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  1. Fredbear2

    Monster bobcat

    .....,.ever ! Greensider . Think what you want about your picture. Was just saying what I thought it was bye prick
  2. Fredbear2

    Monster bobcat

    First picture looks like a black dog!
  3. Fredbear2

    Full crossbow inclusion

    Ok smart mouth ! Get real . You always have something smart to say ! But I will let you know for sure.
  4. Fredbear2

    Full crossbow inclusion

    First off I seen someone said that “why would I take the easy way out” really dude!! . Any implement that he or she would like to take an animal in my mind should be allowed .
  5. Fredbear2

    Full crossbow inclusion

    I’m ready for full inclusion ! Enough said !
  6. first daylight movement since bow season. deer have been all nocturnal on my cameras. Does this mornings and then him at 735.
  7. Fredbear2

    Said goodbye to my best friend today

    Sorry for the loss ! Mans best friend
  8. Ontario county 8j ! crisp 7degee’s full moon. Will see if anything wants to move . Nothing moved yesterday am with this cold. Enjoy
  9. Fredbear2

    Are These 2 Different Bucks?

    Different for sure
  10. Fredbear2

    I buried my dog Maximilien today

    Sorry to hear that. Dogs are long life friends .
  11. Fredbear2

    Antler restriction

    Thanks said well
  12. Fredbear2

    Antler restriction

    Not going to keep arguing over this . That’s why I said it’s your tag so do what you want . I’m not the state I cant in force the rule man. I guess I can’t complain about anything on here. People will just sit there and jump all over you . Bye
  13. Fredbear2

    Antler restriction

    Your correct on that.
  14. Fredbear2

    Antler restriction

    Has nothing to do with success thanks. I fill my tags on Mature deer . Shoot what you want it’s your tag
  15. Fredbear2

    Antler restriction

    I see neighbors that don’t bow hunt come out gun season and kill the spikes ,3,4 ,pointer’s .1.5 year olds that’s what I see .