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  1. No, do not thank him. Let Bubba kiss his butt, if he wants, but do not thank him.
  2. For the Republicans to win, they need to come up with a candidate who can re-invent and successfully implement a compassionate conservative approach to government. If they can do that, they will get my vote.
  3. "Neivety" is apparently not a word. But, I think I know what you meant. (Get spellcheck)
  4. With my limited vocabulary, I cannot figure out what "neivety" means.....Enlighten me
  5. I am all for welfare.....I think we should take of those among us who are less fortunate. I do not, however, think we should give a "free ride" to anyone. We will help you when you are down...if you help yourself at the same time.
  6. Early


    Yep, pheumonia is bad business; I have had it three times. If you are a candidate (age), do get the pneumonia vaccine. I did, and it seems to have protected me well. Good luck....hope you are back on your feet and feeling well real soon.
  7. And I would add....Suck up to Cuomo on this, and HE WINS!....not us!
  8. Not being a crowwbow guy, I am not as up on this as some of you may be....but, if I recollect correctly, it was our legislators that let the crossbow opportunity get away. They failed to act...and now the King wants to give the cross bow back. Hmmm....collusion, maybe?...To make the guvna look good!
  9. Agree....This is just a "bone thrown to the hungry"....King Andy cares not for any of us hunters !!!
  10. Early

    Aw Nuts!

    Hickory nuts...black walnuts...all you are missing are butternuts!!!
  11. Ahh...We agree on this, Bubba: Predicting/anticipating King Andy's political moves must be part of the battle. (A lesson from Stonewall....."Know where the enemy will be....and get there before he does!"
  13. I liked your price from the start. I have the model 88 in .308...set up like yours with only two clips. I would not think of selling it for less than $600
  14. Glock has now entered the Micro Pisto market with their Model 42 .380. Check it out
  15. Report just issued: Federal Judge Finds Chicago Ban To Be Unconstitutional......This could be good news for all of us. I found it on Huff Post News, Politics, but I could not copy/paste
  16. Serves to show where we are in NY.....The nobility (aka govt. officials) can do what they want....while we peons must dance to another tune. Can you imagine how one of us would be treated if, to make a point at a public meeting, we pulled out a laser sigthed handgun and moved the red dot across the head of another person in attendance as we moved it to a display to make a point???? Follow this closely to see what the King does. My guess.....massive coverup.
  17. Go to timesunion.com click on "Breaking News".....then click on "Ready...Aim...Point...Talk" Tried to copy/paste it....no luck....Sorry
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