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  1. Gencountyzeek

    51 point

    Most points i believe. Doesnt look like biggest.
  2. Gencountyzeek

    Happy birthday SmokinTN !

    Happy Birthday
  3. Gencountyzeek

    Yelling Goat rendezvous take 3

    I say it every time but i really will try to be there.
  4. Selling this upper to fund more of my 6.5 grendel build. Its a 18" ss barrel, vg6 gamma muzzle break. The 277 wlv is a 223 necked up to 277. This means it uses the same mags and bolt as a 223/556. Reloading dies are available online from hornady. Their are 2 manufacturers producing loaded ammo and a few producing new brass. I have some 110gr nosler accubonds loaded up i would throw in if u wanted them. I still have over half pound of the 1680 powder to go with the upper also. Upper does not come with bcg or ch. Asking $425, shipping would be extra. Only about 40 rounds fired.
  5. Bought these to load for my grendel, turns out they are too long of a bullet. Cant return them since i opened the package. These would work great for a 6.5 creedmoor or 260rem. I paid $35+tax at cabelas, id sell locally for $30. Wny area.
  6. Gencountyzeek

    Ok entertain me here..

    It was almost like clock work in my woods, from bow to early gun. Around 9am they always came through.
  7. Gencountyzeek

    Gencountyzeek 2018 Whitetail Classic Entry

    Thank you, has been a great year.
  8. So concludes my 2018 season. Shot at 740 am.
  9. Back in, no sightings for either of us. Brought in 2 cams, the one in my foodplot had a ton of pics. That pic of the doe is the most impressive, what a tank!
  10. Beautiful morning, no wind. Seems like a great day to shoot a doe. Or better yet my brother in law can get a buck.
  11. Gencountyzeek

    Happy birthday Gencountyzeek !

    Had pizza and fingers from pizzabella in Akron.
  12. Gencountyzeek

    Happy birthday Gencountyzeek !

    Thank you. Wife paid for my S&W 586 i recently recieved from a estate. My kids (my wife)got me a nice set of Leupold binoculars. Very happy, its been a good year hopefully MANY more.
  13. Gencountyzeek

    New 6.5 Grendel build

    As far as cycling. I would pull the charging handle back then let it go and it would pickup the next round. At about shot 15 ut didnt pickup the next round. I had to ride the charging handle forward. No big deal, may add some more lube to see if it helps next time.
  14. Gencountyzeek

    New 6.5 Grendel build

    Ran into a small hiccup today. Put a box of hornady black through it. Shot ok, just under 2" at 200. But i came in to clean it and i noticed my handguard is resting on the gas block. No more free floated barrel at that point. I ground down some of the gas block but it still touches. Just ordered and smaller gas block to put on that will hopefully clear the handguard.