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  1. snow fell late last night and a new scrape appeared sometime before 1:00 this afternoon. Seems some of the boys are getting worked up again (or still). Gotta love the white background!
  2. I’m in agreement with Chrisw. The 25-06 is my favorite round for deer and antelope. A nice combination of hard hitting, pretty easy to be dead-on with and capable of 300 yard shots with consistency. Every cartridge has pros and cons so it becomes a personal choice. And the only way to make a good choice is to get out there and gain a lot of hands on experience with various rounds. Find friends with calibers that you’re interested in and/or meet new friends at a shooting range to gain experience. The best way is to buy your own and develop a relationship with it. The idea is to buy and sell what you don’t like, but the reality is that I’ve never been good at the selling part. I’ve never acquired a gun that I thought so little of to get rid of it. Good luck with your obsession, er, adventure.
  3. Well, all the snow disappeared overnight here in 8H. Trying a stand that hasn’t been used since gun opener. Swamp to the south of me and power lines to the East. Corn field (uncut) to the southwest. Oops! Posted this in wrong forum originally. The evening ended with no sightings. Sighhhh.
  4. Well, all the snow disappeared overnight here in 8H. Trying a stand that hasn’t been used since gun opener. Swamp to the south of me and power lines to the East. Corn field (uncut) to the southwest.
  5. Cache (cat) and Sally. Cache is a rescue we found, more accurately, he found us, along the Greenway trail near Nunda when we were geocaching. Little thing followed us for half a mile and then jumped up on my shoulder. I said “no way!” And we left it there. My wife wakes me up in the middle of the night and says that it’s pouring rain and that little kitten is out there all alone. So, in the morning I drive forty five minutes to the trailhead and the kitten jumps out of the brush and onto my shoulder again. The little thing weighed less than a pound and was a mess. Twelve years later, he’s fat and happy and very much the boss of my Brittany. oh yeah, one green eye and one blue eye.
  6. Buddy just shot what he believed was a doe only to discover it was a buck that had dropped both of his antlers. By the look of the bases, it must have happened a while ago.
  7. Buddy just shot a big doe.... oops, turned out to be a buck that had shed it antlers. Looking at the bases, it had shed some time ago. im hanging in a pretty stable stand but the wind is shaking even this one. Here’s hoping I can drop one in the last hour or so.
  8. Made a long, slow hike to this stand and crossed a good number of tracks heading into the woods that I’m now on the far side of. Here’s hoping! Good luck all.
  9. Well, snow to rain to snow to grapple. That’s why I’m heading for the hunting hut. Nice views from here and dry! Look closely if you want a laugh. I built the wall panels separately and moved them out of the barn to paint. The paint job came out fine but when we put it all together in the field, my buddies immediately noticed that my trees were all upside down! Ah well. Warm and dry.
  10. Shedding can happen at any time of the season. I once shot a “doe” on opening day of shotgun that turned out to be a buck that had recently shed. Still fresh stumps. I know he had recently shed because in following the blood trail on hands and knees thru a scrub swamp I found both antlers within ten yards of each other. They fit perfectly into the shed scars on the deer I killed. Lots of variables involved in when a buck sheds antlers, kind of like us losing hair!
  11. Live from the front porch. Approximately 25 yards. Two youngsters trying to scavenge from under my apple trees. Only youngsters are this foolish this time of the year.
  12. Six to eight inches in this part of Livingston county 8H. Reports of much more (12+) in the southern part of the county.
  13. Hope springs eternal here in 8H! The temps have rebounded since this morning (7 degrees) to the 30’s with barely a whisper of a breeze. I’m feeling it....
  14. Just had to snap this pic of my home as I was coming back in from the tree stand. Didn’t catch the 3 doe standing in the backyard as I took the picture. The front porch serves as the hunting lodge where friends gear up to go hunt or wind down with an after hunt beer.
  15. Near perfect conditions! I had hoped to stalk but the snow is too scrunch for that so a sit in snow camp is it for the afternoon. Plenty of tracks and light snow. About 60 yards from a corn field so hoping for movement to it a little later.