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  1. Had the sherriffs called on me and a few buddies before yote season. Had them over at my place, we shot till 10pm. Then 3 friendly sherriffs walked over to make sure we were not drinking while shooting. Bullshitted with them for awhile and they went on thier way.
  2. Heading out again tonight. Hope the rain holds off.
  3. Welcome aboard! No sheds found yet by me. Im in genesee county, were u from?
  4. I have a buddy that uses the tripod trigger stick. Hes happy with it, dont wory about a tripod being to big, u will love not having to hold the gun. Just set the length and all u have to do is lean into the gun to shoot.
  5. I was barking , and howling back at them for almost an hour. I know its them challenging whatever is out there. Sunday night i tried the silent treatment and it didnt work. So last night i was trying to piss them off enough to come fight. One definitely seperated from the pack and it was me vs that one back and fourth. Between the back and fourth i played pup distress, female challenge howls, barks. Mainly it was me and the mfk diaphram barking and howling.
  6. I have that bipod. I used it and have killed yotes and fox from it. For the price its not bad.
  7. Well no shots again tonight. It was a fun one though. 2 nd set i could hear yotes in the distance in the direction of a field i have permission to hunt about 3/4 mile away. Setup there and start calling. 10 minutes in i catch eyes at the very back of one of the 2 fields im watching. I watch a yote in my scope for maybe 5 seconds, its out there around 400 yards. Im hoping i can convince it to come in. After it slips into the woods a minute later they all sound off. For the next 60 minutes we go back and fourth yipping, howling, and barking at each other. I slowly slipped down the field till i was about 200 yards out from the woods. It was crazy, i definitely pissed one of them off as you could here he/she broke away from the rest to bark and howl at me. I was so sure i would get a shot but it wouldnt leave the woods. I was at that set for 85 minutes, usually 45 minutes is a long set. I tried recording thier sounds, will check today how it sounds. Maybe i can figure out how to post a video in here. Pic of were i was setup initially and were i saw the yote. They were back in those woods.
  8. Ball head comes with the tripod. You will have to get a arca swiss like the one pictured. It attaches to the clamp which then fits on the tripod. Ive used that tripod for 2 years now no complaints.
  9. Better field of view, easier to to got on them if they dont come from were i expect, and i dont have to carry a seat. As long as i can get some brush or trees behind me ill stand all the time.
  10. Finally have everything that was needed for the new setup. 850nm ir bulb in the wicked light, added a more tatical bolt handle. The factory one was short and my fingers would hit the scope. New one is longer. Picatiny attachment point were the sl8ng stud was for the light. Got a clamp for the tripod so i can be standing at my sets and be hands free with the gun until needed. Hopefully going out for a few quick sets tonight. Weekend weather looks crappy so hope i find a dumb enough yote tonight.
  11. If they are not blown up i gove them to a trapper friend. I skinned and stretched one this year, not to hard to do. If blown up ill take to tail and salt them.
  12. Thats a bucket list hunt for me! Behind some others but i need friends in texas!!
  13. Its night vision. The ir light its a light we cant see but is picked up by the night vision. That buck was somewere in the 100 yards-ish away. I was watching him and othets at 400+ yards. At that distance you could see they are deer, and you could tell he had a good rack buck no way to see tines.
  14. Yes it is. Sooo much better with a upgraded ir light.
  15. Nope, guy that lives around the block from me saw him about a mile away on federal land that cant be hunted. Its all being clear cut for a national vetrans cemetery. So hes welcome to my woods.