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  1. Same here. Big difference from the past few years.
  2. Good stuff Thanks for posting it.
  3. I would say a good 4.5 yr old.
  4. I was out this morning and didn't see anything, and my friend saw a young 6 pt and a fawn walk by. Nothing else. I'll be out again tomorrow, and hopfully with better luck.
  5. I think it's great that you got his picture up here and on anyother forum. If we could get more like this maybe it wouldn't happen as often. I don't know who he is, wish I did. Can you tell by the direction and time stamp where he is coming and going. It could give you a idea where he parks or what houses he is coming from. PS. I've had one camera and one hang-on stolen this year so far.
  6. A few years back. A friend and I were walking into the woods, about 100 yds from where we parked. Talking and joking. He stopped in front of me and turned around to say something and we both saw a big doe walking right at us in the middle of the afternoon. We froze and she kept walking until she was 10 feet away and stopped to look at us. We all looked at each other. I said shoot. My friend said I don't have my release, you shoot. I didn't have mine either. We looked back at the doe, and she turned and walked away. To this day I think that doe thinks we were retards out walking in the woods. We laugh about it everytime. It's not always about the kill, It's the stories that we come back for.
  7. My turiose necklace my mother made for me from AZ.
  8. Hard to tell but looks like a nice 2 1/2 yrs old. I would wait.
  9. Yes I too am a trophy hunter here on LI. Each year I hunt for one special buck and each year I harvest 7 or 8 does. I fill my freezer and that of my friends, but I do hold out for that special buck.
  10. Looks great. I'll join you. LOL Good luck
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