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  1. Will head down to Marathon key in july, will spend a couple days in St. Pete with my brothers family as they just moved down there in December.
  2. Probably 15-ish inches here, plowed the driveway then went back to our sledding hill. Had to take the truck back. Probably 600 yards from the road, 4lo front and rear locked, nice steady pace all the way back.
  3. $550obo come on people someone needs this. Did i mention its Bluetooth compatible! U got your summer time outdoor boombox baby!!!
  4. I have been training my belgain malinois on and off the last couple years. I like to use a chunk of deer liver stuck on the end of a stick. Rub it on the ground every few steps. Start out doing maybe 75 yards with some curves and work your way up to longer distances with 90 degree bends, bigger gaps between points of scent, and let it sit longer before you bring the dog out. Leave the chunk at the end of the track so the dog gets a reward. This can also be done with deer blood you collect from a kill.
  5. Won this call this past weekend at a tournament. Just opened the box to take pics. It is a factory refurbished Foxpro X wave. New the call sells for between $700-$750. Looking for $600 prefer local pickup, im in genesee county. Could ship on buyers dime.
  6. Yea saturday was a huge disappointment. My buddy i was hunting with is contemplating a thermal scope now lol. He was also saying he couldnt see the yotes because he is shorter than me...i asked how tall he is, 5'10"...im 5'11" lol.
  7. Your good, @land 1the above photo is in fact real however i do believe when i researched it, its from another state actually. Also the DEC does not keep track of coyote weights, i emailed the DEC on that one, no records.
  8. Thinking 600 on the xwave. Its going to fund gear for my elk hunt. Let me know.
  9. Ive shot 1 this year that topped 50lbs, my son shot one that was 49lbs. Surprisingly both out of our field behind our house. 50lbers are not that uncommon, i havent seen any 60lbers killed personally. This tourney had 110 teams this year and i was shocked a 43lber won. I lost 2 years ago with a 48lber.
  10. Oooof, yesterday was a brutal day of hunting. Saw absolutely nothing all night. Only had 1 spot were i got yotes to respond and they were far away so we moved to a closer field but nothing. Wind was wipping and eventually rain was just freezing to us and all our gear. The weigh in was today and always a good time. Missed out on heaviest yote by 8oz. Mine was 43.18 lb. The raffles paid off and i won a in the box Factory refurbished FoxPro Xwave, which once i figure out a price will be for sale if anyone is interested.
  11. Some screen shots from the video i took of the shots. Just before death...
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