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  1. Beer

    Opening of a new brewery in East Avon. Mortalis Brewing. Very good beers and a great bunch of people running it.
  2. Beer

    Brewing a hazy NE IPA and enjoying a Sierra Nevada Experimental Hop Double IPA. Nothing like brewing to get your thirst going.
  3. Watch Out!

    I found one of these the hard way two years ago in my shooting shack. I opened the door and knocked a nest hanging from the ceiling! By the time I climbed 14 feet down the ladder and sprinted away, I had more than 20 stings. No fun but I learned a lesson that day. Always open that door carefully.... Good thing I have no allergic reaction to yellow jackets.
  4. Beer

    Conesus Golf and Country club off the south end of Conesus Lake. Great little place.
  5. Beer

    Enjoying a Southern Tier IPA after a day of mowing fairways at the the local country club. With the emphasis on country. Work for golf and beer. Not a bad deal.
  6. Beer

    Congratulations from 46r #3575. It’s an accomplishment that always has and always will require a level of commitment and hard work. Have another!
  7. Summer Practice

    I’m going solo down near Pagosa Springs. No outfitter though I have one who will bring a couple of mules to haul out if I get lucky. I have access to some private land bordering national forest so it’s going to be a real adventure.
  8. Summer Practice

    I’ve been shooting 2-3 times per week since June began. Having reached 60 this last winter, I do have to admit that hold times have been slipping but I’m still in the game. The crossbow will become a reality someday but not yet. I’m heading to Colorado in the fall to see if I can blunder into a sight and smell impaired elk. It’s always been a dream and the years are piling up quickly.
  9. Beer

    Finished with my projects for the day and now time for a beer with my buddy. Or my girlfriend as my wife refers to her as. I know for sure which one of them would be happy to see me after being locked in the back of my truck for a few hours. Stone West Coast IPA. A go to on a good day of work.
  10. Beer

    Having a beer at Mad River Brewery in McKinleyville, CA near Redwood NP and on the hillside across the road there’s a herd of Roosevelt’s Elk grazing along. Wonder if my Swiss Army knife is enough to take one down with... Great beer, by the way.
  11. Beer

    Ok. I suffer through a couple wine tours and tastings and my wife signing up for a beer club and my reward is good beer. This porter is called Death and Taxes. Very tasty. Moonlight Brewing in Santa Rosa CA. Beer saves me again...
  12. Beer

    Could be a life saving beer for me. Spent the day being a good husband doing wine tours in Sonoma valley, California. Then went to Sebastopol and hit a couple of local breweries. This was my favorite. A New England style ipa.
  13. Beer

    Skull from my Russian boar shot in Tennessee. Enjoying a Three Heads The Kind while reminiscing with my buddies. The big skull was a 750 lb feral hog. The other three were Russian boar ranging from 275 to 350. Cheers!
  14. Beer

    Enjoying aVoodoo Ranger Juicy Haze IPA after spending the afternoon doing some maintenance work on the John Deere. Hoping winter is done here, I removed the blade also. Time to start hauling firewood logs for cutting.
  15. Beer

    Beer and the Masters on a crappy Saturday afternoon. Not too bad of a combination.