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  1. Gencountyzeek

    Youth baseball thread

    Champs! 7-4 Huge team victory, every kid made a play. My son caught 2 fly balls in center field, 2 rbi's, and he scored once. Baseball is over happy and sad, great group of kids and coachs to work with.
  2. Gencountyzeek

    Youth baseball thread

    Won our 2nd game of the tourney 7-6 in extra innings. Came back from a 6-1 deficit. It was good for this team to finally get down, they needed a few motivational speeches to get thier heads up but they came through in the end. Unfortunately we had to use our stud pitcher for the majority of the game so he cant pitch tomorrow for the championship. Next man up!
  3. Gencountyzeek

    New to us boat.

    I have 4 line counter rods setup, my dad has 2, the boat came with a lowrance elite 7ti so we are set for that. I have a sh$t ton of dipsys, jet divers, other stuff i picked up in the past to get down deep. Dont know if its gonna get riggers... have a ton of worm harnesses, stick baits. Ordering a pair of double rod holders soon, that will give us the ability to troll 8 rods.
  4. Gencountyzeek

    New to us boat.

    My dad had the radio and speakers still in the box from a past boat they never made it into.
  5. Gencountyzeek

    Youth baseball thread

    We won our first game of our 10u allstar tournament yesterday 14-2. We were supposed to play today but it got rained out. So rescheduled for tomorrow night.
  6. Gencountyzeek

    Wallayes out of Dunkirk

    My dad and his friend were fishing out of Barcelona the last week. Not to far from dunkirk, they fished from 35'-55'. Chartreuse head bay rats tipped with half a crawler did very well for them.
  7. Gencountyzeek

    New to us boat.

    Put a new radio and speakers in the boat yesterday. And my dad had this incredibly low hour 9.9hp yammie sittin in his basement that was on the 14ft seanymph that i sold today. Now its our kicker motor. Need to figure out a place for a auxiliary gas tank for it and get a connecting rod to the main motor.
  8. Gencountyzeek

    1995 sylvan 14ft boat

    Correction its a 2000 not a 1995.
  9. Gencountyzeek

    1995 sylvan 14ft boat

    Thanks, it went up to Quebec a few times thats it. Half of the trailer is new, he built the front end this year.
  10. Selling this for my dad. Pretty sure its a 1995, he has the regi. 14ft with minkota trolling motor, deep cyle battery, and a cover that is to big for it but it comes with it! Trailer is registered homemade 2 new rims and tires. Hes asking $675 obo Located in pembroke (wny)
  11. Gencountyzeek


    My father has the previous version the t3. The action on the tikkas are fantastic and they are very accurate. Great deal at $500.
  12. Gencountyzeek

    Came across this boat for sale

    Thats a good price on a nice boat.
  13. Gencountyzeek

    New to us boat.

    I had a boat prior to this, a 89 bayliner i bought for $100, put spark plugs and a new impeller and housing in it and had 4 years of fishing and tubing in it. Sold it for $700. I cant wait to get out on erie with it and put some eyes in the cooler.