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  1. Are you referring to blackbeltbill as the cenile fascist in chief? Can go either way.
  2. Not sure if it was the language or making fun of everyone on this sites favorite president but the moderators gave me a slap on the wrist. Wonder who could’ve reported me?….
  3. Haha. Again. Spewing your nonsense that is far from correct. I can guarantee that you have never seen me nor have I seen you. I could give two craps where you hunt. You’re the one bitching about who parks where and who hunts where. Many of your threads and posts prove this. You’re just to dumb to realize that I don’t give a shit and try to make you aware that you are the one that can’t get over it. I didn’t even hunt Stewart last year. Hunted other states. But sure. You know me so well. I don’t even hunt fields like you. But you’re the master of all things hunting. It’s sad to see how delusional you are. You’re worse than sleepy joe. Impeach blackbeltbill
  4. Hahaha. Easy there cobra Kai. Your guy who picks fights and talks crap but cry’s victim like a snowflake that you are. You’re a grade A clown. Your pheasants are home grown pets. Had plenty of them come up to me while walking through fields thinking I was bringing them their daily food.
  5. Mine only flares up when I see all the dumb content on this forum.
  6. what about the need to draw back when the deer is in range and hold steady while drawing back. Sure. Exactly the same.
  7. Yea. Hell just mention you in a comment elsewhere and make some bs claims on who you are and what you do. Too scared to face criticism and waits for someone to stick up for him. He’s the definition of a troll with all his comments but plays the victim card when his panties get wadded up. Grade A clown.
  8. I think they should allow rifles during archery season…
  9. As long as you have over 500 posts you can post whatever you want that is created or written by others….
  10. One would think. Just bitches and then when confronted he hides and ignores being called out or spins it. Or he can just deal with it being public land that anyone can hunt and have rights to do so.
  11. Haha. Don’t worry. He won’t respond just like when I commented on that post. Or just about any other time he’s confronted on one of his bs shit posts.
  12. Read an article on it last year. The warmer climate states have essentially grown somewhat of an immunity to it since it stays around all year long. Here we get cold winters where they get killed off and then re-emerge when it warms up.
  13. Canceling the Gun season would make more sense considering that’s when the majority of tags are filled. But at that point. Cancel everything for a year.
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