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  1. Anyone know how much snow there is in 4p/4w?
  2. Missed that it’s only an acre. That’s tight. Ask the neighbors, may just get permission to hunt there prop as well
  3. Completely legal if your outside of 150’ if someone’s house you don’t have permission. Many houses are mostly vacant after September...I think sometimes discretion is best. Unless you have a point of contact with a neighbor or know they may be open to it sometimes better to not raise any eyebrows. As someone else said wether you like it or not it’s being hunted out here. People are complete savages.
  4. Real long shot but Looking for a 4p or 4w dmp. Out of six guys (most with with pref points) we didn’t get 1 dmp. Have 1c dmp to trade and will put you on deer if you want to come down here for shotgun late in Jan
  5. Just rattled in a big coyote on my lease in 4p. Guessing that’s a bad sign? He circled to get down wind, of me would love yote pelt
  6. 10-12??? My 2014 averages a tad over 16mpg overall if I don't reset the computer for a month. If I'm on the highway and reall baby it (60mph) no hills obviously, I'll get over 21mpg. Mine blows the gas motor out of the water
  7. Fellas, Not trying to hijack here, but I'm planning on doing something similar this season. Thinking of going up in late aug/sept to camp for a few days with my wife and do a little scouting and hiking then head up in rifle when they get some snow. Thinking of either sleeping in back of my truck (have topper) or two man tent. Also thinking of getting a Delorme satellite messeger/tracker if things should go sideways or to just stay in touch with home. I've been focusing on west Canada wilderness in my topo/satellite research. I guess because if it's size and remoteness and also some of the trailheads seem way off main roads and shouldn't have a problem being away from others. Just wondering if this is sound reasoning? Should I be looking in other areas?
  8. LIWaterman

    deer blood

    I'll be hunting one last time this weekend if I kill one I'll attempt to save some blood for you. On the island
  9. Same here. Trying to get out one more time before season is through
  10. Congrats that sounds awesome! Who is the outfitter? OTC tags?
  11. Four does stampeded in. Then three smallest ones hung up 30 yards directly behind a tree for about 10 minutes, one finally started to walk into my lane and they Spooked on my draw cycle. Several minutes later heard a shot on neighboring property so someone may have been more fortunate then me. They sure are cagey this far into fun season
  12. I'll keep the thread going for all you upstaters. Trying to fill the freezer today on the island. Hunting with the bow as the shotgun process for public land is a bit of a drag and most of the deer are pretty hard to find after first week or two. We'll set up on a great travel route as evidenced by snow and really fresh scrape. Wish me luck I'm already out of backstraps! Scrape just above center of the image.
  13. 12 shots so far here in 4w, only a handful close. At least three on our prop. Fil has a young 8 down, consummate meat hunter. He's got the best spot on the mountain.