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  1. If it hasnt been hunted in 43 years, you can assume that the deer hunting will be pretty good. Problem is I highly doubt it hasnt been hunted. people quickly find out when a piece hasnt been hunted in a while and they will sneak on. Im sure the numbers will be alright, you just have to go in and hunt it
  2. It was rigged! First the election and now this!!!!! What is this world coming to???
  3. Yeah im more than likely going to have her fixed at a year and a half. I don't think I have the time to do the whole raising a puppy
  4. Plant a variety of them. They have wild pears that need little maintenance, but its hard to beat apples. You can get apples that drop from September all the way to december. It takes a while to establish it, but once established, it lasts for decades.
  5. From what I see, it can be one of the best IF you do your homework. If you can do a lot of scouting and really narrow it down, I say early season can be amazing (if not better than the rut for targeting a specific deer). But if you don't have the time to do that, I say take vacation during the rut
  6. She’s good. Working on potty training and sitting. She catches on very quickly thankfully. Should have sit down very soon and I can work on kennel training Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. They're the same thing. I use it and have zero problems with it
  8. Originally I was going to name her hazel, but my parents convinced me to name her Nala (like from lion king) Its actually a small munsterlander. Very similar to GSP's
  9. Im ready for another day of trout making me feel dumb! Im always game for the DE
  10. Appreciate it! Maybe we'll go on a few hunts together with her next season
  11. Well picked her up Saturday morning. He told me she's going to be a big girl, so I'm thinking she'll be around 50 pounds
  12. Good times! Hopefully one day we can do it again
  13. I got the pfizer vaccine wednesday afternoon. I didnt have any side effects what so ever.
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