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  1. It does look nice but not a fan of the little 17s for yotes. Plus i just want the barrel so i can build it myself.
  2. Im asking for a .204 ruger AR barrel.
  3. Id choose corn or soybeans. Soybeans will be hit in spring, and as soon as they start browning up, which is during bow, the deer stop going to them. But this time of year the deer are in my soybeans alot. Corn would be good throughout bow and gun. Turkeys love the soybeans too, shot my fall bird this year in the beans. Hoping theres enough beans left in the spring to get another.
  4. Just got in from a quick set in my neighbors field...nothin again. Brought my son along too. I just love hunting in the snow, cant resist goin out for an hour. We did see 3 deer. 1 small buck, 2 doe.
  5. Sat the last hr watching over my field with my son. Got back in the house, 10min later...deer in the field.
  6. Too nice of a night to sit on the coach. Took my son across the street to try for some yotes. Nothin...but we saw 12 deer so that was cool.
  7. My son keeps asking if i think we r goin to get a snow storm tonight. Says his Thanksgiving vacation wasnt long enough. They had all week off!
  8. Would LOVE a thermal but definitely not in the cards anytime soon. Crazy kid wanted to go sit in a tree with me this morning. We made it till 930, the rifle had a good layer of ice on it by then, and his toes were frozen. Love every moment we get to spend together hunting.
  9. Sat till 945 with my son. Had a nice 2.5yr old buck come through. Then bumped a unknown gender deer on the way out.
  10. Lol, he is the nicest dog ive ever been around. He goes off leash through the woods with my kids all summer. Loves people, gets along with dogs he gets to know. Im sure if my wife, kids or myself were in a situation with a "bad guy" he wouldnt hesitate to protect us.
  11. Got the "perfect" tree today. Decorations tomorrow.
  12. We will be getting ours Saturday most likely. Been going to the same place for 7 years now. Koller christmas tree farm in the alden/darien area. Cut your own, they have a fire and hot chocolate for the kids. Good time every year.