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  1. Awsome tribute. I actually contacted wooly today too. Hopefully getting out there soon to pick up a bear.
  2. Im not home but i believe he scored 155 5/8 gross.
  3. Ill have him in about a week. Looking awsome. Ill be bringing him to the nys big buck club banquet, along with my dad and son. Anyone else goin this year?
  4. Im paying 600 for my gun buck, pedestal shoulder mount.
  5. Cant wait to get it all bloody this season! Kinda of a dream truck for me, love everything about it... maybe not the mpg but meh i can live with that lol
  6. Cost way less than the pond lol. Probably $300 more than a normal id say.
  7. Its slowly filling without rain, but rain definitely helps.
  8. Finished the dock up this afternoon. 16ft long 12ft wide. Now we need some more monsoons here lol
  9. We added a bunch of rock formations, ill be making some artificial cover this weekend to drop in. And i have the last 4 years Christmas trees im thinking if sinking in there.
  10. The deepest hole will probably be 17'ish, but should average around 13'.
  11. Fun fact of our pond, they moved 5000 yards of dirt! The digging is done, dock building will probably start this weekend.
  12. Pond came up another 1ft over night, happy to see that. Sitting down tonight to figure out dock designs with the wife.
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