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  1. Taylormike

    One last pa buck with dad.

    As I was reading, I kept thinking someday I will be in your shoes, hopefully not for a very long time. I'm very Sorry for your loss. Your story brought tears to my eyes. Hang in there my friend!
  2. Taylormike

    Always cold!? What’s everyone wearing ?

    Thermos full of coffee, sip it and make it last. It'll help raise core temp.
  3. Unfortunately , you are incorrect. Land owner has complete authority to grant or deny such request.
  4. They can't go onto a neighboring property unless permission is granted.
  5. I try not to tell people what to do. Since you've asked questions I'll give my two cents. One of the top rules: do not push a deer. If it's a good hit wait 2-3 hours, if it's a poor hit, wait a minimum if 6-8. Sometimes a liver takes 12 hours or more.
  6. Taylormike

    What a difference between 2 deer

    IMO, that deer won't make it through February. It's sick and if not, just too thin.
  7. Taylormike

    What's for dinner tonight?

    This is just too good! Melts in your mouth, no need to chew.
  8. WNY, gorgeous buck. You have to weigh him, 229 my guess.
  9. Taylormike

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Apple smoked Backstrap wrapped in bacon from my doe in early Oct. On the smoker as a write this.
  10. Taylormike

    Track help

    Because your Avg. Joe, you knew someone was going to say it, j/k. I tend to agree with you but he's asking for advice not ridicule. Most of us have done something less thasn stellar, let it go...
  11. Taylormike

    Track help

    Recovery might be tough. First off, let him go 10 or so hours. I'm assuming the deer is hit but not vitals. Track slowly and spend time trying to find the bolt first. 50 yards is a long way. If paunch shot you won't find blood. Let him expire and hope for a grid search recovery. Good luck!
  12. Nice tractor! Thank God for the loader, it'll take little time and be messy but you'll get it.
  13. Good luck, you sound confident and that goes a long way. Just remember a liver shot deer casn actually live 8-12 hours. Send pics!
  14. Hey buddy, I know you said nearly broadside, was he quarterinv to you or away from you? These details are crucial in evaluating every situation
  15. Even more so, that's why you wait. If not pushed he will bed within 100 yards, with no blood you'll still find him. If he's pushed and travels 500 yards it'll nearly be impossible.