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  1. October movement every day: Early November numbers on cameras and sightings way down! Need antler restriction badly in NY. Small bucks . My 2-cents
  2. It is ! Savannah due . Nice guys ! I’ve ice fished and fished a lot as a teen! Years ago ! Best place ever I think . I grew up right there . Time of your life there . Can’t believe he is selling
  3. Yup ! This is about harvest of an animal and that’s it . not bullshit political crap . Hunt or go home . Thanks
  4. I grew up around that fence my younger years and was always able to fish and ice fish savannah dhu ! What a great retreat and so sad to see up for sale
  5. Congrats to all that took a deer this weekend . Lots of time left and cold temps get them moving
  6. Lots of deer in 8j ! My Kids love recovering deer . Get the corn off and they will get back to woods
  7. Deer moved this morning at first light with cold weather here in 8j
  8. 9-3 come get us Baltimore! We ready we ready we ready for ya !!
  9. To many crops on and warm ! They have plenty of food and do not have to move till dark . I let few basket racks go during bow crossbow and now nothing. Still plenty of time left.
  10. I’ve heard of them . Sounds to really work
  11. 8j little bucks move in am and just before dark but big boys still in the dark
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