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  1. Carbonelement

    War on weeds year 2

    you can spray round up all you want if you don't add a pre emergent it will grow back, but the chem i posted above will control most grassy weeds, id go at 24 ml/1000 sq ft/gal
  2. Carbonelement

    War on weeds year 2

  3. Carbonelement

    Anyone in Tree Service business?

    cut and remove those trees for 2400 and prune? send me that guys number i can make a lot of money off of him, i know you don't need an arborist lic in ny to do tree work but damn thats really cheap
  4. Carbonelement

    When to put out bait piles

    i put mine out today and will be there 9-15 at about 5:00pm they will hit it as they walk to the field
  5. Carbonelement

    My lab got bit by pit bull

    I have a huge heart for pit bulls but enough is enough people need to stop trying to adopt dogs that are too far gone. And I am sure some will argue that any dog can be fixed, and I pretty much agree i just know that 99.9% of people do NOT have the time to train and work with them to make them good dogs. I have had a few over the years and they all turned out to be great dogs but it was constant work. Now that I am older and have real life things to deal with, training a rescue is just out of the cards, it just is too demanding its sad but a lot of the dogs should be put down not put in homes. I feel bad for you dog, and hopefully she is not scared, I had a big pit grab my little lap dog luckily my girl grabbed our dog before the pit bit her... she was a little "off" for a few weeks but then went back to normal. I hope the same for your dog.
  6. Carbonelement

    Proficiency - How good do you think you are?

    i would bring my bow to the bow shop if I shot 5 arrows and there was a 6 inch grouping at anything under 45 yards. I expect the arrows to be touching at that distance and if not i would think there was a major issue. It blows my mind that someone thinks if they can hit a pie plate they are ready for the woods. I see it in archery shops all the time people "sighting in" with 5-8 inch groups and thinking all is well. At 20 yards (most indoor ranges) the shots should be touching fletchings no ifs ands or butts! I could see if it was user error on one out of 10 shots. but if all the other shots are not that close I believe the person has no business in the woods.
  7. Carbonelement

    Maple Burl

    that is 100% a cherry tree... just so you know
  8. Carbonelement

    So the state of Pa...

    biz hate to call you out, but what do you do that is so stimulating to the brain? I bet that dumb garbage man has quite a bit more brain stimulation that one may think... lets face it he is the laborer, marketer, runs the books and has to balance the budget. much harder then showing up to work for a company IMO. and not to mention he has to have at least 100K in equipment. I will say this we are all peasants, just grinding away. being part of the ultra wealth of the USA is 100% out of reach for anyone on this forum and anyone not born into it. The people on top like to stir the pot and have all us poor people thinking this job gets paid too much that job is menial and they make too much, meanwhile Hillary gets paid 600k for a speech? go figure
  9. Carbonelement

    Rockland CC - Hunting & Fishing Expo

    this show gets worse and worse each year...i will probably go just cuz and help a few buddies at their booths but god that place gets old quick.
  10. Carbonelement

    Tough Guys

    thats what happens when you get mouthy...and put your hands on someone. A buddy of mine 6'3" about 280... was mouthing this little guy in a bar and the kid told him he was going to die that night...everyone laughed. He was walking to his car and that little kid ran up on him and literally gutted him and sliced a major artery coming off his heart. He was a decorated green beret and had a nice k-bar with him. My buddy lived but spent a lot of time in the hospital. you just never know. Look at the guys in the UFC, some of them are walking the street at 150 lbs and would kick the shit out of anyone we all know. The top military in this country is trained by professional fighters around the world. Its always the little guy who is quiet but not backing down you must watch out for... a big dopy meathead is just that and will get smack up 99% of the time.
  11. Carbonelement

    Preserving /Salt

    also here is a tip for any of you salt water guys.... i bring a lot of bunker and bluefish on offshore trips and if you fill the cooler with half ice and some sea water and use baking soda and sea salt they will tighten up and stay fresh for over a week. I have done week long tilefish trips and keeping the bait in this solution will guarantee you fresh bait the whole time, the leftovers I dumped were in better condition then most peoples bait on the first day
  12. Carbonelement

    Preserving /Salt

    what kind of fishing trip are you going on? I have done many multi day and up to 7 day trips in the middle of the sumer and had no problems keep fish fresh in ice. Commercial guys keep fish for weeks on ice. Also if you put the fish in a cold brine it will last many days. Just fill a cooler with ice and dump a box of salt in and it will be fine. A yeti is a good option if you can buy one or barrow one. I never understood guys who spend thousands on fare/rods/reels/tackle and bring a cheap broken down igloo to keep the fish in?!?!?!? Makes no sense to me. Best thing to do is gut and gill and pack the fish and make sure the water can drain. just put a couple 2x4s in the bottom of the cooler and pack the fish on top of that.
  13. Carbonelement

    Royce Gracie vs Ken Shamrock This Friday Night.

    two old bums..Shamrock still in that broken down trailer, hardly able to get proper nutrition? The next good fight is going to be holm vs tate
  14. Carbonelement

    Dog food

    domestic puppies and older dogs are more susceptible to e coli, and its not much to worry about. Do some research and many vets will agree that raw diet is king. And freezing the food greatly reduces the chances of a lot of bacterial infections. to each is own i guess, but i would rather give my dog raw then 90 percent of the food that is available
  15. Carbonelement

    Dog food

    i would love to hear why the wife disagrees Edit* and when you feed raw, you must include organs and bones... chicken bones are very good for dogs, they are not as strong as other weight holding bones such as legs from beef/deer.