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  1. No one could ask for a better tribute. Loss hurts but faith shows us that we all have the opportunity for love eternal. God bless you and your family. Grief is temporary, love is everlasting. Peace, my friend.
  2. 46rkl


    Go Bills! Nothing more to be said. Rising Storm The World is Yours IPA.
  3. 46rkl


    For today’s football games, a seasonal favorite. Old Man Winter by Southern Tier. After a day of outdoor work I’m wanting something with some real flavor to it. Perfect.
  4. 46rkl


    My wife made celebratory cookies and I tried a new beer. God awful. Trail Haze by Sixpoint. Supposed to be a hazy IPA at 4.0% ABV and 99 calories. Tastes like hoppy water. Bad hops. Guess I’ll eat some cookies and go see what other beers are in the fridge.
  5. Pulled venison tacos for halftime. Go Bills!
  6. If you’re looking for a guided, private land (no points or drawing) elk hunt, I’ve hunted at Fishtail Ranch in Chama NM. It is right on the northern border of NM near the San Juan mountains in CO. Lee Weiss is the owner and guide and he is a real pro. Much of the hunting is at 8,000 to 11,000 feet elevation so you need to be in decent shape but they drive trucks or four wheelers to different hunting areas. That said, private land hunting is great. No competition from other hunters and no packing out after a kill. The lodge is absolutely great in terms of comfort and food. You can contact me if you have any questions but if this is the hunt you’re interested in, give them a call and talk to Lee. Good luck on picking your hunt. Nothing more exciting in my mind than hunting elk in the Rockies.
  7. 46rkl


    Took a walk out back with my wife today. Collected two of my cameras and the ground blind before it ices up tonite. Now it’s beer thirty. Grabbed a Something Secret IPA from Common Roots. Hoppy New Beers Day, all. Time for some football.
  8. 46rkl

    Shot Help

    You said that she headed towards a creek..... that, to me, is an indication that she is hit. They will often lay in cool water when something doesn’t feel right in them. Search the creek bed would be my strategy. Best of luck in the search.
  9. 46rkl


    Lock-in’ back on a day of rest with a Nirvana by Ommegang. Football and beer. Where’s the pizza?
  10. 46rkl


    Christmas happy hour. Off the Books NEIPA from Rising Storm. Getting ready to cook some dry aged ribeyes. Mmmm-mmmm.
  11. A very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. Bring on 2021!
  12. Wishing for a safe, healthy and happy holidays and a very Merry Christmas to all the hunting clan, their families and friends. 2020 is all but over.
  13. 46rkl


    Picked up my euro mount and did two last minute shopping stops. Both stops at local breweries for more beer. Now I’m kicking back and having a afternoon beer and likely a nap. My wife is recovering well and is making a pumpkin pie for tomorrow. Life is good. Have a Merry Christmas all! DDH Juice Bomb northeast special edition IPA by Sloop Brewing
  14. All muzzleloader are fairly soft shooting. Just don’t buy into the high powder load idea. 100 grains is usually fine for any projectile you are using. Get a good scopes and you will be very happy with the range you can get with any decent muzzleloader. Enjoy and welcome to the club.
  15. Those late 70’s pics bring back such great memories. Our “camp” was all red plaid and we had to have four people for a doe tag. So many memories.