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  1. Fair poinr. Trolls are the spice of forum life
  2. No more name changing. Im getting tired of not knowing who's who
  3. I love a nice typical. Im slightly OCD so it makes sense. That being said, i love me a nice droptine too
  4. Shot a deer while sitting on a bucket during bow season this year. Go ahead and sit on it and see what you see
  5. This right here. Its all I shoot and i can post image after image the damage they do. Only bad thing about them is the price. At 40 bucks a package, I dont target practice at all with them
  6. I need to get me some then
  7. This was the program I was refering too. Transgenetics is really where I see the sucess of repopulating the american chestnut coming from
  8. Only reason id ever use a shotgun for deer is becaused im being forced to. Rifles are better in pretty much every way. Glad I hunt a county where rifles are allowed
  9. Congrats bud!! That blackhorn is the way to go it seems
  10. Ill be trying it out during the long island gun season and ill definitely be making a ton of mistakes
  11. Great thread! Id love to try this next year during the muzzleloader season. Ive already had so many questions answered and the ones I havent had answered i think can only be answered with experience
  12. I cant lie, I use that word all the time lol. But I get what you're saying. I remember seeing that photo on the page. Just look at how they treat people when they find tree stands at "their" public ground spot
  13. It really is. You cant do anything good on that group unless you post a doe or a giant buck