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  1. Adkhunter1590

    200k miles... again!

    173k on my 2011 eco boost. I’ll be rolling 200k in a little less than a year most likely. The rust is eating my truck alive though.
  2. Adkhunter1590

    Ny gravity knife law repealed ,finally

    When I was hauling fuel 8-9 years ago I actually delivered to the old Schrade factory. I’m pretty sure they shut it down in 2004. When I was there it was already turning into your typical run down abandon factory. Whoever owns the building was still heating a portion of it though as I delivered 2500 gallons of heating oil.
  3. Adkhunter1590

    Car wreck

    That is for sure a bad corner to be flying around. I’ll admit I don’t do 35 through there, more like 45 but that’s plenty fast enough.
  4. Adkhunter1590

    Live From The Woods 2019 Turkey Edition

    Well we gave it hell this morning but no luck. Tons of birds gobbling around us until about 8oclock. Then silence. Didn’t hear anything after that. Had a lone hen come wandering into our setup about 930. Packed up and walked around a bit hitting the call every few mins trying to strike a gobble but nothing would bite. Might try again in the morning if I can wake up on time, but it’s looking like this weekend will be the last shot we have.
  5. Adkhunter1590

    Live From The Woods 2019 Turkey Edition

    Hunting with a buddy who has permission to hunt a golf course. There’s loads of gobblers here. Since there isn’t a huge amount of woods to roam we are sticking to one spot for most the morning hoping to draw one in. We listened to at least 12 different birds going off this morning. It was cool listening to them shock gobble at the booms of thunder. And good thing we brought a blind to sit in, rains on and off every 20 mins or so. Everything got quiet 30 mins ago but hoping something is headed our way silently.
  6. Adkhunter1590

    advice for a NY bear hunt

    Honey, anchovies, cool aid mix pack. Second day we added bacon grease left over from breakfast. My buddy put some apple slices in his can. I think you can put just about anything in there.
  7. Adkhunter1590

    advice for a NY bear hunt

    I did mine with a sterno burner. The stuff in the can burnt off long before the sterno had died out. We had a DEC officer stop at our camp that trip and we showed him our burn cans and everything we planned on putting in them. He didn’t mention anything about the 1.5 oz rule (I already knew about it and was waiting for him to say we had more than 1.5) but all he said was that what we had looked like the bears would be loving that smell. We didn’t leave the cans out overnight so no one could say it was as close to baiting as we could get. Make sure you bring a big ziploc for it, my buddy forgot his and his pack still stinks like fried honey anchovies lol.
  8. Adkhunter1590

    advice for a NY bear hunt

    They sure do. Stick a few anchovies in there and the smell really gets goin!
  9. Adkhunter1590

    Live From The Woods 2019 Turkey Edition

    Good luck to everyone out today. I can’t believe I haven’t been out yet this season! Work sucks! I took tomorrow off and will be headed out in the AM with a buddy to see if we can’t get him his first bird, doubling up would be even better.
  10. I don’t think the state as a whole identifies as a sanctuary state. NYC identifies as a sanctuary city though.
  11. Adkhunter1590

    Cut cable !

    Where do you live again? I’m also a hostage to mid Hudson eagerly waiting for a competitor to free us from these ridiculous prices. I haven’t heard about fiber coming to the area so that’s cool. I
  12. I guess this person should of considered learning how to throw first.... Person appears to throw phone at stage during Trump’s speech to NRA Explore the Fox News apps that are right for you at Another embarrassing fail for the left[emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787]
  13. Adkhunter1590

    Solar Panels

    Don’t know if the fence thing is a requirement or not, but there’s a few farms around me and they are all fenced. Maybe it’s a county thing? New farms are popping up all over in my area that’s for sure.
  14. Adkhunter1590

    Youth compound recommendations

    I agree!! I’ll be recommending them for anyone with kids just starting out wanting to try it before plunking down money on a bow setup.
  15. Adkhunter1590

    Youth compound recommendations

    Nice! I did hear about the summer class a little while ago. If he does it I’ll have my boy there. I’m not a member yet, but will be joining soon. I’m thinking of getting into some league shooting again, which would be my reason for joining up down there. That and everyone down there seems like great people and really treated my boys great during the classes.