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  1. Local Snowmobile Ride

    Rode back both feet on the right side. Not a enjoyable ride back.
  2. Local Snowmobile Ride

    Gonna cost about $250-$300 to fix. Might ride again later in the season if we have snow.
  3. Local Snowmobile Ride

    Tree, about 20mph. Right ski got into deeper powder on a tight turn. Turned back to the left and it just pushed forward, hit the break and bam! rode back 15 miles with the left slide dangling on.
  4. Local Snowmobile Ride

    2nd ride of the year... good times!
  5. Flextone flx100


    I took a good spill during gun season. Pretty sore for a week so went to the dr. Turns out i broke a rib. Still shot a deer and dragged it a little ways. Gotta b careful out there.
  7. I hunted the slam fri and saturday night. I had eyes at the back of my field at just over 300 yards friday night but wouldnt come in. Saturday night went out with 2 buddies in marilla. 4 sets, 1st set we decided to move 5 minutes too soon. Buddy had a yote at the edge of the woods spot him as he stood up. Last set we got a red fox. Long night but never really got cold. The weigh in was a good time, came away with a foxpro caller, buddy got a wicked lights gun light, and other budfy got a interesting decoy. Good times.
  8. Flextone flx100

    Yea, good door prizes
  9. Flextone flx100

    Good starter coyote/fox call. Its in very good condition, I just won a foxpro only reason im selling. Asking $65. Im locacated in wny.
  10. Ive ridden tall pines alot, majestic in pa, kb and have done the snirt run a couple times and a dice run in limestone ny a few times. About 5 yrs ago went down to Hatfield mccoy trails. That was amazing definetly reccomend it to anyone that rides.
  11. Happy birthday Cynthiafu !


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY old man
  13. Happy Birthday wolc123

    Happy Birthday
  14. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas everyone. Hopefully saint Nick brought ya something you asked for!
  15. Live From The Woods 2017 edition!

    Hmmm...cant wait till bow season.