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  1. ATbuckhunter


    Hunt is out of the UFC I believe and Dana hates him so I don't think we'll ever see him again. Plus it would be pretty much another Stipe vs Francis fight. Hunt doesnt have good ground game and stipe would just take him down and control him there the whole fight
  2. ATbuckhunter


    I think the Romero-Costa decision was pretty bad. It was close, but in no way should it have been an unanimous decision. And I dont think it would be easy for jones. Jones is used to being the taller and longer fighter in his devision, but he'll be evenly matched with height. I still think its not the best match up for Stipe, but if he can tko DC I can believe in him beating Jones.
  3. ATbuckhunter


    Thank god he's a good fighter or else he would have been gone long ago lol
  4. ATbuckhunter


    You're right, give them enough money and they'll fight. Stipe already said he'd fight him. And I did see the call out. I like Cejudo but man is he cringy to listen too lol
  5. ATbuckhunter

    Pulled the trigger on a deer rifle

    I highly suggest using the GMX or any copper bullet
  6. ATbuckhunter


    Probably will happen. Theres no one for Jones to fight other than maybe Johnny walker. In the past Jones said he didnt want to fight stipe yet, but maybe now he'll change his mind
  7. ATbuckhunter


    I know pretty much nothing about striking technique...all my knowledge is the ground game. DC still has a lot to offer, but I don't think he wants the Jones fight and might not even want the stipe fight after another TKO
  8. ATbuckhunter


    The body shots were the game changer in the fight. DC just couldnt adjust to them. I doubt we see a trilogy, since it seems like DC is on is way to retiering
  9. ATbuckhunter

    From The DEC

    Right this is one of the worst cases, but it is possible. There was a good video of a guy shooting a pig and taking an xray of the pig after he shot it with a lead bullet and you can see the pieces of lead all over the body cavity in the xray
  10. ATbuckhunter

    From The DEC

    I saw it happen when someone shot into a vatt of water. Theres no doubt that lead breaks apart when shot into an animal. If it didnt, we would always have 100 percent weight retention. This is probably one of the extreems on how a bullet can break apart though
  11. ATbuckhunter

    Live From The Water 2019 Edition

    Went out on Friday after placing some cams out for deer season. Definitely caught well over 2 dozen smallies and 3 catfish in the short time I was there. All fish were caught in flies believe it or not. Can’t wait to get back out there because my fishing season until now has really sucked Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. ATbuckhunter

    ghillie suits-anyone use em?

    Seems like a tick magnet to me! Dont think id ever wear one
  13. ATbuckhunter

    2019 Season (Biz-R-OWorld)

    Sounds like you got the best of both worlds. The good thing is you know pressure is going to be light on your fathers property the whole season, but the public land will get pretty bad probably
  14. ATbuckhunter

    2019 Season (Biz-R-OWorld)

    When do they usually move on to other properties?
  15. ATbuckhunter

    2019 Season (Biz-R-OWorld)

    Could be a lucky day, but that means that they're in there somewhere and probably will stay there the first couple weeks of october