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  1. Adkhunter1590

    Venison for dogs

    2 dogs and with added rice it’s enough for two feedings a day. Without the rice it’s enough for one feeding. They got some dry regular dog food for dinner tonight as I ration them to 1lb of venison per day. My one dog is a light eater, my chocolate lab gets a larger portion.
  2. Adkhunter1590

    Venison for dogs

    Ran out of rice this morning. So they were a bit less spoiled today. Other than missing the rice this is what I feed my furry friends. They can’t get enough of it
  3. Will be joining the afternoon shift today. It’s doe killing time. [emoji2937][emoji2532]
  4. Adkhunter1590

    Venison for dogs

    Haha. They sure are some spoiled rotten pups. My buddy thinks I’m crazy feeding them good venison but it actually saves me a bunch of money. Pro plan or blue Buffalo ain’t cheap. I have people fill doe tags for me for the extra meat. I already have lots of eggs on hand and rice doesn’t cost much at all.
  5. Adkhunter1590

    Venison for dogs

    Been feeding both my dogs venison for awhile now. They love it. I usually make them a pound of ground venison with 6 eggs and two bags of boil in a bag rice. I brown the ground venison then turn down the heat and toss the eggs in. Mix that around until the eggs are cooked and then mix in rice. Sometimes I will cut up some carrots or other veggies we have laying around for some extra vitamins. I’m sure there’s plenty of ways to make venison for your dogs but this is what I do and my dogs seem to be extremely happy with it.
  6. Congrats to everyone who knocked down some nice bucks!! I went out yesterday afternoon with my buddy. We sat my ground blind to enjoy the propane heater haha. We saw 6 does and a monster spike horn. The way the deer were acting, something bigger was getting ready to enter the field but we ran out of light before it happened. We sat there until almost 6 o’clock as we had a couple does feeding less than 5 feet away from the blind. Not wanting to instill fear of the blind, we waited them out until they wandered off. Have a family get together Saturday so I’m gonna try and make it out Sunday at some point. Hoping to knock down a decent 8 point I’ve got running around. But I’ll settle for a couple does to top off the freezer
  7. Sure have a lot of foxes around there. Might as well whack one and get it mounted!
  8. Working till 7. Then headed over to a local golf course my buddy has permission to hunt. They have a decent amount of land so we are gonna take a walk around and see what’s up. Brown it’s down time, I’m in freezer filling mode. Plus I’ve been tossing around the idea of switching my dogs onto a full time venison diet, which is gonna require me to shoot a bunch of does. Going to have to hit 4J hard before season closes.
  9. Congrats to everyone knocking down deer the last few days. I made it out thanksgiving morning for a few hours. Had one doe feed through the field for a bit but I had to get out around 11. Ended up going out bar hopping with a few friends after thanksgiving dinners were over with and stayed out wayyyyy past my bedtime. Needless to say, I missed the morning hunt and was still hurtin by the afternoon so I skipped that too haha. Cant make it out today because of work but I’ll hopefully get out Sunday. Just got hooked up with a guy who will butcher my deer at a way cheaper rate than I’m currently paying. I’m now far more interested in filling every tag I have left haha.
  10. Leaving work in a few mins. Then headed home to jump in my ground blind for a few hours. It sure is cold out. Hoping the little buddy heater can pump out enough heat to make it nice inside.
  11. He’s right it works. I use to do this when racing mx in cold weather. A lot of early spring races and late fall ones had snowfall on race day. My old man told me to put on some of the latex gloves we used for air filter cleaning under my racing gloves. Sure enough it worked really well. Give it a shot
  12. Adkhunter1590

    Yes, I get these are lame, but....

    No doubt they will. I’m waiting for another buck to shoot at the moment, but it’s gonna be doe shooting time here shortly. My buddy is telling me to shoot them in the neck if I can to avoid blowing away too much good meat lol!
  13. Adkhunter1590

    Yes, I get these are lame, but....

    Yes! I was gonna tag you in this but couldn’t figure out how to do it lol.
  14. Adkhunter1590

    Yes, I get these are lame, but....

    Some how forgot to upload the pic of the bullets I mentioned for my gun. Check these things out. From what I can find out about them online they are supposed to leave a nasty wound channel. 325 grains. Should do the trick! Haha
  15. Adkhunter1590

    Yes, I get these are lame, but....

    Will be carrying this cannon around all season. Can’t wait to see what these badass bullets I have for it do to a deer!