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  1. Of course, I’m sitting out on the southern edge of my property and my wife sends me this from the backyard.
  2. Great night with a disappointing ending. Had deer in the corn behind me all afternoon but that’s not my property so all I could do was watch and listen as they crunched corn and chased each other back and forth. Around 6:30, a nice 8 point came out of the field and right down the trail I was sitting on. Perfect setup and poor execution. I had him at 17 yards and he had no idea I was on him but I made a bad aim, too high for the duck that I knew was coming. He was so fast that all I got was a bit of hair. Rough first shot with the new bow. Nothing more disappointing than an arrow in the ground that never touched a deer. Long, slow walk back to the house……
  3. Two doe ran in and stopped just behind me. At the same time I could hear. A buck scraping and thrashing the brush just in front of me. The buck never stepped out and the doe eventually wandered off. Fun night.
  4. Sat for a few hours this morning in the strong wind and decided to go get some yard work done today. Made a circuit to collect the cards from the cameras and was really disappointed in the findings. One little four point shows up on every camera, a unicorn and one nice ten but only once ten days ago and at two in the morning. Lots and lots of doe so I have no doubt that the bucks will be here eventually but I’m trying to limit my hunting time until I’m seeing some nice bucks during hunting hours. Saw a few nice scrapes so things are heating up somewhat. Just need to be patient.
  5. Great mount! Majestic is the word that comes to mind.
  6. Live from the driveway. Heading out to pick up fish fry for dinner I had to stop halfway down the driveway for five deer in the driveway. Waited till they cleared and headed on down. Wouldn’t you know it, the sixth one launches itself out of the brush and into the side of my truck. Luckily, we were both going pretty slowly so no damage to either one. Pick up the fish fry and come back home and all six are spread out across the driveway. Two nice big doe that I wouldn’t hesitate to take, just not with the truck!
  7. A trip to Ellicotville this past weekend showed foliage near to past peak, depending on the elevation. Hiking up around Rock Creek State Forest on a breezy Saturday morning and the leaves were coming down like rain (it was raining also). Driving home, I noticed the color change from fall to green coming up out of Pike towards Castile. Livingston county is just starting to change.
  8. A friend sent me this pic from a few days ago. Just needs it to show up in the daytime….. like a lot of big bucks.
  9. The sun came out shortly after I got in my stand, facing straight into the sun. Temps have soared so I’m hot and the mosquitoes and flies are swarming me! All quiet in 8H. Except for the Black Walnuts raining down on and around me.
  10. Four deer on the way to my stand today. Die and two fawns in my food plot and a spike that wandered by when I was halfway up my climbing sticks. Got my new setup ready to hunt and hope I hold out for a nice one. PSE Embark. I’m loving it on the practice targets. Here’s hoping to break it in the right way… with a nice buck!
  11. I went to vacuum sealing 6 years ago and have never gone back. Very little chance of freezer burn and much cheaper in the long run. Spend what’s needed to get a high quality piece of equipment and expand your packaging to ball jars and fruits. It’s a great way to stock up on food supplies.
  12. My story is remarkably similar to Steuben Jerry’s. I grew up in the Suburbs of Rochester (Henrietta) on the edge of the fields at that time. No one I knew hunted but camping and fishing and Scouting were all a part of our family so the outdoors was always a big part of my upbringing. I started (legally) hunting 47 years ago with a Sears and Roebuck Ted Williams 12 gauge. That thing was great for pheasants and ducks but wouldn’t throw slugs for crap. Missed a bunch of deer before I picked up a recurve bow and killed my first deer, a gnarly 12 point, with it a half mile from my parents house. That got me hooked on deer. Many deer later I still prefer to bow hunt but have taken deer with just about everything but a spear. Still trying for that bull elk. Three cow elk, but the bulls keep giving me the slip and I’m running out of time for that chase.
  13. Today’s harvest. The pears are ripening quickly and the tomatoes are still coming strong. Raspberry plants have started their second crop and they are delicious!
  14. Spent last week in the Adirondacks at a place on Hoel Pond, just off of Upper Saranac Lake. We watched the amount of color increasingly rapidly. From maybe five percent at the beginning of the week to about twenty five percent by the end of the week. Even more over in the High Peaks region. Here in Livingston county only a little bit of color and a lot of Black Walnut leaves dropping.
  15. What a great day of making memories! Those smiles say it all. So happy for you both..
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