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  1. Live From The Woods 2017 edition!

    No tape on him yet hes at the processor now. Then headed to the taxidermist. Ill have my dad measure before that though.
  2. Live From The Woods 2017 edition!

    ATBuckhunter All the ones ive seen this year came in while i was still rattling.
  3. Well lookie, lookie WNY Bowhunter has a birthday

    Happy Birthday
  4. Live From The Woods 2017 edition!

    Light but occasionally hit them hard together. Last a few minutes. Repeat every half hour.
  5. 2017 HuntingNY Archery Harvest Thread

    Ive had luck rattling this year, rattled in a 4, and a 6 on seperate occasions. This morning had a doe and button buck in early. Then around 815 i rattled in a 4 and a small 6. They came in together and moved off behind me. I rattled again at 9. This time a nice 7 came in i was tempted at first. Had the release hooked up but decided i didnt want him to b the buck that ends my bow season. So i started video taping him on my phone. I got about 1.5 mins of video then he walked off behind me. I look up and a much larger buck is walking in on the same path. Hes already only 40 yarfs out. He works his way in to about 25 yards and crosses behind some trees, i drew back and he walked into a swamp behind me. I took the shot when he was just over 20 yards. Shot looked good but didnt look like it penatrated that much. The arrow fell out after he spun and took off. I thought i saw him drop but wasnt sure. The 7 took off with him and wasnt sure what deer i was looking at. I climbed down after 20 mins, found my arrow that was missing about 5" of arrow and the broadhead. I backed out for 1.5 hrs. Brought my son back to help with the track. I circled around the swamp and picked up blood on the other side. It was a easy track that led to the spot i thought i saw a deer drop. Heavy bases split browtine. Beautiful buck.
  6. Live From The Woods 2017 edition!

    Yea dragged him about 75yards to my nearest trail, then let the tractor do the work.
  7. Live From The Woods 2017 edition!

    Pics dont do him justice, just dropped him off at proccesor. Getting capped, hes goin on the wall.
  8. Live From The Woods 2017 edition!

    Split brow 9 pt, i post more pics and story in the harvest thtead later
  9. Live From The Woods 2017 edition!

    Dead buck
  10. Live From The Woods 2017 edition!

    Watching a video of the 7pt that had me tempted and in the background i got the bigger buck walking in without me even knowing.
  11. Live From The Woods 2017 edition!

    My arrow
  12. Live From The Woods 2017 edition!

    Ill say if ur not seeing anything, try rattling. He came in with a 7pt after i rattled. 4 bucks today to rattling.
  13. Live From The Woods 2017 edition!

    Broadside, little over 20 yards, maybe slight quarting away. Looked like right at the shoulder, i dont know if he stepped and the shoulder was back when i shot.
  14. Live From The Woods 2017 edition!

    Well, siiting in the house waiting a while. Got down checked my arrow, abow 8-10" missing. Decent blood and brown hair on the ground. I may have seen him drop but im too worried. Gonna eat some breakfast then headed back in.
  15. Live From The Woods 2017 edition!

    Just stuck a nice buck, didnt look like great penatration though...