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  1. Yeah that sounds rough. You could kill deer with it, but youre better off with the shotgun you bought
  2. Why did the gunsmith say the single shot was useless? I say pick up a rifled barrel if you can. Bette accuracy with a rifled barrel and sabot. If its not in the budget, then get some rifled slugs. You'll kill deer with it just fine
  3. Ill be using almost the same exact combo (with the exception of using TEZ insead of TMZ). I dont think you need to step up in powder charge. You'll likely get pass throughs with this combo. I hear it shoots better after being shot though
  4. I don't think many will pick up carcasses, but theres a few butchers on the island
  5. Neither of us have been in that situation so we don't know what goes through a womans mind. Its unfair imo to judge a women who is pregnant from rape on how she deals with the pregnancy
  6. Its only about 80 something percent effective and women are also not in the right frame of mind sometimes to remember to take it
  7. Im using the h2 harness this year. Just ordered the daisy chain for my lone wolf sticks, so once those come in, im pretty much ready to go
  8. I hunt the border, but just inside ulster county. I havent, but I also havent been up since december. Im going to go this week though
  9. Id probably still be late then too lol
  10. So if you vote for trump you support everything he says and does too? Be fair here
  11. I try not to because like others said, it can mess up patterns. Ive seen it happen. I have shot the lead doe, but it was in a spot where they're not going to change they're patterns due to food and bedding being so close. I also get so many doe tags that I don't ever need to try to shoot the biggest doe out of the group for meat