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  1. Just relized this is dumb...nothing to see here...
  2. Probably worse off then domestic dogs. Yotes are not eating dog chow and biscuits. They are chewing on deer and rabbits, fighting other yotes.
  3. First one, 1st shot probably 80 yards, last hit maybe 110ish. Second one right around 100 yards.
  4. Fun, frustrating, draining... Hunted from 630pm-6am, called in a total of 5 yotes. 2 got to come home with me, missed 1 somehow, still bothering me. Both males, one was 39lbs the other just under 43lbs. Hoping my buddy has pics, i just got video. Ill probably get a pic of them tomorrow when i skin'm.
  5. Little last minute for the tournament but the new to me 224 valkyrie from moog is a great rifle. Last 3 shots were easy 3/3 at my 6" gong at 300 yards.
  6. Wind is #1, beyond that try and stick with female vocals, pair howls. Interogation howls, when they answer throw challenge back at them. If they get hunted alot it will be hard to get them to commit. Throw sounds at them u dont use often.
  7. For my bolt gun i run triclawps gun clamp. For a ar i run a mlok to arca attachment on the rail that slides right into the arca clamp on the ball head.
  8. So sorry for your loss. She is living on healthy again.
  9. A cretac 50d, its good, im sure thier are better but works for me.
  10. I have some primed brass laying around and some reloads you could pull apart, u can have it all cheap.
  11. Im 5'11" and the slik pro 700dx definitely has the height u need. I leave the center post down completely at 95% of my sets. It has probably 12" of extra up travel if needed.
  12. Yes that will be on from each location. We were signed up for this tournament before we knew about when the games would be played. Cant back out on the $30 entry fee now lol!
  13. In a one night tournament tomorrow night. Starting at 5pm and probably hunting till 7am sunday morning. We have alot of new spots spread out from medina down to bliss. Hoping the weather doesnt do anything crazy, wind looks a bit high for my liking but gotta take what you can get. Whenever i wake up sunday...or monday ill post up pics and stories.