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  1. If I do it in August, I pull the rope with my tractor. Easy.
  2. Once it’s all in place, only five to ten minutes. All depends on the brush around the tree.
  3. Now he’s out there sparring with another spike. Pretty fun to watch.
  4. Spike at about eight yards. He’s heading out into the bean field to harass doe.
  5. Two nice doe in the field thirty yards behind me off of my land. Bring on the bucks chasing them!
  6. I place the base of the ladder against the tree, tie a rope to the seat area and throw it over a limb on the tree. Pull it up from the other side. You can wrap the rope around a small tree for a pulley effect or to tie off on when you need a rest. I’ve even stood the stand up this way on a nearby tree that had goood limbs and walked it over to my target tree.
  7. Hell, I wouldn’t go anywhere with that stud around.. Best of luck!
  8. Always my favorite on Bonanza. So go we all....
  9. Two years ago a group of us applied for an antelope hunt with plenty of preference points. According to the WGandF commission we had a 99.4% chance of drawing. I had my name down as the group leader and I still haven’t lived it down..... we didn’t draw. Two of us went out and got over the counter lope tags and paid for access to private land but no luck. Saw plenty of antelope but always on the wrong side of the fence or across interstate 90 in another unit. Spent the last day blasting gophers. Took out a lot of frustration on those little pop up targets. i now have lots of points for antelope, deer and elk. Probably going next year.
  10. Individual Oak trees go thru cycles of mast production based on many factors, including genetics. That said, it’s been very dry in many parts of the state and that’s a big factor in mast production. Not so much here in 8H where production seems pretty normal. The doe like acorns and the bucks like doe. Hunt the doe to get the buck!
  11. The rut activity seems to be picking up every day. Got busted by a buck trailing a doe on my way in around 2:30. Doe blew at me an ran, the buck ran right past me at 15 yards. Not concerned with me, just determined to stay on the trail of that doe. Don’t let your enthusiasm wane! The prime time is just starting. Good luck to all. Get ‘er done!
  12. The evening got really interesting at the end. I watched two bucks, a spike and an eight, chasing three doe in the bean field just off my property for more than a half hour. Decided it was time to go, lowered my bow, stood up and put my pack on. Turned around and had a nice eight jogging along right past me at 15 yards. I thought it odd when he took a couple bounds and then slowed down again. Oh well...wait. Oh crap! A very tall eight or ten comes grunting down the same path, passing at 15 yards while I have no bow in my hands. Good to see so much activity but sure would like a shot at one.
  13. Medium size doe at twenty five yards. Twenty yards on the other side of the property line. Ah well.
  14. No deer hunting for me today. It was time to renew a 40+ year old tradition of opening day for pheasants. There aren’t many wild ones any more like there were in the 70’s but it’s still fun to get together with old friends and enjoy the day.... even if it doesn’t last as long as it used to, for either the dogs or us. Total of six on the day. Only two had been taken at the time of the picture.
  15. 46rkl


    After a great morning pheasant hunt on the John White WMA, I got to tap my latest home brew and it is really good! It’s called All Together NEIPA and is based on a recipe from Other Half. They released the recipe to all craft beer breweries and home brewers back in April and the funds were used to help support staff from breweries that had been laid off due to the pandemic. If you ar into craft beers, it 8.2% alcohol and 62 ibu with a light haze and a nice citrus hop flavor. Cheers all! Anyone who can make it here in the next ten minutes can have a free pint with me....