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  1. Never thought about that. Only thing im thinking is maybe it wont be as big of a factor because of the adrenaline dump? Talking out of my rear on this, so its just pure speculation on my part
  2. No thats pretty much only chestnut. Ive only ever found one in the woods, but its on public land on Long Island. Ill be taking clippings of it once I have a property upstate to plant them on
  3. Dont go to SI! Im there all the time and nothing good comes out of there lol. 2 ex's and a ton of family down there lol
  4. I completely forgot! I figured we werent doing it. What're the plans?
  5. The problem with shooting someone in NY is if they can prove you had another option instead of shooting you are completely screwed. To show a justified shooting in NY, you basically have to have zero options of escape (ex-being cornered on the second story of your house with your family). Id rather be sued than be at risk of being sent away for the rest of my life. The dogs you can at least easily defend. I used to think exactly as you do, till a lawyer in a friends gun club opened my eyes to it.
  6. I would put buck shot in, but if I was really worried about it I would get a german shepard. Shooting someone in NY should be the LAST thing you do. Only when its the last option would I do it. Even then I was told by a lawyer that if you do shoot someone and its justifiable, you would need about 150k in liquid cash for all the legal proceedings you would be dealing with now. Im applying for my pistol permit, but personally im going to get a dog for protection.
  7. Birds are still in their winter might change completely before the season is open
  8. This is why I never sell guns. Every time I buy one, its to keep for life. Only time id sell one is if i really dont like it
  9. I have the cheap one and i have no complaints with it. Been using it for 10 years
  10. As far as I know, there arent any NYC specific restrictions as of right now. I don't think that will change
  11. No reason it should be cancelled. Its even more solitary than fishing is. I just hope NYC doesnt get placed into even more restrictions that force me to stay home from going into the woods
  12. Nothing at all! Id be in for that
  13. Well now that you have an abundant amount of time, I would say definitely come
  14. We must all try to get together this year for some fly fishing Tacks