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  1. That sucks. But I sadly can’t say I’m shocked to hear it. I follow a lot of Ford forums and FB pages and I’ve seen quite a few 5.0 issues over the years. My dad has a 2014 f150 with the 5.0 and his truck was in the shop quite a few times for engine related issues, which surprised the hell out of us. They sure are fast. I went from a 2010 Cummins that had all sorts of power goodies to my eco boost. I saw a commercial for them when they were first coming out and did some online research about how they designed them and decided I needed to test drive one. When I first slammed the throttle I was sold haha. Bought one the very next day and I’ve been beating the crap out of it ever since. The success of the eco boost has been fun to watch that’s for sure. I remember the smack talk from all the Chevy and dodge fans when they came out. I took a ton of crap from a bunch of my buddies, until they watched my tail lights disappear on a drag lol. It’s fun to point out to them now how Chevy is putting a 4 cyl turbo in a truck when Chevy ran commercials bashing ford for using a V6 lol.
  2. I got ya. I have one of the first ecoboosts made. Mines a early 2011 and she’s got 181k on her now. I was just confused as to why anyone could say the 5.0 was more proven over the eco as they both debut in the 2011 year trucks. But I fully understand the logic behind old school V8 vs new school small displacement turbos and questionable long term reliability. Idk where you read about the turbos failing at 75k but I’ve seen/heard very little on that. The intercooler was deff a issue on the early ones. A small pin hole drilled into the bottom of it solves that issue but I’ve never had to do it on mine. I think that was more of a issue for southern state drivers who experience high humidity on a year round basis. To date I haven’t had any major repairs on mine. Just your normal maint stuff like plugs and I did new coils at 155k. Had a wheel bearing go bad around 110k but motor wise she’s been great. Overall the eco boost has been a giant success as far as I can tell. It pretty much changed the truck market and now has everyone else following suit.
  3. But so was the 5.0. Both engines came out in 2011 model years. That’s why I was a little confused.
  4. Love Fords and the 5.0. Just curious as to how you came to the determination of the 5.0 being a more proven engine over the eco boost?
  5. CVA Scout 45-70 with vortex 3-9 glass. Shot it once a few weeks ago to make sure it was still on. Haven’t killed anything with it yet, hoping to break it in this season!
  6. I’d say that final crash he heard was probably its final resting spot. Blood out the mouth is a good sign. Give it till a little after dark and go check out the blood trail. But I’d bet he’s dead close by
  7. Lots of shooting going on around here today as well. I can’t believe the lack of deer I’m seeing today. Hoping for at least a doe before dark to show up. Good buddy of mine just got laid off and I’d like to get a whole deer processed for him so his family has some good meat to eat while money gets tight.
  8. I’m out. Got in early about 530. Nice and cold out, got the heater crankin lol. Itching to draw blood this year! Will be my last archery sit for the year.
  9. Goose hunting this morning. Got a few down so far. Have to leave soon and grab my son so the other can go with mom to karate. Gonna go out back in the blind with him for a couple hours to see if a late morning cruiser stops by.
  10. I’m in the same boat. Was planning on being back after a buck in the morning but now my buddy texts me 30 mins ago and wants to slam some birds in the morning. Sooo I guess I’ll go whack some geese since I’m the one with the permission to the pond he wants to hunt.
  11. Two does is all we saw. Boys wanted me to drop one so bad. But I just wasn’t feeling like gutting and hanging a doe tonight. Will be back out in the AM
  12. Out in the blind with both boys till dark Borrowed a friends crossbow for the day. A little easier to use this than the compound with the boys in here
  13. So close!! Went home and grabbed my youngest to come back and sit for a hour or so and we weren’t in the blind a min before a doe pops out and starts feeding. My boy climbs up on my lap to keep warm and he wasn’t even done wiggling around yet before a big 8 pointer comes running into the field! He stops 50 yards out as I’m scrambling to get my release on and arrow nocked. Before I can even get the bow up he puts his nose to the ground and trots off to the edge of the field where the doe ran off too. I hit the grunt tube and he stopped on the edge and looked our way. He stood there for a few mins then put his nose back to the ground and off he went into the thick stuff. My boy was so excited we almost got one! I hope he comes back!!
  14. Been in blind since 645. Haven’t seen anything yet. Have to get out around 9 to grab my one son so wife can take the other to karate. Will probably bring him back out here with me for a couple hours. Not sure what I’ll do for afternoon hunt. Might sit a stand I moved a few weeks ago and haven’t been back to yet. Feels like a perfect day for a buck to go down!
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