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  1. chiefbkt

    2014 HuntingNY Whitetail Challenge

    Sounds good. I’ll have some new items as well. I guess the thing to do would be to get a list of all items and designate them for the winners. Example: first place-Trail cam, second-knife, and so on. Thoughts?
  2. chiefbkt

    2014 HuntingNY Whitetail Challenge

    I can donate some prizes if someone starts a new contest.
  3. Canon Vixia HF G20 with Muddy Pro camera arm. 1080P HD, 10x optical zoom, internal storage, and many other features. Camera is one year old and has been well taken care of. Has Campbell camera camo skins on it currently but is originally black in color. Will come with original equipment (battery & charger) and I may toss in few extras. This is a great camera! Camera arm is in good working order but shows sign of wear. Functions as it should. Asking $775 for the pair and would consider separating. Local pickup preferred but would ship for the right price.
  4. ScentLok Helix suit. Jacket size large and pants size medium. Brand new in packaging, never wore. Asking $300 local pickup or $315 shipped. Would also consider trades for the right item. Link attached for reference and details. Will load pics shortly.
  5. chiefbkt

    ScentLok Helix

    $250 or BO local pickup.
  6. chiefbkt

    Made it home

    2017 regular season buck.
  7. chiefbkt

    Made it home

    Thanks guys. Taxidermist suggested the mount, I just went with it. He’s my biggest buck to date at 130 7/8”.
  8. chiefbkt

    Winchester XPR 6.5 CM

    What’s your location?
  9. chiefbkt

    Muff Suggestions

    Check out Bow Mitt
  10. chiefbkt


    Probably the best trail cam pics I've seen of a fisher. I believe it's the same one in every pic.
  11. chiefbkt

    Bout time for a new 2017 truck thread!

    2004, new tires and rims too. Was gonna buy a new one but it only has 114,000 on her. So used some of the down payment money I had saved to do some refurbishing.
  12. chiefbkt

    Marlin 336 30-30

    Thinking hard on this one...don't really need a 30-30, but the nostalgia behind them gets me every time!
  13. chiefbkt

    Bout time for a new 2017 truck thread!

    Just got her back from the shop, new paint and body work.
  14. chiefbkt

    Do you film your own hunts?

    Tactacam is a little better than GoPro/Ultra ProX cams for filming from your bow/gun. I use them for 2nd and 3rd camera angles primarily. I wouldn't recommend them for capturing the full hunt.
  15. Do you film your own hunts? Would you like to see your mug on tv? If so, please check out our page at and click on the Uncut logo. We have a member driven portion of our show that airs Uncut member footage. The website contains all the information, so please check it out!
  16. chiefbkt

    Do you film your own hunts?

    All are welcome, even those tree sleeping videos...could classify as a swing n miss!
  17. chiefbkt

    Question: finger position on wrist release

    I use the middle or proximal joint as well. Then just a smooth straight backward movement (similar to a back tension) for the shot. Improved my accuracy tremendously.
  18. chiefbkt


    100 grain Muzzy Trocar
  19. chiefbkt

    Bow Hunter Education Class..

    Remember it's a course on bowhunter education, not a shooting course. They are under the impression you will put in the required time to become an accurate bowhunter capable ethically taking wild game. All they can do is score you on your knowledge of it.
  20. chiefbkt

    First Shot Daily Pics

    50 yards
  21. 2015 Obsession Sniper GT, 50-60 lb limbs, set at 29" draw. Brand new custom strings, new Apex Gear Covert adjustable sight, new QAD HDX Ultrarest, Trophy Ridge 9" stabilizer, and peep sight. Bow is all black with black and gold strings. This is a sweet bow, smooth draw, fast, and quiet. Asking $525 loaded, $375 bare bow, or can add remove rest/sights and negotiate price. Added a third bow so need to unload one. I may be willing to move a little on preferred and no trades please.