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  1. If these deer had a heart they'd show up for his rattling...
  2. Been having a flock of 18 birds show up the last 4 days in the soy beans. I could only hunt till 830 at the latest this morning. Flock showed up around 805, they stayed to the back of my field and fed their way to the edge of the woods. 1 by 1 they slipped into the woods. I had my eyes on a hen that was constantly keeping watch over the flock. She was a few steps from the tree line at the shot. Didnt take 1 more after it. I paced the distance twice, 70 yards and 65 yards. Ill call it 67 yards, crazy how good these guns shoot, mossy 835 shooting 3.5" winchesters.
  3. Sittin with my son in a stand behind our small foodplot. Hopefully they get hungry before dark.
  4. 815 got it done on a nice hen. They came in from the back of the field, which normally they dont. Big flock of hens and poults. Then they start leaving the field prior to making it to were im sitting which is also not normal...but i watched 1 hen that always had her head up while the others fed. She was my target bird. She was getting ready to walk into the tree line and into the woods, settled the old mossy 835 on her neck and shot. Flop! Paced off twice 65 yards! Shes in the freezer and we are on our way to work a youth football game.
  5. I have till about 820 to shoot a turkey. If they come out to the same chunk of field they have been for the last 4 days its a done deal. Goodluck everyone!
  6. Not alot of time to hunt tomorrow morning so im goin to try my luck at shooting a turkey in the face. Then my bil is coming over for a evening hunt. Be nice to get a turkey and a deer in the same day.
  7. Nothin but deer in the field this evening. 3 bucks though so that was good to see.
  8. Squirrels became annoying enough that im back in the house and loading up to go get'm.
  9. Got in the tree around 8 after dropping kids off at school. Pretty excited for turkey opener tomorrow. Ive had turkeys in my field the last 4 days...which means i probably wont see them till the end of November now...