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  1. I never do. I cut around the anus and reach in and cut the wind pipe with the chest intact. Nothing against doing it the other ways, its just I was taught it this way, and its what words for me
  2. Definitely another amazing season Got till the 31st to deer hunt here and ill probably be out another 2-3 times
  3. One time use from what they say Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Saw about 16 today. I bumped 2 in the morning that circled around on me, but I passed because they didn’t give me a shot I wanted. With the shotgun I would have shot, but not with the muzzleloader. Then around 1:30 I had 14 deer come in single file behind me. Shot the lead for that turned out to be a doe fawn. When I shot they scattered, but only ran 15 yards. I was slow to reload cause of the adrenaline, but once I reloaded they walked off. Not mad cause I had a long ass drag to the car. Don’t think there was a buck with them, but you never know. I shot the first one I could, but now I’m wishing I would have waited. Either way I’m happy Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Man I cant wait to swtich to BH209 lol. Ive kept my gun in the car since monday because theres a charge still in (no primer of course).
  6. I believe BH209 is hydrophobic so it would be much lesss suseptible to temp swings and condensation, but I believe it can still happen
  7. Only thing that intrigued me about this is the new powder that hodgon came out with. Tried finding out what triple 8 is, but couldnt find anything. Looks like it might be their answer to blackhorn 209
  8. Im going to have to agree with Jeremy to be honest. Khabib is a high level wrestler that would have probably handled your teacher well. You can know how to do it, but not be able to in a fight. I can tell you when i learn 2-3 techniques every class I tend to understand most and get them while drilling said techniques. How ever it can be very hard to get those techniques in an actual roll (spar)...especially in the begining. Even when you properly execute the technique and it works, theres almost always a counter to the counter which can leave you in an even worse position. Im not knocking your teacher, but after seeing his videos I was not very impressed with the real world functionality of his techniques. They may work in the gym under certain rule sets, but its different in an MMA fight or a street fight. Even some of the techniques I use wouldnt be very adventagous in a street fight too.
  9. Not true. Jose aldo was considered to be the best featherweight at the time and he KO'd him in 13 seconds. He also did better against khabib than most people, but he also did get demolished by him as well. Not sure he can bee Tony and he probably wont be able to beat khabib, but hes still a high level fighter
  10. Oh man you had a great day. I figured today would be good, I just didnt want to risk being out there on the roads in this snow. Congrats again! Ill be out monday hopefully
  11. Hunted rocky point 3 times and saw about 9 deer total. Usually we'll see 20-30 deer a day. We pushed 10 miles 2 different days and I did 7 miles on my own one day. Missed one, but other than that I never had a shot
  12. Great dogs, except for the fact that they cant dive into cold water if you want to use them for late season duck hunting
  13. ` It sucked when it cae out, becuase the two did work together well. They tried to play up some fights between them, but you can see they didnt have any problems with eachother. It was a good show until then