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  1. 46rkl


    Enjoying an evening in Buffalo. Belt Line Brewery. Great selection of IPA’s and a NE Pale Ale. Really nice place.
  2. 46rkl


    A really great day with my wife. Starting out at the Genesee Brewhouse for lunch and a good IPA. The view of the falls where I used to hike down and snag salmon along with a great burger and a fine IPA. What more could I ask for? How about a stop at Rising Storm to meet a bunch of friends for a beer? Really great day.
  3. 46rkl


    Now having a mourning beer at No BS. Russian Imperial Stout. It’s fantastic! Still bummed over Bills.
  4. 46rkl


    Sweating it out with a Troegs Perpetual IPA. Time for a long drive, Buffalo. also, getting ready for some peanut butter chocolate chip cookies by my wife. Mmmm-mmmm.
  5. Wow! What an incredible video and action by the two young men! By the looks of all the tracks, the two bucks had been locked for some time. Well done, guys
  6. 46rkl


    Just remember, stuff is one step up from junk! That’s good stuff right there!
  7. 46rkl


    Recovering from the New Years Day brunch we host every year. An all day event that saw over 60 visitors. The day after we clean all day and then collapse. Cracked open a beer from Reinvention Brewing over in Manchester. A great little brewery. Welcome to the 2020’s!
  8. 46rkl


    Ground and packed 24 pounds of venison today. Cleaned up, washed and moved all (almost) of my hunting clothes and equipment to the basement for the year. Time for refreshment. Rising Storm Infamous IPA from a crowler. Only problem, once you open a crowler, you have to drink it all. Not to bad of a problem to have!
  9. 46rkl


    An enjoyable evening at No BS Brewing, right down the road from my house. This place opened a year ago and was an underachiever. Their beers that they put out for tasting before they opened were great but something changed as they scaled up to commercial level. Thankfully, they’ve made great progress and are really hitting their stride. The Conesus Lake NEIPA is a favorite but there is a great variety of styles and all are high quality. When your in the Conesus Lake area, give it a try. You won’t be disappointed.
  10. 46rkl


    And a very merry Christmas to all, and to all a great beer!
  11. 46rkl


    A quiet evening ahead after an afternoon gathering at Rising Storm, our favorite local brewery. A Breif History of Hops from Reinvention Brewing in Manchester. Listed as a NEIPA but tastes more like a classic IPA. Light on the citrus flavor but a nice bitter hops bite.
  12. 46rkl


    It’s gonna be fun watching the Bills and not worrying about making the playoffs. Just enjoying the game and (hoping) a win over the Patriots while sipping a few starting with a Rogue Yellow Snow. A Pilsner with blue spruce tips. Very tasty and light flavor to start the evening off right. Go Bills!
  13. Last chance Louies, let’s get’r done! Moved to a new spot for the last two hours. A few fresh tracks nearby so I’m hopeful.
  14. I haven’t heard any singing yet but I’m told she’s warming up. Gotta keep the faith and put in the time. Here’s hoping the deer cooperate for all of us.