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  1. Ah yes, Jarts. We used to use them as a form of chicken. One guy would stand a bit away while another would throw the frickin’ thing as high as he could into the air. The aim was to move yourself under it and stand still while it plummeted out of orbit and see how close you could put yourself under it without getting impaled. Honestly, only a few foot injuries and one single stab in the shoulder. Those things really had some weight and momentum behind them. Dumb, crazy and juvenile. What’d you expect?
  2. It’s a hard truth, we all have an expiration date, we just don’t know what it is. Never knew a grandparent, lost my dad at 20, and my brother in Viet Nam a month later. My mom at 30. Good genes do not run in my family. I retired at 55 after 33 years of teaching in NY and watching many teachers work in to their 60’s only to die a few years after retirement. Not for me, retired as soon as possible and have been living my best life ever since. Every day is a gift. I enjoy working hard on my land and haven’t regretted retirement one single day. Work is important but not the reason for living.
  3. 46rkl


    A back injury has kept me on pain meds and off of beer for nearly two weeks. Getting old sucks but certainly beats the alternative. Started my rehab with a west coast style IPA from Rising Storm. California Love #1. Nice beer, I think I’ll have another. Who needs pain pills?
  4. Did my recert last week. Then put it on my phone calendar for the next time I have to do it. Not gonna give the state a reason to hassle me more than they already do.
  5. Politicians are all alike. Party distinctions aside, they are all the same. A few weeks before Election Day 1980, Reagan was favored to win, but he was struggling a bit with women voters. There was no great mystery as to why: The Republican was an opponent of the Equal Rights Amendment, and he had a record of appointing men almost exclusively to key positions of power during his terms as governor of California. And so, eager to narrow the gender gap, Reagan made an announcement on Oct. 15, 1980: He pledged to name a woman to "one of the first Supreme Court vacancies in my administration." The future president added, "It is time for a woman to sit among our highest jurists."
  6. 46rkl


    It’s game time! Buffalo chicken pizza and Buffalo wings for dinner. Now cracking a Hayburner from Big Ditch in Buffalo.
  7. My place is just far enough east of the Buffalo snow belt and just enough south of the Lake Ontario snow belt that we are usually clear where everyone around us is slammed. Not expecting even an inch of snow here in Livingston county.
  8. These are great. Peanut Butter!
  9. I started getting serious about my weight two years ago and lost 50 pounds over seven months. No big secret to weight loss, burn off more calories than you take on a daily basis and you lose weight. The healthy eating has never been a problem for meals, my wife is a registered dietitian so she is always making good, healthy food. The big thing was reducing sugar and snacks. Greek yogurt with fruit or granola is breakfast. A sandwich or Kind bar is lunch and usually my lovely wife makes dinner. The big thing is to reduce sugar and increase activity. Walking is the best thing to be doing daily. Low impact, and it gets you moving. Get a Fitbit or other fitness tracker and that helps you set goals to motivate you. I do join a gym for the months of January thru April because my strenuous outdoor activity is limited for those months. Don’t overthink it. Simple is easier to stick with and after a short time, you feel better and that helps you to stick with it. Nothing good happens fast, so set long term goals and chart your progress. Helps you with the motivation part to see change over time. Good luck. The early weeks are the most difficult.
  10. My suggestion would be to build the platform 8x8. Build the enclosure 8x6 and that leaves you about a foot and a half for a deck to which the stairs attach. Just remember to make that deck portion with PT lumber and don’t push them tight together. a little buddy heater with a thermoelectric fan heats mine very nicely.
  11. Out in the stand for an afternoon watch before hustling in to get ready for a dinner with friends. Just enjoying the fine weather and hoping for a nice size doe to wander by. The sun is out in 8H and the temps are in the mid 40’s.
  12. 46rkl


    We’ll, holiday season isn’t happening at all for me due to a elbow injury but at least I got to watch the Bills beat those Patriots. Time to relax with an Old Man Winter.
  13. I’m looking forward to a bit of time off and letting the deer get back to a more normal routine. That plus some cold and snow would help a lot. Oh, and the corn to my south is finally being cut as I type this. Another plus. Good for younger hunters who have that week off.
  14. All day sit and only a button buck walking by to show for it… so far. The right time is rapidly approaching and the guys on the lease to the East of me are gathering for a drive. I’m getting excited!
  15. Deer do move to feed several times a day. The frequency of feeding is dependent upon many factors, including the quality and abundance of forage. My hope is the time off before the “Holiday Hunt” will get the deer feeling a little more comfortable with daytime movement. That and some cold/snow would be much appreciated.
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