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  1. 46rkl


    Please, someone put me out of my misery! The evening started out great, with dinner and a few good beers at Resurgence Brewing on Chicago St. in Buffalo. Good beers. Problems began when we showed up at our hotel. Marriott Harborfront. A room facing out to the harbor park.... where a concert with rapper Nelly is so loud I can feel the window shaking on the 15th floor! Help me! I’m in hell. More Resurgence IPA, please.
  2. 46rkl


    29 years ago this week my wife and I climbed Katadin on our honeymoon. That just confirmed for me that she was a keeper. Didn’t know a thing about the trail but found a brochure and set off from Bar Harbor to make the climb. A wicked long climb and snow on the flanks but made it up and back in a long day. The drive into Katahdin was more dangerous than the climb with log trucks hauling ass down one and a half lane dirt roads. Also one of the first craft beers I ever enjoyed, Maine Brewery was in the basement of a house at the time. Damn, time flies by...
  3. 46rkl


    A day for golf ( good and bad, enough good to keep me going back) and beer on the deck. Official, a hazy NEIPA from Bell’s. Great flavor without being too citrusy. Life is good.
  4. 46rkl


    I’m having a pint of Voluptuous IPA (homebrew) with my girlfriend and wife on the deck. One of them loves me unconditionally....
  5. 46rkl


    Having something different today. A Brut IPA blended with Pinot. From Rogue. Tastes like champagne with hops in it. Not bad on a hot summer day but nothing I’m gonna have on a regular basis. Still, good to try new things....
  6. 46rkl


    Johnplav, Hayburner IPA is a favorite of mine. Got it on tap in my basement right now. Having a new for me pale ale (dry hopped) from attire Brewing. Very tasty while cooking wild boar cutlets on the grill.
  7. 46rkl


    Trump Tower in Chicago. Half Acre Daisy Cutter Pale Ale. Really good pale ale. Lots of good hop flavor.
  8. I’m so jealous. Started out with my 25 plus three neighbors who didn’t hunt for a total of 80 acres to hunt plus about 200 of ag land that was open to all. Neighbors selling and farmers leasing and I’m down to about 40 acres that I can post and hunt. Still, never a lack of deer here in 8H. Great trail cam pics but too small of an area to hold them anymore. Gotta adapt and keep on keeping on.
  9. 46rkl

    40th wedding anniversary today

    I’m glad to share an anniversary with you guys. 29 years for my wife and I. Great pics and congratulations to you both!
  10. 46rkl


    Still in Chicago. I may not survive my anniversary. At least I’m finding good beer. Can you tell my wife took the pic?
  11. 46rkl


    Along the Chicago riverwalk having a Revolution Brewing Anti-hero IPA. Especially good on a ninety degree day.
  12. 46rkl


    At CMAC with my wife for Little Big Town. Young Lion IPA is good but a concert.... shoot me. Rather be in a tree stand in a freezing drizzle.
  13. 46rkl


    Just don’t tell my wife I said that....
  14. 46rkl


    Having a new NEIPA at Noble Shepherd, Kitchen Staff, while listening to a fantastic talent, Claudia Hoyser. Man! Great voice and beautiful! Beer is good also.
  15. 46rkl

    Hand Job.....

    You, my friend, are the definition of a good man. I’d buy you a beer any day. Well done.