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  1. 46rkl


    A good day of preparing for the coming storm deserves a good evening so we started at my local brewery, Rising Storm and then moved on to Noble Shepherd over in Honeoye for a beer and Thai food. Now home to enjoy some great Homebrew. Celebration 61. Our clone of Sierra Nevada Celebration. Homebrewing is like porn. It’s fun to watch but a whole lot more fun to make it yourself....
  2. 46rkl


    My weekend project was repurposing a chest freezer into a keezer. It will hold my homebrew and/or commercial kegs. It has room for six corny kegs and a temp controller to keep it at whatever temp is needed. It’ll be three days before my Homebrew is carbonated and ready to drink so I’m the meantime I’m gonna grab a Three Heads The Kind and watch some football.
  3. 46rkl


    Wolf Ridge Brewing in Columbus, OH. Nice variety of beers here, including the Sierra Nevada Resilience that I brewed at home. Nice to see that we were very close to what the professionals put out.
  4. 46rkl


    Captain Lawrence Orbital Tilt IPA. Just right amount of hop flavor and aroma for my liking after a day of converting an old chest freezer into a keg cooler.
  5. 46rkl


    Brewing a clone of Sierra Nevada Celebration. We are calling it Celebration 61 as I hit 61 today. What better way to spend the day if not hunting?
  6. 46rkl


    Never had a Prarie beer that I didn’t like.
  7. 46rkl


    One of my hunting buddies and I brewed Sierra Nevada Resilience for a New Years Day party that is an annual event at my house. The beer recipe was put out on the web for all brewers, professional and amateur to use. Over 1400 professional brewers (and who knows how many home brewers) have produced this IPA and raised funds for the Camp Fire Relief Fund. Our little gathering raised over $500 from donations and the five gallon brew was demolished! Great day and a really good beer for a good cause.
  8. 46rkl


    I’ve been geocaching for many years now and I agree, it’s a great way to get out and get in the field when it’s not hunting season. Especially when I’m traveling, it’s great for finding some interesting, out of the way places. Geocaching.com is the place to register for free and the geocaching app is available for any smart phone. Parks like Letchworth are loaded with caches, from easy to very difficult.
  9. 46rkl


    So the wife’s family is gathering here tomorrow morning and after a day of cleaning and cooking we discover that our fridge has crapped out... out come the coolers, a quick trip for ice and the porch fridge is up and running. Time for a beer and the second half of watching ND get beat. Singlecut All That Is Now Double Dry Hop IPA. Min the words of a very wise man from my youth,”What, me worry?”.
  10. I’m going down with fight still in me! There are nine of us covering forty acres so any deer that shows itself will hear from us. Here’s hoping for one last chance after I took out a sapling yesterday. I think it flung itself into the path of my Barnes to save that doe.... Last hour is upon us!
  11. Just had seven doe cross the ravine about seventy yards out. Too brushy to get a good shot off at them. Should have sat further down, thought about it but was too comfortable under this cedar....
  12. Doesn’t look like it’s really going to get light here this morning. Hunting in 9P with 3 buddies near Rattlesnake Hill but on private land. 32 hours left in the season!
  13. 46rkl


    B&C Score 213 5/8 Main Beam Length Right 28 4/8 Left 28 4/8 Inside Spread 27 2/8 Number of Points Right 8 - Left 6 On the other side it says: The Milo Hansen Buck #1 Typical in the World, 1993 Biggar, Saskatchewan I like to have a beer from this and dream about what could happen.....
  14. 46rkl


    The weather was lousy here for ML hunt so, the tree is up and decorated. The Bills managed to beat someone and the Patriots are losing. Top it off with a really good beer and pizza and wings (as soon as my son gets back with it). All in all a good day.
  15. Anyway, no deer sighted this morning and now frozen pellets falling on me.