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  1. Gencountyzeek

    Tipton Best Gun Vise

    Ill take it
  2. Gencountyzeek


    Drainage u say? Didnt see that in the link. So i have a drainage ditch that runs the length of my 12 acre crop field. Like 400 yards, u think i can apply?
  3. Gencountyzeek

    Tripod suggestions

    This is what i use, light and easy to setup. It didnt cost alot. The magpul attachment obviously only works if u have mlok rail. Bog pod is coming out with the "death grip" would be good if u want a clamp style.
  4. Gencountyzeek

    Name the cartridges

    No, i like being able to buy brass for what i shoot. Not a fan of having to fire form or other stuff like that. I actually have a upper in .277 wolverine that i built only because it came with 100pcs of starline brass. Guess i do have a obscure round. But id like to sell it, doesnt wow me with ballistics.
  5. Gencountyzeek

    Name the cartridges

    I dont own anything obscure enough to take part in this...
  6. Gencountyzeek

    Name the cartridges

    Wow cant wait for him to come all the way to wny to bring me beer and pizza!
  7. Gencountyzeek

    Name the cartridges

    224 valkyrie
  8. Gencountyzeek

    Name the cartridges

    2nd from the left the one i got wrong?...
  9. Gencountyzeek

    Name the cartridges

    Ill guess .223, 243, 6.8, and 6.5 creedmoor...all wrong i know
  10. Gencountyzeek

    Post Season Trail Cam Pics

    Quick walk today.
  11. Gencountyzeek

    Coyote hunting

    Nothin again. Three sets, first had 2 sets of fresh yote tracks and set of fox tracks. 2nd set, buddy saw eyes for a split second then gone. He went home, i tried my backyard, nothin. 2am now, time for bed.
  12. Gencountyzeek

    Cast iron tub

    The floor comes up easy, set ur depth on the saw and cut a grid into the floor, whack with a small sledge to lift it a little, then use a small crowbar to lift the pieces out. The walls in that bathroom was the worst. Couldnt use my saw on it because the owners had people refinishing the kitchens cabniets. Had to use mini sledge to bust all the tile and mud. Then go back over with the saw to cut the metal out. Then got to tear out the ceiling, gotta love the time when drywall just came out. 1/4 drywall with a quarter inch of mortar over that...almost not worth the 12hrs for $500.
  13. Gencountyzeek

    Cast iron tub

    Best thing for the early muded foors with like a inch of concrete and then tile is a circular saw with a masonry blade. Definitely hang a tarp over the door to keep out the dust from getting out. Wall mudded too? This pic is of the worst i have demoed.
  14. Gencountyzeek

    Coyote hunting

    Headed out tonight with a buddy, hope to see some eyes, its been awhile.