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  1. That's exactly what I thought when I first saw the pic.but I got pictures of him at later dates.
  2. I bought the land a year ago and have not hunted it yet.My brother and nephew hunted it during last years late muzzle loader.They saw a lot of deer but no shooters.
  3. Thanks, Cabela's had a special on these trail cams. I think I only paid 60.00 for them and got a 20.00 rebate.I was surprised how good the quality of the pics were.
  4. I placed a trail cam on my property in Ohio back in mid October. I was there last week and checked the sd card.I had 770 pics but a lot was caused by high winds blowing branches.I a had pics of over a dozen bucks , some does, coyotes and a bob cat. here are some of the best pics.
  5. Close to 60hrs during crossbow and 12hrs during rifle.Was fortunate and thankful to harvest 3 deer this year.
  6. I have always worn blaze orange during gun. I now wear a blaze orange vest over my red plaid jacket.I want to be seen by other hunters during gun season and I don't believe wearing some blaze orange is going to hurt my chances at shooting or seeing deer during gun season, it hasn't yet anyways.
  7. This crap is getting so out of hand.So glad I only have a couple more years to work.40 years ago I worked for an aerospace company.I worked with a lot of women.Us guys joked around with the women and they joked around a lot with us , all in fun and made the day go by faster.Now days if you did what we did you would be in a world of sh*t.So glad I grew up when I did.
  8. All 3 of mine this year I took out of a ladder stand.
  9. I saw a copperhead a few years ago on our property.I'm more afraid of ticks than I am snakes.