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  1. Cprsailor I hunt just out side of Mayville. I live In Texas and try to get up there once during the summer and once during the hunting season Bow.
  2. Man that does suck when people can't read ( posted signs ). I have never had a blind stolen but I had a camera taken once but he was caught because the dum **s went right by another camera he didn't know of. Next time just put a infrared camera on a tree above your blind that should help you out. I hope you explained to your daughter that only a small % of people not true hunters are that way. all the best to you.
  3. SteveB Maybe in New york its a pet but down south 700 bls hogs are taken yearly and we get to hunt hogs year round we have farel, russian and javelins the javelins have a season. I didn't even think feral or russian hogs where in New york. I will tell ya'll if you have farel hogs kill them they will tare your food plots up and land. Russians (pure) arne't as bad but they will cross bread.
  4. nice ten looks mature to that the kind of deer to take. congrats
  5. I use a win. 140 gr. silver bulistic tip short mag in my .270 browning It has the best accuracy i found so far. shot a cayote at 350 yds last year it droped dead in its tracks. and for the deer I shot with it never had a deer go more then 2-3 yrds.
  6. check with your DEC that the story. They intriduced them to control the population of turkeys. Thats what I read after being told about it they where intriduced to NY some years ago can't remember the exact year. but read up on it. I belive extend the seasons or the bag limit for turkey and for cayotes whare i live in texas thay are used for live target practise
  7. first pic look just lioke a mangy cayote see this time to time ware i hunt
  8. Hope everybody has a great thanksgiving and some good hunting is done. For me I am in Egypt working so no thanksgiving dinner or hunting for me. Have a good one
  9. [table] [tr] [td] Congratulations on your buck. [/td][/tr][/table]
  10. I took this buck on my yearly hunting trip I do in Chautuaqua county. I took a week and hunted my property in NY I hunted up there the last week of October and it turned in to sucsses. I had been hunting for five days and seen a lot of yuong bucks and some does was not able to get a shoot at any of the doe. I got set up in the stand by 300 pm on friday 29-oct-2010 and grunted a couple of times. about 3 minutes later I see a deer coming through the pines. I was this 11 point. He was about 30 yards from and making tracks my way. I got my bow and ranged him at 25 yards and about three steps later i let my axis st fly It hit him just behind the should and went strait back and about 4" of arrow was sticken out of him he took off past me and 300 hundred yards later I found him on the edge of 5 ac. swamp. it was a great feeling once i foud him i was vary pleased. he wt. 173 bbl fuild dressed and a hundred and thirty five inches rough score. I will have him re measured in december / january for final. I hope this is how I am suppose to enter pick for contest. I hope every one has a good year and be sucsesfull
  11. I see its going to be short this year on DMP tags this year
  12. Here's one for ya'll I am a animal lover I love to grow them hunt them kill them eat them
  13. I don't know anti hunters are the most problem they have nothing better to do and they are the first to complain about animals eating there plants or running out in front of them while driving dum asses
  14. Ok let's just getter done contest it should be. Eveybody play fair now
  15. It sounds like a managment profane needs to be put in place extend the seasons and bag limits. Don't put coyote or other preditors in the mix. You probably have something like we do in Texas it call hunters hunting for the hungry a donation programe the land owner gets a tax brake for each deer donated.