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  1. Adkhunter1590

    Solar Panels

    Don’t know if the fence thing is a requirement or not, but there’s a few farms around me and they are all fenced. Maybe it’s a county thing? New farms are popping up all over in my area that’s for sure.
  2. Adkhunter1590

    Youth compound recommendations

    I agree!! I’ll be recommending them for anyone with kids just starting out wanting to try it before plunking down money on a bow setup.
  3. Adkhunter1590

    Youth compound recommendations

    Nice! I did hear about the summer class a little while ago. If he does it I’ll have my boy there. I’m not a member yet, but will be joining soon. I’m thinking of getting into some league shooting again, which would be my reason for joining up down there. That and everyone down there seems like great people and really treated my boys great during the classes.
  4. Adkhunter1590

    Youth compound recommendations

    No kidding! Small world! I wasn’t there today as I’m stuck at work but my wife took the boys there today. We were in the noon class, what about you?
  5. Adkhunter1590

    Youth compound recommendations

    The Cruzer in action this morning at the last winter class. Kids loved the outside 3-D shoot!
  6. Adkhunter1590

    Youth compound recommendations

    I got my 6 yr old in a winter archery class this year. After determining he was right handed and not left, and got a few classes under his belt I went and bought him a Bear Cruzer Lite My bow shop owner suggested this bow and so far seems to be a nice one. Draw weight is 5-45 pounds so it can grow with your kid for many years. They have a ton of colors and camo risers to choose from as well. I paid a little over $400 all setup with a half dozen arrows and release. Not a bad price I didn’t think for a bow that can grow with my boy for awhile.
  7. Adkhunter1590

    My soon to be new to me truck.

    No complaints at all in the rain. You can absolutely tell you can’t hammer it in a hard corner at Mach 3 and feel as planted as a street tire but it’s a MT so you can’t expect top end pavement performance. I don’t really drive that fast so I don’t notice poor road manners on my everyday driving. I’m doing about 80-100 miles a day so I’m getting good seat time on them. The plentiful reviews and price is what really sold me on these tires. I figured for the price I had to try them at least once.
  8. Adkhunter1590

    My soon to be new to me truck.

    10 ply E rated
  9. Adkhunter1590

    My soon to be new to me truck.

    I can do that now. I’ve got almost 10k on them now so far. I had these put on back in January before one of the snow storms we got. So far so good. They are a little noisy but that’s to be expected with such aggressive tread. Other than that no complaints. I will say that they ride much better than the Toyo MTs I had on this truck a few years ago. These new tires are the same size as the toyos but they are a lot lighter per tire which results in a better ride.
  10. Adkhunter1590

    My soon to be new to me truck.

    I gave these tires a try this go around. They are cheap, like under $700 installed cheap. I figure if they last me 30k that’s more than good enough. The last 3 sets of tires I’ve used haven’t made it more than 45k at $1200-1400. And those were all terrains. If I can get 25-30k out of a meaty mud terrain that costs half as much, I’ll be happy. Yes they are loud, but that’s what the radio is for. They ride good for mud terrain, and have awesome traction in the snow, mud and pavement. I’d rather not get stuck, because when I do it’s always in a terrible spot. So I’d rather run mud terrains than worry about getting stuck so much. Tires like these aren’t for everyone though. If I never went off road I’d stick with all terrains but I can never resist a good mud road[emoji1787]
  11. Adkhunter1590

    Legal Weed and Gun Owners

    Another prime example of how state governments continue to blunder their way through legalization. Stuff like this is what will keep the black market propped up even after legalization. Until weed is treated the same as booze, people are going to continue using their current dealers to avoid being ID’ed or paying the tax. If NY allows you to grow your own, this whole situation will be easy to get around. Just grow your own right at home and show ID to no one.
  12. Adkhunter1590

    Service dog scam

    I’ve seen the same thing before. But I don’t think the old definition of “service dog” applies anymore. With the changing of times you can now have a “service dog” for all sorts of issues like PTSD, anxiety, depression and the list goes on and on. And it doesn’t need to be just dogs anymore, all sorts of animals being used as “service animals” now. I can’t find the article now, but there was just a guy in the news not too long ago for trying to apply for a permit or whatever to have a “service tortoise”. Seriously, the guy has this big ass tortoise and wants to bring it all around with him.
  13. Adkhunter1590

    School me on propane grills

    FIL bought us a 4 burner Charbroil commercial series grill like 7 years ago. Still works good and I haven’t replaced anything on it. Sits outside all year long with no cover as well. I’m actually surprised at how well this grill has held up to sitting outside all year. But.....I have my eyes set on a pellet grill/smoker. Lowe’s has some nice looking ones in this year. This is the one I think I’m gonna go pick up. Especially now that it’s saying it’s on 50% off clearance! 820-sq in Two-tone copper and black high temperature powder coat Pellet Grill
  14. Adkhunter1590

    Batteries for trail camera

    Ya there’s a bunch of different sellers selling them in different ways. Either per battery or by the lot of 30, 50,80,100, etc. the prices vary up and down a little bit. Last time I bought some I just waited until I saw one drop down to $78 and I ordered it. Can’t beat it for the price.
  15. Adkhunter1590

    Batteries for trail camera

    eBay. 100 count lithium energizers for $78-84 depending on the day.