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  1. New pond build

    Thanks, yea ive been doin some homework on this and it seems $10k is the average cost for this size pond. Thanks again.
  2. New pond build

    If u dont mind me asking, about how much is it costing for the pond to be dug? My wife and i are thinking about it for next year. Thanks.
  3. Synthetic winch rope?

    I run sythetic, a little advise when plowing swithch to a roller fairland, and in the summer run a hawse fairland. The synthetic will snap after alot of plowing if not using the roller, its because the low angle the rope attaches to the plow it will rub on the hawse fairland. I snapped mine a few times last winter. Pic is hawse fairland. Also i bought my rope off ebay, wasnt expensive for 2500lb synthetic cable.
  4. Kitchenaid Grinder help / tips

    Ive been using ours for probably 10 years. No melting washers. Try using meat that is almost frozen, should grind easier than warm meat with all the tendons ur trying to grind. I do 2-4 deer a year in ours.
  5. Hunter "Blaze" Orange

    The way ive heard it, if its required to wear orange and billy bob sees movement and doesnt see orange hes feels safer to shoot. I guess it should make u think twice about shooting at movement. I wear orange bibs during gun, always seem to kill deer.
  6. Live From The Water 2018 Edition!

    Booked our Florida keys trip for this year last night. So ill add alot at the end of june. Cant wait!
  7. Anybody Going

    Ill be there tomorrow with my son. Watch out trout!
  8. Selling my kawasaki to get get a sport quad. It has 990 miles on it. 14" msa rims with 26" pitbull growler tires. HMF slip on, 2500lb warn winch with synthetic cable, and snow plow. Now the really good stuff, clutch was sent out to VForce john in PA. It is his stage 3 with spider mod. Also he prgramded a msd programer for the slip on. Only selling because for any utility type work i use my tractor. Quad sits too much. Would like a raptor 700r so if u have a 2015 and up raptor and would like to trade im interested. Selling price is $6500 obo. Located in wny.
  9. Suppliers that ship ammo to NY

    Just purchased bulk order from targetsportsusa. Free shipping!
  10. If i can get my wifes quad running right we may b in
  11. Big buck mount...

  12. The Yelling Goat’s On Fire!!!!!

    Hes probably there trying to help!
  13. The Yelling Goat’s On Fire!!!!!

    We were just in lancaster and saw 2 fire trucks fly by. Hopefully not too bad.
  14. Question for the AR15 Folks

    Love my 6.5 grendel. All this AR talk, this weekend ill be down in middletown working a gunshow with dds ranch. Come on out and buy 1 or 2 if your in the area!
  15. 2018 Shed Thread

    My son found this one today. He found a dead head last month. Must be those young eyes workin good.