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  1. Was finally able to get out this past weekend and managed to get a gobbler on some Orange County public land. He gobbled on the roost at 5:34 and I took my shot at 5:41. Not sure if I’ll be able to get out again this season. Side note to everyone to triple check yourself for ticks. I found one buried in me this morning in a very private place. Sending it out to get tested.
  2. Mine only flares up when I see all the dumb content on this forum.
  3. what about the need to draw back when the deer is in range and hold steady while drawing back. Sure. Exactly the same.
  4. Yea. Hell just mention you in a comment elsewhere and make some bs claims on who you are and what you do. Too scared to face criticism and waits for someone to stick up for him. He’s the definition of a troll with all his comments but plays the victim card when his panties get wadded up. Grade A clown.
  5. I think they should allow rifles during archery season…
  6. Haha. Don’t worry. He won’t respond just like when I commented on that post. Or just about any other time he’s confronted on one of his bs shit posts.
  7. Read an article on it last year. The warmer climate states have essentially grown somewhat of an immunity to it since it stays around all year long. Here we get cold winters where they get killed off and then re-emerge when it warms up.
  8. Canceling the Gun season would make more sense considering that’s when the majority of tags are filled. But at that point. Cancel everything for a year.
  9. Haha. The sad part is that you don’t but you keep spewing your nonsense and making accusations that are far from the truth. But when called out on something you spin it to look like a victim and shut down. You claimed multiple times that I’ve walked in on your decoy spread and that I’ve confronted you as a member of a hunting party of 4. All so very wrong. But keep thinking it. you have plenty of people doing your talking.
  10. Bill. I can’t seem to find the clown emoji. Spewing your typical bullshit that I’ve done this and that when I can assure you that neither one of us have seen each other in person. But keep saying it. Only spot my ass. Never even hunted the fields you are so jerked off about. I typically hunt 3-4 states a year but sure, you know me best. Let me guess. You won’t respond to this like usual. Call me out and mention me in a comment but when I comment back, you go silent and then one of your ball suck buddies comes in to stick up for you and say that I’m picking on you.
  11. Someone calls you out when you’re wrong and you automatically say your going to ignore them or call the internet police on them. Just can’t seem to deal with the truth it seems like. Regarding the original topic. An early firearms season would further mess things up. Why don’t they just issue more for tags in those zones during the regular gun season.
  12. Didn’t know it was an early season. I rather refer to it as archery season. Not sure where you’re getting that from. It’s not too big of a deal if you are a decent enough woodsman or know what you’re doing. Just gotta make the best of it.
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