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  1. Gencountyzeek

    Antler King Products

    I have had good luck with Tecomate Monster mix.
  2. Gencountyzeek

    Air Boat Ride in or Near Orlando.

    Best i can help is 3 hrs from orlando in the everglades. Everglades holiday park has a good boat ride and alligator show afterwards.
  3. Gencountyzeek

    Can dog surgery be very expensive?

    One of our dogs had to have a k9 removed that he cracked in half. That was $500, to cap it would have cost over $1400.
  4. April 21st i would be open to taking out a youth hunter if anyone has a kid but no woods to hunt. Located a few minutes north of the pembroke exit off the 90.
  5. Gencountyzeek

    Happy B'day Biz-R-OWorld

    Happy Birthday
  6. Gencountyzeek

    April Fool's joke..

    We only got a inch or two. Woke my son up and told him he had a snow day. He was soooo happy. I waited about two minutes for him to get snuggled back in to his blankets, and yelled april fools, get up! Hes not happy with me know lol.
  7. Gencountyzeek

    Let’s talk about Pocket holsters

    I have a Sticky holster for my smith bodyguard. Can be pocket or iwb carried.
  8. Gencountyzeek

    Happy birthday WNYBuckhunter , Steve D , Savagehunter

    Happy Birthday
  9. Gencountyzeek

    My 6.5 Grendel

    Again not trying to start a argument. I watched the video since i never heard of the hyperswitch. Assumed it was all one system that made the mag removable. Good on your DA. Enjoy the rifle.
  10. Gencountyzeek

    My 6.5 Grendel

    I understand the concept. I would say its definitely in the grey area of the law.
  11. Gencountyzeek

    My 6.5 Grendel

    Can you explain to me how the hyperswitch is legal? I personally dont care if people follow the safeact or not but it appears you are trying too. Im pretty sure i wouldnt want to be botherd by a cop whos having a bad day with one.
  12. Gencountyzeek

    My soon to be new to me truck.

    What! A denali doesnt have a fryer. I got ripped off.
  13. Gencountyzeek

    My soon to be new to me truck.

    Tacomas are finally getting power seats for 2020. They were never an option. Ill probably be picking one up this winter.
  14. Gencountyzeek

    Happy Birthday "Stay at home Nomad"

    Happy Birthday
  15. Gencountyzeek

    My 6.5 Grendel

    Welcome to the grendel fan club!