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  1. I find a lot of the staff to be useless there too. I call at 11:59 multiple times into 12:00 with no answer and no breaks in me calling, but somehow someone was able to get the early out reservation before me. I think they screen calls for people they know or something like that. Happened to me multiple times by the same guy each time
  2. Whiffed on a doe this morning. Had my dad stand at the other end of a small bedding area and they were bounding around inside the really thick shit. I had a nice broadside shot at one, but couldnt take it because of a tree in the way and I took a shot at a doe at 10-15 yards. Hit low and skimmed the brisket. Tracked it for maybe 100 yards before loosing blood, but there wasnt that much to begin with. I think itll survive thankfully. Had a buck 20 yards from my car in the dark and then I snuck up on a buck in the orchard just at shooting light. It was a really nice 6, but I passed on it. Hope it makes it. Ill post the doe and buck I got during bow season in a bit.
  3. I mean, they'll either come closer or itll draw their attention to the decoy and not you. I dont use one out of safety during rifle season
  4. I've used them during bow and gun, but I really dont use them during gun anymore
  5. Heres my take on why so many people quit bjj at white belt and unfortunately blue belt too. Like he said it takes a type of mental toughness that some people just don't have. Now I was one of the top 5 and id say probably top 3 white belts in my academy, so i dealt a lot of ass whoppings and didnt recieve nearly as many as I gave out in the whitebelt class. In my gym because were so stingy on belt promotions, once youve achieved 4 stripes on your white belt, you are moved to the advanced class. The amount of ass whoppings I took in the advanced class is definitely enough to get someone to quit. It takes a lot to go in and know that you're about to be beaten in so many ways, and you can hardly stop it at that point. Most of the people I was white belts with quit, but quite a few of us were promoted to blue belt (14 of us, and the academy can't think of a larger group of whitebelts to be promoted to blue). Blue belt is a point where a lot of people quit too, because they were chasing that blue belt at white belt. Now of course it felt amazing that day I got promoted and all of the people coming up to me congradulating me and telling me they thought I was a blue belt already, but after that faded in a couple days and it felt like just prior to me being promoted. A lot of people quit shortly after it fades because of that. They realize belt doesnt matter much and they lose interest. It takes on average 8-12 years to get a black belt in BJJ. Some gyms less and some gyms more (my gym is one of those thats more). Generally once someone makes it to purple belt (4-6 years), they usually are in it for the long haul, but not always. BJJ is also one of those martial arts thats VERY taxing on the body. While were not kicking eachother in the head, we are choking and bending joints in ways they were not supposed to go. Judo, BJJ, Wrestling, Mauy Thai and kick boxing also fall into the same category and re very legit.
  6. Ive used them with great results. I would say a doe decoy is better than a buck, but both will work. most deer will travel 15-20 yards down wind of the decoy so set up appropriately
  7. I stop at the heart and liver lol. No need to eat them for me
  8. What a shame. Its going to be impossible to replace him
  9. Use a funnel or tubes you can buy. Just make sure the loads are the same amount
  10. Seems like a fairly easy fix...take the scope off. You have to resight it anyway, so it doesnt matter
  11. The neighbor and her bf next to my grandparents 10 acres threaten to kill/shoot me time to time, so I might have you beat on that one.
  12. Id look east instead of north. Especially with EHD up in westchester, you're better off looking on the Island. What are you looking to hunt?