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  1. Ramblings of a dead man who will never be here again to vote in any direction on 2A
  2. The wall will be built long before any courts have a say about any of it. But like I said in my other post, I don’t see any way a president can declare an emergency and do away with constitutional rights. That’s something the Supreme Court will jump all over right away. Building a wall isn’t violating anyone’s rights, therefore sets no precedent for a future president to strip us of 2A. Democrats can go ahead and make gas $8 a gallon, we will make the France riots look like a back yard wrestling match in comparison.....
  3. Declaring an emergency to build a wall is a totally different thing than declaring an emergency to strip away constitutional rights. As far as I’m aware, taking away our 2nd amendment will require another constitutional amendment. Just like prohibition.
  4. Adkhunter1590

    Valentine's Day Tomorrow (Thursday)

    I got lucky, our son was born on V day so I get off the hook on getting her anything. We agreed when he was born that it’s his birthday and we will only focus on making it a special day for him. My good luck also spread to her birthday. Our second son was born on her birthday. So we just focus on him and I’m off the hook for her bday lol.
  5. Adkhunter1590


    Looks like drainage ditches are not eligible.
  6. Adkhunter1590

    Chicken addition

    Lol your definitely right about everything being a swamp this summer. It was terrible here. I had full intentions on moving this coop all over the place. But once I had it in the yard and was working on training the new flock to their new home the skies opened up and never stopped. Went to try moving it once and sank the tractor in the yard making a total mess. Lol. New coop builds are fun! I think that’s partially my reason for wanting to sell this one. Just to fund my meat bird coop ideas I have floating around in my head haha. Hope you enjoy the build as much as I do! Ya I’m looking forward to getting a few piggies. Will be a fun new adventure with the kids. Once the snow melts and we dry up a bit I’ll be starting to clear out a spot for them. Everyone in my house loves bacon, so I’d love to supply us with fresh home grown pork instead of the crap you get at the store.
  7. Adkhunter1590

    Chicken addition

    Yep we are moving over towards more meat birds. Just a change of direction, and it requires a different type of coop so I figured I’d offload this one to make room. That and the wife is saying she wants piglets this spring[emoji849]. This summers rain made it difficult to move around with all the mud. If I had a drier piece of land I’d probably keep it.
  8. Well he flat out said hes not going to tax the rich to compensate for the loss, which I agree is a stupid plan, but now that’s opening the door for him to tax the rest of us a little more. He made no mention that raising taxes on the middle and lower classes would be out of the question or that it was a bad idea. Ray Charles can see where this is headed....
  9. Adkhunter1590

    New York BS

    It is spreading, but it’s going to take a lot longer for the blue death wave to wash over some of the midwestern states. South Dakota just legalized concealed carry without a permit. That’s a pretty big step in a positive, and different direction than NY is headed. And taxes, there’s really not many places left you can go that would cost you anymore in property taxes. My parents left NY 2 years ago, at that time their 18 acres on the edge of Delmar cost them 14k a year. And that’s not even as bad as some others have it here. Our lake house on the sacandaga was costing them another 12k a year. Our 3000 sq ft house with 3 garages and 6 acres in Kansas cost them $580 a year in taxes. That’s a massive difference. Their North Carolina house was also well under a grand a year. Property taxes alone is what keeps me from buying more land here or building the bigger house my family wants and will need in the coming years.
  10. Adkhunter1590

    New York BS

    No doubt the Dems are going to try and put NY on the map as a leader in gun control. Every stupid idea they can dream up they will attempt to impose on us in the upcoming years. I know I’ll reach my personal breaking point soon with NY laws. I just don’t see a positive future in this state anymore. Been discussing this heavily with my wife lately. Between taxes, gun laws,etc, I’m pushing her hard to reconsider waiting until kids are out of high school to relocate.
  11. Adkhunter1590

    CF Moto...

    There’s a dealer in westerlo, Town Line Motorsports that sells them. From what I can tell it looks like he’s moving a decent amount of them. Don’t have any personal experience but from what I’ve seen, they are gaining in popularity the last few years. I might be considering one myself in a few years for my kids when they get a little bigger and need something like a 400.
  12. Adkhunter1590

    Ships Loose Moore On The Hudson

    That’s good because my neighbor works for the sewage plant down in the Albany port and tells me all the time about the millions of gallons of raw sewage they dump into the river.
  13. Adkhunter1590

    Ships Loose Moore On The Hudson

    Work took us on one of those dinner cruises. A bunch of us stood on the bow and counted condoms floating in the river. We gave up once we broke 100. Lol
  14. Not everyone can put their feelings aside to do what needs doing. Just like some can’t stomach gutting a deer even though they have no problem shooting it. Lol ya my reason is I don’t have unlimited funds in my account to take a sabbatical to the border to be a wolf among sheep. Taking care of my family is my primary concern. Not to mention no federal authority has authorized lethal force by private citizens. In another universe, if the president said we needed someone to pull the trigger, I could put emotions aside and pull that trigger.
  15. If that’s what it took to end the madness, then yes.