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  1. Little Zeek strikes again. Thanksgiving 10pt.
  2. Sitka Fantatic bibs and jacket. Base layer- under armour 3.0 bottoms I have thin kuiu merino bottoms that ill put on also if its really cold Top base- sitka merino quarter zip Kuiu peloton 200 hoody over the sitka I almost never wear the jacket walking in, and have the bibs side zip opened up to vent also. If you had a long walk in id probably pack it in and dress at the tree.
  3. Started with red lights, still use hand calls almost everytime I go out. It definitely is very addicting, and can be very expensive if you so desire lol.
  4. Sighted our guns in yesterday, went out tonight. Call was goin for not even 2 mins and here comes little Zeeks first victim of the year and first fox ever. Shot it at about 90 yards. Plenty more to come!
  5. Update...no deer, had a great guy from deer search come out with cooper the dog. Never really got on anything, did a total of 1.5 miles. Son is obviously devastated but its a learning moment and we will get better from it.
  6. My father stopped by while im at work to look for my sons buck. He couldnt find a trace of anything, not looking good.
  7. Hair was around 2", brown and black tipped. From what i looked up it appears high shoulder/back area.
  8. No deer...no blood at the hit site. found half the arrow in a path, no trees around, looks like the buck jumped some downed trees and the arrow snapped. Close enough to his shoulder when he jumped he snapped it...not sure. Hair in that area, 2 pin drop size spots of blood. Theres 14"-16" of arrow in the deer. Left a msg with deer search, we'll see if i get a call back tomorrow.
  9. I dont plan on pursuing, I want to check hit site, and trail leading to were i last saw it. If it looks like we have lung blood ill continue. If not im back till half time.
  10. Wish us luck, son hit a buck little before 6. Shot was liverish area, it spun on the shot but was quartering away on impact. Heading out in an hour to check were i saw it last before it went into thick cover.
  11. Had this happen 2 years ago. Turned out my rest decided to quit working.
  12. @wolc123 Tags in Idaho are 650 for elk and 350 for muley's I believe. Id trade NY in a heartbeat to be out there, absolutely beautiful. I turn 40 in a a month, i plan i doing this as long as i can.
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