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  1. Gencountyzeek

    Looking for a new Pickup

    I just picked up a ram. My first new ram ever. My gmc lease was up, priced them out with the 6.2l v8, the 5.3 to me is under powered. For a crew cab i was lookin at atleast a $60k truck. Too much for me. The interior of the fords dont do anything for me, so i checked out the rams. Would love to have gotten a Laramie but just to much. Got this bighorn for $43k. Heated seats, dual zone climate control, universal garage door openers. Has nice storage in the floor in the back seat. Motor feels good, very comfortable interior, it is cloth though. Its a lease also so if i dont like it, in 3 years they can have it back.
  2. Gencountyzeek

    Genesee County CWD?

    Nice buck
  3. Gencountyzeek

    Live from the rifle range

    Not even a bottle of water down there. I wouldnt allow anyone to drink while shooting on my property. Im not mad what happened, i enjoyed talking with them. Learned a little of thier mind set on a certain topic i was interested in.
  4. Gencountyzeek

    Live from the rifle range

    Had a good time last night. Had 3 buddies come over at 8pm to shoot. We all wanted to dial in our varmit guns for the season. I had targets at 100, 200, and a 6 inch plate at 260. The plan was get them zeroed while we still had light and then shoot using our red lights. Shooting went well, i shot first at the plate at 260, 3 shots 3 hits. Then everyone elso took turns shootin. I took my last 3 shots at 10:10pm. We went down to check targets and on the way back 3 flashlights walkin down our path at us. I was like yep, someone called the cops on us lol. Got to talk to 3 nice sherriffs. Supposedly a neighbor was concerned with all the shooting and thought we may have been drinking. No one had a drink down there. It was funny to me and nice just bullshi#ting with the sherriffs. Didnt get any great pics but u can see the plate, my buddy put reflective tape on it to be like yote eyes.
  5. Gencountyzeek

    My 10yr old son goin on a hunt.

    Getting better, told him to make the first shot count. He did that. Grouped opened up after he got lightly scoped. Holding the gun to loosey goosey in the shoulder i think.
  6. Gencountyzeek

    Live from the rifle range

    That rifle isnt goin on that hunt. This just lays around till varmint season, maybe if i hunt my field during deer season. At about 13.5lbs its not much of a tree stand gun. This is my son and the much lighter rifle goin on the hunt.
  7. Gencountyzeek

    Live from the rifle range

    My son was practicing for his up coming hunt so i wanted to put some rounds down range too. 10 shots in 1.5 minutes with a reload after 5 shots. Loading the mag not just switching the mag out.
  8. Gencountyzeek

    My 10yr old son goin on a hunt.

    More practice today. Its dead every time but obviously want that group to shrink. Also only 45 bullets through the new barrel.
  9. I purchased our tractor at landpro in oakfield a few years ago. Im very happy with my purchase, it had to go in late last year for a simple repair. Turnaround time was 2 days and covered under warranty.
  10. Gencountyzeek

    My 10yr old son goin on a hunt.

    My dads actually goin with us, hes shootin a pig.
  11. Gencountyzeek

    My 10yr old son goin on a hunt.

    Fallow deer.
  12. Gencountyzeek

    My 10yr old son goin on a hunt.

    Fallow deer, hes 10 so a place for him to be able to hunt that is close to home. Plus this is something he really wanted, he saved his own money from working with me and its what he asked for his birthday, cash for the hunt. I get its fenced, but its an opportunity for him to learn in the woods on his own hunt to stay focused, stay still, enjoy the surroundings. Its given more of a reason to shoot with him more. He has been coming on hunts with me for years, he knows what its like to freeze his butt off and not see a thing. I personally cant wait to see the look on his face when he walks up to his first kill and gives thanks to that animal.
  13. Gencountyzeek

    My 10yr old son goin on a hunt.

    His first 7 shots at 100 yards through the rifle i put together for him. Its a 16" 6.5 grendel AR. Put a 2-7x33 leupold on it i had layin around. Ill put up a pic of the rifle when i get home. Yes i adjusted a few clicks left after he shot. We will get back out tomorrow for more.
  14. Gencountyzeek

    Live From The Water 2019 Edition

    Yep, take pictures.
  15. Gencountyzeek

    Live From The Water 2019 Edition

    Only pic of the day. When we found the fish it was non stop baiting and dropping back down. Came back with 7 nice size mangrove snapper. Caught a few yellowtail snapper, grunts, and my son with a rainbow runner. We caught some blue runners which make great shark bait. Had my wife setup up with them, unfortunately i believe we had a large goliath grouper waitin on her bait. We would drop it down, after about 10-15minutes her line would slowly move to the other side of the boat. Try and tighten the line up and one good tug and it was in its coral hole. Snapped my 50lb braid 3 times like it was nothin. Great time down here. Unfortunately/fortunately we are headed home a day early. My wife was called in for a big interview on monday, so we are driven all the way home tomorrow/ be home early monday morning.