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  1. I agree, I just need more time on the water with it to develop the feeling
  2. Got out yesterday on the willowemoc and only had one hit. For half the day i tried learning euro nymphing again, but Ive been having a lot of trouble with it. I really need to learn the sensitivity of it. Later in the day I switched to soft hackles and that's what I had my hit on. I was on the phone at the time and wasn't prepared to set the hook, but it was a nice trout. I watched that trout leap into the air about 10 minutes before. Not much rising going on yesterday, but I did see a few fish launch themselves out of the river after what I assume is caddis. Next weekend is looking really good, hopefully i can get on some fish
  3. Ive seen them the first week of turkey season and it was strong enough to run away when I got too close
  4. Its a stupid and dangerous diet. Going full keto can and absolutely will kill you. It will interrupt your citric acid/krebs cycle and make it impossible to go back. Just limit your calories and work out. Make sure youre in a deficit and youll be fine
  5. Ive been going down to clearwater for the last 15 plus years and have fished every year. I even have a condo down there. Let me know next time you go there, Ill let you know of some good spots to hit. That pier in safety harbor is decent if you know where to throw
  6. HAHAHAHA oh that makes two of us! I'm saving my sick days for hunting season lol
  7. Thanks for all the birthday wishes everyone. I appreciate them all!!!
  8. Haha I wish! I actually stayed late to finish some work
  9. If you think this is bad, you should watch some of the podcasts on what people did in south texas on those big ranches
  10. I have a Remington V3 for ducks/upland birds, but I use my Mossberg for turkey. That's only because the Mossberg is set up with a truglo red dot. If I was going to get a 20 gauge for both Id want to go with an SX4. Not sure what his budget is, but that seems to be one of the best out there. If he needs to be more budget minded, Id go with a Mossberg 500 or some Mossberg pump.
  11. Never had much luck in big open fields to be honest. I always did much better in woods or a mix of woods, bushy fields and tiny openings to funnel them in
  12. I'm sure the prices wont be so bad by the fall, but if it is ill just have to live with it. I can save in other areas to make up for the difference
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