct. I can guarantee that you have never seen me nor have I seen you. I could give two craps where you hunt. You’re the one bitching about who parks where and who hunts where. Many of your threads and posts prove this. You’re just to dumb to realize that I don’t give a shit and try to make you aware that you are the one that can’t get over it. I didn’t even hunt Stewart last year. Hunted other states. But sure. You know me so well. I don’t even hunt fields like you. But you’re the master of all things hunting. It’s sad to see how delusional you are. You’re worse than sleepy joe. Impeach blackbeltbill
  8. Hahaha. Easy there cobra Kai. Your guy who picks fights and talks crap but cry’s victim like a snowflake that you are. You’re a grade A clown. Your pheasants are home grown pets. Had plenty of them come up to me while walking through fields thinking I was bringing them their daily food.
  9. Mine only flares up when I see all the dumb content on this forum.
  10. what about the need to draw back when the deer is in range and hold steady while drawing back. Sure. Exactly the same.
  11. Yea. Hell just mention you in a comment elsewhere and make some bs claims on who you are and what you do. Too scared to face criticism and waits for someone to stick up for him. He’s the definition of a troll with all his comments but plays the victim card when his panties get wadded up. Grade A clown.
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