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  1. Adkhunter1590

    How many strikes ?

    O ya I forgot that part! Although, knowing he stranded his ass hours from home in the middle of no where is just about priceless lol.
  2. Adkhunter1590

    How many strikes ?

    If it were me....I’d tell him all about this awesome new lease I just picked up. I mean really talk the place up. Then either pick out a giant chunk of state land or private(that maybe you know is hunted often) and drop him off and tell him to walk a ways in and wait for you to drive some deer to him. Preferably this land will be at least 2 hours from home. Then block his number from your phone and go about your day. Good luck buddy! Haha
  3. Adkhunter1590

    Looking for a new Pickup

    I agree. Most truck drivers these days don’t ever tow or haul much more than the occasional sofa. It’s more of a “because I can if I wanted to” thing. I haul enough stuff around that the extra ratings and power are quite useful to me at least. I don’t dismiss the foreign brands like a lot of people do though. I’ve got a Nissan Titan X D sitting in my driveway right next to my F150. I embrace both sides of the fence.
  4. Adkhunter1590

    Looking for a new Pickup

    You should really know a 3 second google search isn’t the answer to everything. The list about payload ratings, where’s Ford?? That list shows dodge as number 1 when I know that’s false. The fact that Ford isn’t even on the list should tell you something about the source.
  5. Adkhunter1590

    Looking for a new Pickup

    I didn’t say they weren’t work capable. But they don’t have the highest tow ratings or payload ratings or highest HP. Your reasoning that Toyota is better because they don’t offer massive incentives is completely false and has zero correlation is what I was trying to point out.
  6. Adkhunter1590

    Looking for a new Pickup

    Yota makes a decent truck but the factory incentives on the other brands don’t make up for the Yota short comings. Only reason the other brands offer incentives is because they are in competition to sell more than the others. Yota doesn’t even try to compete as they never planned on fighting for top spot, therefore offer next to nothing for incentives. If you looked at the spec sheets and compared them all, tundras are severely over priced when you spec out a truck that needs to actually do truck work. Again, decent trucks, but if you needed a half ton with the most power and highest tow ratings, your not looking at a Toyota, and you sure wouldn’t want to be paying extra for one.
  7. Adkhunter1590

    Best Youth Bow options??

    Bought my one son a Bear Cruzer lite back in February for his 6th birthday. He’s starting to shoot really well with it. Got him out to 20 yards now.
  8. Adkhunter1590

    Life expectancy

    My dad is the first male on his side of the family to live past 52. All of them drop dead of heart attacks. My dad has had two heart attacks already, one at 42 the second at 51. He’s 66 now and has been having some issues so I’m not sure how much longer he will last. Females on both sides live into their 80s-90s. Not sure where I’ll end up but I’m not in bad shape but that really doesn’t matter as my old man is in decent shape weight wise and my grandfather was a newly retired Marine drill Sargent when he went. I figure if I can maintain a decent weight combined with today’s medicine, I should make it to at least 70 or so
  9. Adkhunter1590

    Hunting my land just got 10x easier

    Nice bridge! Deer will deff use it. I wish I had a pic of the old bridge at our old camp. It was washed away in a bad storm but it spanned about 35 ft. Steep hillsides on both sides made crossing anywhere tricky even for the deer. First time it snowed after building it our question was answered, tracks all over it! Pretty cool how deer don’t mind using man made bridges.
  10. Adkhunter1590


    Understood. But the scientists they use to make this determination are more than likely the same ones on the FDA payroll. From what I read, the lawsuit against Monsanto is going down in flames in appeals courts.
  11. Adkhunter1590

    Feather Type?

    I’m with the turkey crowd. Way too big for grouse.
  12. Adkhunter1590

    Baby Biz

  13. Adkhunter1590

    Boldt Castle

    Went there a bunch of times as a kid when we camped up there. I need to take the family up there soon so I can see how well the restoration has gone. Definitely looks way better in your pics than I remember! Fishing up there is awesome. We always got into the pike big time. Good luck!
  14. Adkhunter1590


    EPA says glysophate doesn’t cause cancer.
  15. I’m starting to get the itch for sure! Was just texting my buddy about having to go pick up the rough cut lumber to build the new blind on my field. Neighbor is cutting and bailing the field today and will have it disced and ready for seed by the weekend. Other buddy is coming up next week to help me do a little trail clearing and move some stands around. Slowly but surely getting prepared. Oct 1st can’t come soon enough!!!