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  1. 46rkl


    Happy hour on the deck with The Surge DDH. Citrus hop flavor and smooth. Done with yard work amidst the sprinkles. The sun came out and my wife brought beer out to the deck. Who am I to argue?
  2. 46rkl


    Beer and hoops. Ellicotville Pale Ale. A bit hoppy and a bit earthy. Very nice. Go Zags!
  3. 46rkl


    Great day! A hike in the hills above Hemlock Lake with my wife, split a face cord of wood and stacked. Now sitting on tha deck with a new NE IPA I picked up last week while visiting friends in Syracuse. Full Boar Brewing. Lots of nice beers and this Frickin Wicked is my favorite.
  4. .......and life goes on. Except it will never be the same for you two. Enjoy the journey!
  5. Posted this in the Chuckle section but I figured it fit well here also.
  6. Just saw this and didn’t see any reply to it so I thought I’d add my two cents. This is an oak gall. A type of wasp lays an egg and a chemical secreted causes the tree to form this. The larva will chew its way out next year and turn into an adult.
  7. Web mans is now vaccinating all 60 and up. Got online at 11:35 and got an appt for tomorrow in Geneseo.
  8. My workshop project today was a burnt wood American flag. Came out pretty nice after I finally gave up on making the star field myself. I tried carving the stars with a dremel tool and I tried carving them with a chisel. Both methods worked but did not turn out as nicely as I wanted. Definitely a lack of skill on my part. Plus, very time intensive. So I took to the interwebs and found a company that machines the star field and it really looks nice. It will be going up on the front of my barn after a poly coating.
  9. I’m getting everything ready for planting. Seeds, seed trays, starter soil and potting soil. I even got a grow light setup as a gift from the in laws this year. I’m about a month away from starting the seeds here in my part of the state. I’m looking at building a small greenhouse for future use and my wife is approving as it will get all the planting out of the sunroom in the house.
  10. 46rkl


    Wow! A good day. Spent a couple of hours at Bullzeye Archery out in Bloomfield today shooting crossbows and came home with an Excalibur Assassin 400TD. After dropping a dime on that I jumped across the road and made a stop at Other Half to pick up a few 4-packs. Celebrating the purchase with a DDH Double Mosaic Dream. Great combo. Beer and bows.
  11. 46rkl


    Hoppy hour at home. Having a Saranac Brewing IPA and making some venison sausage meatloaf stuffed with mashed potatoes. A good start to an evening at home.
  12. It can be very painful and limiting. I did find that the cortisone shot helped immensely, along with physical therapy. It can take a long time to heal but the good news is that it can be completely healed. Good luck.
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