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  1. I do txt, or phone call. Never really had any problems that way. But if your not interested in trades make sure that's very obvious in your post.
  2. Had soybeans 2 years ago, corn last year. I havent found a fawn carcass the 2.5 years I've owned the property.
  3. Pretty sure farmers planting soy beans in my 12 acre field this year, so I won't plant it.
  4. Looking for suggestions on what to plant. The last 2 years I've put in a evolved harvest mix. But I'm looking for something like clover for now and then disc that in and do radishs later. Any input on types/brands or when to plant?
  5. Well my grandfather called and needed some help around his house. Moved slowly out to the field and nothings there... o well maybe tomorrow morning before I go to a auction.
  6. So I get the kids on the bus come inside and there's a flock in my field. I throw my camo on and sneak around through the woods. I'm set up about 100 yards into the woods off the field. Ive called and gotten no response. It's killing me not knowing if they are still in the field...
  7. I'll be gone Friday morning to sunday night.
  8. I'm out, I was asked to work a gun show down state with dds ranch. Easy money I can't pass up. However if anyone is around the orange county area head over to the gun show and I'll gladly sell ya a shiny new gun!
  9. I had one gobbling on roost this a.m. I set up my decoys right under a roosting hen, who promptly flew away oops. He kept gobbling, probably within 75 yards. Then it all went silent. I had a root sticking me in the left butt cheek, so I shift my weight and at that moment I hear snap and see him running away, he was maybe 50 yards away. Im very new at this myself, I'm learning quickly to be very patient and DON'T MOVE AN INCH! Goodluck.
  10. If by some miracle I find a turkey stupid enough to believe I'm a hen and gets close enough that I shoot it, I will definitely save the wings for you.
  11. Nothin talkin near me, back inside to get the kids ready for school, then may go out again.
  12. Didn't roost them they were in my field, no good way to get close enough without spooking them. But figure they have to b within 100 yards of the field by the time they left it. I only have a mouth call, I can yelp and cluck good. I have a cheap Jake and hen decoy also. I'm going setup near the edge of the field tomorrow morning and hope they come out in the s as me area again.
  13. I'm a very novice turkey hunter, had 3 gobbling at me this morning. Got within 80ish yards, only saw one. Well now I had a flock of 5 jakes maybe 1 tom, and looked like 1 or 2 hens in my cornfield. Question is if they are out there now how soon to roost? Hoping they will be close in the a.m.
  14. I tried and failed... I'll give them a break for the rest of the day. Maybe tomorrow.
  15. Giving the kids their Cereal and look out into my field and there's the flock, walking out in the corner I was set up in this morning...maybe tomorrow.