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  1. Don't understand how any gun owner or avid hunter could vote democrat.I know Trump isn't easy to like for some people but probably the most important thing he did was appoint 2 supreme court justices.If Hillary would have won and she appointed 2 supreme court justices it would have put the supreme court in the left's favor at 6 to 3.That would mean bye bye 2nd amendment.
  2. Has anybody else heard that Pres Trump has declared NYC a national disaster area and is going to deploy the army? They.re saying as many as 2 people an hr are dying from the corona virus in NYC.
  3. I hate to think what would happen if Biden was in charge.
  4. That's exactly what I thought when I first saw the pic.but I got pictures of him at later dates.
  5. I bought the land a year ago and have not hunted it yet.My brother and nephew hunted it during last years late muzzle loader.They saw a lot of deer but no shooters.
  6. Thanks, Cabela's had a special on these trail cams. I think I only paid 60.00 for them and got a 20.00 rebate.I was surprised how good the quality of the pics were.
  7. I placed a trail cam on my property in Ohio back in mid October. I was there last week and checked the sd card.I had 770 pics but a lot was caused by high winds blowing branches.I a had pics of over a dozen bucks , some does, coyotes and a bob cat. here are some of the best pics.
  8. Close to 60hrs during crossbow and 12hrs during rifle.Was fortunate and thankful to harvest 3 deer this year.
  9. I have always worn blaze orange during gun. I now wear a blaze orange vest over my red plaid jacket.I want to be seen by other hunters during gun season and I don't believe wearing some blaze orange is going to hurt my chances at shooting or seeing deer during gun season, it hasn't yet anyways.