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  1. Never have to. I buy broadheads that have replaceable blades and are known for being pretty sharp. I'm sure they could be sharper, but they seem to do the job quite well when I do my part
  2. Its pretty much everything about it. The access to public lands that we can hunt, the abundant game, the hunters rights that we have. In most of northern Europe, you have to pass a litany of tests to hunt, some places require the hunters to own a recovery dog, paying the govt for a plot of land to manage (that can get taken away) and the pay to play thing. Its not a good system. Southern Europe is different. Where my family's is from, you just need to buy a hunting license and there's plenty of govt land to hunt. However there are no deer left and now there's only wolves, jackels, pigs and birds. Laws are in place for seasons and bag limits, but no one ever listens to them. I wouldn't trade what we have here for anything in the world.
  3. Depends on where in Europe, but I don't believe many here would enjoy the European way of hunting. We are lucky to have it the way we have it here
  4. Ill be out a lot during the week when im "working remote" since I can finish up all my work by 12. Ill also be taking a week to go grouse/woodcock hunting up in Maine this year
  5. Too bad you didn't get one, I was really rooting for you! Good news is you have intel for turkey season and most important thing is you had fun!
  6. Its popped up here and there, but so far its not too bad at all
  7. Sorry to hear that Cynthia. I also offer any help I can give
  8. I would agree, although I do not think it will go that high. I think it will be stopped much lower
  9. I wouldn't expect a lot of this stuff to stay. The background checks for CA are about to get overturned by a federal judge, and it wont take long for it to be overturned here in NY after that.
  10. So what you guys cant tell is I actually have 4 types of figs in this pic. Ill cut them open tonight so you can see some of the differences. As far as sweetness, it all depends on time of the year. I'm not sure if you get a late spring batch of figs (usually around mid-late June), but the purple is usually sweeter around that time. However in late summer the green fig is actually much sweeter. Of the 3 verities of green fig, two have a red center like the picture and one actually has a yellow center. The yellow centered fig actually has a much calmer sweetness. It reminds me of honey actually. You're more than welcome to have as many cuttings as you want. I don't prune until April so you'd have to wait until then. We can discuss the logistics when the time comes.
  11. There’s ways to help stop ants from getting in the trees, but the effectiveness depends on a number of factors. Best bet is to put the figs in the fridge and cutting them open before you eat them. The cold will make the ant go dormant and you can pick it out. Sometimes I don’t even look and just eat it. I’ve eaten worse than a few ants in my life Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Def great for that, but we actually use it to bake with it since we get so much
  13. You're welcome to have some if I see you anytime this month
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