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  1. Lucky you. The river i hunt on bumped from about 150 cfs to 2000 cfs. Currently sitting at 1600, so its looking like i wont go till next week
  2. I was considering going sunday morning, but my spot on the river is blown out with the rain from wednsday. I wont be going till it goes back down to normal
  3. I live 10 min away from great neck. Some really good bluefish fishing there this time of year if you're interested
  4. That was actually me dressed up as a deer...I just didnt have the heart to tell you haha
  5. You literally just admitted to deer not seeing the arrow and ducking to sound...thats literally all we've been saying. We're all agreeing on the same thing, just the wording of the action is tripping people up
  6. Its slightly semantics, but it doesnt help when people actually think deer are ducking the arrow on purpose when they're really not. Theres nothing wrong about WNY posting the facts and educating those that may not know. Thats one of the things that makes this site so valuable
  7. WNY is NOT wrong. The deer are not ducking the arrow like many believe. They don't see the arrow coming at them, instead they are reacting to the sound. The way a deer quickly gets away from something is by loading up the muscles in the legs to jump away. Humans do the same thing when we try to jump. We squat first and then jump. WNY explained it perfectly. This is infact proven in science of how muscles work If anything you're being agressive in your lack of willingness to listen to someone who actually may know a thing or two
  8. My duck spot gets better when all the swamps are locked up with ice. Not too happy they ended the 22nd, but its not that big a deal
  9. Ive decided to sacrifice a few mornings try a few duck hunts instead of deer hunting. I really want to get a Mallard and a wood duck this year
  10. That was worse than I expected and I expected it to be horrific
  11. Friend of mine killed a really nice buck in Delaware county today. Looks like a big 8
  12. I dont think you'll have too many bowhunters trying to get in tuesday or wednesday
  13. I know a lot of locals that shoot them during bow season. A lot of them dont see many deer during the season so they take one early for meat. At least thats what ive heard