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  1. 2018 HuntingNY Whitetail Classic

    Count me in!
  2. Ok All You ATV Experts

    I knew you’d like a good trailer! I use mine like crazy with my atv. Makes it much more capable. It’s nice being able to carry a bunch of tools and gear all at one time without running back to the truck multiple times to grab more stuff. Glad your liking your new ride! Keep us updated on how it runs for you.
  3. 2018 cams

    Got a big bonus check coming in about 2-3 weeks. Thinking I’ll spend a little bit of that on a couple Exodus cams. Maybe try out their newest model the Trek. Buddy of mine has their Lift model and it’s been awesome. Built tough as nails like reconyx but half the price.
  4. 4H Summertime

    I’ve got lots of deer moving around. Starting to see more and more bucks each day. Haven’t seen my big one that I know made it until at least February. Once he dropped his rack it got too hard to tell him apart from the others. Hoping he reappears sometime soon, would like to track his growth progress. If he doesn’t show up in the next week I’ll move a couple cams to try and catch him. Hoping for a good season this year. Haven’t shot a buck on this property in 3 years now. Been letting them go and hoping they learned it was a safe place to be. No out of state hunts planned for this year either so I’ll have 100% of my time focused on home.
  5. Ok All You ATV Experts

    The big bores weigh quite a bit more but you’ll still get tire spin regardless. Stock tires on almost every machine out there are junk. Low tread depth and thin ply makes them spin like crazy and get holes very easy. Upgrade to some taller tread tires and you’ll gain a lot of traction that’s useful for those big engines. I think the 1000s are a bit much for the type of terrain we have in NY. If you were out West with more open spaces then ya I can see where a 1000 would fit the bill. My 750 has plenty of power, it will flip you right over backwards if you just stab the throttle. But it makes most of its power down low to mid range which is more useful for work or trail riding. Most 1000s I’ve ridden make more power higher up which serves no purpose for me. All that power is good for some things though. Get a little deeper in the mud than you planned on? That’s alright, whack that throttle and it gets those tires spinning to pull you out. Big tree in the trail? Whack the throttle and lift the front end up and over with ease. I’ve pulled some heavy stuff and the power helps to some degree, but the machine only weighs so much so there’s a limit as to what you can truly pull before losing traction all together. My 750 had plenty of power to pull a Polaris 1000 sportsman back to the truck🤣.
  6. Ok All You ATV Experts

    Nice ride moog! The new canned hams are a lot better than the older ones. Lots of power and features. Also on the pricey side to fix but you kinda figure that to be the case when they retail for so much to begin with. Atvs are crazy useful, I use mine every single day on the farm. Makes feeding/watering animals quick and easy. For hauling stuff around your property I’d suggest looking into a good off road utility trailer for it. They make lots of nice ones these days with high ground clearance and floating axles to handle the rough stuff. Atvs are limited to rack space which runs out quick so a decent trailer is the ticket for getting lots of stuff around like stands, seed and tools. Have fun with your new ride! She’s a beaut!
  7. Summer Planting

    I’ve seen winter peas work for others really well and my deer did eat them too, just not with the fury they did on the wheat. Wheat is just so dang easy to get to grow as well, the stuff will grow on a sidewalk with a little rain.
  8. Summer Planting

    I’m in 4H. I planted rye, purple top turnips, winter peas and some other mixed brassica stuff and they preferred to eat the wheat to the ground. Instead of wasting my money on other seed I’ll just give them what they want most.
  9. I’m pumped they are putting a new store in Greenville. Not sure if you saw that or not but I hear it’s going to be a lot better than the glenmont store! I did see a lot of hunting stuff being stocked the other day when I was in there, they had just started opening the boxes so I didn’t get to see all that they had but it was a lot more than they had last year that’s for sure. Can’t wait for the Greenville store to open, I’ll be there everyday! Haha
  10. Summer Planting

    I’m going to do straight winter wheat this year. My deer hammered it last year and preferred it over everything else I planted. Plus I can make a few bucks back on it in the summer when my neighbor cuts and bales it. He should be cutting this week, not sure how many bales we will get from it yet but it’s better than nothing. Covers what I need for my animals for the coops and puts a few dollars back in my pocket. Win win! I’ll plant a lot more wheat this year and a lot thicker so I should have even more bales to sell next year. Wasn’t sure how the deer would take to the wheat last year so I only planted about 1/3 of the field in straight wheat and lightly over seeded the rest of the field. Sat in my stand last year watching the deer hang out on the opposite side of the field where the wheat is the entire time. Lesson learned!
  11. Holy Heat wave

    Ya I’ll prolly be dead from heat stroke by mid week. The mill I work in is already hot enough without a heat wave. I should of taken the whole week off to avoid it. I can’t handle extreme heat at all, makes me sick as hell. I’ll take negative temps any day over 90+. Can’t wait for summer to be over, it’s my least favorite season by far!
  12. Cuddelink

    I was really curious about these, thanks for sharing! The whole system sounds like a great idea, I just have had reservations on trusting cuddeback reliability. Keep us all updated on how they continue to work. Would sure like to just check the home cam in the yard without having to run the atv all around the property.
  13. Capital District Rendezvous

    If it’s on a Friday or Saturday night that I have off I’ll be there. I work this weekend but have off next and it rotates every other weekend like that. But either way I’ll do my best to make it! Sounds like a good time. I haven’t tried that restaurant yet but I have heard good things. Looking forward to it!
  14. So who's getting out this weekend for opening of bass season

    Where on Champlain? I'm headed up there around noon today to stay at my buddies camp for the weekend. Its on the south bay end of the lake. This will be my 3rd weekend up there in the month and a half, so far each time we go we've been doing quite well on the pike and bass. Caught a few good sized cats as well. If ya see a 17ft bass tracker with 3 guys doing more beer drinking than fishing thats probably us! haha!
  15. Why ?! Gene pool at its finest

    If you never hurt yourself or broke something by accident being young and dumb, you must of been a true lump on a log. My son got his head stuck between the rails on my FILs deck and I had to cut him out. Does that make my son a terrible kid and me a horrible parent? I didn't pay for the replacement rails either, how much worse does that make me?? Life is short, don't take it so serious, your not getting out of it alive! I find the girl stuck in the exhaust pretty funny. I've seen plenty of people stick their heads in those giant exhaust tips. That's the first person I've seen get stuck but still pretty funny.