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  1. It's all about common sense, this should not be considered sexual harassment, especially when the person involved was a friend and didn't mind. This stuff has gotten so out of hand. I guess the two people that over heard will not be running in the turkey trot Thursday. 14000 runners packed in like sardines.
  2. Like Moog said, your property so it's really going to be your call. If it was state land I believe the final kill shot gets the deer. Opposite of archery, which would be the best vital shot, I think...
  3. People can be such POS's. Just no morals or values, especially over a deer, get a life. What an idiot, your always on camera these days but in this case that's a good thing. As many others have stated, 100% they know who he is.
  4. Oh boy, the mature bucks are still in there feet, at 1130 a 150+ was walking through an open field near transit/roll Rd. He looked tired, neck was huge but he was walking with his nose about a foot off the ground and going, he had a slight limp. Heavy rack.
  5. You did everything you were suppose to. Although it didn't work out you made the effort. Keep head up, it's a tough sport and as the guys said above, it unfortunately happens to most if not all of us.
  6. Been here a week. Slow on my property hut they're chasin, had 2 8's dogging 3 doe yesterday, they ran by me at 30 mph. Today a 4 did the same thing. Chase is on.
  7. They're so tough, great job!
  8. Awesome deer, awesome shot! He didn't live long...
  9. Smart tracking, I'm positive he'll be there. It's when hunters push is when things get extremely complicated.
  10. How much meat can you get off of them?
  11. He's within a 100, post pics.
  12. I guess you do, lol. I'm going to try them. Anything to worry about? Worms, parasite, etc?
  13. Ok, I'll check recipes out on the net.
  14. Cook it whole, after cut off head and legs?