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  1. Trying my hand at some homemade salmon cakes!
  2. Ive posted many, many funny pics of creedmoor shooters...not really sure how i feel about myself now.
  3. Well my grendel sold at DDs ranch. Unfortunately i dont have as much extra cash on hand since this stupid virus . So i planned on building a bolt gun, but for what i wanted to build to much $$$. So i went on gunbroker and looked at ALOT of lefty bolt guns. Did alot of research and decided to purchase a Tikka tac a1 in 6.5 creedmoor. Now that i will be owning a creedmoor i will start growing my man bun out... Cant wait to get my hands on the rifle, havent read a negative comment about this rifle. Only bad thing is cost of magazines, they are proprietary to tikkas and cost around $100. However the rifle comes with 2, and has a coupon to send in for a 3rd. I have a leupold vx3i lrp 4.5-14×50 going on it.
  4. How could a reload complicate your concealed carry? If your a righty, mag goes on left side. If you are carrying concealed you should be proficient with mag changes, and accessing jams or other malfunctions. I dont know what i could run into while im out, thats why i carry. I also dont assume the threat will always be a single individual.
  5. I do occasionally, more so in the winter when it can be "hidden" in a coat pocket or pants pocket. They stick out worse than the gun. I could always just put it in a mag pouch on my belt i gues...
  6. So which do you think it is? These are from the 2019-2020 book. Tonight or tuesday?
  7. Did for sets last night. My son came with us so was really hoping for some action. Ended up calling in 3 red fox and 1 unknown. Heard 1 yote howl, first yote sounds ive heard in weeks. Fun night with no shooting.
  8. Hopefully headed out tonight. Would like to get one with the rifle my wife got me for Christmas this year.