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  1. Congrats to all that took a deer this weekend . Lots of time left and cold temps get them moving
  2. Lots of deer in 8j ! My Kids love recovering deer . Get the corn off and they will get back to woods
  3. Deer moved this morning at first light with cold weather here in 8j
  4. 9-3 come get us Baltimore! We ready we ready we ready for ya !!
  5. To many crops on and warm ! They have plenty of food and do not have to move till dark . I let few basket racks go during bow crossbow and now nothing. Still plenty of time left.
  6. I’ve heard of them . Sounds to really work
  7. H&R custom 12 gauge single shot ! Tack driver
  8. 8j little bucks move in am and just before dark but big boys still in the dark
  9. Little better buck movement in the last week! All in dark still . 8j
  10. The bottom one has heavy horns! He’s older. Nice bucks