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  1. Build a box (thick , good cardboard) is the way to go. loosely pack fluffy clothes or pillows around it. tape it well, label the box and make sure they don't put anything on top. They are relatively light so it will be easy to place it on top of other stuff in a moving truck.
  2. check out Beltman belts website. I have 1.5" bullhide, its perfect for carrying. choice of colors, buckles, # of holes
  3. lost of disappointing over priced no flavor fried junk, on the good side was the BBQ place (associated with the well know Dinosaur BBQ) by Chevy court on corner of Niagara St & Onondaga Ave was good. next to it in the Dairy Bldg was the best soft serve ice cream cone from Byrne Dairy farm 2 for $5 was amazing (black raspberry!, vanilla, choc)
  4. went on Sunday, no wand. They will check bags if you have any. Had pocket knife, it wasnt an issue. I did notice the guy giving me a good look probably to see if I had anything printing around my waist perhaps but a friendly hello always help
  5. haha but over 500 yards.. Looks out below!!
  6. you have some great hunting land there but some real jerks unfortunately find themselves to it every year. hope you find out more
  7. cool , I gotta practice that shot angle!!
  8. not a bad idea.. IF you can be out there all day tomorrow. after a cold night tonight, winds will be lower and skies will be blue!
  9. Oct 25-Nov 17 for 3S , it on the DEC website, please on the pdf for 2017-2018 seasons summary
  10. you have the right attitude, did the right thing for sure
  11. puts birth around May 27th 2018, get it on