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  1. Just picked up permission to a large farm i always drive by and wish i could yote hunt. I stopped twice in the last month but no one was home. Stopped today and the guy was ecstatic that i want to hunt yotes. Feels like a Christmas day to me!
  2. Ill be out saturday for a 1 night tournament. Hunting lancaster, akron, corfu, and attica. Weather looks good, hopefully dogs cooperate.
  3. Lost some weight and now its too big. Very good condition, no rips or tears. Size xl parka and xl pants. Very warm stuff. Asking $200 local pickup wny
  4. For a reference im shooting those bemman ics whiteouts 340 at 28.5" at 65lb draw. Ive been very happy with how they performed on the last 2 deer ive killed have been with them. Also im shooting 100g nap killzones.
  5. Hope its not too late to join. Team 4 here
  6. Yea, if i wasnt going for archery i would definitely go during the muzzloader season as it fall perfectly for the rut.
  7. Selling my coyote cannon as its just too much light for my new nv setup. Comes with case, charger, 2 batteries, mount, 850nm ir light and a red led also. Price is firm at $250
  8. Based off the deer i see around here he just looks real thin in the antlers. I guess he coild be a 3.5 but generally they have pretty decent bases and mass.