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  1. Yes you are correct. And yes TF wasn't saying bills was a dumb question...he was saying "I have a dumb question" Do bears hibernate in caves ...... bill is on a hair trigger I think.
  2. Love my lever gun. I would say bolt is close second for me. I love the quick follow up shots with a lever action. I'm like Lucas McCain!
  3. Last year on July 23rd I had a below the knee amputation on my right leg and almost lost my left leg as well. I made a promise to myself that I would be in the woods opening day of rifle. Granted I was not able to walk because my leg was not healed enough for a prosthetic yet and my left foot was still butterflied like a chicken cutlet but I made it out there. I was dropped off at my blind and I used a walker to get into it. My point is I hope if you are able to get out there I really hope you do. Parking my butt in that blind helped me to heal. Not physically, mentally. I hope you make it out there this season my friend. Keep up the healing !
  4. I totally disagree with the hydrostatic shock theory you've used. Deer or any living thing shot with a bullet does not die from hydrostatic shock. They are killed by the actual damage done by the bullet which in turn drops the animals BP from rapid blood loss which disrupts the blood supply to the brain. In turn brain ceases to function. Hydrostatic shock or hydrolic shock causes a temporary wound channel which almost immediately goes back to its actual shape. There is very little proximal damage to blood vessels and surrounding tissues do to this shock. Mainly because living tissue does not behave like water or fluid. It's very elastic and can be stretched greatly then returns to original shape. Then there's the fact that only the fastest bullets will cause shock. After that those fastest bullets lose speed at greater distance so I would say most deer shot hydrolic shock is negligible. My point is, only in certain cases where the right type of bullet is used at the right distance where the bullet is still fast enough will hydrolic shock be present and even then it does little to kill the animal. Terminal ballistics is what I care about. Give me a big enough bullet to do the most physical actual damage not theoretical damage.
  5. Crumbling Empire State has Cuomo and his "safe act" to blame for your gun law woes...then you guys re-elect him. So now get ready for the safe act 2 coming soon. I guess you reap what you sow.
  6. I wish NY had more Donation drop offs.
  7. that is the same rifle you showed in the box? The one in the box looked black synthetic, this one has wood furniture.
  8. haha. Yes it is ! Try having someone open a bottle and pour it in your car !
  9. Im trying ever calm this year for the first time...hope it works well. I have watched their show. The Family Deer Farm in Mich. they seem to have a pretty good system in breeding raising and collecting scents. The VS-1 stick was around $50 so I only got the Ever Calm one. i just cant see spending that much money on deer vaginal juice lol. If i have good results with the Ever calm I might think about using the vs-1 next year. Right now I use WRC special golden estrous and I also like using mock scrapes with the dripper. Bringing in deer would be a bonus but I like using scents for the purpose of stopping a deer to get a shot. Since I dont have food plots to hold deer in front of me this is my only other option.
  10. sorry I meant cancelling hunting in that area not the whole state of course. Still thats a very popular area to hunt. I've hunted there in the past but since I live in NC now I only come up to hunt in NY for 2 weeks a season. I would have to imagine there will be a lot of hunters who paid for there tags already that must be pretty upset about this. Then it begs the question why havent they found this guy yet ?
  11. I thought I heard that because of the manhunt ongoing for that murderous piece of trash that PA. is cancelling their hunting season? Is this true and if it is how do you PA hunters feel about this ? I know I would be livid !!
  12. this is a question I have asked myself so many times and still have no definite answer either way. I have used the whole spectrum of brands and scents, from tinks to Wildlife Research Center from Doe Estrous and or estrus to Buck urine and scrape scent. Cover Scent and scent killer. Is it better to be totally scent free or to use scent killer with earth or pine scent ? Honestly I have no concrete proof that I could say yeah that buck came in because I used Brand X scent. The one thing I know for sure works is grunting and snort wheeze calls. But I also know that there are times when it works and times when it doesnt.
  13. sorry jesse but it's because of hunters with attitudes like you that there is always in fighting between us. Maybe the guy doesnt have time or the means to shoot as much as you prefer all hunters to shoot, maybe the kid doesnt have an experienced hunter to teach him that the more you shoot the better you are. I think suggesting that someone shouldnt dare go hunting until you've shot a bow for at least months or some "X" amount of time that you deem required is nonsensical. Like some have stated prior instead of turning up your nose like some bow hunting snob you should have offered knowledge or tips.