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  1. So sorry for your loss, prayers sent.
  2. I told my wife back in January this is going to be an interesting year, being an election year. 1st we had impeachment, then the pandemic, now the riots and we still have close to 5 months to go till the election.Makes you wonder what else could possibly happen, but I'm sure there's more to come.
  3. No, can't do that. As much as ticks freak me out they won't keep me out of the woods!
  4. My nephew has been hunting public land in Muskingum County Ohio, which is 1 of the top booner counties in Ohio.He shot a 221# 10 pt last year that grossed over 160 with his cross bow.That's probably all the information I can give you without him getting too mad at me.He just got the mount back , what a buck.
  5. My daughter and I were on our way to Tn so she could bring her stuff back from college, so we stopped in Ohio to check on our property.I really wanted to check my trail camera because I haven't checked it since January.So I took the short hike up the ridge to the camera.When I got in the car my daughter said there's a couple of small spiders on my tee shirt.Without looking them over closely I just picked them off and threw them out the window.When we got to the motel I found 3 ticks attached to me and realized those weren't spiders earlier.Anyways when we got home and I uploaded the pictures to the computer, I saw that a couple of deer on the camera have a serious case of ticks.
  6. Went out this morning and on my way to my property I got behind 2 snow plows that were plowing and salting the roads.The last hill to my property I came upon a pickup truck that couldn't make the hill even in 4 wheel drive.I was thinking I should have stayed home.It was like hunting in December.Temp was 24 degrees and about 3 inches of snow.I hunted for an 1 1/2 hrs and the wind started blowing so bad I decided I had enough.On the way out I came upon a lone set of turkey tracks.Will try it again in the morning.
  7. Just saw this also, prayers sent.
  8. Got out of work at 6:30 and was in my ground blind by 7:30. Didn't see anything and the only thing I heard was 4 different shots.2 of them being on the neighboring property.I have the next 2 days off and plan on being in the woods before daylight.
  9. Got most everything together. Bought some new decoys and my new Browning Mirage ground blind just arrived yesterday.Hope to set it up today or tomorrow, depends on the weather.
  10. Ithaca Model 37 12 GA Full Choke 2 3/4 .I will be using # 4s. This gun was my father in laws ,it's older than I am but these were the best shot guns ever made in my opinion.This will be my 1st yr hunting with it.
  11. Same here, once in a while I do agree with him.
  12. I like Trump because he isn't a politician . I've seen enough smooth , eloquent , charismatic politicians in my lifetime that tell what you want to hear but don't do anything once in office.It's nice having a Pres with some back bone who stands up for our country. Trump isn't very presidential at times but that's not important to me ,what he does and has accomplished is what's important. Don't kid yourself, the fake news media is doing all they can to destroy this man. As much as you hate Trump you can't honestly believe that Biden would be more qualified to lead this Country,( providing he is the democrat nominee.)
  13. II have no doubt that Pres Trump loves our Country, the previous Pres I felt did not.
  14. Don't understand how any gun owner or avid hunter could vote democrat.I know Trump isn't easy to like for some people but probably the most important thing he did was appoint 2 supreme court justices.If Hillary would have won and she appointed 2 supreme court justices it would have put the supreme court in the left's favor at 6 to 3.That would mean bye bye 2nd amendment.