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  1. If just targeting fox, yes i would stick with distress and fox vocals.
  2. May be going down to a buddies cabin near cherry creek. He has been seeing a big black yote down there alot. Wants it gone, and i want it!
  3. Nothing! Hunted 7pm-130am, 8 stops no yotes. Saw 2 fox and alot of deer. Wind was pretty brutal, might try one more time next week.
  4. Its been awhile but making it out saturday for the last tournament of the year. Probably be my last time out also.
  5. The person i have thats interested is a collector of WWII stuff.
  6. Ok, i gotta talk to a buddy. He was the one interested. Ill see him friday and ill let you know, thanks.
  7. Thats going to be a very accurate rifle. What twist are you going with?
  8. Yea im happy now lol. Wanted to get a bow buck in the books so thats priority #2 this season, my son starts hunting this year so everything i do is going to revolve around him having a great season.
  9. Sorry, Buck grossed 155 1/8 Netted 143 1/8 As a 8pt grossed 150 7/8
  10. Just got it scored two days ago. Was setup to go to caledonia then i couldnt get a response to any emails to set up a day. All is good, thanks for the help.
  11. Id look at the new agm taipan series of thermal scanners. U will definitely be able to pick up heat over 400 yards out. With my agm tm25-384 ive picked up a yote out around 1000 yards, obviously not id a yote until 300 yards.
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