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  1. 2 birthday boys today. Happy birthday Fletch and Moog !

    Happy Birthday!!
  2. Yelling Goat rendevouz part deux

    I would definitely like to make it this time.
  3. Live From The Water 2018 Edition!

    Wife got the best catch today on chatataqua. We are headed down to the keys tuesday so many more pics to come from us.
  4. Loooong range shooting help.

    A friend has a chrono, when i get back from vacation ill be borrowing it. And then to the 700 yard range, then if i got things figured out there ill see if i csn get to the field to try 1000. Not sure if its planted or not, that could be a problem.
  5. Who owns a camper?

    We had a 25ft nitro xlr toy hauler that had a queen bed up front. In the back u had the dinner table with a couch on either side that would fold together to make a queen sized bed. Above that was a queen sized bed, both were on a rail system that with the push of a button would raise too the ceiling so we could park 2 quads side by side. Had kitchen area and bathroom. Great little camper. Traded that in on a 32ft grand design imagine. It has two bunks in the back, larger bathroom, fold out couch, dinning area, large kitchen area lots of storage. Good sized bedroom for us with more storage. This is for a family of 4. Probably overkill for just the two of you. The toy hauler would be a good fit.
  6. Loooong range shooting help.

    Just to clear things up. Ill give a little background. I was in the marines from 03-09, i was platoon high shooter in boot camp, i was consitently one of the best shots in my company. I was a designated marksman in iraq for my platoon in 2005. I trained with our company gunny, who prior to coming to us was a sniper. Ive shot the 5.56 out to 625 yards. I dont currently handload, but i will. My rifle likes the hornady black 123eld-m. Ive shot a best group of .56 moa at 300 yards with the ammo. I completely understand that 1000 yards is a whole new game for me. I trust my abilities to shoot at distance and i have faith in the rifle and round. So with that being said i appreciate all the feed back and am anxious to learn from anyone i can.
  7. Loooong range shooting help.

    From my reading thats what i should expect from a 20" barrel. But ive been doin more reading on my scope. I thought i should have more adjustment for elevation and it turns i do. However when using the zero stop i prevents u from turning the dial more than 1 full evolution. Which is pretty stupid. So im goin to half to count my clicks.
  8. Loooong range shooting help.

    Its a upper from 20" satern barrel, 1/8 twist. Its a scary AR with pinned mag. Theres a pic up top^
  9. Loooong range shooting help.

    I believe i may have read that story in a american rifleman magazine a couple years ago.
  10. Loooong range shooting help.

    6.5 grendel shooting 123gr eld-m hornady factory ammo at just under 2600fps.
  11. Loooong range shooting help.

    I dont think anoyone is using "average" equipment at a mile lol.
  12. Loooong range shooting help.

    Not so much guessing hense all the math involved. These figures at the long distance is a pretty good ball park figure to get me around the target. Its a bucket list kinda thing for me to hit a 12" plate @ 1000 yards.
  13. Loooong range shooting help.

    I shoot to 300 yards in my backyard, theres a range close by that goes to 700 yards and a buddy has acess to a field that he and his brother have shot out to 1000 yards. So im just trying to do somehomework before sending the lead down range.
  14. Loooong range shooting help.

    This is the reticle. If im reading it right i have about 10.5 moa from the center of the crosshairs to the last hash. This will get me another 42 "clicks" worth of elevation or 105" of elevation. Right?
  15. Ok, i recived my new burris veracity 3-15x50. Zeroed at 200 yards. Set the turret to 0. I have 96 clicks of elevation left. O I should say its sitting in a warne mount with 20moa built in. Im putting a table together that takes me out to 1000 yards. The scope is 1/4 moa per click. If i did my math right im looking at 12 clicks up at 300 yards 9 in of drop, 26 clicks up at 400 26 in of drop, 43 clicks at 500 53in of drop, 60 at 600 90in of drop, 80 at 700 139in of drop, 101 at 800 203in of drop, 127 at 900 285in of drop and 155 at 1000 388in of drop... for the experts out there, am i pretty much maxed out at 750 yards with this setup? As far as clicks go...i can always use the reticle for more elevation. I was hoping to not have to do that. So to recap... if 1/4moa click @1000 yards= roughly 2.5", then 388÷2.5= 155 clicks up of elevation... is this right?