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  1. Todd is the chair on the Senate Environmental Committee. I thought that the Senate approved the language for full inclusion and submitted that into their Budget. It was the Assembly that did not approve this language and was not included in their budget. The chair for the Assembly Environmental Committee is Steve Englebright. Steve has never brought up full inclusion in his Committee. I believe he is the roadblock for full inclusion now.
  2. The Turbo was first introduced in 2010. Both the Turbo and the Titan have been 2 of Ten Points biggest sellers. You are correct about the marketing aspects of these 2 bows not being offered anymore. The demand in the crossbow world wants speed and more narrow compact bows.
  3. What Ten Point did, was offer their left over inventory of the Titan and the Turbo GT to all their New York Dealers. They have recently run out however there may be dealers that still have some left. I am not sure what they are going to do next year.
  4. Ten Point does offer a NYS legal Crossbow. Not Wicked Ridge. Just contact your ten point dealer and he will give you the specifics.
  5. Crossbows were legal in Muzzleloader season https://www.nysenate.gov/newsroom/press-releases/david-j-valesky/crossbow-legislation-signed-law-governor
  6. I had this happen many times over the past 2 years in one specific area. I have about 10 cameras set up in different areas about 15 miles apart and there is only one specific area that my camera gets ripped off the tree by a bear. After 2 years of that I decided to not put a camera up there any more. On all of the other areas none of the bears bother them. And believe me, we have allot of bears.
  7. A SpyderWeb target will solve your arrow removal issue. You will be able to remove your arrows with 2 fingers.
  8. One of the clearest crossbow scopes on the market today, that I have looked at, is the Ziess XB 75. In my opinion, second to this would be a Generation 1 Hawke XB30 that is not made anymore. They have a current model XB30 however in my opinion , the glass is not as clear. If you can find one of these used, you would not be disappointed. Another scope you may want to look at is a Ten point Range Master Pro. There is also a scope made by Vortex that is very sharp also. In either case, look through the glass before you buy. There is a Company in Lee New Hampshire called Wyvern Creations, who is considered to be one of the foremost authority's on Crossbows in the United States. David currently has a program going on that would allow to to have the Ziess xb 75 shipped to your house to look at with no obligation to buy. David's number is 603-659-0575. Give him a call, you will not be disappointed. He knows his scopes also. He is the man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. If you are going to sit and not walk, Damart Thermolactyl Grade 4 or 5 for a base layer followed by Cabela's MTO 50 Whitetail Extreme Parka. I spend an average of 8 to 11 hours in a tree stand and have never been the least bit cold in my upper body since using this combination. The only problem is you cannot walk with it or you will sweat like a pig. I do not wear it when walking to the stand or when I go and field dress the deer.
  10. To my knowledge, Sweeney still holds all the cards in the Assembly. Last I knew he said he will never change his anti crossbow stance for use in the Archery Season. He is the one standing in the way.
  11. Sweeney, along with 103 other Assembly Members voted Yes on the Safe Act. Rivera, Crespo and Fitzpatrick were the only ones who did not vote in the Assembly. I beleive they were absent.
  12. If we ignore the trash talk, and just not respond to those, they might just go away.
  13. Since the legislation was approved 2 years ago on crossbow use in New York, the more hunters that I speak to, seem to accept its use in all seasons than those who do not. At least in my area that is. I left my Muzzleloader in the house this year and took out my crossbow, I had the same results with my crossbow this year as I had with my Muzzleloader last year. That is, the Buck I shot was just as dead. Next year I would like to take my crossbow out in Archery Season and use my Muzzleloader in the later season. In either case, our time is now in New York. Please show your support to facebook if you are a member.
  14. I walk to and from my stand in a blaze orange hat in all 3 seasons.
  15. I hunted the late archery with my crossbow and dropped a nice 8 point.
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