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  1. Maybe because I don't know how to cook pheasant well, but Id say better. Im sure once I figure out how to make it, ill switch though
  2. I say why not have a longer season? In my expereince deer will move in heat early in the year, because that is what they're used to. Part of it is uneducated deer, but they say thats when the bucks move with the most consistency from bed to feeding. Starting the pre-rut they act more irradically and the rut is the worst time for targetting a specific buck. Its great for seeing numbers of bucks and getting lucky, but its hard to nail down a pattern on a specific buck during that time. Thats what they say at least. Hard for me to argue with them since they shoot mature bucks every year and most are tagged out with 2 bucks before the pre rut (in Long Island). I say lets have the longest amount of time to hunt
  3. I respectfully disagree. The guys I know that kill big bucks every year, tend to get it done in the first couple weeks of bow season. Even a lot of the pro hunters would agree that the first few weeks of the season offer the most consistent buck movement out of beds. These are all public land bucks too. I was too young to remember the opener being on a monday, but in 09 it was on saturday already. I think it was a good thing to move it to saturday personally.
  4. Only thing this might effect is the deer drives we do during the january shotgun season. It might not since we can stay 6 feet apart from who ever feels they want to do that
  5. Sorry to hear about that grampy!
  6. We're just messing around, dont worry. I live in Queens so Im not that close to rockland
  7. I didnt even get mentioned! We'll have our own gtg
  8. My mother just makes big batches of pesto and then freezes them into cubes. Makes it really conviennt to use them
  9. Pike is good, I had it when I stayed in MN. Im not really sure of the others in the family though
  10. Just go about your day. I just gad 150 people protesting half a mile from my house. Be vigilant and ready, but you should be fine
  11. Shit, and ive been looking to buy a new shotgun. Hopefully by the fall itll be better
  12. Good luck! I was thinking about heading back up next weekend
  13. Id love to join you, but I can't make it weekdays. Hows the weather looking?